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Blockade Billy
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Blockade Billy

3.34 of 5 stars 3.34  ·  rating details  ·  10,951 ratings  ·  1,134 reviews
Even the most die-hard baseball fans don't know the true story of William “Blockade Billy” Blakely. He may have been the greatest player the game has ever seen, but today no one remembers his name. He was the first--and only--player to have his existence completely removed from the record books. Even his team is long forgotten, barely a footnote in the game's history.

Hardcover, 112 pages
Published 2010 by Cemetery Dance Publications
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I have many pleasures in life, but two that really make me smile are Stephen King and baseball. Now I’m not going to write this review in hopes of changing your mind about Stephen King—he is what he is. You may like him. You may not. For my own two cents, I think he is a wonderful storyteller. Sure, one could peruse his body of work and find numerous examples where he stunk up the place; but, and I am saying this not only as a King fan but also as a fan of literature, one could also find numerou ...more
Blockade Billy - 5 Stars

Huge baseball fan + Huge Stephen King fan = A killer of a baseball catcher and a horror of a story. Loved it!

Morality - 3 Stars

What would you do for $200,000 tax free? Check out what happens when Nora and Chad decide to fulfill an old man's evil last wish that turns their world upside down. Ok Bonus Story with an ending that left me unfulfilled.

(my 5 Star rating for the main event....Blockade Billy!)

Mauoijenn ~ *Mouthy Jenn* ~
I'm a softball fan more than a baseball fan, I wanted to get that out there first. I liked this book. I really liked the Granny character. Such a hoot!! A different kind of King book for sure.
Stefan Yates
Blockade Billy is a very solid and entertaining novella that fans of baseball and non-fans alike should enjoy. There is simply not much good baseball fiction available and this offering from King manages to fill a void that I simply didn't realize was there until I read it. Overall, the story gave me feelings of some of my favorite baseball movies such as Bull Durham and The Natural.

For those who aren't baseball fans though, this book still contains enough of King's wonderful characters and dial
I like baseball. Watching it. I don't follow or understand stats or anything, and I'm not "down with the lingo". I understand the basic concept of the game and am pretty good with the rules, but that's about the extent of it: I enjoy watching baseball games.

I know now that I do not like reading about baseball. I am familiar with the game, but even I had a hard time following all of the lingo and action. To Stephen King's credit, the parts I did understand were vivid and easy to see, as usual, b
So, if you read the back of this book, you get a pretty good sense of what you’re getting into. This is a collection of two long short stories, one the story of Blockade Billy, a catcher for a baseball team that has been OMG ERASED FROM HISTORY because he did an OMG HORRIBLE THING, which was so bad that even he was OMG ERASED FROM HISTORY. Not literally, so much as the history books just didn’t mention him, but dang if you don’t get this sense of dread reading the story, waiting to see what this ...more
Ruth Turner

(Collected in The Bazaar of Bad Dreams)

The finer points of American Baseball may have eluded me, but this is a damn good story nonetheless.
Blockade Billy:
Ok, now I hate being hard on Stephen King books, but this book confused me a bit. I am not a baseball person at all (any kind of sport really) and throughout alot of the story he is describing games. So much of that was over my head. I did love the conversational tone, as if Granny was telling the story to Uncle Stevie, and that did help a bit. Well, that's my only complaint there. Thought I was gonna trash it didn't ya? lol. I was pretty surprised by the twist and very much enjoy
Franco  Santos
No le tenía muy buenas expectativas a este libro, pero me terminó sorprendiendo.

Blockade Billy es un relato que lo podría haber disfrutado mucho más si me gustara el Baseball, sin embargo, me resultó entretenido y me cautivó con ese final. Me encantó la narrativa en primera persona, también.

Luego tenemos al segundo cuento, Moralidad. Es una buena historia, te atrapa desde el inicio. Me pareció un poco inverosímil, ya que, en mi opinión, es muy exagerado; no obstante, es muy interesante por ser
William "Blockade Billy" Blakely only played the Major League for a month or so, but he just might have been the greatest baseball player the game has ever had. So why haven't you heard of him? Sitcher self down, Constant Reader, and let ol' Stevie tell ya the story!

