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Every Little Thing in the World
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Every Little Thing in the World

3.65  ·  Rating Details ·  818 Ratings  ·  147 Reviews
When sixteen-year-old Sydney Biggs’s pregnancy test shows the telltale plus sign, she confides in only her best friend Natalia, and Natalia promptly “borrows” her mother’s car so Sydney can confront the baby’s father. But after the car is reported stolen and police bring the girls home, their parents send them away to wilderness camp as punishment. With six weeks to spend ...more
ebook, 288 pages
Published March 23rd 2010 by Atheneum Books for Young Readers
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Apr 20, 2010 Laura rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I would like to first say that Nina De Gramont can receive my humble apology whenever she would like.

When I first saw the cover and heard the jacket blip of this book, I instantly made fun of it. All I could think of was, “ANOTHER pregnancy story AND she is going to wilderness camp, OH COME ON!.” I think I can literally count on all my fingers and toes how many times I picked up this book and laughed, however Gramont got the better of me. After reading some of the reviews of Every Little Thing
Morgan F
Originally, I wasn't too interested in this book. From the plot description, it looked pretty cliched.

This book is about 16 year old Sydney Biggs. After getting into some trouble, Sydney's parents send her off on a six-week canoeing trip for the summer in the Canadian wilderness. Sydney's best friend, the rich and beautiful Natalia, is also going, but Sydney isn't all too happy about that, because with Natalia there, Sydney must constantly face an awful truth: she is pregnant. Over the course o
-k The Lady Critic
Jul 17, 2010 -k The Lady Critic rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: books-i-own
Ok, I loved this book and I’m not just saying that because it was sent to me. No, it was just so completely raw and real; I can completely see this happening in real life. But at the same time I hated it with a passion because of some of the things that happen. Really, this book pissed me off to no end.

First, I’m completely pro-choice – it’s your body, do with it as you will – and I would never even think of counselling someone on this since I’ve never experienced it, which is why Natalia annoy
Steph Su
Apr 16, 2010 Steph Su rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
With freshness and immediacy, Nina de Gramont takes us deep within the complex mind of a pregnant teenager in the absolutely incredible EVERY LITTLE THING IN THE WORLD. But this is more than just a book about teen pregnancy: it’s also a lovingly detailed celebration and dissection of all different types of human interactions and relationships.

It’s been a while since I’ve read a YA book that gives such insight into human and teenage nature. Sydney’s voice never feels forced, despite the astonishi
Oct 06, 2011 Heidi rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
terrible. this book took me weeks to slog through. i kept waiting for something, ANYTHING, redeeming to to happen to any of these selfish, naive, ridiculous, irresponsible characters. there was no "lightbulb" moment for any of them. nothing learned. the ongoing battle of whether sydney should or should not get an abortion was preposterous. she lists all the stupid things that she had done as a 16 year old that she knew better than to do but failed to acknowledge that because she is a child, maki ...more
I ordered this to fulfill the Young Adult Book Club's 17th quarterly challenge, although teen pregnancy books are seldom my thing. But I had a pretty good feeling about this story. I shouldn't have had it - that gut feeling. The main character, her best friend, all the boys AND her parents are completely unlikable in my opinion. 83 pages and some skimming through the rest provided no joy or satisfaction at all. That said I need to stress that my rating does not have anything to do with the outco ...more
Jul 03, 2010 Barbara rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
I didn't know it when I started it but this book was 'Young Adult'. Once I finished it I couldn't believe it was for 14 years and up. I know I am an old woman and a prude but really - 14 year old girls need to read about sex, pregancy, sex, sex, drugs, abortions and more sex? And did it all have to be made to look attractive and inviting? Whatever happened to Anne of Green Gables and Little House on the Prairie? OK - so now you all know I am an old woman and a prude!
Oct 25, 2009 Lauren rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: own
I know this may sound strange, but I love reading books that contain teen pregnancy. Some people say this topic is overdone and partially clichéd, but in my opinion each story presented the author takes the topic and turns it into a story that's all its own. Further more, this is exactly what happens with Every Little Thing In The World.

