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3.75 of 5 stars 3.75  ·  rating details  ·  2,882 ratings  ·  444 reviews
Instead of celebrating Memorial Day weekend on the Jersey Shore, Jane is in the hospital surrounded by teddy bears, trying to piece together what happened last night. One minute she was at a party, wearing fairy wings and cuddling with her boyfriend. The next, she was lying near-dead in a rosebush after a hit-and-run. Everyone believes it was an accident, despite the phone ...more
Hardcover, 326 pages
Published December 7th 2010 by Razorbill
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Okay, here are my problems with Rosebush:

1. First of all, the cover.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I know this is not the original cover, but this is the cover I got.

WHAT IS THAT?! Two half-naked people. In what universe does that have anything to do with any part of the story? Is it Jane? Kate? Is that- who is that? David? Scott? Pete? Did they come with the frame like Langley’s imaginary boyfriend?

2. Scott. Well, parts of Scott. I actually really liked him – he was a perfectly nice guy and a really good character f
Listen, Michele Jaffe, I like you. I do. Also, I like your books. You are funny. That interview you did? Where they had you play MASH? And you put Santa as one of your husband possibilities? That was hilar. But this book! You were trying to be serious! Why? Why did you do that? It's like when I don't smile in pictures. It just doesn't work so I don't do it. Please don't ever do this again, ok? Just write some more Bad Kitty books so I can lol some. Also, your ending was a tiny bit dumb. Just say ...more
Apr 28, 2012 Bern rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: People who like thrillers and great storytelling
Scrolling about Rosebush's page in GR I realize that I am, it seems, one of the few people who actually love this book.
Why that is, I have no idea at all.

Seriously. I've read some thrillers (most of them weren't YA because we all know how shitty those can be) and even though some of them were deemed the best by God knows how many people, to me Rosebush ranks right up there with Justine Larbalestier's Liar and Colleen McCullough's On, Off. This book is good, you guys. Actually, good doesn't be
Mar 12, 2013 Sarah added it
I can't rate this. Too many conflicting emotions.

On the one hand, I love, love the premise. I love the way the author told the story, with a prologue of the present and then alternating between the night of the accident and Jane's recovery. It was very effective. I loved a lot of the symbolism in there and the mystery. And the book is truly poignant - within the first 100 pages I was crying so hard I could barely see the page. (Annie. That sweet little girl kills me.)
The heroine is not very admi
Dec 28, 2010 Marilyn rated it 1 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: NO ONE!
Ugh. I will never get back those six hours I spent on this tripe. I liked Jaffe's first book, Bad Kitty, so looked forward to this new title. I should've known I was in for a lousy read when a main character's name is spelled Nikki on one of the first pages, then Nicky throughout the rest of the book. Confusing, off-kilter pacing, stock characters, designer label name-dropping, unnecessary(except to titillate) same-sex kissing, and a completely unbelievable mother to top it off. Yuck! Oh, and th ...more
I really don't know what to think of this.
Some bits were really annoying, but other bits were really really good.

What i didn't like:

The flashbacks - They were very jumpy. Jane would be talking to someone in a flashback, then carry on the conversation she was having in present tense. It made it really confusing at times.

The characters - Jane really annoyed me at the beginning, All she cared about was popularity. On her first day, she locked herself in the schools bathrooms because she wasn't p
Aug 23, 2013 Tori rated it 2 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Someone who's better at inductive reasoning
The only reason I neglected to rate this four stars was because a) this book will probably give me nightmares tonight and b) this book was to say the least...a bit confusing. Yes it was a page turner and a thriller and yes it did keep me on the edge but some things just confused me and left me rereading the page more than I already do. I'm not sure if it was just more or if this wasn't developed well to others too.


Well to start out her memories confused me. It took me a while to figure
This book was fantastically well thought out.
At the first time I set eyes on it the cover drew me to read the back. After finding out what I was getting myself into I just had to read it. It was so gripping that I read it none-stop. Even when it was two in the morning I couldn't put it down.

(beware - may contain spoilers)

I always thought that the killer was Ollie, but even though he was partly in the blame it was completely obvious who it was, yet not. When I found out who it was it was only b
DO YOU KNOW HOW PAINFUL IT WAS FOR ME TO FINISH THIS BOOK??? Do you know how much I was looking forward to reading this, after reading the back of it and thinking 'Oh, this is going to be good!'??? Do you know how BORING this is?!

