Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?
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Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?

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The solution for chronic inflammation, regarded as the cause of most common modern diseases, has been identified! And it is not blueberries. It is something right beneath our feet-the Earth itself!

Throughout most of evolution humans walked barefoot and slept on the ground, largely oblivious that the surface of the Earth contains limitless healing energy. Science has discov...more
Paperback, 272 pages
Published April 2010 by Basic Health Publications
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When I first heard about this concept I was very sceptical. I am a big supporter of orthomolecular and nutritional medicine and the not-very-popular idea of treating the causes of disease and not just suppressing symptoms with drugs...but earthing just sounds so completely eye-rollingly nuts at first!

After watching a half dozen videos on the subject made by experts and reading about the same number of articles on earthing, I was quite intrigued but still far from convinced of its scientific meri...more
Kelli Lee
Jan 14, 2011 Kelli Lee rated it 5 of 5 stars Recommends it for: Everyone
Shelves: nonfiction
I highly recommend that everyone read Earthing. The Most important health discovery ever? Not only was this book fascinating and informative, it was an eye-opener. So much so that I now am sleeping on an Earthing mat/connector and while I work, I have my bare feet firmly planted on one as well. I'm excited for the healing potential and I'm sure my body thanks me as well.

Today people are stressed beyond belief. Worry, fear, anxiety, all contribute to the rise of cortisol levels in our bodies. (Co...more
This book is a compilation of 10 years of research on grounding or earthing, which is direct contact with the earth by actually touching the earth (barefoot) or using a grounding modality (bed sheets). The negatively charged earth is teaming with free electrons that immediately absorb free radicals from the body reducing inflammation, which is at the heart of most health problems. Earthing also protects against EMF exposure; so talking on your cell phone outdoors while grounded will eliminate po...more
Deborah Blair
THIS is an important book!!! When did we get away from walking barefoot and the benefits there of? I have continued to walk barefoot for years - and a known to amaze friends and shock others as they see me snow walk - - - and I have known the benefit of sleeping outdoors for years . . . BUT WHAT about the rest of the time? And what about for most folks?

Clinton Ober and a medical doctor have put together a great, easy to read book on the physical benefits of being grounded. They look at a variety...more
I really enjoyed the information from an electrical engineering standpoint and I equally appreciated Dr. Sinatra's scientific and medical contributions - these items gave the book credibility. I believe there is something to the idea - it makes scientific, engineering, and just plain common sense. And I respect Mr. Ober's years of research and dedication in getting the word out regarding this fascinating idea. However, because of the huge amount of testimonies in the book (perhaps over 50% of th...more
"People sometimes report feeling a tingling sensation in their body the first few times they are grounded at night. It is not unpleasant... You are simply feeling the Earth's natural, healing energy coming into your body." (!)

I am suspicious when a book is also trying to sell a product like these grounding mats, and then they anecdotally tell you how terrific they are for healing the world using the mats they profit from. Hmmm.

You know what, save your money, walk around barefoot all summer (like...more
John Murphy
Fantastic book! So simple and yet so deeply profound. What a difference this will make in the world. I highly recommend it.
A great book for showing the complete healthy lifestyle doesn't just include food but it is everything we do.
The first half of this book is really interesting. It is based on the idea that our health is markedly influenced by free-radicals which, if unchecked, can cause many of the most pervasive health problems that Western medicine is trying to overcome (e.g. arthritis, heart problems, stress, lack of sleep, etc.). The authors propose that a simple, inexpensive way to guard against these health risks is to spend 20 minutes a day in a 'grounded' state, either by walking around barefoot outside or by c...more
Iona  Main Stewart
This is an important book. Implementing its suggestions could vastly improve your health, perhaps be life-saving.

Earthing/grounding is a natural method by which we can prevent or relieve many, perhaps all, health challenges.

When we connect with the Earth, our body “becomes suffused with negative-charged free electrons abundantly present on the surface of the Earth.” Our modern way of life has created an electron deficiency in our bodies, thus disturbing both our immune system and all other body...more
Jeff Maziarek
I first heard about "Earthing" about a year ago when I read a very interesting article about the subject. I finally decided to buy the book and am delighted that I did. While some may say there isn't enough scientific evidence yet to conclude that being grounded to the Earth provides health benefits, the authors do share quite a bit of clinical data that supports their claims. To me it just makes intuitive sense that the Earth, with its wealth of negative ions that constantly stream from its sur...more
Have you ever noticed how refreshed you feel after spending a weekend barefoot outdoors? This is a pretty revealing book about the role of electromagnetism on the body. Becomes redundant towards the middle. Content stays fresh if you are willing to skip about 50 pages through the somewhat repetitive testimonials. This book has convinced me how essential to good health electrically grounding humans and animals is. The general premise of this book is that most health problems stem from inflammatio...more
Whole And
"Earthing" is a must read for anyone interested in optimal health. Don't wait for a health condition to pick up this book but if you are in a health predicament, spend as much time as possible on your bare feet connecting to the healing power of the earth.

Read the book for the scientific understanding, for Clinton Ober's incredible story but ultimately it's simple, ground yourself as much as possible every single day. You will make the connection as to why you feel so much better when on holida...more
Mark Dimon
"..a simple and forgotten fact: that the Earth beneath our feet contains great healing energy and that connecting ourselves to this energy is immediately beneficial as well as intuitively and remarkably simple.."

Through the years, on occasion, I'd ruminate memories of simpler.. healthier times. Times when I wasn't so physically bogged down with sickness after disease after malady.. times when I FELT good.

