Treacherous Alliance
Trita Parsi
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Treacherous Alliance

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In this era of superheated rhetoric and vitriolic exchanges between the leaders of Iran and Israel, the threat of nuclear violence looms. But the real roots of the enmity between the two nations mystify Washington policymakers, and no promising pathways to peace have emerged. This book traces the shifting relations among Israel, Iran, and the United States from 1948 to the

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Published October 28th 2008 by Yale University Press (first published October 1st 2007)
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Ahmad Al-Maaini
من الصعب جدًا تلخيص كتابٍ كهذا، أو استعراضه بصورةٍ تعطيه حقه. هي دراسة قيّمة جدًا أعدّها (تريتا بارسي) لنيل شهادة الدكتوراة تحت إشراف المفكر الكبير (فرنسيس فوكوياما)، ويستعرض فيها تحولات العلاقات بين كل من إيران وإسرائيل والولايات المتحدة منذ عهد الشاه وحتى وقتنا الحاضر.

الكتاب ثريّ جدًا بالمعلومات التاريخية والتحليلات السياسية الذكية جدًا، ومن يقرأ الكتاب سيتأكد أن السياسة لا تعترف بشيء غير المصالح، حتى وإن تشدقّت بأيديولوجيات دينية أو غيرها. وربما سيشعر القارئ ببعض القرف من عددٍ من الجهات العرب...more
كتاب مميز كتبه الايراني تريتا بارزي يتناول فيه تاريخ العلاقات بين مثلث أمريكا إسرائيل إيران، والتحولات السياسية ومستقبل العلاقات.
مثل علاقات إيران وإسرائيل
وفيه رفض اسرائيل اغتيال الخميني في زمن الشاه
وتودد اسرائيل لثورة الخميني
وزيارة أحمد كاشاني، النجل الأصغر لآية الله العظمى أبو القاسم كاشاني الذي لعب دوراً رئيسياً في تأميم صناعة النفط الإيرانية بزيارة إسرائيل ـ وعلى الأرجح أنه كان أول إيراني يقوم بذلك بعد الثورة ـ لمناقشة مبيعات الأسلحة والتعاون العسكري ضدّ البرنامج النووي العراقي
وكيف تعمل اي...more
Jeff Richards
“Three Whom God should not have created: Persians, Jews and Flies” Title of a book by Khairallah Tulfah, Saddam Husseins maternal uncle.
Unless you are seriously interested in the politics of the Persian Gulf, the relationship between Iran and Israel might seem straightforward: a long standing enmity between the two countries that threatens to spill over into war, even nuclear war. But that is far from the truth. First of all, if you don't know already, Iran is not an Arab country. Many Persians...more
I borrowed this book from the library, but it's so rich in history and detail that I'm going to buy it. Having it in my own library should come in handy to combat the lies and distortions emanating from the Republican Party. The book is unique because much of its material is based on interviews Parsi obtained with figures in the U.S., Israeli, and Iranian governments. It covers the period from when the Shah was in power in Iran to the year 2007, and it shows how even the pro-Western Shah attempt...more
Jan 25, 2009 Hajar is currently reading it  ·  review of another edition
حقائق مهمة من أفواههم يجب معرفتها للتاريخ و لتوعية أبنائنا
Mustafa Basree
Very good read. So informative, full with evidence and fairly unbiased.

Trita Parsi introduces the argument that Iran has a rational strategy that is/was consistent throughout the years of Shah, the revolution, and the current regime that it aspired domination and hegemony in the Middle East. That, in essence, collides with the very same aspiration of Israel, which fears the acquired, but before that the would-be, weaponization of any country - in the region - that contests Israel over the hegem...more
Mohammed Saad
الكتاب ضرورى للمهتمين بإيران عامة والعلاقات الثلاثيةبين (إيران-الكيان الصهيونى-امريكا)خاصة ،ذكر الكاتب انه التقى عشرات المسؤلين والمحللين السياسيين من الدول الثلاث ، يحكى عن العلاقات بداية من قيام الكيان الصهيونى وكيف كانت العلاقات قوية خلال فترة الشاة بالرغم من عدم وجود علاقات رسمية معترف بها خلال فترة الخمسينات والستينات..خلال حرب 73 اعلن الشاة وقوفه على الحياد فرفض مثلا منع النفط عن اسرائيل ،وبالرغم من تقديم دعم مادى للجبهتين المصرية والسورية ! ، وبعد الحرب كان من الذين يقفون وراء نجاح عملية...more
Understanding the Iran-Israel-U.S. triad