To answer all three of those questions: very very painful, extremely excited to get my hands on it, and so boring that I wanted to claw my eyes out.

The premise of this book is intriguing. Girl gets run over and is found in a rosebush left for dead. Girl stays in hospi
Based on the book description, I started Rosebush expecting friends with secrets. Friends who are covering their asses from the law. Misunderstandings. What I got instead is a pushover, naive, and people pleasing heroine who can't see that her friends and love interest(s) are toxic. The scenes with her boyfriend made me ill - it was very obvious that he was manipulative and mentally abusive. I stopped on page 136 and started skimming ahead. The villain wasn't a total surprise, even with all the ...more
The Library Lady
Look, I've got no use for Gossip Girls/Clique sort of crap.
So having waded through the opening and the first chapter's worth of breathless descriptions of beautiful shallow people with expensive lives,I skipped to the end, got the sort of pretty obvious solution/happy ending I was expecting, and put this one on the shelf for the girls who sulk because I don't buy Gossip Girls/Clique books for my branch.
Truthfully, all the characters in this book are so messed up that any one of them could have committed murder (or at least been heavily involved in a murder cover up.) Every relationship, even the ones that ultimately prove legit, is so shallow that the ending seems contrived and hollow. Don't bother with this book.
I felt very conflicted about this book. I thought the beginning was brilliant. I loved the mystery, was dying to get to the end.

And then the end came. I honestly did not see it coming. But that's because it was really RANDOM. I'm not gonna lie, I really didn't like it. I just don't understand the person's motive, or rather, the lack of a motive. Am I supposed to believe that the person is just crazy? I don't get it.

I felt that toward the end, the author just kept introducing all these new suspec
I really don't know what's going on with my taste in books lately. I rarely read mysteries, but I've read loads in the last few months. And even though I've read quite a few now, Rosebush is by far my favorite!

The suspense in Rosebush is amazing, so well-done. There wasn't a minute while reading this book where I wasn't either completely terrified or trying to figure out who the killer is. It's so compelling to find out what happened alongside Jane, seeing how everything she slowly remembers add
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Yolanda Sfetsos
When I received an ARC for this book, I have to admit that I was intrigued. I mean, how could I not want to know what happens to this poor girl who ends up left for dead in a rosebush? Of course I wanted to know what happened, and get to know this character...

Jane Freeman is just like every other popular teenage girl in high school. She has two very close friends--Kate and Langley--a gorgeous boyfriend--David--as well a friend who shares her interest in photography--Scott. She loves taking pictu
Bree T
When Jane wakes up in hospital, she has no recollection of being run over by a car and left for dead by the side of the road. She was out with her friends at a party to celebrate the beginning of the long weekend, but Jane doesn’t know why she left the party and was walking, alone, when she was hit.

Jane is paralyzed for the moment with doctors hopeful that she will regain full use of her limbs in due course, once she has recovered. As abilities begin to come slowly back to her, such as being abl
Georgiana 1792
Nel cespuglio di rose si nasconde un nido di vipere

È molto difficile dover scrivere una recensione su The Gap cercando di mantenersi “vaghi” sulla trama: la suspense è davvero la cosa che del libro mi ha più colpita, e dare troppe indicazioni sarebbe un grave spoiler, che rovinerebbe la lettura a chiunque volesse affrontarla.

Il romanzo si apre con la protagonista in ospedale, vittima di un incidente stradale: è stata investita da un’auto e ritrovata in un cespuglio di rose. È completamente para
*Please note that the two-star rating comes from personal opinion on the plot and does not in anyway reflect that superb writing in this book. Please enter "killer" and "it" at the appropriate times for "spoiler" if you have not read this book yet.*

The writing in this books deserves 4 out of 5 stars. It was CREEPY. The horror part was really well-done, a perfect mixture of traditional and modern. The author did an excellent job at making everyone a suspect, so that when the ending came who the
She looked like something out of a fairytale, a beautiful princess lying dead amidst a rosebush. Luckily she wasn't dead, but she soon would be if one of her 'friends' had anything to say about it.

Waking up in hospital Jane found she could remember nothing of the night before, slowly over the next few day however her memory was returning to her, but her memories were not matching up to the story her friends had told her about that night. Was she going crazy or where her friends lying to her?

