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The Frog Prince Continued
Jon Scieszka
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The Frog Prince Continued (Live Oak Readalong Series)

4.15 of 5 stars 4.15  ·  rating details  ·  3,462 ratings  ·  243 reviews
In this hilarious sequel to the popular fairy tale, the prince is tired of being human and sets out to find a witch who can turn him back into a frog. Irreverently comical, this entertaining readalong offers amusement for all ages.
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Published January 1st 2004 by Live Oak Media (NY) (first published January 1st 1991)
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Frog Prince

“The Frog Prince Continued” is another addition to Jon Scieska’s fractured fairy tales collection and is a hilarious story about marriage problems. Jon Scieska’s witty writing delightfully expresses the Frog Prince’s dilemma about being a human and changing back into a frog and Steve Johnson’s dark illustrations makes this story a classic dark comedy.

“The Frog Prince Continued” is full of dark humor and lively characters as they depict the Frog Prince’s attempts at turning back into a frog afte
Unhappy in his marriage, the former frog goes in search of a witch to return him to his amphibious state.

The illustrations are full of clever and humorous details; my favorite is the Nasty Spells remote control.
(Re done to correct my massive spelling errors.)
And they lived happily ever after... The End?
Really, is that what all these books tell you as a child?
Say it ain't so. The princess hates the fact the the prince
keeps sticking his tongue out!
He hates the fact she won't go down to the pond anymore.
He hops on the furniture: it drives her crazy,
He doesn't want to slay anything, like a normal prince
so he continus to annoy her.
She has had it up to her crown finding lily pads in his pockets,
And wishes
The witches are great characters in this book. A fun book to show kids that not all stories that appear to have happy endings actually do. It would be fun to have kids guess which fairy tales the author is referring to while progressing throughout the story and talk about what happened in each.
Peyton Jay
I thought that this was a funny continuation of the classic story of the frog prince. This definitely had me laughing throughout. I loved how the author uses different descriptions of what you would assume a frog did, and made the prince still have those qualities, even though he is no longer a frog. This is just showing the great imagination of Jon Scieszka. He did a great job at showing a humorous way for children to think differently of the great fairy tale. Really loved the creativity and wo ...more
All is not well in the land of fairy tales – the Frog Prince and his Princess are not living happily ever after! In fact, after a nasty fit by the princess, the Frog Prince decided that maybe it would be better if he were still a frog. He ran off to the forest to look for a witch to place a spell on him and return him to his froggy state. On the way, he meets, but is not helped by, various fairy tale witches – the ones from Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Hansel and Gretel; he even meets the fa ...more
Sarah Sammis
While waiting in the library for my children to find books I spotted a copy of The Frog Prince, Continued by Jon Scieszka sitting on the table. I decided to read the picture book while I waited.

The book as the title implies, is a sequel to the Frog Prince story. The Frog Prince story seems to be coming back in popularity, although by publish date, Scieszka's book is about a decade ahead of the curve.

Here the frog is a human prince, married to a human princess. She nags. They aren't living in the
Delightfully flippant dialogue and dark, stylized illustrations laced with familiar, fun-to-find details take us on a hilarious journey through the forest of fairy tales in this quest for missing marital bliss.

You can listen in on our chat about this book on our Just One More Book! Children's Book Podcast.

Listen to our chat with author Jon Scieszka on

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Oct 31, 2013 Dolly rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: parents reading with their children
Shelves: 2013, childrens, humor
At the end of a fairy tale, do the characters truly live happily ever after? Jon Scieszka thinks not.

This is an entertaining take on what happens after the end of the classic fairy tale, The Frog Prince by Jacob Grimm. The narrative has a snarky humor and the ending was a pleasant surprise. The illustrations are nicely detailed and complement the story nicely.