This is an exceptional look inside a diplomatic house of mirrors: the ongoing evolution of relationships among Iran, Israel and the U.S., and where their motives, rhetoric, realpolitik and military power converge. Trita Parsi’s sophisticated analysis of this complex, high-stakes, long-standing triad presents many surprises, perhaps even to those who think they know the inner workings of the Middle East and U.S. diplomacy. Parsi offers an advanced understan...more
There is a ton of information in this book. Although some of it is quite dubious, some of it was new and illuminating (many of the sources are from undocumented personal interviews about third parties). The author is partially an Iranian propagandist. Moreover, he has a huge personal issue with the state of Israel. Although its annoying to continuously read his attacks on Israel throughout the book, it becomes extremely problematic because his knowledge and understanding about Israel is insuffic...more
Corey Rowe
i love this guy but this book gets really confusing. not his fault though-the conspiracies and alliances between everyone involved are beyond your imagination and nothing you ever hear of. you will need to take notes as you read-maybe even a chart-unless you are super smart, or just smarter than me:) really good stuff in light of us/iran relations...really really really good. and if you didn't know that everything in m.e. politics revolves around israel/palestine, whether because of true concern...more
Tariq A
كتاب مهم ومفيد سيجعلك تفهم طبيعة التطلعات الإيرانية والإسرائيلية في المنطقة. استنادا إلى حوادث تاريخية ومفاوضات كثيرة تُظهر تطلعات الطرفين وآمالهم وصراعاتهم واتفاقاتهم.
قرأت الكتاب بناء على نصيحة الدكتور عبدالله النفيسي، المحلل السياسي الكويتي المعروف، ولم أندم على ذلك. هي دراسة خطيرة تنبئُنا بصعوبة قيادة الشرق الأوسط مستقبلا إن حقق أحد الطرفين ما يأمل
مايظهر من خلال هذا الكتاب أن الحكومة الإيرانية -مثل كل الحكومات العربية- حكومة باراغماتية تلبس رداء الدين لتحقيق غايات سياسية، لذا فهي لا تمتنع عن...more
Pam Rasmussen
This book is sometimes dissatisfying in that it focuses very narrowly on the relationship between Iran, Israel and the United States, and thus certain more complex subjects are lacking in the broader context needed to understand them. However, it is enlightening nonetheless, clearly making the point that despite our governments' focus on Iran's anti-semitic rhetoric, other forces (mainly geopolitical) are responsible for our own belligerent behavior. In the past, all of the parties have put rhet...more
Fascinating, if too academic account, of the Iran-Israel-US triangle. Things are not what they seem. Both Israel and the US did business with Khomeini, and later Israel managed to scuttle a rapprochement between the US and Iran.

Although the régime in Iran is currently acting quite brutally, a strategic understanding with the US, which might well also reduce pressure on Israel, is possible.

I'd like it if more footnotes referenced sources other than newspapers, and if the geopolitical analysis wer...more
All foreign service officers and students of international affairs should read this. It is said that the Persians invented chess and I am not surprised. The writer has unique access to many of the players from the 79 Revolution through the 2003 post-OIF Arab conference. This book is filled with primary sources and interviews. I was extremely impressed and although not primarily a student of Middle-East politics, I feel all current affairs books should be this well-written and researched.
Jack Lohbeck
great analysis of a complex situation

A rich book that you should give it a read here are some quotes from the book:

A key pillar of Iranian revolutionary government’s foreign policy was “rhetorical
opposition to Israel but practical collaboration . . .with the Jewish State.

A majority of senior Israeli
officials, including Yitzhak Rabin, continued to believe that Iran was a
“natural ally” of Israel

Serving Patriot
Before your blindly accept whatever you are told about Iran and Israel in the U.S. mainstream media, read this book!! Most of us are history starved and shoveled so much fluff for news that we forget when and why Israel and Iran were silent allies, when and why they turned against each other, and how that change affects them today. Parsi did a great job with this book!

Sara Mohamed
يكشف حقائق التحالف الثلاثي "ايران واسرائيل وامريكا"
تخطيطات سرية لتقسيم الثروات والاراضي فيما بينهم تحت غطاء الكره والبغض !
الكتاب صادم بالنسبة لي عندما قرأته أول مرة كنت جاهلة في السياسة وهذا ماجعلني اتفاجئ بما فيه !!
Rich in detail and perspective that newspaper stories don't give you. Also quite timely with the potential reset of US-Iran relationship.
Ali Basuliman
if 20 % of what is written in the book is true , I am very impressed with writer for revealing it .
Good analysis of the geopolitical struggle for supremacy in the Middle East.
Sulaiman marked it as to-read
Jul 18, 2014
Sara Nasah
Sara Nasah marked it as to-read
Jul 20, 2014
Sara Nasah
Sara Nasah marked it as to-read
Jul 15, 2014
Jack marked it as to-read
Jul 14, 2014
Vanessa Woo
Vanessa Woo marked it as to-read
Jul 13, 2014
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Trita Parsi (Persian: تریتا پارسی‎) is the founder and current president of the National Iranian American Council, and author of Treacherous Alliance and A Single Roll of the Dice.

Born in Iran to a Zoroastrian family, Parsi moved with his family to Sweden at the age of 4 to escape the political repression in Iran. His father was an outspoken academic who was jailed under the reign of the Shah and...more
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A Single Roll of the Dice: Obama's Diplomacy with Iran Media, Power, and Politics in the Digital Age: The 2009 Presidential Election Uprising in Iran

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