I have such mixed feelings towards this book.
I couldn't decide whether to rate it 1, 2, or 3 stars.. I decided on 2.
You see, until about the book's plot started really picking up I loathed this book with a passion. I sort of hate it still. If my heart wasn't pounding right now from all the intensity (I just finished it and I still feel excited! Crazy how reading a book can make you feel that much adrenaline) it would have got a one star. I must admit, this author does know how to keep you on you
When I picked up this book, I had heard of neither the author nor the book itself. However, I thought that this book was wonderful! It is a great portrait of the apparently popular, has-it-all girl who gets a reality check of the most extreme variety. I loved the mystery aspect in this novel (of course) and coupled with the classic teenage romance and drama makes a terribly wonderful, I couldn't put it down, marvellous and engaging story. I am a totally upstanding, never been-to-a-drinking-party ...more
Kandice Dover
Jane Freeman has no idea what the hell happened when she wakes up in the hospital. She's told she was in a hit and run accident but it seems too easy for an explanation. So she pieces together the clues left behind by her friends all the while trying to convince the doctors, her family and herself that she isn't crazy.

I am honestly mind blown. This caught me off guard completely. Every time I thought I knew who it was, I was dead wrong. Every damn time.

I really thought this was a wonderful book
Lee Coleman
criticism #1: i love the idea of an amnesia storyline, but sadly, i'm usually disappointed by one plot twist or another, or in this case, execution. most of the story is told as flashback (i wish the backstory was done straight forward). the author uses italics for inner monologue, nighmares, backstory, and actual memories of the party and subsequent accident (which makes the book annoying to read). for example: the main character keeps recalling a memory of nearly drowning, and i STILL don't kn ...more
I am a huge mystery thriller junkie. I love anything mystery, especially if it keeps me guessing and thinking and trying to figure out who the murderer is, but in Rosebush's case, it is who wants to see Jane dead. Someone who is still persistent even after Jane ends up almost dying and gets put in the hospital. The phone messages, the secret admirer gifts, it was all so creepy! I really didn't know who the murderer is, and I usually have a gift when it comes to figuring out who the murderer is i ...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Lisa (Badass Bookie)
The Long Story ? - I'm not much of a mystery/suspense reader because they're usually too mysterious and too suspenseful to keep me from peeking at the ending. Which is exactly what I did, I peeked, I saw and it took the mystery out of it, now you know why I usually stick with predicable contemporaries or wacky paranormals. However, I really enjoyed it, like I really, really, really liked this book.

Honestly, I'm very fascinated with this concept of high school where teenagers would do anything t
4.5 stars. This was a real page turner (and I was even turning pages back to re-read certain things). Jane is popular, pretty, and dating the perfect boyfriend, but that doesn't stop somebody from running her over and leaving her for dead in a rosebush. Or maybe that is exactly why she was run over? From her hospital bed after the accident Jane realizes that someone she knows is trying to kill her, or are they? She also can't remember anything from the night of the accident and there's her dista ...more
Rosebush Penguin Group, 2010, 326pp, $16.99
Michele Jaffe ISBN978-59514-353-2

“The image is stark yet beautiful. In the foreground and slightly to the right, set in blue-gray grass, is a fantastic bush. It looks like something from a fairy tale, a witch cursed into an alternate form, gnarled fingers reaching for the sky. In the center lies a girl.”
That girl is Jane Freeman. In Michele Jaffe's, Rosebush, a dramatic mystery novel, Jane awakens in a hospital and finds out that a car hit her and some
Sara Shaw
4.5/5!! I loved this, it is so thrilling (shock right?) and the writing is just pure genius.

Beware, this is full of huge, spoiling spoilers:D

The almost killer was a shock. A pure conventional hit;)

Jane was a very complicated character but she was also naive, how weird is that? I liked her character at times, she was clever, but sometimes she was pure stupid and so naive. I didn't like that side for her.
Scott's revelation as a stalky guy creeped me out, I liked him there! and he turned out to be
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Michele Jaffe (b. March 20 in Los Angeles, California), is an American writer. She has authored novels in several genres, including historical romance, suspense thrillers, and novels for Young Adults.
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“So let me see-you've got a boyfriend, a not boyfriend, and a secret admirer.

" He shook his head at me. "Girl, no wonder someone tried to run you down.”
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