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Donatien Alphonse François de Sade, conocido por su título de Marqués de Sade (París, 2 de junio de 1740 – Charenton-Saint-Maurice, Val-de-Marne, 2 de diciembre de 1814), fue un escritor francés, autor de Justine o los infortunios de la virtud, Historia de Aline y Valcour y otras numerosas novelas, cuentos y piezas de teatro. También le son atribuidas Los 120 días de Sodom...more
Paperback, 0 pages
Published April 28th 2003 by AC (first published 1791)
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Mar 30, 2012 Paul rated it 2 of 5 stars
Shelves: novels
This Justine she had like the all time worst luck, even worse than this girl Tiffany that I know who broke her leg on the first day of a three week ski holiday, it sounds so sad unless you know her in which case it practically proves there's a God right there. But anyway. I was reading this book at breakfast and that was a good laugh in itself cause people thought it must be a highly educational book because it was written before the Ark and I'm not saying they were wrong neither because some of...more
Great book, but i really don't care for translations.

Let's see, something I took from this book:

Believe in God and a bunch of people are going to rape you, take advantage of you, tie you to a tree and let the dogs get you, while your sister becomes a whore and marries a rich guy and gets all the wonders in the world, while everyone who's fucked you over got rich and became successful.

But, hey, at least you go to heaven in the end...
When I was a grad student in Comparative Literature, all the "cool kids" read the Marquis de Sade. Just add philosophical musings to the sexcapades and basically you have porn for intellectuals!
Mohamed Al Marzooqi
رواية (جوستين) للمركيز دو ساد أحد أكثر الروايات إنحرافًا ، مجونًا ، وشذوذًا. لذلك ظلت محرمة على العامة في فرنسا وإنجلترا والولايات المتحدة لمدة تزيد عن قرنٍ ونصف. كانت الحكومات الفرنسيّة المتعاقبة خلالها تصادر وتتلف كل ما تجده من نسخٍ شعبية كان يتداولها العامّة بشكلٍ سريّ

ولد المركيز ساد في القرن الثامن عشر ، وكان نموذجًا مصغرًا - أو ربما مضخمًا - لحياة المجون والتفسخ التي كان يعيشها أبناء الطبقة الأرستقراطيّة. مارس كل ما يخطر وما لا يخطر على بال بشر من طقوس جنسية منحرفة وشاذة دخل بسببها السجن وا...more
Claudia Hernandez
It is precisely the Misfortunes of Virtue which Sade illuminates in Justine. Virtue, personified in Justine, is perpetually confronted by misfortune, and subdued by an omnipresent force, which, as expected from the Marquis, drips animalistic eroticism. Justine is, inarguably, a novel on depravity, but beyond its blatant decadent literature, Justine is also to be seen and appreciated as a historical document -- a passionate chronicle and assessment of a culture not governed by law, but through th...more
Jeannette Nikolova
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I found this a lot better than I had thought it would be.

De Sade is obviously no fool, and his arguments are intelligently put.

I don't think writers of his time were very good with erotica, sadly, since it seems that even libertine, rebellious De Sade felt he had to wrap everything he said in euphemistic terms.

Justine is the quintessential sad sac of the ages. I guess she deserved her end, the poor meek sod.

Proper review to follow when time permits.
Saying that this is my kind of porn comes across very, very badly. So before i say that (or write it) i just want to make it absolutely clear that i enjoyed the intellectual side of it, not the raping side. So, without further ado, this is my kind of porn!Hence the 5 stars.

I'd also like to formally invite the Marquis over to my place for dinner this Saturday, because as we all know he and Elvis are having the time of their (still very ongoing) lives somewhere on a secluded island, Richard Branso...more

قررت أن أنفض عن هذه الرواية غبارها، بعدما قرأت رواية (خمسون ظلاً من الرمادي)، والتي كان أحد أبطالها سادياً، أو كما عبرت عنه الكاتبة مسيطراً، فلذا أردت أن اقرأ لدي ساد نفسه، كنوع من الفضول غير المحمود.

والآن وبعد الفراغ من هذه الرواية يمكنني أن أقول أنها بدت كلعبة فيديو، حيث أخذ المؤلف فتاة صغيرة، وجعلها تمر بمراحل مختلفة من الممارسات السادية، بحيث تظن وأنت تقرأ الكتاب، أن هذه الفتاة إما عاثرة الحظ بشكل لا يصدق، أو أن الريف الفرنسي كان يعج بالساديين في وقت الكاتب.

