Branded (Fall of Angels, #1)
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Branded (Fall of Angels #1)

3.73 of 5 stars 3.73  ·  rating details  ·  8,442 ratings  ·  708 reviews
Jessica's had the nightmares for as long as she can remember. Nightmares of being judged for people who have died, of being branded by the angels. Her friends and family think she's a crazy because of it all. Yet she carries the mark of the condemned, seared into the back of her neck, and hides it and herself away from the world.

But when two men she can't ignore enter her...more
Paperback, 374 pages
Published March 4th 2010 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (first published January 3rd 2010)
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review by Megsly

*Warning: possible spoilers ahead.*

Branded follows 20-year old Jessica Bailey, who is a teenage run away who never sleeps. She can usually reach almost 100 hours with no sleep before her body starts caving in on her. The reason she doesn't sleep is because she has night terrors, extreme night terrors. In her dreams, she finds herself locked in a room, awaiting trial. An angel she calls Adam, with gray eyes (which is apparently indicative of whether or not they are fallen or not?...more
The Good:
Branded has a very interesting premise: angels are not the glorified beings they're hyped as. Instead, they are the cause for the main character's torment. Neat.
The story line is decent as well. It kept me guessing until the end. It's not all that predictable (except for the romance bit) and the author keeps some semblance of suspense up until the very end.

The Bad:
For one thing, the ending seems very rushed. Taylor manages to cram the entire resolution of the story into pretty much a pa...more
Shelly Crane
First off, let me say I devoured the first two books in two days time. I was wary to start it. I mean bad angels didn't sound awesome to me but I gave it a shot and was not dissapointed.
The characters were not annoying as I find they are in alot of fantasy novels. They were relateable and caring towards one another. Their relationship was sweet and believable, no patronizing. I'm not turned on by female roles who are whiny and selfish. And the male roles are usually so arrogant b...more
Jessica Bailey is tormented. Every time she falls asleep, her nightmare begins. The first chapter got me into reading the book. It was different. It started where most books end… on judgment.

However, after a couple of chapters, the story goes downhill. FAST. The author tends to overelaborate on everything, leaving nothing to the imagination. There are a few pages full of just descriptions of surroundings, and feelings. I gets boring fast when every detail is explained and explored.

The book fee...more
Keary Taylor
Jul 30, 2010 Keary Taylor rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  (Review from the author)
Well, I had to give my own work 5 stars right?... Keep an eye out for Forsaken, the second book in the Fall of Angels, coming this fall!
Elle Beauregard
The story and the characters definitely kept me reading.

I purchased this book on a whim--I love to read the work of local authors and jumped at the chance to help support a local up-and-coming when I saw this book at a bookstore near my office, in Seattle. I read every day on my way to and from work on public transit, and sometimes, while reading this book, I'd almost forget where I was! Once, I almost missed my stop!

The story is compelling, the scenery and set-building very full without dragg...more
J. Lynne


Initially I was really into this book. I loved Jessica's character. The premise intrigued me. The writing was decent. Then Alex happened.

I did not like Alex, at all. He was too chipper. Too eager. At least, he is in the beginning. He and Jessica fall in together way too quickly for my piece of mind. I mean, Jessica hasn't known him a day and already she's okay with him walking in on her in the shower. Not only that, but he thinks its okay to invad...more
First of all: negative stars, a shelf created especially for this book, because it left such a bad taste in my mouth that the only stars I can possibly give are those below zero.

As you might have guessed, Branded made me angry, and therefore it will be impossible to review this without spoilers. However, many of the plot is so obvious and unoriginal that the spoilers aren't that substantial. Also, some explicit language will be used, because sometimes there is just no better way to express your...more
So I did enjoy the story in this book, but I am not sure I liked how it was executed. The idea was fantastic and very original. I am not sure if this was the writer's first book, but the flow of the book was off. There was so much build up and not enough character development to fill the pages. While I liked there characters in the book okay...I didn't feel like I knew enough about them to love them. There was so much room to get you emotionally involved with the characters but since you didn't...more
This book frustrated me. So much.

The principle was FANTASTIC. I loved the trial of angels; I loved that she was sucked into the dreams; all of that, I loved.

