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How To Rock Braces and Glasses
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How To Rock Braces and Glasses (Kacey Simon #1)

3.84 of 5 stars 3.84  ·  rating details  ·  812 ratings  ·  136 reviews
In the story, an eighth-grade Queen Bee, after finding herself dropped into Loserland, realizes that it’s time to reap the bad karma she’s sown.
Gorgeous, uber-harsh, and uber-stylish, Kacey Simon is the undisputed social dictator of Marquette Middle School. That is, until an eye infection and a visit to the dentist leave her with coke-bottle glasses, a mouth full of metal,...more
Published 2011 by Poppy
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Jewels Faulkner
When I was at the bookstore trying to pick out what to read next, i stumbled upon the amazing teen-clique book. It caught my attention because of the title. Both of which I have:). Since this is not w typical book for me I was very pleasantly surprised by the realness of this book. How to Rock Braces and Glasses is extremely dry humored, and a must read. Especially, if you have both glasses and braces:).
Angela (:
Kacey Simon is one of the most popular girls in school, until she's in glasses, braces, and a lisp. Her friends dump her and she's left to find her way back up. But is popularity everything? And as a journalist, is the truth always better?

The truth may hurt, but it was always better to know. Always.

Kacey is a "journalist" and does her weekly segment of Simon Says, where she gives advice. However, her advice isn't the nice, helpful advice people need. It's mean and as a result, some are scared of...more
Since this IS an ARC I can't really use the summary on the back of the book because they may change it for the original! And Goodreads doesn't really give you much to get to know the book from. I'm going to TRY to summarize this for you better. BUT I am terrible at it. So... brace yourself.

Kacey Simon is one popular, snobbish, amazingly pretty girl that all of us girls would KILL to be. She's also sometimes a little TO honest. Suddenly, all of that changes when she gets an eye infection and has...more
Well, I did not expect to be rating this book 4.5 stars but I'm going against my better judgment and saying: Yes, OK, I'll admit. This book was pretty good.
But I'm not saying it was perfect, there were a few things in this book that screamed "TWO STAR REVIEW!!" Including, but not limited to: The extreme contrasting mental and chronological ages of the damned characters. Seriously, when I first started the book I was certain these kids were 16 years old, but NO! They were only just coming out of...more
Ms. Yingling
Kacey is not only popular, she is mean. She is a presenter on the school television broadcast every morning, giving advice, which is almost always snarky. She cares a lot about what she wears, and just got a new pair of violet colored contact lenses. When she forgets to use eyedrops with them, they cause an eye infection. She is fitted with a pair of heavy, tortoiseshell eyeglasses. A little while later, she gets heavy duty braces which result in a lisp. The understudy for her starring role in t...more
Soarin Soraya
A mouthful of a title, pun intended, but a fabulous book. Most of us have gone through embarrassing moments in our school lives where we ended up at the bottom of the food chain, tormented for the very things that would make our teeth straight and protected walls from our bumbling. So, as one who had to deal with both of these things, I found it satisfying that Kacey had to go through the trials, especially as she was originally a Queen Bee and a rather blunt, sometimes harsh, one at that!
The Rusty Key
Reviewed by Rusty Key Writer: Becca Worthington

Recommended for: Girls, ages 9-12

One Word Summary: Off-Key

The entire time I was reading How to Rock Braces and Glasses, I couldn’t help thinking that it would make a much better movie than a book. After all, a gimmicky and formulaic plot with cookie-cutter stereotypical characters tends to reek of Hollywood, and not always in a bad way. So it came as very little surprise to discover after finishing the book that it is being launched and marketed alo...more
Release Date: September 5, 2011
Publisher: Poppy
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 304
Format: Hardcover
Source: ARC won from Karen @ For What It's Worth
Gorgeous, uber-harsh, and uber-stylish, Kacey Simon is the undisputed social dictator of Marquette Middle School. That is, until an eye infection and a visit to the dentist leave her with coke-bottle glasses, a mouth full of metal, and... a littttthsp! Dissed and dismissed by her popular friends, Kacey is forced to hang out with a boy who wears skinny je...more
Oct 23, 2011 Amanda rated it 2 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Middle School Chick Lit Fans
Recommended to Amanda by: ARC from publisher
I received this as an ARC at ALA and was excited to read it because it appeared geared to MS girls. The story is a mean-girl gets a dose of her own medicine and becomes a better person story and I just read it will also be a (or is currently) a new sitcom on Nick.