ولكننا نفهم شغف الكتابة ع...more
Peter Brooks
de Sade's unfortunate reputation goes before him. Certainly none of his books are ones that you'd recommend to a maiden aunt. Part of their reputation is well earned.

However, it is, I think, a pity to dismiss him simply as a pornographer. His books are an unusual read, but are stimulating. His fierce anti-clericism is refreshing, if, as with most of what he says, rather on the extreme level.

What I find most informative, though, are his discussions of morality, ethics and government. de Sade was...more
Christian Gray (ve türevleri)'ni çok mu seviyor sunuz? Yakışıklı ve zengin bir sadomazoşist tarafından kırbaçlanma fanteziniz mi var? Bir de bunu okuyun derim!

BDSM'yi ilk defa literatüre sokan, "Sadist" kelimesi isminden türetilmiş olan Marquis de Sade'nin iki başyapıtından biri.

Kitap Justine isimli "Ahlak" ve "Erdem" yolundan ayrılmamaya kararlı kızımızın başına gelen olayları anlatıyor. Justine kızımız birbirinden zengin ve üst sınıftan insanların elinde oradan oraya sürükleniyor. Her gittiğ...more
j to the muthafuckin R
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Le roman etonnant d'une modernite inimaginable. UNe richesse de points vue. Une societe en train de se defaire dont l'ecrivain denonce l'hypocrisie et la salete.Justine ou les malheurs d'une vertue persecutee. Justine et Julie, deux soeurs, l'une portee vers le bien l'autre qui prend la voie que la societe lui a donne comme exemple, voie de la vie facile, plaisir facile. Un livre etonnant de la sincerite, un livre qui denonce toute forme d'humanisme comme inexistant. Ce qui reste se fonde sur le...more
Dan Porter
This is primarily a book of philosophy...which is not to say that it isn't also filled with fairly graphic (in an 18th century kind of way) scenes of every kind of sex act imanginable. The philosophy is that of the merits of vice vs. virtue. The protagonist (a virtuous woman) falls prey to a series of libertines who use and abuse her in whatever ways they deem pleasurable to themselves. Some of these tribulations are inflicted as the result of chance events while others result from Justine/There...more
I'm not sure what I was expecting from this book. Knowing de Sade's reputation I assumed Justine would be controversial and an interesting insight to the late 18th century life. Yes, I can see how and why it was controversial and yes, it was a sort of an insight to a late 18th century deviant's mind, but interesting? Not so much.

I think I expected more substance and depth to the story from Justine as a reading experience. It took me months to read it, mostly because I couldn't understand any of...more
First impressions:

Marquis de Sade...you are one crazy m*****f*****.

So I had learned about Marquis de Sade, or at least first heard of him after watching the movie Quills and I immediately became really interested. Yes, his works are incredibly graphic and really go off the deep end, but he was added to my bucket list of authors I wanted to read just for the sake of reading.

After doing a little research I chose Justine, a classic, and one of his more famous stories to give a try at but it was a...more
Diana Marques
Set in the 18th Century, this book was very controversial for its time and now I understand why.
But, nowadays, I think that it is difficult to shock anyone due to the information we can get.
So, my opinion of this book is that it is not a great story, but rather a philosophical quest to find what is good and evil and, what kind of gains can be obtained by choosing one of them. While Justine is good in her heart she is treated under all the evils in the world, she suffers alot but she remains true...more
Once again, I'm just guessing at the publication date based on the style of the bk's 'tasteful' 'artistic' (ie: camouflaged) cover. For de Sade, this is borderline PG. IE: In contrast to his more full-blown SADISTIC work - some of wch I've never been able to bring myself to read.

De Sade's last paragraph begins:

Reader, this is a stark and tragic tale; but we hope that you have shed tears over the misfortunes of virtue [..]

De Sade dropped such pretenses later on.

At the end of this edition ther...more
Miss GP
I thought I should read some de Sade just to say I had, and I think Justine was a fine place to get a feel for this author's style and subject matter.

I'd wondered if, by today's standards, de Sade's sadistic sex scenes would seem tame, and was suprised to find that wasn't the case. While the language clearly dated the narrative, the sexual situations could have been dreamed up by a porn author writing today.

And interspersed with the sex scenes was a discussion about life, God, marriage, women,...more
Katie Grainger
The Marquis de Sade is a man who is quite well known in the world of literature. He has also been characterized in various films and had his own works made into films. Compared to 100 days of Sodom I think that Justine is quite tame.I haven't read the full novel, quite frankly I am not sure I want to. Justine at least has a plot. de Sade is trying to illustrate in this novel that the rich are there to exploit the weak, and that no amount of virtue can help.