This book has made me realize how truly disconnected from Mother I have been for so many yea...more
This book was lent to me by a friend---it opened up a whole new field of thought and presented many exciting ideas. One of the writers is a cardiologist and psychotherapist at Manchester Hospital who practices integrative medicine and has used earthing devices with great results. Definitely something to read if you're interested in non-invasive, "down-to-earth" solutions to insomnia, inflammation, and pain from illness or exercise!
Convincing and interesting read. I like the concepts. Offered some studies that are pretty impressive and other theoretical connections that I could see being valid. Lots of testimonials, but didn't feel too preachy and sales-driven. I will definately be thinking more about this when the nicer weather rolls around.
Interesting. This book is trying to convince people that Earthing (also known as grounding) is important, natural, and really really good for your health.

They are very clear that you can do this for free (standing barefoot on the ground), though they address a number of products that allow for the same functionality inside by grounding a mat or sheet through a wire run out a window to the earth or plugged into a grounded outlet. So there is an obvious financial gain if you buy into the theory....more
Jennifer Cusumano
Here's the thing about books like this:
The testimonials are too many and too all encompassing so that it makes the average reader doubt that "Earthing" can do all those things for all those people, seemingly for every illness out there.
That said, I have no doubt that the writers and researchers are right on the money with their hypothesis. The research is fascinating and we should all sit up and pay attention to what is going on around us. We are all duped into thinking that we need all this Tec...more
The jury is still out, where I am concerned, on the benefits detailed in this book. The book is about reconnecting with the earth...literally. It claims you can untimately feel better, have less pain etc. if you have an electrical charge that transfers from the earth into your body. The theory is backed up by sientific evidence and doctor and dentist testimonials. One thing the book suggests is that just going bare foot in the yard for 30 to 40 minutes outside in the grass will help a great deal...more
Steven Magee
I tried the technique with a copper cable that had a 100,000 ohm resistor in it and connected to a non-electrified ground rod in my back garden. I got a really bad back that was followed by heart arrhythmia. I had to stop in the end as the heart arrhythmia was getting really bad. I tested the earthing cable by plugging it into my radio antenna connection and found that it was filled with radio frequencies! The effects of connecting yourself into a bad grounding connection are documented as "Stra...more
This book is a sales pitch with all research provided by the people selling earthing products. The research the authors provide uses about three pages for the nearly 200 pages of testimonial. It is free with purchase of Earthing products.

Suggested title rewording... Big Placebo Catches Big Pharma: Brochure Becomes Book.

Miranda Ro
I enjoyed this book as the concept it presented, but not as an actual book. It presented with less direct information than I expected and was more about personally experiences and what other theories had holes that Earthing could fit into.
I experienced some amazing health results from using an earthing sheet, and I wanted to understand how it worked. Although the book contains several placebo controlled trials showing the benefits of earthing, the book lacked a clear explanation of how the earth's electrons aid our health. Of course, this may not be the author's fault, because I don't think that the science currently exists to explain how energy moves through the body or impacts health. Our only reference points are Frankenstein...more
What makes this book amazing is the unique subject matter. While highly scientific in the beginning (and frankly all the technical jargon slowed me down a bit because i really wanted to understand it) the real question comes to this: now that i have this information, what am i going to do with it? I am implementing a lot! Googling and doing more research on the topic of Earthing has led to reading/viewing/researching on tangential subjects and an enormous positive expansion in my thinking life t...more
It is an interesting idea, but I would have liked to see the book organized a lot better. Also, the authors seemed to spend a lot of time trying to be persuasive beyond what I think they needed to (since the reader is already likely open to the idea if they've picked up the book). These traits made it less enjoyable to read, and difficult to flip through as a reference. There's definitely some repetition. However, in the end it did contain valuable info (such as examples of studies they have don...more
I was really intrigued by this concept when I read about it in "The Globe &Mail" so I ordered the book. I think there is more research to be done but for now I am willing to experiment with it. It makes sense to me that there is something this simple that changed about half-way through my parent's lifetime. If it is the introduction of rubber-soled shoes and the consequences of that then the timing is about right. For now, when I go outside at the cottage, the flip flops are left in the porc...more
Brad Belschner
I was skeptical at first---I thought it sounded like hokey hippie magic---but now I'm mostly convinced. In particular, the link between melatonin/cortisol seems rational, and our personal experience seems to confirm it. Also, it seems pretty clear that grounding can reduce inflammation. Overall I think more research is needed to confirm (or disconfirm?) some of these promising leads, but in the meantime I'm happy to act on this information and assume it's probably true.
Jeff Mohr
Is it possible that simply getting re-grounded with the earth could solve many of our chronic health problems? If you find this idea intriguing I recommend this book.
Eric Van
Nov 28, 2012 Eric Van rated it 5 of 5 stars Recommends it for: Everyone, especially those in pain
Recommended to Eric by: Dr. Mercola
Shelves: health-fitness
Wow!, wow!! wow!!! This is an amazing concept and the proof is in the blood. The Bible states that the life of the flesh is in the blood. The before and after grounding pictures of blood samples sealed it for me. I'm going to buy a grounding bed sheet and make some changes in my lifestyle.

The testimonies section of this book is off the charts as well.

I'm not kidding. Grounding can improve every aspect of your health.
Very interesting concept, seems like hippie magic because of the writing style but the concept of grounding an electrical system, human beings having extensive electrical "wiring" systems. Makes a lot of sense that this would have beneficial health effects, I plan to experiment and see if it helps my twitching and inflammation, better sleep and less crackling joints would be great as well.
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Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever! Earthing

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