I'll admit, I haven't read much by King--The Stand, Dark Tower, Under the Dome, one or two others--so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I figured THE THING that got Blockade Billy erased from the record books would be something mor
Yolanda Sfetsos
It's no secret that I'm a Stephen King fan. After all, I have a copy of every book he's ever written--more than one format for some--and absolutely love the way he spins a tale. But I've fallen behind on my challenge to read 6 King Books this year. lol.

So, when hubby suggested I try this book, I shrugged and got started. I read the first 30 pages in one sitting, and was totally intrigued. Then, I found out there was another story included as well, which made me happier.

When you're as big a name as Stephen King, you could pretty much publish a grocery list and people would snap it up. But part of that is because he's earned the trust of his readers, so that when he decides to push the limits or do something different, readers will follow him and give whatever experiment he's trying a fair chance.

Those experiments have given us some enjoyable reads and some interesting entries in the Stephen King library.

"Blockade Billy" is another noble experiment by King. Rele
Desiree Koh
Once upon a time, I wanted to be a horror writer, because of Stephen King. "It" grabbed my heart, kept it warm, then squeezed it cold whenever it grew talons. "Carrie" just plain scared the living shit out of me. "Different Seasons" put short stories in a different light, then freaked me out when the light went out. And so on... there was a time I actually rented "Christine" on VHS and enjoyed it.

But now, I much prefer writing non-fiction, although a big part of that is because it pays the bills
Perfect little story to read as Spring Training is under way. I enjoyed reading with the only fault being it's too short. And Morality was a good one too.
Jay Jessmer
I'm going to try to keep this very simple...if you need a way to kill about an hour of time, grab hold of this Stephen King novella and prepare to be sucked in and mesmerized!! This is the fictionalized story of a phenom baseball rookie who captivates the sports world for one shining moment in 1957, but appears to be harboring a dark secret. the story is told through the voice of the teams' former 3rd base coach to Stephen King in a nursing home. The suspense builds rapidly, as we are told earl ...more
This was a nice treat. Two stories in one small volume that's easy to tote around. Not that you need to tote much, as it won't take long at all to finish it. But King almost always delivers, and he does so here once more.

"Blockade Billy" is a delightful little tale about baseball, told to Mr. King by an old baseball manager in a retirement home. It's about one player at least, and the events surrounding his playing career. King hits a home run here. There is a lot of baseball talk and game descr
Sam Quixote
Baseball fans or no, the best of the two short stories in this slim volume (a rarity with Stephen King) is without question "Morality". A young married couple is given the moral choice of going through with a nefarious deed for $200k by an elderly Priest. It smacks of Richard Matheson's story "Button, Button" (recently filmed as "The Box"), and is one of King's best stories in a while. It shows how a deed can change a person and how a secret can tear apart a marriage - moreover his characterisat ...more
Apr 25, 2010 Donald rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Baseball fans, Stephen King fans, Writers, Short story readers
Stephen has a way with words that comes (must come?) with ruthless self-editing.

Blockade Billy is a novella at best and should probably be considered a novelette. The size, coming after “Under the Dome”, is a bit of a let down. But it is appropriate. Particularly in it’s hard-bound state. And you do get a trading card...

