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YOU: Having a Baby: The Owner's Manual to a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy
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YOU: Having a Baby: The Owner's Manual to a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy

3.65 of 5 stars 3.65  ·  rating details  ·  514 ratings  ·  88 reviews
America's favorite doctors Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz cover pregnancy from conception to birth.

Few life experiences feature emotional swings as extreme as those of pregnancy—it’s a monumental mix of both intense excitement and skip-a-beat anxiety. How do you respond to such a situation? If you’re like most, you scour websites, read books, br
Paperback, 464 pages
Published December 28th 2010 by Scribner (first published November 9th 2009)
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For the remaining 700 or so Facebook friends that don't realize I'm pregnant - I'm pregnant and due in April!
That being said, I discovered early that if one goes down the rabbit hole of 4 million blogs, websites, mommyblogs of dubious distinction or ...horrors... that "What to Expect" crap, you're going to lose a lot of sleep worrying that perhaps that tablespoon of ranch dressing could have touched a molecule of GMO enhanced soybeans, thus throttling down your baby's IQ for life. This is my fi
This was a strange book in that it wavered between too technical and too silly, two attributes you don't generally find in the same book. There are pages upon pages of scientific stuff about pregnancy hormones, epigenetics, health concerns, etc., without much applicable information. But then the book is filled with these strange cartoonish drawings featuring your organs saying (apparently) clever and witty things.

The authors said they didn't want to do a week-by-week pregnancy book because so ma
I read at least eight pregnancy books when we became pregnant with our first child last April. Out of all of them, this was in my top three. If you're a visual learner, like me, the drawings in this book will help a lot with understanding what's happening with your baby. The information provided is really informative, and quite different, in some ways, from what you'd get with, say, What to Expect When You're Expecting. They talk a lot about epigenetics (how the way your pregnancy goes can affec ...more
Ashley Katsuyama
This is definitely the most medically relevant pregnancy book I've read thus far. It's nice to feel like someone is giving you information that is on the cutting edge of medical research. I felt it fell a little short in giving the reader an actual idea of how to implement much of the information though. For instance, it talks about how you can turn certain genes on and off, but then it just vaguely mentions avoiding things like alcohol and tobacco. So even though the information is new, the act ...more
My favorite thing about You: Having a Baby is the pregnant exercise routine included in the back. I tried to use it once or twice a week for most of my pregnancy. I would give the workout five stars.

I was irritated with the rest of the book because of the cartoony (and unclear) diagrams and goofy language. It seems to provide a pretty good overview of pregnancy issues and information, but I didn't like the delivery of their message. If you want pregnancy information that includes some of the lat
Abeer mohammed
كتاب بطل لكل حامل .. تكلم فيه عن كل النواحي اللي تخص الحوامل ابتداء من اتخاذ قرار الحمل حتى الولاده واختيار الطبيب المناسب .. حبيت فيه الرسومات التوضيحيه اللي وضحت لي شغلات كثيره كانت مو مفهومه بالنسبه لي ... كثير من عاداتي الغذائيه غيرتها واستبدلتها بعد ماقريت هذا الكتاب الرهيب .. الكتاب لدكتور اوز ودكتور رويزن .. انصح به بشده ...more
This book had lots of interesting tidbits but I would not buy it for an all in one reference book. It's too disorganized and all over the place. It tended to give lots of scientific facts, which was fun, but the week by week growth during pregnancy, for example, was like only 2-3 pages and very un-detailed. Also, the tone of the book was a little too Bill Nuy The Science Guy for me.
Well, not ME, per se, but I still wanted to learn a few things. This audiobook was relatively short, clocking in at about five and a half hours. It did come with a companion PDF, which will add some extra content. Since I am still in the research phase of this process, I can't really say whether the information here is accurate or not, though I trust that it is at least reasonably so. The attempts at humor are kind of forced, but it doesn't come up all that often, and it doesn't distract too muc ...more
Lots of very helpful information in this book! I only wish I had gotten a hard copy instead of a book on CD because now if I want to refer back to something, I don't really know what disc it was on. It didn't take long to get through this book so I guess I could always go back and listen to it again. I appreciated that when they were talking about nutrition they included vegetarian and soy options since that is how I prefer to get my protein and calcium. One thing that I thought was kind of stra ...more
Although the writing style is really silly and at times irritating, there is a lot of useful information in this book. I also appreciate that it talks about things to avoid and watch out for during pregnancy without being alarmist and making it sound like an unnatural thing.

This would be useful to reference again during pregnancy for the exercise routine and recipe ideas at the back of the book.
Although this book does get a little "Dr. Oz"ey, I still found it an enjoyable change from the dry or worse still, corny prenatal books. Where the awesome humour comes in, is the drawings and diagrams.

Exhibit A, In a view of the pregnant belly, she is depicted as wearing hot pants (and further more, they are labelled as being hot pink and lime green). Funny, right?

