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7 Deadly Wonders
Matthew Reilly
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7 Deadly Wonders (Jack West Jr #1)

4.06 of 5 stars 4.06  ·  rating details  ·  13,384 ratings  ·  646 reviews
The Golden Capstone atop the Great Pyramid at Giza offered protection from the global flooding and scorching sun that occurs every 4,500 years due to the Tartarus Rotation solar event. But Alexander the Great broke the Capstone into seven pieces and hid them in the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Now, in 2006, another Tartarus Rotation is due, and whoever places the re ...more
Audio CD
Published January 1st 2006 by BBC Audiobooks (first published 2005)
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Mike (the Paladin)

That's all I can say here. I started out with an open mind, I was looking forward to this book, I like action adventure and I'll forgive a lot if the book has a good action feel. Also, I'm a fantasy fan so I'm practiced at "suspending disbelief", I'll swallow a lot with a shrug and an "oh well" if it makes a good story.

This didn't.

I've never read anything by Mr. Reilly before. Here he seems to have taken a page from Bullwinkle J. Moose's book. He combined Peabody's Im
This book was so completely terrible, so absolutely lacking in anything resembling worth, that I simply had to talk about it. It is so bad that I couldn't believe it, and kept reading with the sole purpose to find out how bad it could really get, and so I could tell everybody I knew how totally, completely, wholly bad it was. The only other books I have ever even started to read that were this bad were a few cheesy romance novels, and I wondered how even those could get published.

Where to begin?
 Danielle The Book Huntress (Self-Proclaimed Book Ninja)
Seven Deadly Wonders introduces a new character by Matthew Reilly to me, Jack West Jr. It's very hard to follow in the footsteps of Shane 'Scarecrow' Schofield, because, well, he's the man! But I have to say I really do like Jack. What's not to like about him? He's a fun character. Honorable, intelligent, athletic, dedicated, daring, and lethal to the bad guys. And being a girl who grew up on Indiana Jones, and wanted to be her own version of the adventurer, Jack has an Indiana Jones in a modern ...more
A few weeks ago someone in my apartment building left a bunch of old magazines and recipe books in the lobby on a shelf that acts as a kind of internal charity shop. Amongst the 2008 editions of Marie Claire magazines was this book. Judging the book by its cover I assumed it would be god-awful pop fiction riding the Dan Brown bandwagon, so I of course picked it up and read it today on a return trip to Oxford.

I confess, the book isn't terrible. I'm used to suspending my sense of disbelief when re
Allan Fisher
You either love it or hate it...
Reilly's writing style is reminiscent of the fight scenes in the TV Batman series of the sixties...

He leapt onto the helicopter from the tree

Relentless, totally implausible high octane scene followed by well, ditto... and then once more and just when you need a breather you are plunged headlong into a crocodile infested pit on your way to saving the world from mysterious shadow organisations operating within governments... oh and of course the President i
What do you suppose would happen if an adventure novel got viciously mugged by a big fish tale? Probably something a lot like this. Now listen, if you want paeans to technology, stick to Clancy. Odes to science? Crichton's your man (Miss you already, Michael). But for sheer exuberance, not to mention all the momentum of a monster avalanche, Matthew Reilly is definitely your go-to guy. He's not afraid to use mutant walruses, mutant jaguars, hell, mutant children.
But there are rules here: throw l
The phrase "I couldn't put this book down" is the exact opposite of how I felt reading Reilly's "thriller." It was more like I couldn't remember to pick it up. I kept noticing it on my desk and reminding myself I was reading it and that I needed to finish it. I extended my lending period from my local library THREE TIMES. I never do that.

It was like this author was trying to combine India Jones, the Da Vinci Code, and "The Mummy" all in one book. The series of adventures and exotic weaponry pre
I really enjoyed this book - so much so that I finished it in about a day and a half. I haven't read a book that was so fast paced in a while, the characters were engaging and the storyline was really interesting. I also thought that the illustrations were a good idea, helping to imagine the places described and adding to the story.

The only problem I had with the book was the author's extensive use of italics for emphasis. It fitted well in some instances, but for me it was over-used, becoming d
I couldn't cope with the appalling writing style.
He writes a line -
- and carries it on.
And I could have played bingo with the sheer number of the word 'suddenly.'
Worst crime?
Ending one chapter with: "Jack had made a terrible mistake"
And starting the next one with "No, he hadn't"
Some time ago, I gave this book to a friend as a gift. Said friend is a big fan of the archaeological-mystery genre, and this looked to be right up her alley. Then, last weekend, I visited her home and found myself with a few hours to kill. I picked this up and started reading.