The story is told from the perspective of the Titans third base coach, George Grantham aka. Granny, telling the whole thing to Mr. King. The first bit of advise he gives him is
When I saw Stephen King's author photo on the back of this book, I felt a hole somewhere inside of me fill up with love and joy (or something close to it). This man loves his baseball. Look at that photo and tell me you don't grin ear-to-ear. He's like a kid on Christmas morning, a kid in the candy store, a kid who just caught a home run hit by his favorite baseball player of all time. King is goofy-happy about his baseball. And while I might not care that much about the sport, I can appreciate ...more
This was another one of those random finds going round the local charity stores. I have been after this book for a while but being a limited availability hardback book which what is essentially two short stories parcelled as one - one 80 pages or so the other 50. As with me I won't do spoilers just to say that regardless of the content - the packaging or anything to me these are classic Stephen King short stories - the likes of which I have always enjoyed from the classics of Night Shift and ske ...more
Diego González
Hay gente que paga una cantidad, normalmente modesta, por abonarse a Real Madrid Televisión o la tele particular del equipo de sus amores. En esas emisoras en ocasiones se emite en riguroso directo el entrenamiento de los equipos a los que deben su existencia. Esas retransmisiones deben ser las únicas más aburridas que un partido de cricket. Y sin embargo hay quien paga por verlas desde su casa, y también por acudir al extrarradio mal comunicado donde los equipos suelen situar sus campos de entr ...more
Paul Cockeram
This short book delivers the title novella and a "bonus story" titled "Morality," both of which feature otherwise good or innocent-seeming people doing the wrong thing. But King's most noteworthy accomplishment in this mini-collection is the voice of the title novella's narrator. He is a crusty old baseballer steeped in the game's jargon, a living embodiment of the game's history. He is love of the game incarnate, and I suspect he is the reason my father handed this book off to me, saying only, ...more
The title story concerns a baseball wunderkind who has a DARK SECRET (of course). A workmanlike and competent tale, but not particularly gripping and so utterly drenched in baseball jargon and slang as to be nearly incomprehensible to someone who isn't a humungous fan (i.e., me). This might be why I did not find it gripping. Fortunately none of the baseball stuff actually matters to the story at all, though if you are a fan you'll love all the period sports detail. Disappointingly, the kid's sec ...more
Ik heb het boek 10 bladzijden in het tweede verhaal opgegeven...

Dat Stephen King een grote baseballfan is, is geen geheim. Maar waarom wil hij daar dan steeds maar opnieuw verhalen over schrijven? Die zijn stuk voor stuk stinklangweilig en ook de reden waarom dit boek in het Nederlands de titel van het eerste - veel kortere - verhaal gekregen heeft.

"Eenmalige zonde" was een vlot stukje literatuur over hoe een mens omgaat met zonde en was dit het enige verhaal geweest, het boek had zeker 3 sterre
Two great little stories, fun quick read, highly enjoyable.
Pamela Scott
Blockade Billy was 80 pages of Baseball nonsense. I’m not a sport fan. I looked very hard but couldn’t find the ‘suspense’ hinted at in the blurb. I must have blinked or picked my nose and missed it. Blockade Billy isn’t Blockade Billy. He’s a charming young sociopath who works for Billy’s family as a sort of handy-man. He plays baseball and so does Billy. He’s jealous because Billy’s better than him and decides to slaughter Billy and his whole family, assume his identity and take his place in t ...more
The new book recently released by Stephen King is actually two of his short stories put together. The book is only a 130 pages and surprised me with the easy way it read and the quick beginning to end rush unlike most of his books. He really showed me unlike his earlier collection of short stories Just After Sunset that he can swing along a short story just like any other.

The short that is the namesake of the book , Blockade Billy, was one of the best short stories I have ever read. Starting wi
Chad Bearden
Some of my favorite Stephen King stories are his shorter works. "The Body", "The Mist", "The Colorado Kid", and "The Long Walk" are all amazing pieces of literature and serve to remind that Stephen King can do the short story just as effectively as he can do long form. The prospect of him putting out a few short stories in lieu of a full collection or a new novel (which I'm sure is being worked on as I write) isn't one that bothers me a bit.

So the question for me isn't whether this volume is too
I am not a big aficionado of Stephen King's writing, but I picked this up from my library because it seemed like a quick read an it might be fun. This little novella is written as a first person oration of an elderly former Major League Baseball coach giving his recollection of an unusual rookie catcher by the name of William Blakely aka "Blockade Billy." What is the mystery surrounding this tough and talented young rookie phenom from Iowa?

What is the secret behind Blockade Billy Blakely? What
Joshua Palmatier
I saw this on the shelf, picked it up (because I'm a Stephen King fan), and read it in a day. This is not surprising. It's not Under the Dome in length, a mere 130 pages, including two short stories or novelettes called Blockade Billy and Morality. Neither of the two stories is what you'd consider a Stephen King story, in the sense that neither one relies on some kind of paranormal twist or monster. The monsters here are all human in nature, so the two stories are more along the lines of his fam ...more
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Stephen Edwin King was born the second son of Donald and Nellie Ruth Pillsbury King. After his father left them when Stephen was two, he and his older brother, David, were raised by his mother. Parts of his childhood were spent in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where his father's family was at the time, and in Stratford, Connecticut. When Stephen was eleven, his mother brought her children back to Durham, M ...more
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