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Changeling (Otherworld / Sisters of the Moon #2)
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Changeling (Otherworld/Sisters of the Moon #2)

3.97  ·  Rating Details ·  7,349 Ratings  ·  300 Reviews
We're the D'Artigo Sisters: Half-human, half-Faerie, we're savvy--and sexy--operatives for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency. But our mixed-blood heritage short-circuits our talents at all the wrong times. My sister Camille is a wicked-good witch whose magic is as unpredictable as the weather. My sister Menolly is a vampire trying to get the hang of being undead. And me? ...more
Published June 5th 2007 by Penguin Group (USA)
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Why do I bother with this series? If I hadn't received this book for free, there is no way I would have bothered with it. The writing is fine, but the stories are just so BLEH! I think the author is trying to develop the characters and their relationships, but if that's the case, why spend so much time describing the heroine's outfits? I don't care what she's wearing! And the sister heroines make me want to throw up - they are so smug and stupid. For example, if you were going to hold a man pris ...more
Bark's Book Nonsense
Because I am a glutton for punishment I am going to read book #2 of this series. Witchling was the first in the series and it drove me a little crazy. This one can't possibly be worse, can it?

The heroine of this book is Delilah the shifter who turns into a cute little pussycat and does some Private Investigation work. She's beautiful, thin and 6' tall and because she is half fey is preternaturally beautiful but I can live with that because at least she's not sporting double D's and the spiked h
Jun 22, 2009 Hannah rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: urban-paranormal
Not even as good as the first, which is really saying something. The first sister, Camille, was a fun character, and despite the bad writing and cliche characteristics given to her by Galenorn, she was somewhat interesting. Her numerous boyfriends gave you something to think about, anyway.

Delilah is nothing like that. Galenorn repeatedly tells us that she's gentle, naive and ultra-sensitive, but then she turns around and has Delilah tell us that she's not quite as soft as she let on. Could she m
Susan many books and so little time
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Apr 07, 2017 Johanna rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
definitely one of the worst books I have ever read. the characters are shallow and flat. the dialogue is horrible. and the author keeps reiterating the same back stories over and over again. food concepts, horrible execution
Teresa Drelick
I'm enjoying this series but I hope that in the next books there is less wasted space spent filling the pages with sex. Part of the fun of reading is being able to use your imagination. I like the theme of the stories but find it annoying to have to skip parts so I can get on with the plot.
Tiffany Thordal
Oh my man, this book. I am going to start this review saying something I have NEVER said before about a book. There were too many characters and too much detail. I will start out by explaining my thoughts on the characters.

We have all our main characters back again. As their story keeps on developing, I can say I am truly happy with how they are turning out. The sisters are realizing they aren't so alone in the world and their woe is me attitude is starting to fade- a bit. This book is told thro
Feb 05, 2009 Rhianna rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Changeling is the second book in the Sisters of the Moon series, the follow-up of Witchling. In Witchling we meet the D'Artigo sisters- Camille, the eldest who is a witch, Delilah, the middle child who is a werecat, and Menolly, the baby of the family who is a vampire.

After the plot of Witchling establishes the confusing existance of the three realms- Otherworld, Earth and the Subteranean Realms, Changeling picks up the same plot regarding the big bad evil known as Shadow Wing who is threatenin
It’s not easy for a sequel to be as good as the first book or as thrilling but this one makes it happen! Now, it’s time for Delilah to tell her part in this story and it’s definitely an exciting one! Fast-paced, sexy, smart and funny, this story continues after the events of the first book just from Delilah’s POV.

She is half-human, half-faerie werecat that always seems more fragile than her sisters. So not true. Yes, she is usually more calm and quiet but she’s far from fragile. I loved her dete
I had prepared myself for a bit of the sophomore slump to kick in but it turns out that I didn’t need to be worried. Changeling was a delight! Delilah is so different from her sister Camille, but still speaks with a humorous very enjoyable voice. I really enjoyed reading from her point of view, probably because of the three sisters, I can relate to her the best, but I can also appreciate her struggles as a middle sister, were so different from my own. Also the absolute best scene was when she tr ...more
Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog)
I wasn't sure if I should give this book a 3.5 or 4 Stars, so I just went with the 4. I actually enjoyed it! I didn't think I would going in since I thought the first book was a bit boring, but there was a lot less explaining everything in detail and more actual things happening and action in this one.