We really enjoyed reading this book together, which is not much of a surprise since we love Jon Scieszka's tales. We will certainly look
This story is meant to continue the well known tale of the frog prince, so as you can image it has a bit of a modern twist. The Frog Prince thinks his life would be happier if he were a frog again but after many bad encounters with witches and fairies from other fairy tales he realizes what a happy life he had after all. The Frog Prince knows his own and other fairytale stories as well as, presumably, his audience know the classic fairytales. The illustrations are a bit gloomy and some of the wi ...more
May 25, 2012 Relyn rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: teachers, parents, kids
Recommended to Relyn by: Sloane Lawson
Shelves: lawsonland
I can't believe I'd never actually read this book. I've seen it a hundred times and I love fairy tales. Sloane and I were at the library the other day and they had new face-out displays. Of course I took home a pile of storybooks to explore for pleasure and for mini-lesson ideas for next year. Even then I didn't grab this one. Sloane brought it home and I sure am glad she did. HOW FUN!! Plus, I love the fantastic surprise ending.

Lesson Connection
I want to use this one next year during my fairy
The traditional fairy tale of the Frog Prince is very familiar: a frog comes along and convinces a princess that he is actually a prince, but has a spell put on him. In order to change back, she needs to kiss him, and eventually she does, and he turns into a prince. This is the story of what happens afterwards. The Frog Prince and the Princess find out that they do not actually get along and “happily ever after” is a little more difficult than the end of a story makes it sound. The Frog Prince s ...more
Diana Garcia
I loved how this book turned out. It takes a lot for me to get into fairytales after reading them over and over but this was a change of story. It teaches children that not everything is as good as it seemed. All the fairytales have a happy ending but this one had real emotion behind it. It portrays the fact that we sometimes don't like things about people but at the end of the day they still are people we love. I liked how it made reference to the other fairytale classics as well. I thought it ...more
Crystal Allen
Nov 05, 2007 Crystal Allen rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Everyone who loves a fairytale with a twist, A great book to give to husbands or newlyweds.
I love all of Jon Scieszka's picture books. This one is no exception. Just as the title says this is the tale of the Frog Prince after the "They Lived Happily Ever After. The End" happens. As in all marriages nothing is as "fairy tale" as it seems on the surface. But when the frog prince goes out to explore what else is out there he realizes that he is never going to get anyone better than his wife. A great book to give to every husband!
Drew Graham
The princess kisses the frog, he turns back into a prince, and they live happily ever after, right? Not necessarily so! The prince and the princess are living ever after, but are anything but happy after a little time married. The prince is having a hard time giving up his froggy ways and they're starting to be bothered by each other's quirks and occasionally annoyed by the other's very presence. The prince decides to go on a journey to find a witch willing to turn him back into a frog, but it w ...more
Katie Carson
I think this just might be my first five!
I love this book! I love the realistic conflict with having married life not seem so "happily ever after" after all. I love the play on all of the different fairy tales put together. I love using it to encourage students to write their own versions of their favorite traditional stories. In the end, I love the message that it offers it's readers.
I love the idea of The Frog Prince Continued by Jon Scieszka! I really enjoyed that it was a continuation of the classic fairy tale and the fact that it was like a fairy tale inside another fairy tale. I thought it was sad that it was not actually a happy every after, but I enjoyed the fact that the frog prince eventually realized the best of what he had. The fact that someone loved him. I cute it was a really cute twist to a well-known story, but I do wish it had more to it. I liked how the wit ...more
Ever wonder what happens to fairy tale characters after their happily ever after? The Frog Prince and his Princess get completely bored with each other and are not happy in the slightest. The Frog Prince decides that he needs to become a frog again to be completely happy. He goes through the woods to find a witch to turn him back into a frog. Unfortunately, he comes across evil witches from other fairy tales who do not wish him well. Knowing the stories those witches belong to, the Frog Prince r ...more
Maya Watts
This is the story after the story of the princess and the frog. They were supposed to live happily ever after but they were not. They always upset each other. In order to fix it, the price tries to find a witch to turn him into a frog again. Throughout his search he runs into witches that try and out him into different fairy tales. In the end, true love prevails and the princess and the frog are reunited. They both turn in to frogs and live happily ever after.
This story challenges the idea that
Phally Pech
The Frog Prince, Continued is another fracture fairytale by Jon Scieszka.The book tells the story of a frog who was turned into a prince, from the kiss of a princess. The prince now faces a dilemma of wanting to turn back into a frog.

