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The Heavenly Man: The Remarkable True Story of Chinese Christian Brother Yun
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The Heavenly Man: The Remarkable True Story of Chinese Christian Brother Yun

4.32 of 5 stars 4.32  ·  rating details  ·  8,786 ratings  ·  472 reviews
The dramatic autobiography of one of China's dedicated, courageous, and intensely persecuted house church leaders.
This is the gripping story of how God took a young, half-starved boy from a poor village in Henan province and placed him on the front line for Jesus, in the face of impossible odds. Instead of focusing on the many miracles or experiences of suffering, however
Paperback, 351 pages
Published December 23rd 2002 by Monarch Books (first published 2000)
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mikha  ϟ
i only read this book 'cause my mom kept on telling i kept on reading books about vampires, witches and such and that I'm turning one myself. so, what i did is, I took one of the books in my sister's shelf and it was this one. To tell you the truth, i just read this to impress my mom but i actually realized a lot of things. Let just say its a lot, ok?
An incredibly challenging view of commitment to the Lord. As horrific as his experiences were, Yun and his coauthor Paul Hattaway share the story with amazing joy and vision. I did lay awake at night thinking about some of the abuses Yun suffered, but this is not a depressing book; it is both tremendously humbling and extremely visionary.
Vincent Chough
How far are you willing to go for your convictions?

How much are you willing to risk? This book received five stars because it challenged me on many levels. On the surface it is the autobiography of a Christian in China, named Brother Yun, born in 1958. His family was very poor, and early in adolescence Yun had a spiritual conversion. The early chapters read almost like a parable. During his life practicing and preaching the faith, Yun faced tremendous religious persecution including years of im
We read this as a family a few years back, but the story has never faded. It is definitely one of a kind. Brother Yun went through some of the most extreme torture, both physically and mentally, while he was in China, but he experienced the most important thing in life too, God mercy and grace. He fasted for more the 40 days, I don't remember exactly, but definitely experienced a life empowered by the Holy Spirit.
It is intense, but it definitely is a life changing book.
Oct 22, 2008 Stacia rated it 2 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: No one
Shelves: biographies
I didn't really enjoy this book. I knew there was a lot of controversy surrounding the book right about the time I started reading it. I asked some missionaries that we know in China what they thought of him. Unfortunately, they know him through an American speaking engagement rather than the house church movement in China.

Anyhow, while I want to keep my mind open to the possibility that God can/does work in miraculous ways I found this book over the top. I've read a couple other missionary bio
this book is powerful. it's probably the most single, powerful story i've ever come across. it has challenged me more than any other book i've ever read.

yun's story (which is completely true) shows what surrendering our lives to Christ looks like. it's a clear picture of what living selflessly looks like, what being willing to go where your sent by God looks like and what trusting Him in unbearable circumstances looks like.

and it's a clear picture of what it looks like when God delivers us from
Apr 05, 2008 Chris rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommended to Chris by: Jon Ball
This was a fantastic book. It tells the story of Brother Yun, a Chinese Christian who played a significant role in the house church movement of China. His autobiography tells the story of his inspiring devotion to Christ, his multiple imprisonments (and experiences of abuse and torture), and the amazing miraculous ways he has seen God work in his life. It took me a few chapters to get into the book, but then I was hooked. Some parts are especially gripping, including the account of Yun’s miracul ...more
Oct 17, 2011 Brittany rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommended to Brittany by: Liv
Months ago I noticed this book on Dot's profile, and that it was about China and that she'd given it five stars. That was all I needed to convince me to read it. And I have, and I've savored every bit of it.

Now that I'm done, I want to write some dazzling review, but I find myself at a loss for what to say, except... wow.

God is amazing.

~edit~ I read this book again before giving it to my aunt. And, if possible, I loved it even more the second time. One of my all-time favorites, if not THE all-ti
We in the West have such cushy lives. Even when things go badly for us, especially as Christians, we cry out to God and say "why are you letting this happen to me?" We think we deserve the good stuff--you know, as though it's our birthright to not have to suffer.

This book will forever nag me when I complain. What I endure as "hardship," no matter how severe it may be will pale to what this man, and literally millions of others around the world endure daily in the form of persecution for what the
Mary Garcia
Two years ago, I tried to read this very same book, but not even halfway through I stopped because of lack of interest.