I owe my friend an apology.

Wow, what dreck. Or should I say, Wow! What dreck! The author's ridiculously breathless writing style, obviously intended to tell us that This! Story! Is supposed to be! Exciting! in case it sl
Patrick Gibson
May 10, 2009 Patrick Gibson rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: preposterous action adventure lovers
If you took all the action scenes from the Indiana Jones movies and edited them together, skipping all those pesky talkie parts, you would have something akin to this Matthew Reilly book: a thrilling thriller thrilled by its own exuberance. It’s a book that literally flies along—kind of the way it flew off the used book table at the church flea market and into my hands, which in turn forced me to part with fifty cents.

I tend to judge books in the Cussler/Rollins/Preston genre by the number of ti
Tim "The Enchanter"
3.5 Stars

This review is for the Audiobook version of the book.

What do you get if Laura Croft and Indiana Jones were to mate, have a child, and appoint the terminator as the child's Godfather? You get Jack West Jr., the Hero of the 7 Deadly Wonders. A brilliant yet deadly, tomb raiding, treasure hunting soldier with one mechanical arm.

Please pass this book by if you are looking for intellectual stimulation. This is not a thinking mans book. This was Die Hard for your reading (or listening) pleasu
The most fun I had with this book was finding the disconnects and there are plenty to keep you going "huh? what?"

Here's a few for you:

West and his team are looking for a 2500 year old underground entrance. His buddy, carrying the ancient scroll which reveals the secret entrance, consults the scroll and discovers the entrance is marked by 4 lotus trees. And wouldn't ya know, there are the trees! 2500 years later, and still standing!

Pooh Bear gets trapped behind a sliding boulder with no way out e
About 100 pages into this and I'm not sure I can finish it. This is the fourth Reilly book I've read and though I've enjoyed them all, they keep getting more and more ridiculous. My biggest pet peeve from earlier works has already reared its head: You cannot possibly do anything (jump out of the way of a falling boulder; jump off of a crumbling bridge; dodge a flying arrow) in a NANOSECOND. It is one billionth of a second for god's sake. Why stop at nanosecond? How about having someone scale up ...more
I read it for book club and while it wasn't great, it was okay. I don't know whether I just don't like archeological adventures or just didn't like this guy's style. I sort of felt the whole thing just wasn't real plausible. Then there was the writing style. You never really knew anyone well enough to care. All the characters were rather cardboard. Then the action sequences were not very believable at all. They seemed to foil trap after trap with no real advance planning except for the first tim ...more
Just look at all the other 1-star reviews. I couldn't even get past 50 pages. This book was stupidly written, bad plot, flat characters, tropes EVERYWHERE and why did he need to use... italics everywhere? It just breaks-

The Flow!!! of the story.

And the diagrams. Really? You describe something in the book, about 5 times, but then for good measure, add a crappy diagram in case I still didn't get it.

Bear in mind people, I actually didn't get past the first 50 pages, so all this happens at once. And

Neil M
I'm a huge fan of Matthew Reilly's books. Even with it's total lack of characterization and plot, it's insane over-abundance of exclamation points!!!, and the fact that it reads like something that came from the mind of a sugar-fed fourth grader with ADHD, Ice Station is still one of my very favorite books of all time. It was fun! And exciting!, and in a weird way, the fact that it was written rather poorly, kind of fit it , and added to the overall reading experience. This book, however, was a ...more
I gave it 3 stars but it is probably more like 2-1/2. The story had a good plot but the writing was really subpar. There was very little to no descriptions throughout the book.
This had a lot of potential. The story line was interesting, and the characters were fairly well-developed (considering how many there were) and and likable (or hated). The one thing that ruined it for me was that the majority of it was basically like reading a video game, which just wasn't interesting to me. I knew who would prevail, considering he's the hero in a series of books, so there was no big suspense for me in that regard. I was interested enough to continue, because I wanted to know w ...more
Matthew Pryor
Most of Matthew Reilly's novels remind me of treatments for comic books. There is little characterization and more attention is given to details about the setting. There is no doubt that Matthew Reilly has thought out his ancient temples, caves and death traps down to the smallest detail. And just about anything his wild imagination can come up with is added with the giggling glee of an eight year old writing for the first time. Super jets? Of course! Robot arms? Why not? A big sunspot that occu ...more
Hey...It had to happen at some point right? Me finding a Reilly book just shy of unbearable. Having read at least five of his books and loved them, this book was a bit much. It stars a new hero for me, Jack West Jr. who has a mechanical arm and is Indiana Jones on crack. This book is archeologically heavy, and is basically about the search for a pyramid capstone which could mean either devastation for the world or the empowerment of a nation. It has the crack team of commandos, whose badass qual ...more
Paulo "paper books always" Carvalho

Finally it's over. I am undecided on how many stars I am going to give. After making my review I will decide.

