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Кабулските лястовици
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Кабулските лястовици

3.62 of 5 stars 3.62  ·  rating details  ·  3,802 ratings  ·  481 reviews
Под красивия женски псевдоним Ясмина кадра се крие авторът на поредица от нашумели романи, сред които "Вълчи сънища", "Творецът" и др., преведени на 17 езика.
Сред руините от погромите и сред стенанията на привиденията в Кабул двама мъже и две жени търсят смисъл в живота си: един разочарован буржоа, една адвокатка, на която е забранено да упражнява професията си, един ужасе
Paperback, 158 pages
Published 2007 by Прозорец (first published 2002)
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يد تقهر...وأيدٍ مقهورة...نساء مقموعات يحيين تحت ظلم الدين والشادور...وعقوبات بالرجم وقطع اليد والرأس...وحركة تنقل كل تفاصيلها بتكرار وتكثيف غريب للوقائع...وكتّاب يصفون حياة لم يعيشوها أبدا...
أوليست تلك صورة نمطية مكررة لحركة طالبان في أفغانستان؟؟!!

وكأنها وصفة سحريّة للعبور...عبر جسر ينقلهم إلى العالمية والانتشار...دون الحاجة إلى أن يعفروا أقدامهم ببقايا الخراب الذي يصفون في أزقة كابول وجبالها!!

لا أنكر أن في رواية ياسمينة خضرا " محمد مولسهول"...ما يشدك إليها...فاللغة والحبكة والخيال تجذبك لمتابعة
Nile daughter

لم أعرف كيف أقيم هذا الكتاب الذي أخذ من وقتي دهراً بالرغم من صغر حجمه !

لماذا أخذت الرواية وقتاً طويلاً ؟ - لانها سببت لي اختناقاً ، مع كل فصل أردت أن أقذفها بعيدأالا أنني لم أستطع دون ان أنهيها !

ثاني قراءاتي عن أفغانستان بعد (ألف شمس مشرقة) ، و أولى قراءاتي لياسمينة خضرا (محمد مولسهول) - الضابط العسكري السابق في الجيش الجزائري ، ربما كان في ذلك بعض من عدم الانصاف له ، حيث قد يكون من الأفضل أن أبدأ بأحد كتاباته عن الجزائر . و لكن كون هذه الرواية أحد أجزاء ثلاثيته عن العنف الديني أو منطق الإرهاب و
Aly (Fantasy4eva)

I still feel very conflicted about this book.Originally, I had planned on giving it four stars. But after having thought about it some more, I'll be settling for three instead. (reasons below)

Whilst many mentioned that their biggest gripe was getting into the book, for me that was hardly an issue. I was pretty much full on engrossed from the first page. And with a opening page starting with a woman being stoned to death, how the hell can I not be? Not only did it really make me recoil from shoc
Fatema Hassan , bahrain

لا تزال هنالك روايات تهمس لي أن أقرؤها على مهل ، و لا أزال أهمس لكم أن تقرؤوني أنا الأخرى على مهل ،،!،،

و إن كانت سماء البحرين المُزّرقة ماطرة اليوم

فلا تزال هناك وقت لعزلة مجنونة بين ثنايا رواية قاتمة معنّونة بسنونوات كابول / لماذاسنونوات و غلاف الرواية يتصيد بوركا نساء كابول الأزرق التقليدي بصورة مألوفة قد تخلو من الأناقة حتّى ( البوركا و ليس الشادور كما قدمته لنا الترجمة ) ؟ حجاجية الصورة بفنيتها ماذا تريد أن تهمس للقارئ ..هل ان السنونوات طيور مُثّقلة بالزُّرقة بدورها ؟ هل الاستدراج البصري الذ
In the general sense, The Swallows of Kabul is a short novel of Afghan life under the Taliban, but (as with Philip Caputos' Acts of Faith) the real message of this political novel is more personal and more penetrating. Here is book made to question the logic of fundamentalist rule. Here also is an emotionally emptying story of how the central binding power of women has been systematically destroyed by Afghanistan’s culture of war. There are scathing commentaries given to the women of Kabul — th ...more
Faten Ala'a
رواية لكاتب جزائري تتحدث عن أفغانستان - مدينة كابول بالتحديد- العربية ليست لغتها الأصلية فالرواية مترجمة عن الفرنسية أغلب الظن - اعتبرت الترجمة هي اسوأ ما في الرواية ! -
مزيج غريب بعض الشيء إلا انك خلال قراءتها لن تلاحظ أنه غير متجانس أبداً