The storyline was pretty good. I liked Delilah so much better than Camille. Her point of view was a lot nicer to read. Her relationship with Chase it's cute and developing, even though they're stil
Galenorn needs to concentrate more on the story rather than irrelevant conversations and what her charactors are or are not wearing. Yawn to the first and yawn to this book. I'm not even through the first hundred pages and I'm already wishing I never started the blinking thing!

I've finally finished this book, after what seems like decades of trite.

These books for me are so hard to get into, not only are there way too many charactors and races to keep track of, but her charactors lack authentici
Michelle Tempted By Books
A few things bothered me about this book. First I understand that the main character is a Were and that she changes into a house cat. BUT I felt it was borderline Bestiality when she mentioned "f*cking" Tomcats when in here cat form. Another issue I have is that her boyfriend is in her thrall, whom she stole from her sister, well kind of. Her sister seems to be an Anita Blake wanna be with multiple boyfriends, who seem to not mind. WTH? Beyond those little things I still don't understand how the ...more
Continuing the story from the first book, the D'Artigo sisters are still in trouble. This time, the POV is from the middle sister, Delilah. She's a shape shifter & the problem involves other shifters.

It's pretty well done & entertaining. Sexual tension & some fairly explicit sex, but not so much as to be too distracting from the story. It's actually used fairly well to give some extra punch to the story in places, which surprised me, since I don't usually care for it.

Interesting worl
Aug 07, 2008 Diana rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: urban-fantasy
I liked this book, and I like the series. However I have a bit of a problem with scenes that just seem to be thrown in for the heck of it. Specifically, sex scenes that have no place in moving the story along - and don't even make sense! There was no good reason to have the character sleep with a second person "just because". That one act left me with a WTF? feeling that changed my perception of the whole book.

I hope the author doesn't make a habit of this because I'd really like to finish the s
Apr 24, 2012 John rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Definitely liking this series, though I kept being thrown off by the change in perspective. It seems that each book is written from the perspective of a different sister so since I read them back to back I kept being confused slightly as to who was talking. Other than that I liked the book...well enough to go pick up the rest of the series (or at least most of it) at a used book store the other day. Might spread them out between other books and/or series' though so I don't get bothered by the pe ...more
Jan 01, 2009 July rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
I find this book (and probably the whole series) a little hard to review. On one hand, I like the characters, and the world is very intriguing. The blending of different mythologies is just plain cool. On the other hand, the writing seems to be a bit awkward in a lot of places. Maybe it's a structural issue? I have trouble putting my finger on it. Just as an example, descriptions are thorough but don't always flow well or help move the story forward with their placement. I like this series but I ...more
Jan 02, 2011 Melissa rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Changeling has Delilah the middle sister who is also a were-cat and her sisters battling were-spiders. Along the way she discovers that there may be some secrets in her past that she doesn't know about. In OW the fighting has began and her father and aunt go into hiding. These books seem to be slow to start and get into. But there is something about them that makes me want to keep reading the series. It may just be that I hate giving up in the middle of the series.

Nov 13, 2008 Kaci rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
I'm giving this series another try. Hopefully this one will be better than the other one.

Ok after a few weeks of not really being interested in the story, I quit. The story is ok, but I've found that if I have to set the book down for any reason, I have no desire to pick it up again, and it's just not interesting enough to read in one go.
Carrie (Book Fairy) Fort
I will admit to being more of a audio book fan on this book. I still love the series and the sisters!
Sep 02, 2012 RenkliKitap rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Ahh Delilah seni de çok sevdim=D
Kathy Davie
Jan 31, 2012 Kathy Davie rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Second in the Otherworld paranormal romance series revolving around three sisters, agents of the Otherworld Intelligence Agency (OIA). The series is based in the Seattle area.

My Take

There's a lot happening and yet...nothing happening. It's Delilah's turn for romance and she may have a plethora of it, but there are too many questions and way too much bigotry for her to handle.