I really enjoyed reading The Frog Prince, Continued. The story was cleverly written, as it includes other fairly tales within the story. I really enjoyed the plot, as I follow the prince into an adventure that made him realize what he really wanted. The illustratio
A postmodern take on what happened to the frog prince and his princess after happily ever after. Things aren't as happy as they should be for this married couple and when things keep seeming to get worse, the prince decides to go on a hunt to find a witch to turn him back into a frog. After unsuccessfully seeking the help of a few different wishes the prince realizes that he knows what he has to do if he truly wants to be happy.

Steve Johnson's dark yet detailed paintings bring a new modern look
Funny story, and fitting, humorous illustrations :-D
So...what really did happen after the princess kissed the frog and he turned back into a prince? Well, you won't believe it, but he was oh-so-unhappy. He wanted to be a frog again. He searched high and low for a witch to turn him back. But, once he gets his wish, he wishes he were a prince again (oh! just make up your mind, already!).

The Frog Prince, Continued is full of humor and wishing. Ah...haven't we all been there? The grass is always greener on the other side (of the frog pond).
American Library Association Notable Book Award (ALAN) 1992

The Frog Prince and the Princess are supposed to live, “happily ever after.” That isn’t the case in this clever twist on the traditional fairy tale. Jon Scieska writes a story describing life after the prince and princess run off together. Unlike a fairy tale, the prince and princess are not happy together at all. The princess is annoyed with the prince’s froggy habbits like hopping on the couch and sneaking off to the pond. The prince
Jessica Rawden
So, I read The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales when I was a kid, and I was always amazed by the drawings, but also the humor in the stories. Jon Scieszka has done it again with The Frog Prince, Continued, a story that answers the question, "What happens to the couple after the Prince has returned into human form?" Are they happy? Does everything work out? This book is hilarious. And it's clever hilarity, never crass or inappropriate. Most stories, even in adult movies, focus on ...more
Farhan Rahman
Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess who had a golden ball. One day, while playing in the garden, the ball fell into a pond. She was very upset and did not know what to do. While she sat there crying helplessly, a frog hopped out of the pond and asked, “Why are you crying, little princess?” She told him about her golden ball. The ugly frog said, “I can help you get your ball but what will you give me in return?” “I will give you anything you want!” promised the princess. The frog i ...more
Veronica Diaz
Main Characters: Frog Prince & Princess
Setting: Castle/Woods
POV: Narrator
Grade Level: K-2
Reading Level: Fountas-Pinnell - K
Genre: Traditional Literature

In the traditional story of the frog prince and the princess who kissed him, the frog turns into a human prince and they live happily ever after. Nobody ever really talked about what happened to the princess and the frog prince after the “happily ever after.” So that is where this story begins. As it turns out, the frog prince and the princes
Lauren Edgar
This book is a fractured fairly tale of "The Frog Prince," it continues the story and shows that not all fairy tales end happily ever after. I really do enjoy that this book shows children the reality of fairy tales, it shows them that not EVERYTHING is going to end happily ever after and that is okay! I love the fairy tale genera although I think it sends a fairly unrealistic view of how life goes to children and sets them up for disappointment. Jon Sciezka is a great fractured fairy tale write ...more
Megan Boomgarden
This book is a clever combination of many fairy tales into one. When the Frog Prince decides that he is not happy with the princess, he leaves and tries to find a witch to turn him back into a frog so he can live happily ever after. He runs into the witch that put sleeping beauty to sleep, the witch that poisoned snow white, the witch that abandoned hansel an gretel, and cinderella's fairy godmother. After no one believes him and he is almost killed numerous times, he realizes that he truely is ...more
Michelle Melchin
The Frog Prince Continued is in portrait layout this helps the story because many of the pictures are of people. The borders are thick around each spread, which suggests the reader is a part from the story. The illustrations enhance the text by adding great detail to the pictures and facial expressions. The Frog Prince, though not a frog anymore still resembles a frog throughout the book. His movements and gestures are still frog like. The Frog Prince Continued plays with the idea that happily e ...more
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Jon Scieszka is a writer and teacher. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife and two children. Occasionally he has been known to howl at the full moon. --from the dust jacket of "The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs"

Jon Scieszka is also the author of the best-selling ALA Notable Book, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, as well as Knights of the Kitchen Table, and The Not-So-Jolly Roger
More about Jon Scieszka...
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