الرواية تصف الحياة اليومية في كابول من خلال 4 شخصيات تتقاطع خطوط حياتها بطريقة ما ، وتف الرواية كذلك كيفية تدهور الوضع الحياتي للناس في كابول بعد سيطرة الطالبان على المدينة وتطبيقهم للنظام الاسلامي - أو ما يسمونه هم كذلك - ذكرتني هذه الرواية كثيرا بقصة رجم ثر
Kim Allen-Niesen
The Swallows of Kabul by Yasmina Khadra is a heart piercing book about two couples living under the Taliban in Kabul. In one chapter a husband begs his wife to go for a walk with him and she finally agrees, only to have a solider abuse her and physically force her husband to attend the mosque, leaving her to stand in the heat boiling under a burka. The helplessness of both of them to protect each other in the face of such random brutality haunts me. A second couple is struggling to survive her i ...more
من جمال الكتاب..
لم أشعر بنفسي إلا أصرخ مفجوعة في آخره حين رأى مارأى عتيق بعد حفل الإعدامات..
جميلة كلماته.. صوره.. تمثيله..

لاأستطيع التعبير إلا بجمله التي لا تضاهى من ابتكارها
:ماأعجبني كثير ولكن تخيرّت أجمل ماوقعت عيني عليه، ويكون ذا معنى....

(المسنون جثث أهملها حفاروا القبور)
(ابتسامة صغيرة تنفتح بداخل لحيته:)
(ظله تمدد على الأرض بشكل مفرط)
(حفيف ناعم للأجنحة التي تحرك الهواء)

وكثيره هي جمله المبدعة..
قصته جزء من مدينة..نقطة من عالم..
لم يكن ليشعر بها شخص، إلا إذا عاشها..
لم أنتبه إلا حين انتهيت بأنها
A very interesting depiction of life after the Taliban took over in Afghanistan. What I found fascinating about this particular take on in, was how the author showed the reader how stressful the Taliban's rule was upon individuals. At one point of the book, a decision to take a walk, a simple walk, becomes monumental. Makes you think. As a whole, although interesting, it wasn't as enthralling as A Thousand Splendid Suns, The Kite Runner, or Reading Lolita in Tehran (yes, I know that's in Iran, b ...more
If I had a list of the most distressing books I've ever read, most likely this one would be near the top of the list! Like most people who read this short and horrifying book set in Afghanistan during the Taliban regime, I was appalled as I read about the brutality and misery that had become commonplace for everyone - most especially for women. So why read a book like this, ask readers who only read for pleasure and quickly abandon any book that might leave them feeling depressed. My answer is t ...more
Kabul, "the old sorceress," is the main character of this book, much as Egdon Heath is in a Thomas Hardy novel. The life paths of six Afghanis cross and re-cross there, their struggle to hold to the moral and beautiful ground into powder by the Russians and the Taliban and the endless war. One of them, Zunaira, is the personification of Kabul--her beauty holds as she is destroyed.

The writing is perfection--description of place and emotion precise and light and full of concrete color. I love boo

Yes yes I know karen I said this book was good. Well when I was in high school I remember being told that colleges liked people who got bs or cs freshman year and worked their way up to as their senior year. These are called rising stars. On the other hand there are things like a clockwork orange. what I mean is the movie. It is fantastic, but long and suddenly the production team appears to have gotten bored and decided to end the movie for no particular reason. Thereby making the last
Bunga Mawar
Apakah "swallows" itu artinya "burung camar"?

