Aunt Dimity: Vampire Hunter
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Aunt Dimity: Vampire Hunter (Aunt Dimity #13)

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Penguin's popular Aunt Dimity series returns and "loyal fans will be thrilled by every new revelation"("Kirkus Reviews")
Everyone's favorite paranormal detective is back in Nancy Atherton's thirteenth Aunt Dimity mystery-but this time Lori's supernatural confidante may not be the only one who's not quite dead. Could the cloaked figure Lori's twins saw in the woods near th...more
ebook, 304 pages
Published February 21st 2008 by Penguin Books (first published 2004)
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I didn't believe there was a cozy series that I had missed and when this appeared on our New Shelf I thought I'd try it. I don't need to read any more of them. The connection with Nancy Drew on the back is quite telling. Should have read that bit first. I was lured in by "humorous, satisfying" and "delightfully descriptive imagery and quirky characters."
The narrator is a "goofball" who has perfect children and a perfect husband and lives in a perfect house with a perfect nanny engaged to a perf...more
The Flooze
A ridiculous hunt for a vampire leads to startling discoveries. Though the revelations are a bit contrived, they serve their purpose and lead to a lovely ending.

It's hard to beat Atherton when it comes to comforting and pleasing outcomes. I also like how Lori's gossipy nature means we're always privy to what's going on in the secondary characters' lives. It's fun to catch up with them in between collecting clues and developing theories, and this installment includes a thrilling turn of events....more
Really love these novels - even as much as I'm green with envy because I don't have the perfect cottage and a NANNY so I can spend my time gallivanting around the English country side, solving "crimes" that generally turn out to be nothing! *LOL* I really do like these books. In the latest installment, a shadowy figure is seen watching the children at riding lessons - they swear he is a vampire, so of course what's a self respecting mother to do but track said vampire down?
Diane Heath
This is a most enjoyable read as Lori, a gold medalist in conclusion jumping, learns that her twin sons have given classmates nightmares because of their stories (see Aunt Dimity and the Deep Blue Sea and Aunt Dimity goes West for two of them) which include seeing a vampire (Rendor the Destroyer of Souls) on their ride with Kit. Bill has to work in London so Kit joins Lori in her vampire hunt which has two goals: The first to prove her sons don't lie and the second to insure that no psychotic pe...more
I found the Aunt Dimity books by accident. My daughter had a copy of one of her books and was getting rid of it. I picked it up and read it when I didn't have any thing else to read. I loved it. It's hard to find an author who doesn't eventually begin writing more and more edgy stuff as she goes along. But Nancy Atherton is refreshingly creative and manages to write a mystery with a plot that grabs you without making you blush at the racy subplots or cringe with the gory violence. Totally enjoya...more
As with other Aunt Dimity books, this one was a cozy read. Nancy Atherton's writing style is perfect for light reading, whether you're tired, sick, or just need a distraction.

Lori Shepard, the protagonist, is very likable, as are the rest of the cast of characters featured in the Aunt Dimity series. This particular book was fanciful, but then again, this is a paranormal detective series, so what else should I have been expecting? However, although it was fanciful, it was a good book. Atherton di...more
Aunt Dimity: Vampire Hunter is the thirteenth book in Nancy Atherton's "Aunt Dimity" cozy mystery series.

For those of you not entirely familiar with the series, Aunt Dimity is a ghost whose spirit is attached to a blank journal, which Lori - the heroine of the series - refers to when she needs advice and guidance with solving mysteries.

In Aunt Dimity: Vampire Hunter, Lori investigates whether vampirism exists in the Cotswolds after her twin sons claim they've seen a vampire during a horseback-ri...more
Laurel Bradshaw
Just what I needed to continue my "vacation" from the classics - requiring no brain cells, yet pleasantly cozy. Not as good as the earliest books in the series, but I still like them. Aunt Dimity has become an interested observer rather than an active participant. Once again Lori has let her imagination run away with her......

Book Description from
Lori Shepherd’s life in England couldn’t be more tranquil or more satisfying— except for one thing. Her five-year-old twins have started sch...more
Reading an Aunt Dimity book is like visiting with dear friends you haven't seen in awhile - in short a delight! And this installment had an extra-special gift included.

