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Time Enough for Love
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Time Enough for Love

3.73  ·  Rating Details ·  522 Ratings  ·  49 Reviews
Chuck Della Croce's time machine has caused a deadly mishap, and when he travels back in time to alert the would-be victims of the tragedy, he lands on Maggie Winthrop's doorstep.
Paperback, Loveswept, 212 pages
Published October 1st 1997 by Loveswept (first published January 1st 1997)
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Feb 12, 2016 Sandra rated it it was amazing
Recommended to Sandra by: Linda
Maggie Winthrop is surprised to find a naked man banging on her back door, disheveled and dirty, yelling her name. He wants in to talk to her. She wants to call the police. But there is something oddly familiar about him. Eventually she talks to him and finds out his name is Chuck Della Croce, he's from seven years in the future, and he has come back in time to save the world (and unknown to Maggie, her life). Maggie is skeptical and doesn't believe him at first, but how does he know such ...more
Jul 06, 2015 Alp rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition

This is one of classic books by Suzanne Brockmann. I enjoyed the story although I was a little confused about the idea of a time travel in this book.
What would happen if the future-you met the present day person? That was exactly what happened with Dr. Charles Della Croce. Returning to the 'now', from seven years into the future, he intends to make things right. He is going to make sure Maggie Winthrop, the woman he has quietly loved all this time, falls in love with the present-him. Enough so, to have the younger Charles stop his research into time travel and make a career change. If not, the future world will drastically change.

I have read
4.5 stars. One of my favorite romance tropes is the love triangle in which two of the people involved are actually the same person, who is generally pretty darn conflicted about the whole thing. This story does that with a big twist: the two people are the same person at different times in his life. Chuck is a time machine inventor determined to prevent a horrible future; he travels back in time seven years, to convince his friend Maggie to help him change it by influencing his younger self, ...more
This is classic Brockmann before she jumped on her political soapbox and just wrote fun romances. Written in 97 this one’s aged pretty well and is entertaining and unique. It revolves around time travel and has our heroine involved in a love triangle with two men who just happen to be the same man; Charles and Chuck -who is Charles just 7 years later.

It’s a bit of a mind bender at times but Brockmann handles the aspects of time travel really well and you won’t have to suspend disbelief too much
Aug 28, 2008 jenjn79 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to jenjn79 by: favorite author
Since this is a time-travel book, I wasn't sure I'd like it and it took me a while to get into it, but once I did, it was pretty good.

The time machine that Chuck Della Croce spent his life developing has turned into a nightmare. People who were supposed to be on his side have turned out to be the bad guys and now people are dying. Including the one woman he loves more than life. To make things right, he goes back in time, back to Maggie, to get her to convince his younger self, Charles, to stop
I really enjoyed this rerelease of an older Suzanne Brockmann. I am not generally a fan of time travel but this one was good. To those who say she didn't get the time travel right I say WTF? There is really no way to get an impossible made up theory wrong. She decided how her time machine/travel was going to work and stuck with it. I particularly enjoyed the residual shadow memories.

The romance element between the two (three?) of them was very touching. She loved both the future Charles and the
Çok beğendim niye daha önce okuyamadımki dedim konu itibariyle tam benlikti zaman yolcuğu kötü ajanlar falan birde romantizm daha ne isterim:D

Yazarı beyazdizilerinden tanıyan biri olarak biraz tereddüt ettim başta çok fazla zaman kavramıyla ilgili yerleşmiş düşüncelerimiz var haliyle işleyeceği düzlemde kafam yatmayabilirse sevmeyebilirdimde riski bir konuydu bildiğim teoremlere uymadı ama zaten romantik bir kitaptada öyle bi beklentiye girmekte gereksiz sanırım yinede yazarın konunun altından b
Dec 08, 2016 Anita rated it it was amazing
I happen to really love Suzanne Brockmann's early romances and Time Enough for Love is one of them. This is a short time travel (7 years). Chuck has invented and perfected a time travel machine, but his invention is hijacked by evil forces who blow up the White House and take over the government. Chuck travels back to the time before he becomes obsessed with time travel and connects with Maggie, the girl he loves, but loses due to his obsession. He wants Maggie to convince young Chuck not to ...more
Mar 29, 2009 Aberforth rated it it was ok
Shelves: paranormal
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Burçak Kılıç
Nov 28, 2011 Burçak Kılıç rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Güzel bir kitaptı.. Teröristler, zamanda yolculuk ve aşk biraradaydı :)
Chuck zaman makinesini icat etmiştir ama bu icatla teröristlerin hedefi haline gelmiştir. Olaylar sonucunda ise sevdiği kadın Maggie ölür ve Chuck hatasını düzeltmek için geçmişe yolculuk yapıp geçmişteki halini icatı yapmaktan vazgeçirmenin yollarını arar bunun için Maggie'nin 7 yıl önceki halinden yardım almak zorundadır.. Ama umduğundan erken vardığı için henüz Maggie ile tanışmadığı bi zamana gelir bu yüzden Maggie'yle en
3,5 stars
Hayal Perest
Feb 10, 2015 Hayal Perest rated it liked it
Boş zamanlarda okunabilecek, keyifli bir kitaptı. ;)
Kate McMurry
Review of Kindle edition of this time travel romance, first published in 1997 by Bantam Loveswept

