Gator A-Go-Go
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Gator A-Go-Go (Serge Storms #12)

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That's right: Serge and Coleman do spring break!

It's been a long time coming, but they're at the party now—and you'll never look at a Frisbee the same way again.

One spring break location obviously isn't enough for Serge, so he must hit them all, traveling through various historic locales, spewing nuggets of history at anyone who won't run away and dispensing his own signat...more
ebook, 352 pages
Published March 9th 2010 by HarperCollins e-books (first published 2010)
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Will Byrnes
Dorsey and his literary doppelganger, Serge, love Florida. Serge takes delight in the tackiness of his home, its natural beauty, its unnatural awfulness and woe to those who deface the Sunshine State. They might be faced with a charming psycho-killer who has a flair for devising unique ways of dispatching those out of favor. This is the 12th volume in Dorsey’s Serge series. It remains a guilty pleasure, sometimes laugh out loud funny, actually more than sometimes. The story this time centers aro...more
Giovanni Gelati
Serge Storm is as good an offbeat character as they get. How can I categorize Tim Dorsey’s work? It’s action packed, filled with history, incredible narrative, totally humorous, well-constructed, and imaginative in manner of executions (I mean people), and great covers. I could go on for it seems hours, days or weeks. I have read all his work and must say I for one have enjoyed the crazy gonzo ride with Serge and Coleman.
My wife doesn’t even have to ask which author I reading when I have one of...more
It's a wee bit embarrassing, but when I'm feeling a little sad and blue, I turn to my stalwart comfort-food purveyor, Tim Dorsey, the literary equivalent of meatloaf and mashed 'taters (or, more geographically-specific, conch fritters, grouper sammiches and yuca fries). Mr. Dorsey, criminally under-appreciated, clearly has taken the "Consummate Florida Crime Novelist" title away from better known scribe Carl Hiaasen, and has consistently "delivered the goods", novel after hilarious novel.

Paul Pessolano
Sometimes it is difficult to classify a book as in the case of Tim Dorsey's books. They are classified as mysteries, but I feel that they could just as easily be classified as comedy.

Serge A. Storms and his sidekick Coleman are on the loose again. Serge is once again touring the State of Florida and informing readers of its history, most of it of the obsure variety. In "Gator-a-go-go" Serge is informing the reader of the little known facts and locations of the annual ritual of "Spring Break". Se...more
Nick Cato
Dorsey's 12th novel (and the first I've read from him) is basically a Carl Hiassen-ish yarn set within an 80s "Spring Break" type of film, and regardless if the reader loves or hates it, one thing can't be argued: GATOR A-GO-GO is wickedly funny (and surprisingly violent).

Serge and his side-kick Coleman are enjoying spring break festivities in Panama City Beach when Serge follows a sign for free pancakes. As he swtuff his face, a group of church youths attempt to convert him, but they end up fol...more
Well I made it as far as page 88 and I just couldn't go on. Can anyone give me a reason to finish it? I really wanted to like this book because I won it from the first reads program here at Goodreads but this is just not my sense of humor. I like some of Carl Hiassen's writing and so after seeing Tim Dorsey compared to Hiassen, I decided to give him a try.
I guess this book is the 12th in a series so someone must like the main character, Serge Storms, who is a serial killer and his sidekick, Cole...more
Gator a-go-go again follows the exploits of hyperactive serial killer Serge Storms and his stoner friend Coleman. Serge plans to make a documentary, and decides to do a road trip about the history of Spring Break in Florida. Traveling to Panama City Beach, Daytona Beach, and Fort Lauderdale, they fall in with some college students whose Spring Break doesn't go according to plan. Also appearing are their old acquaintances City and Country and the G-Unit.

Their experience includes drunk students, t...more
Another humorous adventure with Serge and Coleman that contains some good laughs. Although the chase plot and the digs at girls gone wild leaves a bit to be desired, the humor helps make up for it. 6 of 10 stars
Twelfth in the Serge/Coleman series and the hi-jinks continue and are just as wacky as the first eleven, this time taking place during spring break. Serge the likeable serial killer is like a psychotic and crazed MacGyver, using common items from Home Depot to bring an end to the lives of people who rub Serge the wrong way. Some characters from past books also make an appearance, like City and Country, the G-Unit and of course Johnny Vegas. If you like crime fiction with a lot of comedy thrown i...more
Georgiann Hennelly
This is a funny documentary type story about spring break in the sun shine state of Florida. After years of quiet , a legendary Miami kingpin from the anything goes eighties is suddenly back in the news along with the most psychotic homicidal monsters, every bit as insane as Serge. Serge and Coleman attract a following of the nations top college students and a mysterious gang that leaves dead bodies in its wake. Why are the feds involved. A must read for anyone who likes spring break type movies...more
Serge A. Storms and his drug-addicted sidekick, Coleman, are on a mission to make a documentary of Florida's history and the origins of Spring Break in Panama City Beach and other sunloving cities around the state. In the midst of their fun and sometimes dangerous shenanigans, they stumble upon a young spring breaker who is being hunted by the hitmen of a Miami Kingpin, Madre, and the FBI. Turns out the boy is the son of a former drug runner turned state's witness from the 80's. The Kingpins wan...more
What. The. Hell. Did I Just read.