When twins Will and Rob go off to school, Lori becomes a bit paranoid about their safety, giving up on all activities and interactions with her friends and neighbours to worry and fuss about every possible - and several highly implausible - way the boys could be harmed away from home.

And when Lori and Bill are summoned by the boys...more
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This book! Man, this book.

I think that having been thinking a lot about sensory detail lately, I was more aware of how other writers use it, and wow. Atherton keeps up a steady string of detail that never seems to be intrusive -- she's always telling us things, but she does it in a way where it doesn't totally feel like telling.

The other thing is the detail itself. Atherton subscribes to the Enid Blyton school of writing only instead of everything accompanied by lashings of ginger-beer, it's ju...more
Althea Ann
A very cozy mystery. I picked this up because I'd read one other in this series and enjoyed it, but I wasn't as thrilled with this one.
In this episode, the main character, whose son has just started school, is worried and stressed about having her kid away from her. Based on stories that get back to her (and no actual evidence at all), she becomes convinced that her son is being stalked either by some kind of pervert or - a vampire. Through the course of the book, she must learn to get over it a...more
This is the first Aunt Dimity book I have read. It requires a large suspension of disbelief. First because Aunt Dimity is dead and does her communicating and sleuthing through automatic writing in a journal. The protaganist, Julie Shepherd, is almost as difficult to believe - in her English country life she has a full-time paragon of a nanny for her twin sons, and she seems to be universally adored by everyone in their nearby village. It would seem the world revolves around Julie Shepherd, but s...more
Whittney Mahle
I really like the Aunt Dimity series, but I think the story line is moving in a different direction from my own life which makes it harder for me to connect with the main character. In the first book, Lori was a single female solving mysteries. Even when she got married and became a mother, the focus of the book was still on the mystery, and some romance. Now, Lori has become a mother obsessively absorbed in the lives of her children. I felt that the vampire plot, and especially the involvement...more
Sandi Dickey
Somehow I missed the 1 and thought this was book three instead of thirteen. I didn't like the characters at first (too perfect) and it took me a while to figure out they were the people from book #1. I liked them much better after that, but I think I would have liked the book more if I had read it in the correct order.
I didn't like how they championed being gossipy. And for all the fuss they made of her being this ultra-mom, she really wasn't that involved with her kids other than to make them...more
Rebecca Douglass
I think this is a very strong entry in the "Aunt Dimity" series. The book makes good use of the hyperbole of Lori's overreactions (this time to the risks her sons face in starting school--what if a train carrying deadly gasses derails by the school?!) to keep the humor level up, even while dealing with a potentially very real threat.

I complained about Aunt Dimity Goes West for excessive use of the supernatural. In "Vampire Hunger," Atherton gets it right, in my opinion. While we are left wonderi...more
Lori is concerned after her twins start school. She and Bill get called into the school where the principal tells them the boys are creating scary stories and other children are having nightmares. It turns out most of the stories are true, but the one about seeing a vampire while they are riding their horses near Anscombe Manor scares Lori, and she has to investigate. She gets Kit to help her. While hunting, Lori tries to convince Kit to marry Nell, but he says he is not fit to marry. They find...more
Although Lori seems to have really gone out on a whacky limb at the beginning of this book, it is highly entertaining and ends in two romances, not just one. The hiking scenes are wonderful, with all the mud and wet. Henrietta is a delightful new character as are Leo and Charlotte. Once again, Lori's mystery brings happiness to others and a moldering old house becomes productive once more. I'm so glad I came back to these books and found a dozen new ones ready to be read.
I saw this book on the new books shelf at Manoa Public Library and picked it up with a quickening of breath. A new vampire book! Part of a series! Maybe more vampire books to read! Although I enjoyed reading this story of a mild mystery solved with the assistance of a dead woman communicating through the aid of her personal journal, it left me wanting more. More vampires, more mystery, more blood, more violence. Alas, this is not that type of book. Aunt Dimity is a proper Englishwoman, and, alth...more
I'm only marking this as a mystery, since while there are some paranormal elements they are limited and not the main point of the story.