Exhibit B, In a different diagram of the inner workings of a pregnant belly, the perineum is labelled...wait for the taint. K
Katie Christian
Hmmm... a book on pregnancy and childbirth written by 2 male doctors. This is one topic that I'm understandably sexist about. For the most part this book was pretty good. I like Dr. Oz and I think he's generally pretty entertaining and well-spoken. The book held my interest longer than some of the other 'pure reference' style, insanely boring pregnancy books. It may have just triggered my hormones, but I think the section on preferred positions for intimacy during pregnancy probably should've be ...more
This is a helpful and informative guide to pregnancy. Rather than going month-by-month, the authors cover pregnancy by topic. This book has more medical facts than the average pregnancy manual, which I found helpful. The authors explain the reasons behind various symptoms.
I like this book because it veers from the other pregnancy books I read that give you a laundry list of pregnancy "side effects" and what the baby is doing for each month of the pregnancy. It offers some useful information in an entertaining way. Of course, I wouldn't only read this one because those other books are pertinent as well.

And in response to the reviews that say the book makes you feel guilty for not being super healthy already during pregnancy and the baby is "doomed".... Any book ab
Ermalisa Jackson
I have to admit the geek in me really enjoyed this book. Understanding the science makes it more of a miracle...for me anyway. I also find it easier to accept what is happening to my body (fun or not) when I truly understand WHY it is happening.
I got this book as a gift when my friend John found out I was pregnant. Since it was an audio book, I popped it in my cd player in the car and listened to it on the way to and from work. At first, it was really annoying because the authors claimed to have this whole new discovery regarding pregnancy, and then went on to give just about all of the same information as all the other books/websites I have come across. However, it did end up having some interesting tidbits of information. I'll share ...more
Cory Mathews
One of the best pregnancy books. It does not overly scare you with the "everything will go wrong and here is how" like some other books have. Full of lots of useful information. Glad I read it.
Well, it was my first baby book so I don't have much to compare. I didn't learn that much but I thought it was a good introduction. The biggest takeaway? I upped my dosage for DHA.
This is probably my least favorite pregnancy book so far. I found it in the clearance bin at Kroger for $3 and was so excited but once I started reading it, I was pretty disappointed. It's disorganized and all over the place and I just didn't really find it helpful. I did enjoy some the the illustrations in the book, but that was about it. No complaints based on what I paid for it I guess, and I've since seen this version in bargain bins at even more stores.
Pretty good at explaining the "science" and medical explanations of pregnancy. Some of it was redundant while other parts were fascinating.
I found this book to be extremely disorganized.
I LOVED it! The book was very well written for the average old OR young female preparing or already in progress of having a baby. It was funny and light hearted, as well as being very education about what is happening with your body. I really enjoyed the "comic" strips to show the "humor" of what is happening inside. I also like how it gave tips at the end of each section and had tips for men as well. I was impressed with all the side notes and the flow of the book all together. I will definatle ...more
I'm having a hard time finishing this one it's like a modern day Dr. Oz version of the what to expect when your expecting. I'm burnt out on baby books right now, less than 3 months to go and reading is my last priority nesting mode! lol
Update: I'm 36 weeks and have not picked it back up. Just not my cup of tea and kinda old news if you have done any reading about pregnancy. He does offer an updated view and more self care and a planning calendar insert in the book. I will admit this book is not
Seems like everything on the web is a regurgitation of the same material. I was looking for something *else* to read during those long weeks of pregnancy. (I've miscarried twice, so it's like getting to only read the first 1/3 of a book over and over.) This book has presented new information (epigenetics) in an entertaining fashion. Just what I needed to fill the days waiting until the next pregnancy...

Well, months later still no baby. Jinxed myself. LOL.
Angie crosby
All this book did was scare me. I only read a bit of it, and then skimmed parts of the rest.

It says basically that I control how my child turns out, even as he is in the womb, by my actions, what I eat, my emotions. All it did was scare me.

Yes I suffer from anxiety disorders, yes I have ptsd, yes I don't eat 10o% healthy all the time, that does NOT mean I am harming my child. This book left me with the thought I am harming him.
I'm really not giving this book a fair rating because I wasn't able to read the entire book. It seemed very technical and there was a lot of science. Which is great, but it just couldn't keep my focus.

I think this might be a book I would rather buy and have to reference to rather than checking out from the library. If I can find it cheap somewhere I might do that, otherwise I don't think I'll pick it up again.
There is a lot of information in this book. I read most of it but skipped a few things that were too graphic for me. A few things bothered me like how they said if you get the flu while you are pregnant your child will have a low IQ.

Also they spent less time focusing on what you feel month to month and more on how the chromosomes react at conception and how whatever the mother does during pregnancy effects the child.
Bobbie Greene
The information in this book was presented in a way that made it very easy to read. However, the whole time I was flipping through it, I felt like I had already heard the same thing (often written in the exact same syntax) somewhere else. That being said, this would be a great book for someone who is brand new to all of this information. Along with the traditional What to Expect books, I would include this one.
This was actually helpful. But also terrifying. It did provide me with questions and answers that I didn't know I had.

There is a ton of info on every aspect of the pre, pregnancy and post process that will come in handy.

I do recommend that moms and moms to be read this. It even comes with handy exercises and even a few healthy recipes.

The included graphics and YOU tips are an added bonus.
Leah Darrow
A really great comprehensive book, though it might make you slightly paranoid about everything you ingest and/or let touch your skin. The writing style is slightly condescending at times (like a bazillion different jokes about craving anchovy ice cream, etc), but it has a lot of good information and addresses almost any question you could have about pregnancy, delivery, and breastfeeding.
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