**Spoilers below***

There are several things about the novel that don't ring true to me and I feel it would have been better if the novel had been set in a high school. The middle school has a full blown TV station, newspaper and produc...more
So many of the books that I read have been recommended to me by friends, or other bloggers, or I've seen reviews of the books on other blogs, or on Goodreads. But this one I saw on the library's recently ordered page, and I loved the title, so I put it on hold immediately.

It's definitely a younger YA title, since the characters are in Grade 7. Kacey Simon is the most popular girl in her middle school, until an eye infection results in her getting glasses and a chipped molar results in her dentis...more
Bookish Jen
Middle school. It sucked, didn’t it? And for Kacey Simon, head Queen Bee at Marquette Middle School, middle school is about to suck big time.

In Meg Haston’s How to Rock Braces and Glasses, Kacey Simon and her coterie of mean girls rule the halls of Marquette. However, it is Kacey who is the Alpha and she won’t let you forget it. She’s got the lead in Marquette’s production of “Guys and Dolls” where her co-star is the school hottie, Quinn. She’s a budding journalist and has her own show at her sc...more
Haven’t you ever fantasized what would happen if the mean girls in school got their comeuppance? This book imagines it in satisfyingly rich detail. Showing a diva’s downfall after she gets braces and glasses, Ms. Haston outlines with almost delicious glee how her so-called friends turn on her, her public deserts her, her would-be boyfriend laughs at her and her social standing plummets to zero.

The author manages the tricky business of making us cheer Kacey’s downward spiral while at the same tim...more
Miss Prufrock
"What did you think?", Goodreads asks me, so I'll tell you what I mostly thought while reading: "Nope, nope, nope." That's it, basically.
Ok, it got a little better at the end and I almost granted it two stars (which would be quite good, considering my high amount of nope-ing), but then, it's just too...nope.

One reason for my reaction could, of course, be, that I'm simply not that much into 13-year-old-girl-finds-true-love-novels anymore. I cannot deny that there still are some books of this kind...more
Crys (The Hodgenator)
An absolutely adorable novel.

Readers are introduced to Kacey Simon, the IT girl of her middle school. She is famous for her Simon Says segments, and while it seems to give her fame amongst her crowd, is it the way to help people?

Kacey is popular, she is beautiful, and she is talented. She also has a problem - can you guess what it is?

If you guessed braces and glasses, you get the prize. This combination leads to her social suicide, so to speak, and it turns out that friendship can be fickle.

Meg Haston has created an entertaining story of fitting in at the middle school level - even if you're faced with the unfortunate problem of braces and glasses.

Kacey Simon appears to have it all - her own weekly segment on the school's TV station, the lead role in the school play and all the popularity she could want - until she gets braces and glasses. Before she can blink, her friends have deserted her and the entire school is mocking her after a YouTube video of her goes viral. Kacey isn't a...more
Amy (Books, College, and Other Random Things)
Kacey Simon is the queen bee of Marquette Middle School tells people exactly what she thinks. She also gives this type of advice in her segment of her school’s newscast called “Simon Says”. She has three best friends, Molly, Liv, and Nessa and is currently the lead in the school’s play of Guys and Dolls.

She’s super excited because her crush, Quinn Wilder, is the leading male. Kacey thinks nothing can stop…until she gets an eye infection and is forced to wear glasses. Also after a freak roller sk...more
So in the interest of full disclosure, I'm a huge fan of the Nickelodeon show of the same name. (Huge, dorky fan of the crazy, fanfic-writing type.) I didn't even know this book EXISTED until after I started watching the show, and me being me I decided I had to read it.

There's very few similarities between the book and the show. A few names carried over (mostly first names - Kacey Simon was the only full name to make it over). The first episode is an incredibly condensed version of the whole boo...more
Well, I'm not really sure what to say other than that I liked it, it made me smile though perhaps not laugh as hard as I have with some other books that I thought were hilarious. I liked how it turned out although because it's the first in a series, things aren't really resolved. Fair enough. But at least things were not left in a really bleak spot. Because, you know, falling down the popularity ladder to hit rock bottom after you get braces and glasses is totally the end of the world (as in, se...more
Kacey Simon is hilarious! This is a breezy story that will make you laugh out loud. Poor, Poor Kacey. She went from most popular girl in school to most made fun of. All because she got braces and glasses.

The story starts off with Kacey showing off her new contacts. Which she had forgotten to use the drops for and ends up with an eye infection. She needs to wear glasses for a few weeks until her eye heals. On top of that she ends up having to get braces all in the same week which leaves her with...more

he cover is what really caught my attention. I love the cover, it is so much fun, so bright and doodley. I figured it must be a fun book. I picked up the audio and gave it a go. It was a very fun book. I love the character, she is such a typical teenager going through all the emotions and insecurities that we all seem to go though at 13 years. I loved the story, and the writing was awesome, I was laughing from start to finish.