Now I see that it's required reading for our Values Ed class in school so I decided to finish it in advance. The same problem went up again. The writing style just failed to captivate me and bring me "inside" the story and so I was eager to finish it just to get it done with.

But as I progressed, I got used to the blunt writing style and really got sucked into the story which, i
Dana Roberts
Dec 08, 2014 Dana Roberts rated it 1 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: no one
This story is not likely true. I have attempted to contact Brother Yun about some of the issues I raise here. But his staff member says he will only answer questions at one of his programs. Does that make sense? Can you imagine Billy Graham requiring this, surrounded by an adoring crowd, with a few hundred people wanting to thank him? Of course the offer was disingenuous. Yun is much more popular among Christians outside his own Henan Province.

Here are the problems. 1) The larger fellowship of
Mad Russian the Traveller
There are two major groups of readers that will benefit from this book. Those who are Christians will benefit by learning what it really means to follow Christ, and you will be challenged to live up to what Jesus Christ has taught. It is also a lesson on how a follower of Christ must cultivate a close relationship with Jesus in order be used by God to extend the mercy of God to those He has chosen to receive it. This is also a warning of what Christians in the West may be soon experiencing as th ...more
A difficult book to read, but also a very powerful book that every Christian should read. Now I see why the church in North America is so weak. We are not truly committed to going to all the world and making disciples of all men, as Jesus commanded his disciples before ascending to heaven. From a western point of view it is hard to understand how Brother Yun was willing and able to go through incredible suffering for the sake of Christ. We shrink from suffering, not even willing to risk the disa ...more
James Seawel
My rating of books is far more about how much I enjoy them, the impact they have, and how they make me feel than the actual quality or merit. Perhaps due to translation from the Chinese or for whatever other possible factor, Heavenly Man isn't very well written. It reads sort of like a collection of journal entries and letters kind of flung together. However, Brother Yun's story/testimony, as well as his wife's and various other co-workers and friends, is nothing short of miraculous. What a beau ...more
Dec 20, 2011 Jimmy added it
It is incredible to think that this book is the autobiography of a Christian who began evangelizing and preaching at the age of 16 under the rule and persecution of communist China. It is a heart-wrenching read as Brother Yun describe living the Christian life--from the serious famine of Bibles, illegal Church meetings, and evangelizing different parts of China. The most grueling part of the book is to read of his time imprisoned for the faith. Reading about his imprisonment seems so different t ...more
This is a great testimony type book by Brother Yun, his wife and close friends. Their testimonies are added to the book to bear witnesses to Yun's testimony since the stories are fantastic about what God did for him and what sufferings he endured. It was as if I were reading the book of Acts. I am sure that some who read this book will think his stories have been exaggerated but if half the stories are are true and the way they really happened, the sufferings and experiences are far more than mo ...more
Jan 23, 2011 Stacey rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommended to Stacey by: Carol
An Amazing book, with much to think about after I have finished. I do not want to stay in the same place after reading this book but I am encouraged to become more like Christ and surrender my life again to his call.

So many parts stood out, the faithfulness of the church in China, in the midst of persecution.... Brother Yun says, "Don't pray for the persecution to stop! We shouldn't pray for a lighter load to carry, but a stronger back to endure! Then the world will see that God is with us, emp
To be honest, I was first put off by the title "The Heavenly Man." I just assumed that Brother Yun was lacking in humility. Boy, was I wrong!

In reading this book I understood that when Brother Yun was arrested for preaching the good news of Jesus, the communist thugs would torture him for information about the location of other Christians. They drilled him over and over for places where the underground church met. When asked what town he was from, he said "Heaven" in order to protect his Christ
This is a hard book to assess, especially from the perspective of western Christianity. Brother Yun is a leading pastor in the Chinese house church. He has suffered incredibly for his faith. He is a tremendous witness for Christ. He seems to have a tremendous mastery of Scripture. Western Christians have as much, if not much more, to learn from eastern Christians as they do from us.