But once you look outside of that - even to the rest of the plot - it just didn't seem as well thought out as it could have been. Her family is brought up multiple times, but they don't really have any connection with the plot. Alex is your typical sexy, understanding, practically-no-flaws-besides-being-human main character. Jessica was a fl...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Dava Stewart
This book is based on a really interesting idea, and after the first chapter or two I was set to like it a lot. Alas, it foundered. The main character is a tortured individual whose life is steeped in the supernatural - not exactly the kind of character you would imagine would be interested in shopping at the mall or painting her toenails. The idea gave the author a great opportunity to explore some deep, philosophical questions about religion and humanity, but she shied away from it. There was...more
I'd like to give this more than 2 stars, but I can't see it when I compare this book to some of the other "angel" books I've read.

Basic premise is that Jessica has been haunted by terrible nightmares since a young age. Her nightmares are really more than that, however. In them she stands trial before a panel of angels on the behalf of others, and upon their decision, she suffers the pain of these souls' ascension or worse, damnation. Oh, and she wakes up with proof of it. Enter Alex, the perfec...more
Crystal Starr Light
Bullet Review:

DNF at 18% and Chapter 6.

This one is truly a shame that I must quit it because it REALLY has a fascinating premise. Jessica goes to sleep, but in her "dreams", she's a soul on judgment in front of a tribunal of 5 evil angels and 5 good angels.

Fascinating, right? Well, it would be without all the boring day-to-day activities and the mooning over Alex's FANTASTIC ABS. Gorrammit, I get it, women are fully entitled to be sexually attracted to a guy purely based on his physical qualitie...more
I started Branded with high hopes - it seemed like an interesting premise and I was happy at the prospect of reading some YA with slightly older characters.

I get a few pages in and already it is setting itself up for a stereotype, complete with pretty-but-kind-of-weird female character plus wealthy-male-model-with-not-much-personality and a healthy dose of insta-love. I was ready to forgive Keary Taylor for this because there was still this mystery over Jessica's dreams and I was intrigued.

Missy LaRae
The premise of this book was really exciting. I loved the beginning when Jessica is counting, I love little quirks like that in characters because it makes them seem so much more interesting. But as soon as the "love interest" is introduced this little idiosyncrasy of hers is gone. No more counting, not even telling us how many hours she'd been awake. I dislike when an author gives a character a quirk but abruptly stops it and no longer continues to use it to further the character development. H...more
Kate Givans

In Branded by Keary Taylor, Jessica is forced to stand trial for those that have died while she sleeps. In most cases, their fate is eternal damnation and Jessica is branded with the sign of the condemned. Her family and friends believe she is crazy, and eventually, she leaves everyone she knows and loves for a life of solitude. She avoids her dreams at all costs. She avoids people at all costs. But fate has something different in mind; love.

Alex is the grandson of the home she caretakes...more
Novels On The Run

I shall start by saying, why has no publisher picked this book up yet???!!!! I was looking around Smashwords trying to find myself some reads and I came across 'Branded' , so glad I did:D

What a refreshingly original story. I would have read it in one sitting if I hadn't been sitting at my computer on my not so comfy chair. Started last night, finished short while ago.

There are in my personal opinion a few little things that need to be tweaked in this book, but once
Branded is the story of Jessica Bailey, a 20 year old who isn't exactly what you'd call normal. Ever since she was little girl, Jessica has been plagued by nightmares where she stands on trial for judgement - never as herself, but always for someone else be they male or female. Except these aren't just nightmares. The people whose names she takes on trial really have died; on the back of her neck is the branded X of the condemned, and her back shows the outlines of wings. After years of living b...more

Jessica has been tortured with horrifying nightmares ever since she was a little girl. Nightmares of being judged and standing trial for those that have died, in front of a council of Angels. 5 Condemned angels with black eyes, and 5 exalted angels with blue eyes.
Up meant exaltation and never ending bliss, while Down meant a branding and never ending torment. On the back of her neck she wears the branding of the condemned reminding her that not all nightmares stay hidden in the shadows of a dre
Penelope Fletcher
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Goodreads Synopsis: Jessica's had the nightmares for as long as she can remember. Nightmares of being judged for people who have died, of being branded by the angels. Her friends and family think she's a crazy because of it all. Yet she carries the mark of the condemned, seared into the back of her neck, and hides it and herself away from the world.
But when two men she can't ignore enter her life everything changes, including the nightmares. The two of them couldn't be more different. She will d...more
Free on amazon right now...