That's the reaction I had after finishing this delightful romp through the craziness that is Florida. This was my first foray into the world of Serge Storms, the homicidal, maniacal, borderline schizophrenic vigilante private investigator who prowls around Florida hunting misfits and just about anyone who violates his (very strict) moral code.

This book focuses on what has now become a ritual of sorts for college students nationwide: the annual spring break trip...more
Jordan McPeek
Light read packed with entertainment. Serge Storms, the lovable psycho killer you can't help but cheer for. The bizarre methods he comes up with for dispatching those who displease him, such as the obnoxious driver who ignores an emergency vehicle trying to pass - you gotta laugh. It's not a whodunit, there's no dark shadows here. It's all fun in the Florida sun. The plot goes in about five different directions - you kinda know where it's going to end up but with Serge it's all in the journey, t...more
Did not realize that this was the 12th book in a series when I won this through GoodReads. Wish I had read the first 11. This was very interesting to read. One of the most creative things I have ever read! Just wish it were a little easier to follow.

I would greatly recommend this book to anyone that does not have a problem reading about a lot of creative murders (some for absolutely no reason) and enjoys the rants of a crazy and drugged main character. I did have a hard time following what was g...more
Gail Cooke
For those who like their crime novels wild. wacky, peopled with outre characters, and laugh-out-loud funny, stand in line for GATOR A-GO-GO. Tim Dorsey's at it again with his inimitable take on farce and zingy one-liners as he relates the latest adventures of Serge Storm. Now, if you thought Spring Break in Florida could be riotous just wait until Serge joins in.
This is Serge's 12th starring role in Dorsey's books - an unlikely hero if there ever was one. Highly intelligent? Yes. Quirky? To the...more
Kara Jorges
Serge and Coleman are back again, dodging the law and holing up in mom and pop hotels around Florida while Coleman gets wasted and Serge goes on another quest. This time, Serge is making a video about one of Florida’s most well-known traditions: spring break. Of course, he manages to get embroiled in a serious affair when he bumps into an old acquaintance, Andy McKenna. Andy and his father were in the witness protection program, until his father got himself on the news. Now the bad guys are afte...more
Serge Storms (psycho killer) and his partner, Coleman (alcoholic, drug addict) are heading to Florida so that Serge can document the history of "spring break". At the same time, Andy McKenna, a college student in Massachusetts is heading to Florida for spring break with some friends. Unbeknownst to him, he is being sought by a gang of killers who are trying to get even with Andy's father for testifying against them years ago. Andy and his father are in the witness protection program. Andy is als...more
Peep (Pop! Pop!)
I came across this when I was searching for a good audiobook to pass the time. I'm not even sure where I heard about it. I'm almost positive that it's an award winner.

So even though this is book number 12 in the Serge Storm Mystery Saga, it was the first time I'd heard of this series. I didn't see the “Serge Storm Mysteries” part when I checked it out, so after a few paragraphs with Storm I was hoping nothing bad would happen to him!

Serge is really a likable guy. He sometimes talks too much, and...more
Ron Arden
Another great adventure with Serge and Coleman. This one was a bit different because there was a complex subplot that involved a lot more than Florida. My alma mater, UNH, was prominently featured in the book, which was exciting.

Serge and Coleman go on Spring Break in Panama City Beach, the current hot spot in Florida. I felt old, since it was Daytona when I was in college. The usual insanity ensues, but the boys get mixed up with some Miami thugs and a college student in the witness protection...more
"The twelveth title in the Serge A. Storms Series by titled ""Gator A-Go-Go"" follows the same awesome formula Tim Dorsey is known for in his novels and though the formula is now becoming a little more mundance since there has been a novel pumped out annually, the book itself is still pretty good and a worthwhile read. The story centers on the dynamic duo of Serge A. Storms and his beer-chugging, drug-fuggling sidekick, Coleman as they continue on their endless vacation across the grand state of...more
PROTAGONIST: Serge A. Storms and Coleman
SETTING: Florida
SERIES: #12 of 12
RATING: 2.75

