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Raiders' Ransom
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Raiders' Ransom (Raiders' Ransom #1)

3.61 of 5 stars 3.61  ·  rating details  ·  690 ratings  ·  145 reviews
In 22nd-century Great Britain, where climate change has caused vast flooding, the piratical Reavers kidnap the Prime Minister's daughter and thirteen-year-old Lilly Melkun, an English fisher-girl, takes her seacat on a daring rescue attempt, with a mysterious talking jewel from a past computer age tucked in her belt as ransom.
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Published 2010 (first published October 6th 2008)
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Overall, not a bad children's adventure - the pace and the plot were okay - but just so... generic. Which something set in the far-future, after England's been flooded for a long time, shouldn't really be, but other than the going-on about the evils of the lost technology and the use of rockets & mention of solar sails, the entire thing could have been set at any point between, dunno, the 9th and the 19th century, or something.

I'd have appreciated some more background on the flood - just,
Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Kira M for

Set in a post-apocalyptic England, Lilly Melkun has a fairly ordinary life. Each day, she and her seacat go out fishing and come back to a home-cooked supper that Granny has made. One day, however, when she returns home, she discovers the village has been ransacked by raiders, the visiting Prime Minister's daughter has been kidnapped, and Granny has been killed.

Angry at the villagers for not retaliating against the raiders, the Prime Minister shows up in th
Liberty Gilmore
What’s Good About It

I’m on a bit of a Dystopia kick at the moment. What with Hunger Games and Uglies and writing my own Dystopian future novel, I’m demolishing any YA novel with a hint of Future Gone to Hell. Naturally, when I saw this on the shelf in the library, I couldn’t resist. Despite having an already substantial reading list of my own books…

And it didn’t disappoint.

Generally I think there are two kinds of Dystopia – technology gone crazy like Uglies, or return to the past where a technol
Sarah Sammis
The first shelf I always check at the library is the recommended reads shelf in the children's wing. I have yet to be disappointed by what the staff have put there. My latest find this way is Raiders' Ransom by Emily Diamand, a near future young adult dystopian set in what remains of the flooded British isles.

The book begins with the raid on an outlying village and news that the Prime Minister's daughter has been kidnapped. Lilly's village is blamed and she feels like she has to do something to
Sometimes you just want to read a book that starts off with a bang and then proceeds to run its legs off. A book that's able to work realistic emotions and characters into a narrative, while also advertising high-concept plotting. And if that same book just happens to contain preternaturally intelligent felines, snarky computers, futuristic barbarians, and a world underwater, all the better! Debut novelist Emily Diamand comes out swinging with such a book as that. Raiders' Ransom is a post-apoca ...more
Lilly lives in a poor fishing village, and finds her world turned upside down when the Prime Minister's daughter is kidnapped, and her village is blamed. She sets out on her own with only her sea cat and a slightly annoying talking jewel as her companions to find the girl and clear her village's good name.
Told in alternating chapters from both Lilly's point of view and that of Zeph, a member of the elite "Family" whole befriends her this is an intriguing look at what extreme climate change coul
Eh. This tale of a futuristic England, post-climate collapse started off interesting, but devolved with (for me) unbelievable elements. Diamand went to pains to create a beautifully rendered fishing village under attack, but it all went to pieces when the computer head appeared. This threw off the tone of the novel and made me a little disoriented. The melding of technology with a traditional, non-tech society didn't feel complete. I also got very confused between the two narrators' voices -- th ...more
The Sweet Bookshelf
Flood Child has a Twelfth Night kind of feeling to it. A girl cuts her hair off and pretends to be a boy to safe her village. I waited 200 pages for something to actually happen. It was good though. I enjoyed the story, even though at times there were things happening that didn't fit with the story I felt. I really wanted there to be a romantic aspect with Lilly and Zeph, and it seemed like there might be. Yet there wasn't. I'm just a sucker for anything romantic. Cute book. Could have been an a ...more
Maddy Churchhouse
For the life of me I have literally no idea what is supposedly so brilliant about this book, why it was hyperbolicly praised by my hero Barry Cunningham (shame on you Barry, shame on you) and why of all things it won The Times' children's book award. Seriously? Who exactly sat on the judging panel?!