So, what have we got here... A action-slash-adventure thriller book sure reads like a movie script.

First of all I nearly gave up after reading 78 pages and after my second, third and each attempt I read but I don't want to leave any unfinish book.

I have so many critics that I don't know how to begin. I know this is FICTION novel but at the same time I know this is not fantasy and n
Sherin Punnilath
I concur to Lee here:

Matt Reilley is a favourite with some of my friends. So I picked up a few of his titles. He fails to impress me even at the end of the second one. Thriller stuff usually makes me forget food & sleep; especially the ancient myth type. But not this one.

In the first place, the story is not in the least convincing, particularly towards the end. It defies most laws of Physics-gravity included. The story wasn’t gripping enough for me.
Sayed Khadri
This is not a novel , it might look like a novel with stunning cover page, complete with 472 pages and priced like a real novel but it’s not a novel at all. It’s a collection of notes, pictures, and some ‘Indiana Jones’ kind of action sequences in which our protagonist and his team member’s try to avoid the trap of ancient buildings etc,. There is no STORY at all, not a real plot only a grand tour of so-called seven ancient wonder’s of world.

This is bad, very bad, head aching bad, jaw dropping b
Shipra Trivedi
Matthew Reilly, the New York Times bestselling author is back in high gear on the greatest treasure hunt of all time -- a headlong race to find the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
With the fate of global dominance hanging in the balance, nearly every world power sends forth its troops to locate the Capstone. Among them are the United States, the European Union, Israel, ruthless terrorists, and one other unusual force: a coalition of seven smaller nations that have decided that the Capstone is
This book is called Seven Deadly Wonders, Matthew Reilly. This books's settings consist of many places, such as Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Timisia, Alexandria, Rome, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. Other places include the Collosus of Rhodes, the Hanging Garden of Babylon, The Louvre, St. Peter's Basilica, and the Prymamid of Giza. This story takes place i March 2006. The point of view is omniscient third person. The main character is an Austrailian named Jack West Jr. He is a 37-year-old man, that's extreme ...more
This is basically pulp adventure and I admittedly found it hard to get through as I got bored with the formula, which was rather repetitive. It's rollicking action all the way through as the team of heroes make their way through various ancient catacombs and hidden buildings negotiating traps and looking for the pieces of the capstone for the Great Pyramid before the bad guys do and mutter the incantation which will give them power over all the earth for thousands of years blah blah blah.

so this pretty much proves that "indiana jones" would suck as a book. wayyyyy too much description of traps and mechanisms being set off complete with diagrams of said traps. in my opinion, a book shouldn't need to have diagrams of what's happening in order for the reader to get into the story/understand what's going on. maybe a map to understand where the characters ARE, but this was just too much. and there were so many paragraph breaks that i just got lost and didn't care anymore. i think it ...more
I have mixed reactions about this book. As my first Matthew Reilly, I'm unsure whether I would read another. At first I was completely distracted by Reilly's arrogant writing style overusing exclamation marks, italicised words, ellipses and broken paragraphs, not to mention I found the frequent diagrams very annoying. At times the action scenes were too ridiculous, often causing me to scoff at the lack of believability. In saying this, once I decided to ignore these as much as I could, the story ...more
Elizabeth Adamson
As a disclaimer, I read Matthew Reilly's "Ice Station", and really enjoyed that - however, I just COULDN'T enjoy this book, no matter how hard I tried. Fortunately, it's a very easy read, and it's easily skim-read, so I was able to finish it pretty quickly and move on!

It just pissed me off. There was a big overuse of italics, which just made me feel like I was reading something written by Anne Shirley on steroids. The plot was incredibly far-fetched. If it wasn't so incredibly far-fetched, in fa
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A decent read 1 29 Nov 18, 2008 06:18PM  
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Matthew Reilly is a New York Times best-selling author of eight novels that have been published in eighteen languages in twenty countries. He has sold more than 3.5 million copies worldwide.
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