Terrorists have stolen the time machine of 42-year-old, brilliant scientist, Chuck Della Croce. In the midst of attempting to assassinate him, they murder his best friend and bodyguard, as well as the woman Chuck has secretly loved for seven years, Maggie Winthrop, who takes a bullet for him and dies in his arms. Chuck evades the pursuit of his enemies, who have stolen the latest version of his time
Dec 06, 2010 Tina rated it really liked it
Maggie Winthrop thinks it is weird when a naked man covered in blood is knocking on her back door, calling her 'Mags' and acts like he knows her.

Well it gets stranger. His name is Charles Delia Croce and he has traveled from seven years in the future to save Maggie's life. It turns out he invented a time machine and his investors turned out to be terrorists. In seven years' time, all because of his inventions, thousands of people have been murdered by these shady investors including the Presiden
Sep 07, 2016 Melanie rated it really liked it
*Listened to audiobook version.*

I borrowed this from the library to keep me entertained on a 7-hour-long solo car ride, and entertain me it most certainly did.

I will say right off that, for being almost 20 years old, this book has aged well, and Ms. Brockmann was a bit bold in breaking out of standard romance storylines. So bravo there!

The writing and characters were good, above-standard romance fare, and the plot was...interesting.

However, (and maybe this was due to me being slap-happy with my
Dec 13, 2010 Jeri rated it really liked it
This one gets off to an interesting start when Maggie Winthrop looks out her window to see a naked stranger (a gorgeous naked stranger) in her back yard calling her name. He seems to know her; she's ready to call for the men in the white suits.

Chuck Della Croce has traveled seven years into the past to try and change the course of his life. He has to convince Maggie to help him stop the current Charles Della Croce from continuing his research into time travel. The future depends on it, and so wi
Brockman, Suzanne

From Fiction DB: Could a love deeper than time be enough to erase the past?

The sinfully handsome stranger kept calling out her name, but how could Maggie Winthrop believe the wild things he told her -- especially when he stood naked outside her back door? Chuck Della Croce knew his story about coming back from the future to prevent a disaster and save her life sounded crazy, but the attraction that sparked between them gave him hope. Would
Lisa ~ Books Are My Drugs ~
Genre Paranormal / Time Travel

MC1 Chuck Della Croce
MC2 Maggie Winthrop

Chuck has invented a time machine and he uses it to go back 7 years in the past to save the life of the woman he loves (Maggie) & also to avoid a political coup when a terrorist group uses it destroy the government.

Chuck has to convince Maggie that he really has traveled from the future, then he has to get her help in convincing his younger self to give up his time travel research so that he can save her &
Dec 19, 2010 Sheri rated it it was amazing
Shelves: other
I"d give this a 4.5. A believe this is an old category romance of Suzanne Brockmann's. I'm a huge Brockmann fan of her more recent works, but not so much of older romances. I've read many of her short categories and not all of them are good. This one I loved. It's a time travel, but it's a different time travel. The plot's a little simplistic, but I liked all the characters. The characters aren't simple and do some soul searching and growing by the end of the book. For a short category, it's a ...more
3.5* I admit to being surprised at how much I enjoyed reading this book. Like any time travel book, from The Time Machine to Outlander, the reader has to suspend disbelief. But once you've done that, this is an often emotional look at someone coming back into his own timeline to change history, and one woman being caught in the middle, wanting to save both "versions" of the man she loves. Short, but well-done.
May 24, 2013 Sharyn rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
This 2010 reprint of a 1997 Suzanne Brockmann "Time enough for love" is a time travel romance. It is fun to read a favorite author's earlier works to see how she has developed as a writer, and she has. Her later works are much better, and interestingly she brings a Navy Seal into the story, which later becomes a trademark of hers. A unique aspect of this story is that Maggie falls in love with the same character, Chuck from the future and Charles in the present. The ending has them meld ...more
Satıgül Yüksek
Mar 22, 2015 Satıgül Yüksek rated it really liked it
Shelves: review
Beğendiğim bir kitap oldu,yazarın dili akıcı konusu güzeldi, iki adamın birbirlerini kıskanmaları hoşuma gitti zira iki adamda aynı kişiydi 7 yıl önceki hali ve 7 yıl sonraki hali :)