The novel follows Justine who recounts...more
Yazan Azzam
في بداية الرواية كنت اقول لنفسي ان هذا الرجل عبقري ..
لكن الفرق بين العبقرية و الجنون شعرة .. و على ما أظن هذا الرجل تجاوز تلك الشعرة

"to present Vice triumphant and Virtue a victim of its sacrifices, to exhibit a wretched creature wandering from one misery to the next; the toy of villainy; the target of every debauch; exposed to the most barbarous, the most monstrous caprices; driven witless by the most brazen, the most specious sophistries; prey to the most cunning seductions, the most irresistible subornations for defense against so many disappointments, so much bane and pestilence, to repulse such a quantity of corruption...more
Justine, or the Misfortunes of Virtue was a challenging novel for me to read. I knew what I was getting myself into at the time I checked it out of the library, but it is maybe telling that it was one of the few library rentals that I had to consistently renew for months before I eventually decided to open its pages.

This novel is part violent pornography, and part philosophical debate, which makes for an interesting if initially bizarre mix. It tells the story of the young heroine Justine, relat...more
Two young sisters are separated and one is given the choice of living a life of sin and luxury, the other chooses to obey God and remain chaste. Everything bad that can happen happens to Justine, the pious sister and everything good that can happen happens to the sister who forsook God and embraced premarital sex, murder and sin.
Well, so much for wondering about the origin of the term “sadism”. Sade certainly has such a way of describing sexual scenes that sometime made me look forward to the p...more
What the hell happened in the last two pages or so of this bizarre tale?

If you're unfamiliar with this it is a story devoted to selling the reader the notion that the pursuit of virtue, righteousness and all that is good is a fruitless one, and that crime and deceit will provide a far richer reward both short and long-term.

It is also quite an anti-theistic book. Given that it was written in the 18th century when virtually everyone in France was a Christian, (regardless of their private beliefs...more
Uzun zamandan beri okuduğum en ilginç kitaplarından biridiydi bu..Alışmıştım veya alıştırılmıştım hep iyinin hem filmin hemde romanların sonunda kazanan olduğunu ama Sade,anlaşılan iyinin hep kazandığı ve kötünün hep kaybeden olduğu inancına inanmıyor...Tabii,Sade bunu yazarken nasıl bir Tanrı umduğunuda belirtmiş...Kitabın özetini aslında bu cümle tümüyle özetliyor;"..şeref ve namus yalnızca boş bir inanç,gelecek bir kuruntu olduktan sonra kişi rastgele bir yerde ya da yatağında ölmüş ne fark...more
my mind
TO GET ONE QUESTION out of the way before we begin:

Should a person be good if rape be their only reciprocation, and no afterlife exists?

Here we have a debauched and slightly more ethical dilemma of the misfortunes of virtue. Our protagonist after whom the book is named, who adopts the cognomen Sophie as a fugitive for crimes she does not commit, faces this question in the worst possible ways.

Through Justine's maltreatment by sadists of various honourable station, de Sade wrests us lower and furt...more
واحدة من اعجب الكتب التي يمكن ان تراها في حياتك علي الاطلاق . بالطبع كان لدي قبل البدء في هذة الرواية المريعة خلفية عن طبيعة الكاتب و مؤلف هذة الرواية الماركيز دو ساد و كيف ان اشتقاق السادية كان من اسم هذا المختل رسول الرذيلة و امام الفاحشة .. و لكن لم اتخيل مدي جنون هذا الرجل بحق في التلذذ بوصف محاسن التعذيب و و محاسن الرذيلة و كيف انها السبيل الافضل لعيش الانسان . استغل دو ساد في عرض افكارة و نظرياته عن فضل الرذيلة بطلة روايته جوستين التي تظل تلهس معها علي مدار الرواية حتي انة لتكاد و انت القا...more
I expected a lot more, especially from all the hype surrounding it, and especially after watching 'Quills', a film based on the life of Marquis de Sade and how Justine was published. I suppose for the time it was probably very 'risque', but to me now, it just seems a little wilted. It's very repetitive, and all seems to focus on spanking and whipping. Also, Justine, the title character, is a complete idiot. For her not to realise that she was totally being abused and she needed to sort her life...more
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Donatien Alphonse François, Marquis de Sade was a French aristocrat, revolutionary politician, philosopher, and writer famous for his libertine sexuality and lifestyle. His works include novels, short stories, plays, dialogues, and political tracts; in his lifetime some were published under his own name, while others appeared anonymously and Sade denied being their author. He is best known for his...more
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