Mostly, we're meeting new people and setting the stage for the future.

The Story

Life is hotting up for the D'Artigo sisters
Mississippi Library Commission
Changeling by Yasmine Galenorn follows Delilah, the second D’Artigo sister, who has the ability to transform into a tabby cat. This book picks up where Witchling left off, with the sisters still battling the demon called Shadow Wing. However, Delilah, a private investigator, also picks up a case involving a series of murders in the Rainier Puma Pride. The D’Artigo sisters prove once again that they are force to be reckoned with. We can’t wait to read book three, Darkling, and learn about Menolly ...more
Mello ❣ Illium ✮Harry✮ ☀Myrnin☀ Torin Ichimaru

We're the D'Artigo Sisters: Half-human, half-Faerie, we're savvy--and sexy--operatives for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency. But our mixed-blood heritage short-circuits our talents at all the wrong times. My sister Camille is a wicked-good witch whose magic is as unpredictable as the weather. My sister Menolly is a vampire trying to get the hang of being undead. And me? I'm Delilah. When I'm under stress, I transform into a tabby cat--and a series of violent murders is really getting
The first time I read this book, I read a Kindle edition, August 12-13, 2013. My review from that reading is here.
I reread this edition January 21-22, 2017.

The below review is adapted/updated from that first review.

I loved this book! I say this even though I hated that most of the bad guys were werespiders (I'm incredibly arachnophobic). The story was so well written, though, that I found I wasn't as afraid of them as I expected to be. I think this was because none of the protagonists were afrai
Story Summary: The half-human, half-Fae D’Artigo sisters Delilah (Shape-shifter), Camille (the slutty witch) and Menolly (vampire) live in a Seattle suburb and work for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency (OIA.) The fae creatures have revealed themselves to human society, so they don’t have to keep that part of their existence secret; but, the fact is that they were assigned to what they call Earthside because the OIA has little to no confidence in their abilities as agents. Recent events proved ...more
I'm not sure what to say about this book. I like it well enough and the audiobook narration is excellent, but there's just something about this series that keeps me from really getting as excited about it as I otherwise could have been. I admit that part of this might stem from my leeriness over series where the author says that she has no planned end in sight and will write for as long as their publisher will let them. LKH has shown me in the past that this can be detrimental to the series even ...more
Fangs for the Fantasy
The sisters ongoing battle against the demons continues as Shadow Wing’s forces look for the spirit seals, a way for them to break through to Earth and, from there, break through to Otherworld as well. The fate of both world rests in the balance and the D’Artigo sisters make a thin line of defence.

They have only a little support from the Queen of the Elves, because Otherworld has it’s own turmoil. The fairy queen, Lathanasar, has become more erratic and cruel, her increasingly failed rule has no
Sep 18, 2016 Kat rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
Basic Plot: The D'Artigo sisters take on a clan of spiderlings and hunt for the second spirit seal while the war in Otherworld heats up.

Finishing this book was akin to pulling teeth. I should have finished it days ago, but I just couldn't get into it. I'd get distracted. I'd fall asleep. I'd find excuses to do pretty much anything but read, which is never a good sign. Oy.

This book is written from the perspective of Delilah the werecat. She didn't really have much personality, so nothing she did
Ana Mardoll
Mar 30, 2011 Ana Mardoll rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: ana-reviewed
Changeling / 978-0-425-21629-3

The second in the Sisters of the Moon series, "Changeling" switches the narrative point of view from the older sister Camille (seen in "Witchling") to the middle sister Delilah. This point of view change characterizes the series - each book is written from a different sister's point of view and every three books, the cycle begins again - and underscores the essential role that character development fills in this charming series.

Whereas Delilah - a half-human, half-F
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Yasmine Galenorn is the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, and USA Today bestselling author of the Otherworld Series (Sisters of the Moon), the Fury Unbound Series, the Whisper Hollow Series, and the Fly By Night Series. In the past, she also wrote the Indigo Court Series, two mystery series and eight nonfiction metaphysical books. She is now turning toward the indie side of publishing and bringin ...more
More about Yasmine Galenorn...

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