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Mr. Monk Goes to Germany (Mr. Monk, #6)
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Mr. Monk Goes to Germany (Mr. Monk #6)

3.95 of 5 stars 3.95  ·  rating details  ·  1,052 ratings  ·  100 reviews
Adrian Monk is on a roll?solving murders as fast as they come, and not counting his Wheat Chex until they?re in the bowl. But when his therapist, Dr. Kroger, leaves for Germany, Monk can't tie his shoes, forgets how to swallow, and loses track of his blinking. Desperate, he follows Dr. Kroger to Germany where he sees a man with six fingers. The man responsible for his wife ...more
ebook, 288 pages
Published July 1st 2008 by New American Library
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John The Rabbit
I loved the Monk TV series and I generally like mystery novels, but this book is an insult to both.
It's safe to say it never would have been published, and certainly wouldn't have the rating it does on this site, if it wasn't riding on the coat tails of the TV series' popularity. The writing style is artless and extremely simplistic. The story is poorly crafted and contrived.

The main story doesn't start till around halfway through the book and much of it feels like a regurgitation of the autho
Some of Monk's behaviors really irritated me in this especially his refusal to accept the differences between Lohr and San Francisco as well as his treatment towards people with physical anomalies. In addition, him stalking Dr. Kroger to Germany was a little far-fetched even for Monk. He followed Natalie was understandable because she was his assistant and she did not do a good job in breaking the news to him but I remember an episode in the show where Dr. Kroger went on vacation and Monk did qu ...more
Fans of the TV series will enjoy all the Monk books. The characters take on a slightly different personality in the books than they do in the show, however. Mr. Monk seems a little less human and Natalie seems a little more edgy. The books also have more objectionable elements than the shows do, which was disappointing to me, especially since they rarely have any bearing on the story. At times I find the characters acting in ways that do not seem in harmony with the personalities we have come to ...more
Sep 26, 2014 Andrea rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Fans of the tv show
Within the first few pages of the book, I could already picture the characters of Monk, Natalie, & crew having the conversations dialogued in this book. I thought, This author really has a keen insight into these characters. Then I noticed that he had written several episodes for the series. Makes perfect sense. Aside from some sloppy metaphors that didn't make too much sense (or were reaching), the writing style was enjoyable. Not at all pedantic, but not shallow either. There were more tha ...more
From Amazon Adrian Monk is on a roll solving murders as fast as they come, and not counting his Wheat Chex until they're in the bowl. But when his therapist, Dr. Kroger, leaves for Germany, Monk can't tie his shoes, forgets how to swallow, and loses track of his blinking. Desperate, he follows Dr. Kroger to Germany where he sees a man with six fingers. The man responsible for his wife's death or was it just his imagination? Now Monk has to deal with his phobias and the unfriendly polizei to find ...more
Elaine Shipley-pope
This was the first one that I've read in this series even though its the sixth one. I've watched the t.v. series for many years and always enjoyed it so when I saw there was a books series I was curious. I really liked it! I can't wait to read more of them. In this one Mr Monk goes to Germany following Dr. Kroger when he goes to a conference. As expected there end up being murders and a few mysteries. It gets very personal when he finds a six fingered man, which is connected to the murder of his ...more
Adrian Monk is on a roll� solving murders as fast as they come, and not counting his Wheat Chex until they're in the bowl. But when his therapist, Dr. Kroger, leaves for Germany, Monk can't tie his shoes, forgets how to swallow, and loses track of his blinking. Desperate, he follows Dr. Kroger to Germany where he sees a man with six fingers. The man responsible for his wife's death �or was it just his imagination? Now Monk has to deal with his phobias and the unfriendly polizei to find his man.

I really enjoyed this book. It was a lot like an episode, which is really the point of the novels, I think! They are written by Lee Goldberg, who is actually a writer on the show, so I wouldn't expect anything less.

