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Uglies (Uglies #1)

3.87 of 5 stars 3.87  ·  rating details  ·  343,018 ratings  ·  17,740 reviews
Tally Youngblood is quickly approaching her 16th birthday and the mandatory pretty-making surgery that accompanies it. But Tally isn’t sure if she wants to be a placidly happy Pretty. When a top secret organization threatens her with remaining Ugly forever, she reluctantly spies on the rebels who have refused the surgery. They think it changes more than just looks and are ...more
Audiobook, 13 pages
Published April 8th 2008 by Recorded Books (first published 2005)
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Brittany Quarters Take the coaster straight past the gap,
Until you find one that's long and flat.
Cold is the sea and watch for breaks,
At the second make the worst…more
Take the coaster straight past the gap,
Until you find one that's long and flat.
Cold is the sea and watch for breaks,
At the second make the worst mistake.
Four days later take the side you despise,
And look in the flowers for fire-bug eyes.
Once they're found, enjoy the flight,
Then wait on the bald head until it's light.

I copied this off of Yahoo or something. :)(less)
Edith Bernabe This book was amazing. If you liked this book, read the others. I suggest you read Touched by Corrine Jackson.
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Jul 26, 2009 Sparrow rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Read Graceling instead!
I need to never run into Scott Westerfeld down a dark alley, or during a Civil War reenactment, or at Charlton Heston's house, or wherever. My deep desire not to be arrested for murder would have an epic battle with my need to reach for a weapon when I see his stupid face. In all fairness, as you see, I coughed up three stars for this book, so I will clarify that my empty threatening is really directed toward Pretties and Specials (books two and three in this series). I'm posting this review on ...more
So my wife and I occasionally swap books which may seem a little kooky. However, you have to keep things spicy when you’ve been married as long as we have and since nipple showers with hot candle wax make me break out into shouts of “FUCKARELLA THAT HURTS” we needed some alternative sizzle. So she hooks me up with this little philly of a novel while I matched her with The Lies of Locke Lamora.

Well…my wife loved the book I set her up with….as I knew she would because it is all over awesome. Of c
Emma (Miss Print)
I’ve only seen one episode of The Twilight Zone. In this episode, a woman undergoes a battery of surgeries to look normal. At the end of the episode, viewers learn that this latest surgery has failed: the woman is still hideous. Except that to the audience she is beautiful. Online research led me to another episode where teenagers are surgically altered to live longer and conform to a unified standard of beauty (based on a limited number of acceptable “models”). “Uglies,” Scott Westerfeld’s dyst ...more
Shannon (Giraffe Days)
Three hundred years after an apocalyptic-sized disaster that reshaped the world, Tally is about to turn 16 and pretty. In her contained, isolated, self-sufficient city - just like all the other contained, isolated, self-sufficient cities - the operation to make her pretty will be intensive, extreme and, as far as she and everyone else alive is concerned, absolutely worth it. Once she's pretty, she'll go to live across the river in New Pretty Town and party the nights away, loved by all.

It's a sh
Cécilia L.
EDIT : One thing I forgot. I'm even more angered at this book when I think about the trees that gave their lives for this so-called piece of literature. May they rest in peace.

Nope, couldn’t finish it. Sigh. I thought I was going to like this one. It started off fine and all. And then everything fell apart. Yes, that dramatic.

Am I the only one who was deeply offended by this piece of crap ? This book is wrong, wrong, wrong.

The writing itself isn’t particularly… well, isn’t anything really. But t
I remember my initial disappointment when Scott Westerfeld switched from adult sf to YA fiction. How could he do this to me? I liked his books, but I don't wanna read a dopey YA novel!

I'd read in an interview that it was mostly a financial decision--the YA market has exploded, and that's where the money is right now. How can you fault a guy for trying to make a living?

As a junior high Language Arts teacher, it's impossible not to notice that Westerfeld's first YA series has done extremely well.
Do you know that feeling, when you really want to punch a character in the face? Well, Tally Youngblood, you must be grateful that I can't see your face.

Now I should stop the rant... the book itself was a quick read, but I don't get the hype. Enjoyable, yes. Good, not that much. I'm not really sure if I'll ever finish this series. Maybe one day if I'm actually bored.
I go a little crazy if I read more than one Margaret Atwood novel a year. I hope I'm not alone in this. I get the feeling that Atwood's sharp, but her writing is filed to a finer edge. I realized a while ago that one book per year was enough.