Every Little Thing in the World is an emotional, enlightening, and fast paced tale of one girl's choice between what's right and wrong when it comes to her preg
Finally, a young adult book that *doesn't* vilify abortion! Thank you, Nina de Gramont. And, to be honest, this one single factor easily could've been the thing that made me love this book. But thankfully the book had a *lot* going for it. Nina de Gramont is quite a good storyteller and even though there were plenty of moments where I felt very frustrated with Sydney, the narrator, in the end I did think that she epitomized a what life can be like for somewhat sheltered, middle class teenage gir ...more
Uh oh, poor 16-year-old Sydney got herself knocked up...What is she going to do??? Why, dodge making a decision by going on a summer wilderness expedition, of course! Yes, this is another teen pregnancy dilemma novel with plenty of corniness, but I enjoyed the Canadian summer canoe adventure. There was even a bit of compelling substance and imagery here and there tucked between the various cliches and stereotypes, so as far as chick-lit goes, this ain't so bad. I'm sure there are plenty of young ...more
Rebecca McNutt
I liked this book, it has many different characters and themes, but it wasn't a very original story and some of the characters were really immature and annoying.
Hermela Tefera
Dec 23, 2015 Hermela Tefera rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Every Little Thing in the World by Nina de Gramont was an amazing and well written book that I thoroughly enjoyed. This book was about a rebellious teen who learns many life lessons throughout the book. The main character Sydney is pregnant and is not ready for the responsibilities to come. She overcomes many personal conflicts and she learns that she must live in the present not in the fear of tomorrow. Sydney also learns that she must take action in the situations she faced. I really enjoyed t ...more
Stephanie A.
Every single character in this book was unlikable except the dog and maybe the stepmother. I may have physically punched it after reading the ending.
Emily Benoit

This overall, was a good book. But in a way, I couldn't stand it. Sydney, in the beginning, drove me INSANE.

I'm not someone who believes in abortion, although I used to think it wasn't a big deal. Quite frankly, I didn't care. But not now. Now there's just something about when I think of it, it feels totally and completely wrong. Dont have sex, if your not ready for a baby.

Sydney seemed so self-centered, and I wanted to throw the book at the wall half the
Amanda Munoz
"Every Little Thing In The World" was very difficult to read. Although Sydney is described as a "good kid," she is anything but a good role model for teens like myself. She and her friends have no qualms about drinking, partying, and "borrowing cars," but maybe that's the point. This made it laborious for my to sympathize with her concerns.

The actual writing of the book is very good. Nina de Gramont has a wonderful grasp of the English language and stylistically parts of the book are very beaut
Diana Dang
May 30, 2010 Diana Dang rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Sydney has a problem. She's pregnant.

Being pregnant at sixteen years is definitely not ideal, but what can Sydney do? She knows she will not marry the baby's father because that is unrealistic and it will not work out. Keeping it quiet from her parents, she is unsure what to do in this situation. Her father sends her up north to Canada so she can join a canoeing camp that will help her learn something new and be away from the technological world today.

Surrounded by Canadian wilderness, Sydney in
Sydney is 16 and pregnant. She gets in trouble with her mom the night she decides to tell the father of the baby (she's not close to him & she never does tell him - my first issue). Sydney's mom is frustrated with her & sends her to her dad without Sydney telling her about the pregnancy. Dad sends her on a wilderness adventure so that hopefully she will get focused. Sydney doesn't tell him either. The only person who she tells is her best friend Natalia, who shortly after the book begins ...more
Jun 08, 2011 Sarah rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
The book was extreamly weird and i dont think i recomend it for anyone. There isnt really a point to it except some girl gets caught at a keg party with her best friend who is from sweden i think and then she finds out shes pregnant and her parents are divorced and her dad is a hippy that has the same ideas as sr amina with fast food and stuff so the main girl moves with her weird hippy dad then he sends her away so she tells her best friend that shes being sent away to canada for a kanoo trip t ...more
Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Breanna F. for

Sydney Biggs is sixteen and somewhat of a rebel. After she and her best friend, Natalia, sneak out to a party one night, her mother ships her off to her father for the summer so that he can deal with her. Her father then tells Sydney that he is sending her off to a wilderness camp for a month.

The only problem is that Sydney is pregnant, and she needs to decide whether she wants an abortion or not within a very short period of time.

She plans to not think
Apr 19, 2010 Caroline rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
I thought this was a really great book. I really liked the characters in this book. Although they were pretty typical--the pretty boy celebrity, the hot best friend, the badass, and even the main character who was the pretty average girl, they all had another side to them that went beyond their stereotypes.