Spring Break is the ultimate excuse for letting go of one's inhibitions. No one needs any excuses for engaging in the most outrageous behavior possible. But only Serge Storms would see it as an opportunity to create a historical documentary, one that traces it from its beginnings in Ft. Lauderdale to the various cities that hosted it until its present location, Panama City Beach, Florida. Of course, to document...more
Florida is a real killer, literally. if you read the novels of Carl Hiaasen, Jeff Lindsay and Tim Dorsey. The latter two specialize in serial killers. Lindsay’s Dexter covers his tracks through his everyman persona. Dorsey’s Serge couldn’t care less about covering his tracks. In Gator a Go-Go, Serge seems to spend most of his time thinking of bizarre ways to murder people. It would take any average serial killer a good two weeks to plan and execute any one of Serge’s diabolical deaths, but he se...more
This was a really fun book to read. Dorsey is not going to win any literary awards, but this was an incredibly entertaining book, with some great characters, and I definitely look forward to reading more of his books.

Serge is a great character. He has no qualms about mudering people that misbehave or dispurt the image of Florida, yet this doesn't make him a bad guy. If he does deem you are in need of some southern justice, watch out, because he puts together extremely elaborate mechanisms to kil...more
A storm of havoc - The Miami Herald

Special To The Miami Herald

Florida's crime writers are never shy about chronicling our state's inherent craziness. You might say it's much of the reason some of them are driven to write in the first place.

But ripping insanity from the headlines and turning it into a whole 'nother story is one thing. What's really compelling is when a writer goes above, below and beyond all the looniness and concocts a whole ne...more
Serge A. Storms and Dexter Morgan have a lot in common. Both are Florida-based serial killers who only target those who deserve their fate, and each has a wicked sense of humor. But Dexter – in print, if not onscreen – has been hampered by his increasingly barren creator, Jeff Lindsay, while Serge’s inventor, Tim Dorsey, continues his character’s breakneck momentum into his 12th novel, juggling a complicated and intense story with antics that can only be attributed to the Sunshine State’s greate...more
Feb 26, 2010 Deneen rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Any fan of Lance Carbuncle, Laurence Shames, Carl Hiassen
Hands down, my favorite author ever. I love dark humor and Florida seems to be chock full of authors, but none like Tim Dorsey (Lance, you'll get there).

How can someone, after 11 books with the same lead characters, still make each one better and better? Most authors just seem to crank them out after a while, not Dorsey.

His best, by far. Some how he incorporated lots of characters from his other books into this one (however, you need not have read his other books first because they are sort of j...more
This book was described a "humorous" and since I like funny stories and thought this might be like some of Hiassen's work, I checked it out. For the first two discs in the set, I wondered "this is funny?" I couldn't see anything mildly humorous in the book. And then it started to gell. College students heading for spring break, a crime boss trying to put a hit on an informant in the witness protection program, a maniac history buff who loves Florida, the FBI, sexy bartenders, and a side-kick who...more
Florida's biggest fan and most creative serial killer, Serge A. Storms, strikes again. Exploring the wonder that is Spring Break, Serge & his sidekick Coleman - along with returning characters City, Country, the G-Unit, Mahoney, and others - also take on organized crime, South Florida style.

Perhaps because I've read around 14 of the books in this series, or perhaps because they were set up a little too obviously, Serge's murders - while as creative as usual - were anticipated; it seemed obv...more
Gerald Kinro
A ruthless mob is after the son of a potential witness who has been living with a new identity. But this son, a college student, goes on spring break in Florida. It is a naïve student versus a wise sophisticated mob, almost no contest. Enter Serge Storms, anti-hero, seeker of justice and his side-kick, the usually chemically-altered Coleman. Then things get interesting as they link up with the mob’s target, bare-chested coeds, booze and all spring break can offer.

This is a Florida comedy caper...more
Catherine Brewington
Listening to books in the car has become quite enjoyable. I like Tim Dorsey's books on cd because I can listen to it anytime for any length. Oliver Wyman's voice is also quite entertaining in a Monty Python or Kids in the Hall kind of way. It helps to keep you calm during traffic because the book gives you a reason to Want traffic to be slow and congested.

In any case, this book in particular was great because of the range of characters employed. The plot took a minute to come together, but it pr...more
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Tim Dorsey was born in Indiana, moved to Florida at the age of 1, and grew up in a small town about an hour north of Miami called Riviera Beach. He graduated from Auburn University in 1983. While at Auburn, he was editor of the student newspaper, The Plainsman.

From 1983 to 1987, he was a police and courts reporter for The Alabama Journal, the now-defunct evening newspaper in Montgomery. He joined...more
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