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A mysterious outbreak of typhoid fever is sweeping New York.

Could the city’s future rest with its most unlikely scientist?

If Prudence Galewski is ever going to get out of Mrs. Browning’s esteemed School for Girls, she must demonstrate her refinement and charm by securing a job appropriate for a young lady. But Prudence isn’t like the other girls. She is fascinated by how

Hardcover, 293 pages
Published February 22nd 2011 by Atheneum Books for Young Readers
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This book really surprised me in that the name somehow led me to believe that it would be about something supernatural. However, when I realized I had a high-quality work of historical fiction on my hands, I was very pleased. It traces the actions of the group of people tasked with tracing the sources of an outbreak as seen through the eyes of a seventeen-year-old girl coming into her own (and writing about it in her diary). The details and language of the 1900s were so well-done that at times I...more
A behind-the-scenes look at Typhoid Mary told in epistolary form from the point of view of a teenage girl with a curious mind, Deadly was a swift, fascinating read that had me running from one cover to another. Despite the fact that the letters were mere snippets in Prudence's life, despite the fact that the world is viewed very narrowly through her eyes, I felt everything she felt. I could see her mother, her boss and the female doctor she idolized as clearly as Prudence did.

The voice, while se...more
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Small Review
Let me just start out by saying I am so disappointed with this book! (Can you hear my foot stomping in petulant frustration?) This was one of my most anticipated reads of 2011 and when I got an ARC I was beyond excited. And then, argh, I didn’t love it. How crappy is that feeling of book disappointment, right?

Ok, ok, you don’t want to hear me sob. I know you want to know why I was so disappointed. Here’s why, and most of it is my own fault. Part of the reason I enjoy historical fiction so much i...more
Every time I crack up a historical fiction novel I learn something new, which is why I love them so much. Occasionally the book is about a time period I’ve read about numerous times like Elizabethan England, but in the case of Deadly everything was fresh, new, and interesting. I knew next to nothing about “Typhoid Mary”, including that she was an actual person. She always seemed more like a symbol than an actual human being. Luckily, Deadly opened my eyes to this time in history and kept me enga...more
Prudence Galewski is nothing like the average sixteen-year-old girl living in New York City in 1906. Unlike most of her classmates Mrs. Browning's School for Girls, she's not interested in learning to be a housewife or to find a job that is proper for a young lady. Instead, Prudence is interested in learning about the human body and illness. So when she is offered a job at the Department of Health and Sanitation, Prudence eagerly accepts and leaves school to begin her new job.

At her new job, Pru...more
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Deadly was not how I expected it to be. First and foremost, I read it fast. In a day and a half – and I was in school in these days, reviewing for exams. Second, it was engrossing. The narrative of Prudence a curious mind seeking answers in a world full of questions, in a historical fiction like Deadly, I appreciated this. We always strive to know more, to discover and to have our questions answered.

Deadly follows the story of Prudence, a Jewish girl who lives in the US. The...more
Francisco Galvez
Deadly-Julie Chibbaro

Everyday people die from diseases and spread more each day. Many times it’s people who are innocent who just had bad luck from some person who spreads diseases. Deadly, by Julie Chibbaro tells the story of thousands of people, who get killed by an invisible killer called diseases, which kills innocent people.

This story takes place in New York and is about how Prudence, a 16-yearold scientist takes a job as an assistant in a laboratory in 1906 and the evidence in which a ha...more
C.C. Thomas
I didn't expect to like this book as much as I did, but I loved it! The reason? Because I fell in love with the main character, Prudence. She's my favorite kind of main character--plucky, curious, courageous, questioning, and hopeful. I also love her quest for knowledge. At a time when education for women was expensive, nearly impossible, and scholarly girls were on the path to old-maidhood, Prudence doesn't give up. She pushes the boundaries and lines so she can learn more and become smarter.