I picked this up on a whim from the paperback picks shelf at the library. It was entertaining, but it didn't fully capture my attention. I liked the setting - a small rural village in England - but the main character was not very identifiable. I never really cared what happened to her. I also found the conversations with Aunt Dimity (via a journal - similar to G...more
Dharia Scarab
Since I don't normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here's the break down of how I rate my books...

1 star... This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end. I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.

2 stars... This book was not very good, and I won't be reading any more from the author.

3 stars... This book was ok, but I won't go out of my way to read more, But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I'd pick it up.

4 sta...more
Aunt Dimity has generally been the gentlest of gentle reads, but frankly her detective Lori has been getting more and more annoying. You know that power-of-the-mom conservative vibe you get out of later Charlotte MacLeod books? Atherton is all over that. Even with a story that ostensibly chides Our Detective for being too focused on her kids, this one had very little reasonable, solvable mystery and way too much women-need-to-be-manipulated-for-their-own-good*. Still well written.

*Seriously, wha...more
Dawn Michelle

I am now torn to which of these books I like the best. I still think the Christmas one is my favorite, but this one (which was amazing and better than the last one) is a VERY close second. Or maybe even tied.

The twins have started school. Lori is a wreck and not coping well with them being gone. But when Lori and Bill are called to the school and the boys are accused of lying about seeing a "vampire", Lori (with the help of Kit Smith AND the estimable Aunt Dimity) goes out to try and prove tha...more
The twins are off to school and having their riding lessons and Lori is being a very protective mother... more so than normal.

After the boys come home from one of their lessons, they tell of seeing a "vampire" watching them ride with Kit, the stable master @ Anscombe Manor where they take their lessons. The twins took their tale to school, where the principle calls Lori in about the "tall tales" that the twins have been telling. Unfortunately the tales where truth, until they told the one about...more
I so enjoy this series and got a big kick out of this one the first time...and the second time too! Yes, there's a lot of stuff that's just a little too "coincidental" for some people, but let's face it, this is Aunt Dimity's world and it all works just fine to my way of thinking. Plus, it does a lovely job reminding me that things/people are not always what they seem and you have to be careful about leaping to conclusions. AND we finally get a good advance on one of the main ongoing subplots......more
Nancy Atherton is back in form! As someone who discovered Aunt Dimity about five or more years ago, I wait anxiously for each new one. I have to confess to being disappointed in the last two (Aunt Dimity goes West and Aunt Dimity and the Deep Blue Sea. This book brings back the "cozy" in cozy mysteries. The townspeople play a greater role in this book and Dimity's more prominent. My favorite part of the Aunt Dimity books are Lori's conversations with Dimity - they're back! Less violence than the...more
Shala Howell
The definitive cozy mystery. Everybody gets a happy ending in this novel. The writing is pretty funny though, making it a lovely, low emotional impact sort of summer read.
A quick little fluff read, although I didn't find it to be much of a mystery. The protagonist, Lori, was a bit annoying (must be nice to have a nanny to watch your twin boys when you're a housewife your own self, allowing you to wander all over the place trying to solve a "mystery"), and she allowed her imagination to run away with her a little too much. Of course, without that, we wouldn't have much of a story. I did like the persona of Aunt Dimity, that is, until the very end when all was reve...more
Another fun read in the Aunt Dimity series by Nancy Atherton. In this Lori Shephard adventure, Lori has been obsessing over her twin sons as they have started school for the first time. Highly over protective, Lori has been fearing something will happen to them. Things start building when the boys believe they saw a vampire in the nearby woods so Lori, with help from her friend Kit, start trying to find who her sons saw and become involve with a mysterious family and a mysterious stranger. As us...more
I'm enjoying this series. This one was predictable and a figured a lot out but there were still some twists.
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Nancy Atherton is not a white-haired Englishwoman with a softly wrinkled face, a wry smile, and wise gray eyes, nor does she live in a thatched cottage behind a babbling brook in a tranquil, rural corner of the Cotswolds.

She has never taken tea with a vicar (although she drank an Orange Squash with one once) and she doesn't plan to continue writing after her allotted time on earth (though such pla...more
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