It had potential...lacking something. I skimmed a lot.
The BookWhisperer
First and foremost, this is one impressive book. Was enthralled by the book description alone. The storyline of this book is unlike anything else that I have read. Keary Taylor creates an unique and terrifying image of Angels that will intrigue all readers. The emotional rollercoaster that plays throughout this novel is one of a kind. Talent is evident in the ability to portray intense emotion without making the story seem cheesy or unrealistic. I am impressed by the ability of this young author...more
Jessica Bailey is plagued with vivid dreams of condemned and exalted angels as she stands trials for people who have died. She has had the nightmares since she was a little girl and has had the unimaginable fear of angels of all kinds. Her fear comes from her dreams as she hears their distant manical laughter whenever she so much as lays an eye or is around statues of cherubs or stone angels. But then things start to change as Alex and Cole come into her life. Alex gives Jessica a sense of safet...more
Maureen Hoar
This is a fantastic series! It is very original, frightening and captivating! I love stories with angels in them, wether good or bad. This is a story of survival, love and loyalty! The life this poor girl (Jessica) leads is only a half life. She never wants to fall asleep and will do anything to stay awake. When she does fall asleep she is carried away to the judgement of someone who has passed and she takes the branding for them. She is scarred physically and emotionaly from this experience. Sh...more
Branded (Fall of Angels, #1) is the story of Jessica, a young woman estranged from her parents, who suffers from excruciating night terrors that have all but taken over her life. Jessica doesn’t sleep. Well, she tries her best not to, but after several days she does succumb to sleep, only to be met with the same nightmares she has had her entire life—nightmares of the trials of souls.

In the nightmares, Jessica waits in a cell for the angel who never speaks. Hooded, she is led to walk the gauntl...more
Eleni ( La Femme Readers )
Branded: Fall of Angels was a thrilling and unique novel. The refreshing quality in the storyline surpassed any Angel stereotype I've read so far. Jessica, the main character, was an empowering, strong-willed figure who had high tolerance for difficult situations. Every night she dreamed about vengeful angels who decided her fate on wrongful crimes. The punishment for her "crimes" were either to brand and condemn her to hell or send her above. The whole visualization of the trial was creepy and...more
I had heard some great things about Branded since it was released, so I picked it up on ebook. I was sad to say that while I enjoyed the enticing plotline, overall, Branded was not a favorite for me.

I think it really came down to instant love in not only one but two situations. There are two boys who almost instantly fall in love with Jessica. There was no development before and afterwards I felt like the relationships between them didn't develop at a pace that I would have liked. I wanted more...more
I was going between 2 and 3 stars, but 2 star, "It was okay", it is.

I enjoyed this more than I wanted to, but too many things irritated me. This book was free, also, on Amazon, so I don't feel as let down by it.

The Bad:
•Repetitive sentences. Sometimes in the same paragraph. It seemed Taylor (author) wanted to get across an idea, but forgot she said it the same way just 2 seconds ago. Happened often.
•"Oh, look! This thing just happened! How strange!!! I bet this isn't important, I will brush it o...more
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Keary Taylor grew up along the foothills of the Rocky Mountains where she started creating imaginary worlds and daring characters who always fell in love. She now resides on a tiny island in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and their two young children. She continues to have an overactive imagination that frequently keeps her up at night. She is the author of THE EDEN TRILOGY, the FALL OF AN...more
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“I rested my chin on my shoulder, not quite fully looking at his face. "They don't disgust you?" I whispered, my voice shaking.
He rested one hand on my other shoulder and the other on my arm and leaned forward, gently pressing his lips into the center of my brand.
"Nothing about you could disgust me," he whispered against my neck.”
“Some people shouldn’t be allowed to make promises.” 2 likes
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