Sudahlah, jangan dibahas sekarang. Judul buku ini sudah terlanjur dicetak begitu. Pengalaman membaca buku ini selepas idul Fitri kemarin buat saya seperti menghujani diri dengan pengalaman-pengalaman yang begitu "Afghani". Selain karena salah satu soundtrack yang mengalun saat membaca adalah lagu "Sadis"-nya Afghan, bersamaan dengan buku ini saya juga dipinjami A Thousand Splendid Suns yang saya baca duluan, plus mendapat notification salah satu teman
"لا يمكن لأي شمس أن تقاوم الليل "

هي كابل منذ أن اسدل الليل يوما ما همومه عليها لم تستطع لحد اليوم أي شمس أن تشرق لتزيل تلك العتمة الخانقة .

مناظر مؤثرة واخرى جد حزينة استوقفتني وأنا أقرأ الرواية بدءا بمراسم رجم المرأة " الفاجرة" انتهاءا بالخاتمة المجحفة ، طوال الرواية وانا انتظر بصيص أمل يعيد البسمة لتلك الوجوه المغبرة لكن دون جدوى.

نطاق الكتابة كان محدود وهناك تكرار لما سبق وقرأته أو ما شاهدته على التلفاز احسست ان هناك هوة بين الكاتب واحداث تلك الأرض . بعد ألف شمس مشرقة لا اظن أن هناك من سيبدع ف
Book Concierge
This short novel follows two couples in a Taliban-run Kabul. Mohsen comes from a family of wealthy shopkeepers; his wife, Zunaira, is a beautiful and brilliant teacher. The Taliban has destroyed their business and home, and Zunaira is no longer allowed to work. In contrast, we see Atiq, a jailer who has adopted the Taliban teachings, and his faithful and loving wife, Musarrat, who is dying of a debilitating illness.

Khadra writes with poetic detail about a city which the residents no longer reco
Ironic tale set in Kabul. Yasmina Khadra is the pen name of Mohamed Moulessehoul, an Algerian. He writes using his wife's name and offers a fascinating look at life under the burka.
The reference to swallows in the title of this remarkable novel is to the burqa-clad women of Afghanistan during the years of the Taliban. Swathed in fabric from head to toe, they have been forced from public life and, as much as possible, rendered invisible, to preserve their "purity" and the honor of their families. The French-Algerian author, Khadra, heightens the incomprehensibility of this kind of faith-based segregation of genders even further by beginning and ending his story with the pub ...more
Amber Tucker
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Bookmarks Magazine

The Swallows of Kabul, whose title derives from the flocks of women in burkas, puts an ordinary face on the Taliban's repressive regime. Mohsen releases his rage by participating in a stoning; his wife feels demeaned walking in public. By focusing on the lives of the two couples and giving the Taliban only walk-on roles, Khadra (the pseudonym for Algerian writer Mohammed Moulessehoul) renders the repression all the more sinister. His spare, taut prose depicts the bleakness that leads ordinary me