The story was a good one. Dr. Kroger goes to Germany for a conference and Monk is left totally incapacitated. He forgets how to swallow, he loses track of his blinking, he is miserable. He takes his medicine (as seen in the episode Mr. Monk Takes His Medicine and in one of the other n
I'd been looking forward to this book for ages because it promised the apparent appearance of one of the people involved in the murder of Monk's wife -- a man with six fingers on his right hand. At the time the book came out it, had been a couple of years since the show had had any developments on that front. Granted, I didn't expect the book to _actually_ further the mystery -- Goldberg works hard to keep the books fitting to canon, but the books still _aren't_ canon, and I knew he couldn't act ...more
I absolutely loved the series (when it was on TV) and the books could not be better. They are exactly like the show, with only one slight difference, they are told from the perspective of Mr. Monk's assistant, Natalie Teeger. In this novel, Monk and Natalie travel to Germany so Monk can keep his appointments with Dr. Kroger, much to Dr. Kroger's dismay and Natalie's delight. Before they leave we experience Monk's amazing abilities (aka, his gift and his curse) first hand and the action doesn't s ...more
Tina Hayes
"Mr Monk Goes to Germany" by Lee Goldberg is a fun mystery based on my favorite TV detective, Adrian Monk. The story is told from the point of veiw of his assistant Natalee, who has her hands full as she travels to Germany with Monk, hell bent on following his shrink Dr. Kroger to the ends of the earth if he needs to, in order to avoid missing an appointment. The fact that Monk has convinced himself his new one-legged neighbor is a sock stealing cannibal does't help matters, but it adds to the l ...more
All in all - this isn't the greatest literary piece of the year, but it was a quick and entertaining read. If you really love the show, you can appreciate the extension of the story and the humor in it.

Plot: Dr. Kroger goes to Germany for a meeting/vacation and Mr. Monk follows him there in order to keep his thrice weely appointments with his therapist. When he arrives, he spies a man with six fingers on his right hand (ties into the murder of his wife Trudy) and in his efforts to track him dow
Ok, Monk was -and still is- my favorite TV series. During the series finale, I cried my eyes out! (I still think that Natalie and Adrian should have started dating!) This book was amazing! It was like watching an episode of Monk. It had the many elements that made the show so fun and interesting to watch.

There was a crime with interesting twists and turns that were never expected. The guy that I thought was guilty was totally innocent.

There was drama. Like Monk slowly going crazy when he suspe
The first of the Mr. Monk books by Lee Goldberg that I have read. I enjoyed it very much. Chuckled and laughed out loud! A real page turner! I even googled the name of the drug that calms him when his obsessions get in the way of solving the crime completely. Now one mystery is solved (Dioxynl) is a fake medication!!
Mark Baker
When Monk follows Dr. Kroger to Germany, he lands in the middle of a personal case. The first half was pretty slow, but once the main story got going, it was dynamite.

Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.
Here I am, still telling everyone I wouldn't like reading crime novels... But then, MONK isn't really about crime. It's always been about Adrian Monk and his thousands of different phobias and other issues. When Lee Goldberg, one of the show's writers, started releasing MONK books I started reading them as a bonus to bridge the summer break before the next season. Now that MONK is over, it's funny to see this highly ammusing character continue in printed form. And with Tony Shaloub's hillarious ...more
Mary Newcomb
Dr Kroger heads to Germany for a professional conference. Mr Monk is unable to accept that his next week's sessions will be canceled so he and Natalie Teeger go there as well. They encounter several murders (which Mr Monk solves), perhaps get a clue to Trudy's death and have some contact with Dale the Whale.
Adrian Monk has actually been doing well lately. He's solving murders as fast as they come, and he's been noticeably less compulsive. Monk knows he owes it all to his therapist, Dr. Kroger. So when Kroger attends a conference in Germany, Monk hits the skids, reverting to his OCD habits full-time. Desperate, Monk follows his shrink to Germany. And that's when he sees the man across a crowded town square. A man with six fingers. Monk knows it could be the man responsible for his wife's death.

I lo
Just not as cute and fun as other Monk books. And this one does not capture the sweetness of the TV show and characters.

Monk's paranoia and comments about people with physical deformities was cruel and rude and not very amusing.