Lindsay (Everyday Is An Adventure)
Deadly is the tale of a Prudence, young girl living in New York in the early 1900s. While she sits in Ms. Browning's school learning how to become a lady, she daydreams about doing something more with her life than getting married and having babies. She practices as a midwife with her mother and learns that there is much more to being a human than meets the eye. It is these experiences that plant a seed in her to learn more about the sciences.

Prudence lands a job as an assistant to one of the ch...more
I am fascinated by anything I can read about early work in public disease. I'd like to think I would have been courageous enough to fight through the resistance to women working in the field of medicine in the late 1800's through the 1920's. This book is based on the true story of Mary Mallon, who was a cook working on Long Island during the early 1900's. She was a healthy woman, but carried a deadly secret: the typhoid disease. After sickening dozens of people she cooked for, the city tracked h...more
Kristi (The Story Siren)
This was a great historical novel about a disease and a person that I only thought I knew about. If I had to describe this novel with one word it would be interesting. And I don't mean that in a bad way.... I was fascinated by the way Prudence mind worked. I think to constantly question everything as she does would be absolutely exhausting... but at the same time I remember that curiosity that I once had myself. I remember my mom bought me a microscope and I spent hours looking at slides on that...more
The Little Bookworm
In the early 1900s the idea of a healthy carrier of a disease was unknown. But then an outbreak of typhoid became and became link to a cook. And thus was the beginning of Typhoid Mary. Told through the eyes of a teenage girl working for the Department of Sanitation, Deadly is the story of both Typhoid Mary and Prudence, who has dream of overcoming disease and death.

Before reading this, I had rudimentary knowledge of Typhoid Mary. It's sort of just an expression now, isn't it?...more
Prudence Galewski has long been interested in how death and disease happen--what make the human body fail. Although most girls are interested in marriage and family, Prudence doesn't want to settle down; she wants to use her brain to delve into the world of science. When she's offered a job taking notes for Mr. Soper, who works for the Department of Health and Sanitation, she's excited to have found an opportunity that lets her do just that. An outbreak of typhoid fever leads Mr. Soper and Prude...more
Kitty Bullard
Book Title: "Deadly"
Author: Julie Chibbaro
Published By: Antheneum Books For Young Readers
Age Recommended: 13 +
Reviewed By: Kitty Bullard
Raven Rating: 5

Review: I wouldn't call myself a history buff but I must say there have been many times over the course of my life that I have heard about 'Typhoid Mary' and the story about her. In the early to mid 1900's the spread of disease was the one thing that was prominent in the United States. With immigration at its prime and so many different people ent...more
Sophie Zapoli
This was a great inside look about Typhoid Mary,putting a story and humanity to the woman who became commonly known as a deadly killer, a devil, a cruel nickname for those spreading illness in the viewpoint of Prudence, a budding female scientist at a time when woman still had few jobs that didn't involve the home. I could easily associate with Prudence for being an independent young lady that wanted more than learning how to properly curtsy or embroider which made the story easier to picture me...more
Abby Johnson
Ever since her brother died of an infected wound, Prudence has been determined to further the medical sciences and save lives, but that's not easy when you're a 16-year-old girl in 1906 New York City. When she takes a secretarial job at the Department of Health and Sanitation, Prudence begins working with Mr. Soper, trying to track cases of typhoid and figure out how to stop the epidemic. All tracks seem to lead to one woman - Mary Mallon - but "Typhoid Mary" refuses to believe that she carries...more
Medical mysteries are intriguing, and this one, told through a series of letters and journal entries, has much to offer even though most of the mystery is solved during the first half of the book. Prudence Galewski, 16, leaves her vocational school in order to take a job working in the Department of Health and Sanitation on New York City. One of the first cases with which she is involved focuses on finding out the cause of an outbreak of typhus in the city. The author provides wonderful descript...more
Tara Chevrestt
Superb YA historical novel. It's narrated in the first person POV, like she is writing in a journal. The heroine is a young lady, Prudence, in NYC, 1906. Prudence has a fascination with death.. she wishes she could stop it. She has lost her brother and her father and watched countless women die in childbirth.