In our B/C, we’ve read a bunch of books that deal with Islam in various aspects and countries. The last one we read was a novel called The Swallows of Kabul, by Yasmina Khadra (a pseudonym – the author is an Algerian army officer). Can I just mention how glad I am to be an American, especially seeing as how I’m a woman? Ok, just thought I’d bring that up. The story is set in Taliban-tormented Kabul. No one is having a good time. Khadra brings it home that life is so depressing and ghastly, so so ...more
Afghanistan is a human rights black hole. The book opens with an immediate innundation of Afghan Big Brother at his worst. People crowd into an arena to witness the stoning of a woman who has sinned against society. Swallows covers two couples' relationships (a younger and an older) within the marriages, then between the young woman and the older man. A surprising interaction develops between them. He becomes her jailor, but somehow breaks free from the strictures that have confined his need to ...more
I had just finished reading A Thousand Splendid Suns (and was fascinated with it), so I wanted to read more about women in Afgahnistan. This is another telling of life behind the burqa, and the degrading of women. I just shake my head in disbelief that there is STILL so much slavery today. This is a quick read, with a slightly disturbing ending, fitting for the disturbing every day realities they deal with being under terrorists' rule.
A story of two couples living in Kabul during the reign of the Taliban. Mohsen had been a shopkeeper while his wife Zunaira had been a teacher. The other couple is Atiq is a prison keeper and his wife Musarrat who is now dying of some unmentioned illness. At the start of the story, Mohsen is on his way home one day when there is a public execution of a woman. Caught up in the drama of what is happening, Mohsen finds himself picking up stones and participating. The realization devastates him. Th ...more
Nojood Alsudairi
هل من الممكن أن يصل بنا الهوس الجماعي لحد إلغاء هويتنا؟
هل من الممكن أن يوصلنا الوله لدرجة التضحية بكل شيء؟
أخذتني هذه الرواية لدهاليز مظلمة جدا في النفس البشرية وأظن بأني لو كنت مكان أي من الشخصيات ما كنت لأفعل غير ما فعلوا
أعجبتني حيادية الراوي الذي ترك لنا حرية اختيار شخصيتنا المفضلة
Interesting, challenging story of the struggle to make sense of life in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. The final plot twist reminds us that redemption comes at a price.
Pat Hall
Visceral, well-written story of an Afghan woman who fights discrimination of the Taliban her own way.
Ali Alghanim
كيف للحب أن يوجد في مكان في وقت يكون فيه الموت و اﻹعدامات عادة يومية ،و يكون وجودك حيا صدفة ؟!

السنونو طائر يهاجر في أسراب بحثا عن الدفأ ،هروبا من شتاء قارص.

هنا قصد الكاتب بالسنونات النساء ،فالمرأة اﻷفغانية تتغطى بشادر أزرق اللون كما يكون ريش السنونو. و للسنونو مناطق و بلدان محدودة يهاجر لها. . و كابول ليست منها!

فتشبيه الكاتب هنا ،تشبيه مضاد من أجل توجيه و تركيز الرأي و الرؤية لمأساة المرأة اﻷفغانية. . فكيف تبحث عن الدفأ في بلاد تحكمها مجموعة من لا قلوب و لا عقول في أجسادها ؟

قلم الكاتب جميل
I was very disappointed in this book. While it started out with many intriguing answers to questions I had about the Taliban and its treatment of woman, it ended on a note that I believe trivialized the impact of their rule.

The characters of this novel try in their small way tried to revolt against the Taliban, but found themselves within a society that devalues women and makes a male feel less so because they lose their right to defend the individualistic ability of their wives, daughters, moth
No prior knowledge of this book meant that I did not have any expectations for what it might be about, other than life in Afghanistan (obviously). Thus, after reading it, my response can most clearly be described as ‘meh’ – in other words, neither plot nor characters are horrible or poorly written, but there is most definitely nothing really special about this book either.

The novel takes place in Afghanistan, during the reign of the Taliban and the plot is centered around two primary couples, a
This was a profoundly depressing read, to the point where every page brought more passages filled with human distress and misery. Although this is a work of fiction, the settings are real, and the atrocities carried out by Taliban militia against their own people make me want to scream in protest and indignation. It's just a book, people might say, but it's a pretty good replica of just how warped real life is for millions of people living under such incredibly oppressive dictatorial regimes all ...more
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Yasmina Khadra (Arabic: ياسمينة خضراء‎, literally "green jasmine") is the pen name of the Algerian author Mohammed Moulessehoul.
Moulessehoul, an officer in the Algerian army, adopted a woman's pseudonym to avoid military censorship. Despite the publication of many successful novels in Algeria, Moulessehoul only revealed his true identity in 2001 after leaving the army and going into exile and secl
More about Yasmina Khadra...
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