As for the plot of the book, I did not know what to expect for Sydney's decision. There were times when she thought she would keep it, and there were times when she thought she would abort it
Sep 23, 2010 Additeenlibrarian rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: fiction
I thought this would be a book about the unfortunate pregnant high school girl and maybe her lame boyfriend and her best friend. But, whoa, this book blew me away! First of all, de Gramont is a beautiful writer, really skilled with using language. Second, the plot and cast of characters are so interesting and fully realized. De Gramont avoids easy stereotypes and creates real human beings. (Well, not exactly, you know what I mean.) Third, the action is unpredictable -- so refreshing in a YA nove ...more
Sep 30, 2015 Claudia rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: own
*Warning: spoilers*

This book for me was a very easy read, and that’s saying something considering I haven’t read a book from cover to cover in a long time. The narrator exuded a realness that added to her likeability, I appreciated how at times she had more flaws than strengths. The guilty thoughts that Sydney had towards her baby made the self-righteous part of me protest, such as when she jumped off a cliff, “I realised at just the right moment that if I flattened my body – let myself fall bel
Jennifer Bagazin
Feb 12, 2014 Jennifer Bagazin rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: done
This book turned out to be a heart-warming read that I didn't expect that I would get attached to. The story was about making choices, and God knows how big the decision Sydney had to make for herself. This book made me rethink a lot about our current religious values and made me rethink about my pro-life decision.

I've had a lot of opinions going through my mind while reading. For one, I couldn't exactly be objective on the prospect of abortion. Having been raised in a Catholic environment, I ha
Jul 29, 2015 Erin rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
What a terribly sad and depressing book. What does it say about our society when a teenage girl is more shocked by hearing a violent criminal called the n word than at the thought of murdering her own baby? Also, I really didn't buy the characters' shock and horror at hearing this word. What modern teenagers haven't heard that word screamed at them countless times during rap "songs"? Are we really to believe that hearing it from the mouth of a wigger is more shocking than all the times it has be ...more
Wendee Vezzetti
Jul 28, 2014 Wendee Vezzetti rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: schl-5200
16-year-old Sydney finds out that she became pregnant through a casual encounter with a boy from a neighboring town. After getting caught with her best friend for "stealing" her friend's mother's car, Sydney's parents send her to a wilderness canoeing camp, along with Natalia's parents. Here, she befriends several of the other campers and counselors. Additionally, her best friend finds out at the camp that her older sister is actually her mother, which adds complexity to Sydney's situati
Lina (Every Book a World)
*4.5 stars

All right, I'll admit it. I've been eyeing this book for years, but I've bypassed it every time. Why? I figured that it would be your average teenage pregnancy story, and I thought I knew how it would end.I didn't care to read a book that I feel as if I've read many times before.

I was wrong, as usual.

I started reading this book on a whim, and I just couldn't put it down.As soon as the story opens, Sydney has already discovered she is pregnant, and the rest of the book details her journ
What I'd like to Remember -> I really enjoyed the main character's personal growth. Sydney went from being an annoying, argumentative teenager to a young adult with a lot of potential and interesting character traits. I also dug the plot line; it was a pretty awesome summer for adventurous teenagers - to go canoeing for a whole month with very little adult supervision. The interplay of the very different personalities of the kids on the trip was pretty cool too, especially with Brendan and Mi ...more
Jan 14, 2014 Caitlin rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
Warning: This review contains cursing and facts from the book that may be perceived as spoilers.

Fuck this book.

It's about a slutty party girl masquerading as a good girl who apparently would rather raw-dog a random than get on birth control or, you know, not screw the douchebag.

And, seriously, must she fuck everyone she comes in contact with? And since when is it okay for you to demonize your best friend for not being morally capable of condoning or helping you get an abortion? Syd screws random
Jun 07, 2014 Julia rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
I'm very familiar with Nina's work seeing as I actually had her as a professor during college. I even did an in depth look at Gossip of the Starlings in one of my English classes. I think I enjoyed this book more than Gossip. I don't know if it was because I was finally able to distance myself from knowing the person who wrote it and just enjoying the story or if it's because I just really liked the story.

To me it's the perfect summer book to read and makes me very envious of Sydney's adventuro
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