I have a similar reaction to Stephen King, though I'm not sure why. I really loved The Stand, but when it was over I knew that I wasn't going to read another of his works for a while.

At first, I thought this meant that I didn't like Stephen King and Margaret
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
May 11, 2009 Thomas rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Thomas by: Read it in 2008; read it again in school
"Uglies" is about Tally Youngblood, who is about to turn sixteen, much to her liking. This is a futuristic novel, and when you turn sixteen you get an operation to make you "pretty". What being pretty means is that you have all your bones taken and ground, your skin re-sized and your whole entire body is basically re-done. Like a huge surgery. The thing is, during her wait to turn sixteen (Tally was the youngest in her group of friends) she meets a girl named Shay, who doesn't want to get the op ...more
After finishing 425 pages that I couldn't put down, I'm finding myself needing to buy the next in the series as soon as possible. No wonder editors are getting copy-cat novels similar to this from aspiring writers.

Uglies tells the story of a post-apocalyptic dystopia where everyone gets a surgery at age 16 to make them "pretty" with a perfect body, perfect face, and diminished personality. This surgery is supposed to prevent people from having an unfair advantage in the workplace because of the
Feb 24, 2009 Amanda rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Amanda by: From Coventry's "take my books" party
I'd heard of this book before, but I didn't realize it was futuristic. The story line is one you've all heard before--in the future, everyone is forced into some nutso plastic surgery which makes you gorgeous, and of course, the post ops spend all day living it up and having a grand ol' time because they're brainwashed and beautiful. It sounds kinda like an ok life, but there are some folks who are like, "Hellz no, you ain't cuttin' me, beyotch!" So these folks have to become renegades, and that ...more
Aj the Ravenous Reader
Seeing this book always popping up every time I searched for best YA novels, I knew I just HAD to read this. I've been actually saving this trilogy for a special reading occasion because I am really into dystopians and discovering this series was written even before the Hunger Games, I expected that I will be more than impressed. Sad to say, the book did not meet my expectation. Sure, the concept is cute- every one at the age of 16 gets operated on to become pretty while every body else is consi ...more
Okay, so this book was really good! I want to finish Throne of Glass before I move on to Pretties, but I really liked this book! The first and last lines of this book were just.... interesting? My favorite character was Shay, she was so awesome! I hope everything ends up working out for her in the end. Maddy was also pretty awesome. For a woman who is like fifty, she is pretty athletic and awesome! David was a good character, especially when he explained the Rusties. Oh, the Rusties. Tally's vie ...more
Amelia, the pragmatic idealist
All in all, I was VERY impressed with Uglies. Westerfeld is now one of my favorite writers, not only for his immense creativity but also for his ability to blend the JUST RIGHT amount of action, description, and dialogue. This may sound like a weird comparison, but Scott Westerfeld reminds me of a gourmet chef: he knows how to measure out and mix together the right concoction of ingredients in order to make a delicious product!
It made reading Uglies a fun and smooth experience. Let's face it, it
Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!*
I love this series! Although a little strange, these books are original, exciting, and enjoyable. After reading Uglies, I went on to read every single book by Scott Westerfeld that I could find. Now he is one of my favorite authors, and I recommend everything that he's written.
*2.5 STARS*

Plot: .5
Uglies follows Tally Youngblood, an Ugly living in Uglyville, waiting for her turn to go under the knife and become a Pretty when she turns 16. About a month before her birthday, Tally meets Shay, who is hesitant to become pretty. Tally is left questioning everything she’s ever known about her life and the world she lives in.
I felt like I would have enjoyed this so much more if I read this 5 years ago. This was one of the first young adult dystopian novels out there and I fee
Bayangkan sebuah dunia di mana semua penghuninya bersosok indah. Wajah dan tubuh dalam proporsi sempurna sesuai perhitungan matematis. Kuat dan halus tanpa luka. Tidak ada perang, tidak ada perselisihan karena semua orang sama. Tidak ada penebangan hutan, tidak ada perburuan binatang, tidak ada penambangan minyak untuk bahan bakar. Yang ada hanya daur ulang, tenaga matahari, dan daging dari kedelai. Singkatnya, dunia yang melepaskan diri dari alam bebas. Alam terlalu liar, terlalu sulit dikendal ...more
The one where everyone has extensive plastic surgery when they turn sixteen, changing them from study-and-prank-obsessed Uglies into party-obsessed Pretties.

Better than The Secret Hour -- the speculative elements are a lot less perfunctory here -- but it still feels like Science Fiction Lite to me.