Her mother forces her to attend a school for future ladies type thing, but Prudence has bigger plans. She goes to work for the Department of Sanitation. First case: typhoid epidemic. What's...more
I really liked this book ... The book began with the author trying to fit a lot of information into the first few chapters .. This part I didn't like but I continued to read the book ... once you get past this (and it is not very far into the book) the book really is quite good. The author holds your interest and you just want to keep reading to find out what happens. I did not want the book to end and thought it left a lot of story lines hanging. However, the main part of the story was fascinat...more
Natalie C.
Honestly, I picked up this book thinking it was sci-fi because of the cool cover art and title, and at first was disappointed to find it was in reality a historical fiction book. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the writing style, and decided to read on. It wasn't what I usually read, so I understand it would be a lot better from other’s perspective, but I enjoyed it neverless. The main character, Prudence, was quite the logical thinker, and her thought trains were fun to read. I wasn't su...more
This historical fiction is about a teen girl who is inspired to become a doctor. She is hired in the fairly new dept of health and sanitation and works alongside someone from the dept to track the rash of Typhoid outbreak in NYC. The author tries to write about the typhoid epidemic and the tracking of "Typhoid Mary" in a suspenseful manner, but falls short because on top of the main story line are two other story lines fighting for center stage: a)Prudence's desire to become a doctor, and b)Prud...more
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The cover is defiantly misleading.

I was so scared to pick up this book because I thought it was going to be a murder mystery of some sort (I don't bother reading the back cover because sometimes it spoils the story). However, after receiving encouragement from a friend, I decided to read it.

It was not at all a murder mystery in the sense I was thinking of. Although it took me a while to find the time to read Deadly, and alth...more
*review being held until publication at author's request*
In 1906 New York girls like Prudence Galewski are brought up to either work for a living or marry well. Prudence's classmates at Miss Browning's School For Young Ladies are excited about their job placements in department stores or swooning over their latest beaux. Pru wants more than that. She wants to find out what causes death and stop it. She loves helping her mother, a midwife, but the job doesn't earn much money. Pru's father went missing during the Spanish-American War and while they wait...more
What an interesting book! The narration is told in diary entries written by Prudence Galewski, a young Jewish girl living in NYC. Prudence has always been fascinated by how the body works and what causes people to get sick, while others are able to stay healthy. She takes a job at the Department of Health and Sanitation and learns about germs and bacteria and how it spreads from person to person. To us, this might not seem so interesting, but in 1906, this was still a new concept that many peopl...more
Review originally posted on my blog:

My feelings for Deadly by Julie Chibarro are mixed. Seems like I’ve been reading a lot of books that have caused mixing feelings for me lately. Towards the end of last year I have started to really like Historical Fiction books. Deadly is another good YA Historical Fiction book to add to the bookshelf. Be aware that it was not a book that had me saying, “Oh I can’t stop thinking about this book and I need to read more o...more
Richie Partington
3 November 2010 DEADLY by Julie Chibbaro, Atheneum, February 2011, 304p., ISBN: 978-0-689-85738-6

"In pondering Mary Mallon's response, I think that Mr. Soper's accusation in front of her employer must've given her a great surprise and embarrassment. But I don't think we were wrong. We simply asked her for a test of her fluids. I'm beginning to see that people in the sciences often have to think in a different realm, somewhere beyond human emotions. They must hold their feelings in a dark cave de...more
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Julie Chibbaro is the author of Deadly (Simon & Schuster 2011), a medical mystery about the hunt for Typhoid Mary. Deadly won the 2011 National Jewish Book Award, and was Top 10 on the American Library Association's Amelia Bloomer Project list. Deadly was named Outstanding Science Trade Book by the National Science Teachers Association for 2012. The novel has received excellent reviews from su...more
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