The fairly positive reviews on this site suggest to me that maybe I'm missing the point. Perhaps there's some hidden genius in this novel which utterly passed me by. Sure, the concept is interesting.
book 16 for 2010. It took me about 50 pages to get into the dual POV, but once I did, I really enjoyed it. It's a great post-apocalyptic with the right touches of cool things from the past and a believable amount of society degradation. A bit violent in parts so I'd recommend it for readers 5th grade and up though this may vary depending on the kid.
Amy Campbell
This book has a really good story but unfortunately the book is told in first person but by two different people. The book doesn't give any obvious indications of which person is telling that chapter. I find this too frustrating to finish the book sadly
2216 áprilisában járunk, ahol megismerkedünk Lilly Melkunnal és a vízimacskájával, Zephaniahval, a kalózzal és Lexyvel.

A sztori alapötlete nagyon magával ragadott – szeretem a posztapokalitikus dolgokat. Mondjuk. Vagy steampunk? Esetleg disztópia lenne? Nem hinném, hogy érdemes megbélyegezni a könyvet, mert a maga nemében egyedülálló. A klímaváltozás elöntötte a világ nagy részét, a technikának befellegzett és a világ visszafejlődött a kalózkorszakba. Mégis akadnak napenergiával hajtható hajók,
Krista Stevens
In futuristic London after the Collapse, when all computers are rendered useless, society has reverted to a medieval existence - that was a fresh take on this genre. Lilly is a fisher - one who sails and knows the waters around her town - but when Raiders (their origins were never clear to me, which was kind of confusing) destroy much of her town and her family, Lilly's life intersects with them beyond what she might ever expect.

Fun tension between Lilly, as she pretends to be a boy, and Zeph, a
If you love pirates, this is the book for you! Raiders' Ransom was a wonderful tale full of raiders, ransoms, and tons of mishaps. I know it probably wasn't meant to be as funny as I found it but there were times when I couldn't help but laugh. =]

Raiders' Ransom is the story of Lilly Melkun and how she tries to save her village. After raiders kidnap the prime minister's daughter, things go horribly wrong for her small fishing village. She knows that she is the only one left who could possibly pr
Dan Rogers
My first venture this school year into the realm of Science Fiction, written by Emily Diamand, is quite different from any other books I've ever read in this genre. The setting for this story is 23rd century England. The countries of England and Scotland in this story look quite different, geographically, than they do today. Most of the island we presently know as Great Britain is now part of Scotland. The remainder of the island is either under water or is inhabited by Englishmen who call the a ...more
Raiders' Ransom takes place in a world that reverts back to a pre-Industrial Revolution way of life due to the Collapse. This catastrophic event has caused much of England to be underwater, Scotland is now a great power, and to top it all off... there are pirates!

The story centers around Lilly and her very adorable seacat, Cat. Upon her village being attacked by raiders (pirates), she discovers that her life as been turned upside down with the people in her village now believed to be traitorous
El Templo de las Mil Puertas
"La subida del nivel del mar y las fuertes tormentas han causado estragos en la Humanidad, que se ha visto obligada a abandonar la tecnología y vivir sobre las ruinas de una civilización más avanzada. Lo que antes era Inglaterra ahora se divide en la Gran Escocia, los diez últimos condados y una serie de familias de piratas: los saqueadores. Lilly tiene trece años. Un gato de mar la eligió como dueña y su sueño es tener un barco propio y salir a pescar con Andy, su mejor amigo. Una mañana descub ...more
3.5 stars

In a post-apocalyptic world, it is the 23rd century, and Lilly Melkun, a fisher, lives in a world where much of England is underwater. She lives a simple life, her and her seacat, until the day raiders attack. Her village blamed for the deed and for the kidnapping of the Prime Minister’s daughter, Lilly sets sail to pay the ransom and to prove her people’s innocence. What she didn’t count on was running into Zeph, the son of the Angel Isling’s Boss—the very raiders who attacked her town
Starkville Public Library Young Adult Section
It's the 22nd century, and much of the world is under water. Technology was blamed for the collapse, and now there are no "modern" conveniences in the Last Ten Counties of England. Lilly lives in one of the fishing villages in England; she operates a small fishing boat with the help of her seacat, Cat. She hopes to earn enough to get a larger boat and make a living with her best friend Andy. But everything goes horribly wrong when raiders attack her village, killing her grandmother and kidnappin ...more
I en framtida värld där London ligger under vatten, pirater härskar och fiskarna utefter kusten bara försöker överleva lyckas en piratfamilj kidnappa premiärministerns dotter. Fiskarflickan Lilly ger sig tillsammans med sin katt och en forntida, talande juvel av för att rädda henne, samtidigt som piratpojken Zeph kämpar för att stiga i rang i sin familj och få sin pappas respekt. Men kidnappningen har lett till något mycket större än vad vare sig Lilly eller Zeph väntade sig: krig!