özellikle kitabın sonuna bayıldım 7 yıl sonra Chuck'ın odanın ortasında birden bire durup o anda olması çok iyiydi , kitabın kusuru kısa olmasıydı biraz daha detaylandırılarak ve kadın karakterin biraz daha ağır olmasını sağlayarak daha da iyi bir şeyler çıkardı ortaya diye düşünüyorum, zira kızımız iki adamada tabi
Feb 08, 2016 Gökçe rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Kusursuz bir kurgu ! Olayın fantastik kısmı bir yana hiçbir mantık hatası bulamadım. Erkek karakter güzel işlenmişti. Olayların akışı harikaydı ve son, o son harika bağlanmıştı. Hiç beklemezdim bu şekilde olacağını. Tek kusuru bu kadar kısa olması. Daha uzun olsa, olayların içine daha çok gömülseydik daha daha güzel olacaktı. Ne yazık ki, bu yazarın bir sürü kitabı olmasına rağmen sadece bizde iki kitabı çevrilmiş. O kitabı da okuyacağım bir ara. Keşke yayın evi diğerlerini de çevirse. Bu arada ...more
You have to give points to Brockmann for recognizing that the nature of a Harlequin short does not allow for the kind of character development that good romance novels are made of, and for compensating by always making her shorts about people who have somehow known each other before the story actually starts. I'm not sure precisely how many of the aforementioned points you remove for resorting, in this instance, to time travel to provide the necessary off-stage backstory. Better by far than the ...more
This is one of my favorite time travel book ever,
Maybe because here I met interesting theories and wonderful love adventure. Between now and then, if I want something sweet to read, I take a look this book.
One thing that makes it different from another time travel is the length-of-time-table of the travel and the impact to the story itself. Well, because here in the matter of several hours, all finished.

It's lovely...
Jan 02, 2015 Michelle rated it did not like it
I am completely outnumbered here, but I didn't like this book at ALL. Future Chuck comes back to talk to Maggie to convince her to seduce the present Charles. I didn't buy either of the characters and the storyline was just confusing. Are we talking about the present you or the future you? Or is it the past you? I'm presently putting this book in the 'return' pile and picking up another of Brockmann's books to read in the future.
Carol N
Jan 29, 2014 Carol N rated it liked it
A re-release of an older Brockmann novel. . . .I'm always fascinated with a time travel theme but somehow I got the feeling this time she just didn't get it right. However, it did contain a good romance and light entertainment which is what I needed after having just finished a popular melancholy India-based novel.
Jan 02, 2011 Michelle rated it really liked it
Shelves: romance
For a short novel, this was surprisingly complex without being rushed. It dealt adeptly with time travel paradoxes. It was interesting how she used the premise to examine how people can be totally different versions of themselves at different points in their lives: almost not the same people at all. Fantastic read!
Aug 20, 2014 Fritz42 rated it really liked it
Another enjoyable read from Ms. Brockmann. The twists and turns of time travel and the paradoxes that it sets up, kept me from figuring out exactly how the plot was going to work out. The epilogue ties everything together so nicely, helping relieve that little niggle of melancholy I had at the resolution of the conflict.
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Suzanne Brockmann was born in 1960. Married with Ed Gaffney, a lawyer and published writer. They have two grown children: Melanie, who is a personal trainer and author, and Jason, who is an actor and tap dancer. They divide their time between Boston, Massachusetts, Sarasota, Florida and New York City.

Published since 1993, Suzanne is widely recognized as one of the leading voices in suspense romanc
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