The book reads as if the life of Yun is supposed to mirror the apostolic Christianity of the book of Acts, complet
Frank Peters
This was a good choice for inclusion into the Hendrickson Class (Christian) Biographies, and is a wonderful biographical book of faith. Brother Yun has lived a remarkable life characterised by God giving him the strength and grace to go through intense suffering and persecution. Up until his escape to Germany, the book is excellent but the latter portion of the book changes is tone and is somewhat redundant, inefficient and preachy. What is being preached is useful and important, but it has not ...more
Phil Morgan
I had this book on my (real world) bookshelf for several years, but had not gotten around to reading it through. I was inspired to pick it up after reading "Safely Home" by Randy Alcorn. So glad I did. What a challenging and inspiring read.

Despite some malicious attempts to discredit his testimony, Brother Yun's story has been vouched for by other well known house church leaders from China.

Some of the early chapters left me very convicted about our Western versions of Christianity, but the final
Josh Crews
I am only halfway through as of this review.

It is stunning, and the sufferings of Jesus are more precious to me because of it.

The story is autobiographical of Brother Yun, a poor peasant saved by grace, and used mightily by God. Check this part out: in Bible-scarce communist China of the 70's he desired a to see a Bible. Just a page would have been a huge blessing. And an old Chinese Christian told him to seek God in Heaven if he wanted a "heavenly book". He prayed and prayed and prayed and afte
Rebekah Padilla
I really enjoyed this book it was the first bigger size book i've raed at first to me it seemed overwhelming since i don't read that much but i couldn't stop once i started. It was a very provking book that made me realize how well off i am here in the states and how him, the heavenly man, has it in China.

He endured threw so much for his beliefs. It made me wonder if i was put threw as much as he was if i could with stand all that and still keep my faith strong. It also helped me in thinking tho
From the publisher:

The dramatic autobiography of one of China's dedicated, courageous, and intensely persecuted house church leaders.
This is the gripping story of how God took a young, half-starved boy from a poor village in Henan province and placed him on the front line for Jesus, in the face of impossible odds. Instead of focusing on the many miracles or experiences of suffering, however, Yun prefers to focus on the character and beauty of Jesus. Interspersed with his personal account are co
In stark contrast to a lot of what I like to read, this book is in fact the true story of a real man who, to the best of my knowledge, is still very much alive today.

Brother Yun is a Chinese Christian, and this book tells the story of his Christian journey and the horrific treatment he has endured as he lives out his faith. It also brings glory to God through accounts of the amazing things he has done in Brother Yun's life, rescuing him from all manner of torture and imprisonment and sustaining
This is a great testimony of the life of Brother Yun, a Chinese Christian pastor and evangelist. I really enjoyed this book, because I felt that Yun was never being someone other than himself. He consistently spoke about his feelings as he felt them, and he interpreted his actions as he saw them. The authenticity of this book is what makes it exceptional, not the miraculous events that Yun describes. Yun's humility, charisma, and joy in the Lord shine through in this account so clearly. Brother ...more
I read the The Heavenly Man, an amazing story about a person named Brother Yun. He became a house church pastor and missionary to his own people at the age of 16. In the book, he travels around China and is always trying to keep away from the PSB officers (the Police Security Bureau). He preaches as he runs and hides. Having a Bible and being a Christian house church pastor is illegal there because they think you are working against the country. For a long time there were almost no Christians in ...more
Melissa Jill
Great true story of how God is working powerfully in China! It also really convicted me of how I'm more focused on building my Kingdom than God's. I also long for Heaven but instead of doing what I can now to impact eternity, I try to make my little corner of the world into my idea of Heaven - which largely consists of comfort and the lack of hardship and suffering. I praise God for Yun's testimony and his example of complete surrender to Christ!
I was gripped from page 1! This man is so intense and his stories are of biblical proportions. I loved learning about what's going on currently in China, was challenged and inspired in my own faith life, and was convicted by the perspective of a non-Western believer. It's style might be a little hard to read but well worth it!
Gabrielle Arrowsmith
Brother Yun is an indisputable example of a man who has dedicated every aspect of his life to serving the Lord. His story is miraculous and inspiring. The piece of advice by Yun that was my greatest take-away from the book is to pray not for a lighter load, but for a stronger back on which to carry it.
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Yun's book claims both extreme persecutions and miracles of deliverance similar to ones found in the Bible. Despite a life of poverty in China, he since has spoken to thousands internationally, possibly millions, with the gospel message. Seen as a rebel among some Chinese for not joining the 'official' government-controlled Christian organization (see: Three-Self Patriotic Movement), he was impris ...more
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