There wasn't must unique about this story, "The Monk" reprised his persona on medication as "The Monkster," as Monk trailed Dr. Kroger to Germany, like Monk stalked Natalie on vacation in Hawaii, and Monk obsessively pursued a man with 6 fingers on one hand who could pote
Randy Jorgensen
A blast to see Monk in Europe!

I really enjoyed this story. It is. always entertaining to see Monk on drugs and his behavior! Lederhosen is all you need to know!
After a long and tiring week I did finally get to finish this one. As I thought, it was "OK".

I have some issues with the books, because the dialogue seems awkward at points. They're from the perspective of Natalie (Monk's assistant) and that is a little strange. Her thoughts and how they are expressed don't, for me, come across the same way that her character does in the show. Also Monk "swears" sometimes, and that is totally out of character for him. I guess it's from watching all the episodes
Laura Cushing
When Monk's psychiatrist Dr. Kroger goes on vacation to attend a psychiatric conference in Germany, there's only one thing Mr. Monk can do. Fall apart! Well that, or follow him to Germany. Monk overcomes his fear of flying by taking the drug that makes him less OCD at the expense of his detective skills. While in Germany, he sees the six fingered man he's sure arranged his wife Trudy's murder. But things are not always as they seem, even when you're a brilliant detective. This book is a solid en ...more
In this installment Goldberg has Monk follow Dr. Kroger to Germany (Natalie in tow) because he can't bear to miss his thrice weekly therapy sessions during Dr. Krogers much deserved vacation. Of course, being Monk, murder follows him. Wherever. He. Goes.

It was fun to read about Monk even more out of his element than usual. I missed Stottlemeyer and Disher, but Dr. Kroger has always been a great character, and I was glad to spend more time with him.

Poor Natalie really needs a vacation soon, and
Even if you're not a fan of the television show, there's something appealing about these books. This is the second I've read, and it's like a minor vice, like an addiction to jelly beans. Monk, a sufferer from a variety of obsessions (in case anyone doesn't know) is upset when his psychiatrist leaves for a conference in Germany. He's upset enough to overcome his fear of flying, strange places, and strange people and follow the psychiatrist to Lohr, where he finds yet another murder, and also see ...more
Don Luciano
These Monk books are really fun reads, so quick and hysterical - so much better than the show.
I like this TV show, when I can watch it; so when I saw this book in the library I decided to give it a try. The description sounded good too. It's written from the perspective of Monk's personal assistant - Natalie. It was quite entertaining. I figured out the second murder described in the book before everyone else in the book, including Monk. I thought it was a bit cruel what Natalie did at the end of the book, blackmailing Monk into going to France... She knew Monk couldn't be held accountab ...more
I love the quirkiness that is Mr. Monk!
Charles Eldredge
An enjoyable read starring Mr. Monk in all his wackiness...the story doesn't stray from the formula that made the TV show such a success.
I am a Monk fan, so I read this book, and it had a typical Monk plot, a murder with little clues that don't make sense until Monk's OCD and detective skills help him solve the case. And there's all sorts of Monk jokes packed in. But it didn't seem very realistic to me, and though it was temporarily amusing, it wasn't memorable or even near brilliant. If you're a Monk fan or a major fan of murder mysteries (and you just can't get enough of them), then go ahead and read this; but if not, don't bot ...more
My GoodReads friend Donna was reading this book and I'm so glad I saw the update--I'd had no idea that the Monk book series existed! As a major Monk fan, I had to give it a try, and I was not disappointed.

Monk's voice and actions are spot-on and hilarious and I thought the narration by Natalie was pretty entertaining too. Five stars because this book succeeded perfectly in its purpose--it kept me entertained and made me laugh...a lot! I will definitely be reading more in the Monk series.
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New York Times Bestselling author Lee Goldberg is a two-time Edgar Award and two-time Shamus Award nominee whose many TV writing and/or producing credits include "Martial Law," "SeaQuest," "Diagnosis Murder,""Hunter," "Spenser: For Hire," "Nero Wolfe," "Missing." "Monk" and "The Glades." He's also the author of the Fox & O'Hare series with Janet Evanovich (The Heist, The Chase, The Job), "The ...more
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