Kacey is the typical 13 year old who happens to be very popular. She i...more
Middle schooler, Kasey Simon is a mean girl in every way. The daughter of a popular Chicago anchor woman, Kasey thinks it is her journalist duty to be honest with everyone. But honesty hurts, giving Kasey the reputation of a mean girl and the most popular girl in school. She has her clique of friends, Molly, Nessa and Liv. But even they turn on her after an embarrassing fall at Molly’s roller rink birthday party. Kasey’s new contacts made it hard to see and the fall does damage to her teeth. Bot...more
*This review may contain spoilers, but if you dont care, read on.*

This book caught my eye not just because it is the book to the Nickelodeon sitcom "How to Rock", but because it was my last week of having braces. (This is also why I read it so fast...I wanted to finish it before I got my braces off today.)

I really rate this book 3.75 stars, but I just rounded up.

It was a cute story that taught a lesson. It reminded me of Crash, because the main character Kacey goes through a personality transfo...more
In debating whether to give this book 3 or 4 stars, I decided to go with three, simply because while I liked the style of writing the plot seemed to be a bit cliche, and there were a few other things (that I'll go into detail about later) that I just didn't like about the book.

First of all, I DID NOT like the main character, Kacey. I'm not sure whether this was the author's goal (to make her an unlikable character) or if there was just something about her that I didn't like. Kacey thought she wa...more
I'm actually not sure how to review this chic-flic book. On one hand, I'd give it no stars. On the other, I'd give it four. Which is why it's getting two. OK, so down to the chase. Characterization? It was good; as good as any book in this genre out there. The plot wasn't bad, mostly because of situation detailing. If boiled down, it's the rather mundane Mean Girls plot line - which I suppose is better than its alternatives. I suppose. But it wasn't stellar. There were random instances of captit...more
Let's just start off by saying that I did pick this book just because it had the words braces and glasses on the cover. Other than that, I had no idea what the book was about. I thought it was just about a girl getting braces and glasses and getting used to them but I didn't know what else was in the story. So, when I started reading this book I figured out what it was mainly about: Popularity. (Like most books are these days.) (It's still good though, don't worry!) This book is about a girl in...more
By Meg Haston

(as posted on The Rusty Key)

Recommended for: Girls, ages 9-12

One Word Summary: Off-Key

The entire time I was reading HOW TO ROCK BRACES AND GLASSES, I couldn’t help thinking that it would make a much better movie than a book. After all, a gimmicky and formulaic plot with cookie-cutter stereotypical characters tends to reek of Hollywood, and not always in a bad way. So it came as very little surprise to discover after finishing the book that it is being...more
Imagine this: You own the school. You're popular, you're the star in the school play, and you've got the most fabulous closet. The only thing that isn't perfect? Your eyesight. Welcome to Kacey Simon's life.
This book follows Kacey as she takes a major fall down the social pyramid. Will she fight her way back to the top? Or will she discover that being a nobody kind of... rocks?

I'm sorry I had to rate this 2 stars. The writing is good, the characters are okay, the plot is decent, but the moral......more
‘How to Rock- Braces and Glasses’
‘How to Rock- Braces and Glasses’ by Meg Haston 324pages long. The novel is based a young adult, who is on top of the popular charts to hit rock bottom. To meet some rockin’ people at the bottom, joining the ‘Gravity’ and to help out a true friend; Kacey Simon finds out the truth of her ex-friends, but to slam out with her friends. As Kacey going through getting braces and glasses can suck at times. But, through those glasses you can see who are your friends and...more
I was so mad at the end when Kacey still thought that Molly was her BFF, but soo glad its a series. Really appreciated Kacey at the end ( thoroughout she annoyed me with her selfishness, but that take time to change), although Liv annoyed me very much.

The writing was phenomenal! I thought this was executed so good that i couldn't believe this was a first time author until i saw the back cover. So glad that it's a series (did i say that already?).

One thing: they acted more like highschoolers then...more
My Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Having a history filled with both braces and glasses, I felt some sort of deep spiritual connection with this book. It was definitely relatable (to me, anyway, considering my dark past with braces and glasses), and I have to admit, it was pretty funny.

Kaythee Thimon has proven to be a lovable main character; after all, I loved her. The title is eye-catching (its what originally drew me into the book - call me biased), and I like the introduction. The plot is great, and the...more
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