You'll notice that when reviewers describe the book, what they describe is the premise -- the Uglies and the Pretties. That's because it's the most interesting thing in the book; you're certainly no

I got this book over a year ago, I received it for Christmas 2011, and had specifically asked for it because I had heard such great hype around it. I tried picking it up around the Christmas period and only got a few pages in and giving up because I was just not in the mood. A couple of days ago though, I have no idea why, I just felt it. Something from above said "You feel like reading Uglies!" And boy, was it just what I neede
Tally and Peris have been best friends since before Tally can remember. Now that Peris is sixteen, Tally won’t see him again for another couple of months. In Tally’s world when you turn sixteen you get to be made pretty.

Tally lives in Uglyville and everyone that lives there is ugly. It isn’t until your sixteen birthday that you undergo the operation that will turn you into a Pretty. Tally can’t wait to be turned pretty for her thin lips to be lusciously full and her eyes to be beautifully spaced
Almost a month later... I finally finished it. About time.

Like someone else reviewed, this isn't the sort of book you go to when you want to read something brilliant. It is a beach read, something light and fluffy after you've tackled War and Peace. Maybe not even then.

The plot starts off extremely slow, then moves on too quickly. The romance - quick and unbelievable (reminds me slightly of Bella and Edward - there's absolutely no basis for it and they dive right in).

Eventually, the plot does
Jul 17, 2013 Clackamas rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Middle-schoolers
Recommended to Clackamas by: Battle of the Books
Okay... I struggled with rating this book because for me it didn't do much. It was really slow in the middle and I had trouble believing the main character's change of values. It was abrupt and was not presented in a believable manner. For me, it was more of a two than a four. But then I'm not the book's target audience.

My eleven year-old son read it after me and loved it. Even though the main character was a girl ("ew, Mom"), he got the point that the author was trying to make that beauty is o
This book, although not as good as some YA I've recently read (Unwind and Hunger Games, for instance) is still worth reading. The story is fast moving and message conveyed is positive. Characters are a little flat and ending seemed somewhat forced, but I am ready for the next installment nevertheless.
Julie Kagawa
Heard awesome things about this book. Must get around to reading it.
I love a good young adult novel about dystopian futures, and Uglies is undoubtedly my favorite so far. Set hundreds of years after Americans finally self-destruct at the hands of foreign oil dependency, Scott Westerfeld's future seems, at first glance, a neo-liberal paradise. All energy is clean and renewable, all materials instantly recyclable; all citizens are vegetarians, appalled that their ancestors ever wasted acres of South American farmland on raising cattle. There is no war, no hunger, ...more
Nov 18, 2007 Caryn rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: fans of 1984 and Brave New World
Uglies is the high school english teacher's answer to prayer when they try and assign 1984 to their tenth-graders and get all those complaints from parents about the "crap" their kids have to read in school.

It's 1984 or Brave New World without all the really offensive stuff.

Consequently, it's a little bit watered down, message-wise. But it's also fantastically detailed. Scott Westerfeld definitely thought this one out, what with the hoverboards (not quite like Back to the Future), space food, an
Mar 20, 2013 Sans rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Insomniacs without access to Lunesta. Or vodka.
Recommended to Sans by: book club
A rip off of Twilight Zone episode 137, "Number 12 Looks Just Like You", with about 300 pages of filler. Raised the standard questions of how we view ourselves in context with the world around us, what impact appearance has on daily life, and the decay of the individual within society. While there was potential to take a new slant on this tired message, the two dimensional constructs left me cold. I’m annoyed that I wasted several hours of my life that I can never get back.
Tamara AlKurdi
New idea, brilliant writing, a recommending book for everyone in love with dystopian reads.
My review has to come with a caveat-- I did not finish this book.

What happened? Well, I got about half way through, significantly discouraged by that point, and decided to skim ahead, see if it was worth reading more. I wasn't very impressed and put it down with the hopes I might return to it later. Now the library has come knocking for me to return it and I still don't want to read further, so I think I'm just giving up.

I had heard and read great things about this book and its premise, a dysto
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Scott Westerfeld is a New York Times bestselling author of YA. He was born in the Texas and now lives in Sydney and New York City. In 2001, Westerfeld married fellow author Justine Larbalestier.

He is best know for the Uglies and Leviathan series, and his next book, Afterworlds, comes out September 23, 2014.

His book Evolution's Darling was a New York Times Notable Book, and won a Special Citation f
More about Scott Westerfeld...

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