En spännande b
Raiders Ransome is about this girl named Lilly and she lives in the 23rd centuary.And in the 23rd centuary all the glaciers on earth have melted and cities have been buried under the water.There are no more computers and no technology left.Lilly and her cat Cat live in one of the last ten countries.
One day while the prime ministers daugter was visiting her village raiders from the west raid her village, kill her grandmother, and take the prime ministers daugter!The prime minister blames her vill
Lilly is a fisher-girl with more than her fair share of problems. To begin with raiders have just come and killed her grandmother, on top of that her best friend is about to be drafted, she has been landed with a talking puter who seems to think that he needs to get "teknical service", her entire village is trying to marry her off to Lun - a boy who has always hated her, she has a seacat that everyone else would kill for, the ambassador for Greater Scotland thinks she knows things she should not ...more
This book was very intriguing. It took a little bit for me to adjust to the writing style but after that, i really liked it. After reading the cover i was quite curious and the book left me curious and pondering it until the end! Just when i thought i had figured it out, the author threw in another twist. It was a fairly easy read but the plot itself was challenging. You never knew what would happen next, even though you had the insight into some of the characters thoughts and feelings. i liked ...more
In a harsh version of 22nd century, where England is mostly flooded and technology has collapsed, Lilly Melkun ekes out a living as a fisher. Coming home one day from sea, she finds her village was attacked by the savage Raiders, and her Grandma killed in the process. To make matters even dire, the Prime Minister blames Lilly's village for not fighting back and preventing the abduction of his daughter who was in town during the Raiders' rampage. He has ordered able bodied villagers, including he ...more
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maybe 3.5 stars
An exciting adventure story with a slight science fiction component.

An environmental disaster in the 23rd century, presumably set into motion by global climate change, has left much of England underwater. In this post-apocalyptic world, technology is seen as the evil culprit and life has reverted to an 18th century existence for survivors in the Last Ten Counties of England. Others who escaped the Collapse have splintered into hostile groups of marauders that raid coastal English
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Mar 17, 2010 Sarah rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: grades 5-8
Recommended to Sarah by: 5/6 list
23rd-Century England is much different from the England we know today; much of the land has been flooded, Scotland’s lands have been extended, and technology is something no one knows about anymore. Raiders looking for more wealth and power come to Lilly’s village and kidnap the Prime Minister’s daughter Lexy as a ransom. When the Prime Minister learns this, he blames the people of the village; he rounds up all able-bodied men to fight for him, leaving the young and old men in prison. Lilly thin ...more
At first glance, Lilly Melkun appears an ordinary girl from an ordinary fishing village in the Last Ten Counties of England. But her spunk and trusty seacat set her apart as someone special. When Lilly’s village is attacked by raiders and the prime minister’s daughter is kidnapped, Lilly takes it upon herself to save the poor girl. She feels it’s the least she can do to help since the prime minister blames her village for the disappearance of his daughter and has forced all able bodied men and b ...more
In the future world there was massive flooding and most of England is under water. Lily is a fisher girl in a small village. She has a loyal sea cat who helps her navigate the oceans and a loving grandmother. That all changes when raiders attack their village. Lily’s grandmother is killed and the Prime Ministers daughter is kidnapped from her aunt’s house. The Prime Minster conscripts all the young men into the navy to strike back against the raiders. He also threatens to hang anyone he thinks i ...more
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Emily Diamand found her way into authoring when her debut novel won the Times/Chicken House prize for children's fiction in 2008. Prior to that she had various jobs including environmental campaigner, organic farmer, surveyor of trees, brussels sprouts picker and pond digger.

Her first novel Flood Child (previously published as Reavers Ransom) was sold in eighteen languages, and was shortlisted for
More about Emily Diamand...
Flood and Fire (Raiders' Ransom, #2) Ways to See a Ghost Copilul apelor

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