First Light Chronicles Omnibus
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First Light Chronicles Omnibus (First Light Chronicles #1-3)

4.06 of 5 stars 4.06  ·  rating details  ·  2,845 ratings  ·  249 reviews
In the darkest region of our galaxy sits a solitary beacon; Freeground Station. Serving as a waypoint to interstellar travelers it houses an entire civilization. Jonas and his friends spent their spare time in tactical simulations, not drawing much attention at first. As months passed the basic combat challenges became mundane so they secretly entered military training exe...more
Paperback, 374 pages
Published January 7th 2009 by Createspace (first published August 23rd 2008)
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Most good authors perform meticulous research when undertaking a new work of fiction. Authors such as Tom Clancy and Connie Willis spend many hours in libraries and museums gathering information about the subjects of their books. They also conduct interviews with knowledgeable people. That research allows the reader to imagine that the work of fiction might, at a minimum, be possible in the real world. It is obvious that the author of this book performed very little more research than, perhaps,...more
I really tried to like this book, but…
I found it on Amazon as a free ebook for my Kindle. It is the first story of a series. As someone else said, I would give it 2 ½ stars if we could give half stars in Goodreads.
The premise of story is that a group of amateurs hack a simulator that is used by the local military academy for training. The group then proceeds to defeat and humiliate the academies best. After being exposed, the group is then not sent to prison, but given a starship and sent out on...more
Spinward Fringe Broadcast 0: Origins is Randolph Lalonde's initial collection of three novellas in what is now a long running series. This book and series fall into the ever changing "space opera" genre depicting large scale themes set in deep outer space. There are a few minor romance plots as well, but they are brief w/out any graphic scenes.

The novellas remind me of Star Trek and Firefly in that they also center around a strong captain with an interesting cast of supporting crew. Origins fol...more
Randolph Lalonde
Feb 06, 2010 Randolph Lalonde added it  ·  (Review from the author)  ·  review of another edition
I wrote this trilogy and invite everyone to read it for free at Barnes and Noble: or at Smashwords:

Whispers from the Pirate's Ghost Whisper
Let’s start, I give the overall series 4.5 stars, this book 3.5-4 stars.

Randolph LaLonde is an Independent Author and this series is his most successful books yet. According to the bio on his website, he’s selling enough of these books to stop working and become a full time writer. A rare success story, though surely not the only one. This book is proof that there are gems to be found in Independently Published books if you are willing to look for them. And, he’s Canadian (…not that there’s anyt...more
I want to start by saying I got this for free from Kindle.

If I could give half stars, this would really be a 2.5 star rating. It is just slightly below a 3 star, but not a 2 star.
Well there are parts of the book that have a good solid story line, that kept me engrossed and looking forward to getting ont he train so I could rad some more. On the other hand there were parts that were just very ordinarily written that became un-realistic.
The romance between characters at times maybe wonder if...more
J.A. Clement
Apr 23, 2011 J.A. Clement rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone who loves a good yarn and can stand a bit of sci-fi jargon.
Shelves: sci-fi, indie-authors
I like sci-fi and had seen a lot of positive comments on Randolph Lalonde's work on several forums, so coming across this in the course of an idle browse, decided to have a look.

I loved it - for a start it's a long, character-driven story where we see the main character develop from an idle, unfulfilled worker in a fairly undemanding job into a new challenge where he has to suddenly take responsibility for a crew and negotiate them through a series of dangerous events.The ending is sudden and dr...more
Red Haircrow
I confess, I’d become more selective over the past few years, having been disappointed in science fiction of the space opera variety. Converse, perhaps, I’d read trilogies like Karin Lowachee’s set of three: Warchild, Burndive and Cagebird, that I’d really loved. They had characters with backgrounds and complexities that worked for me. I’ve been a long time fan of all kinds of sci-fi, however.

Spinward Fringe Origins is the type of sci-fi that isn’t just for picking up when you have a few moments...more
The one thing that comes to mind when I read this omnibus is that the story is quite similar to the Lost Fleet series by John G. Hemry, only more exciting right from the start. I read a few reviews in which people were complaining that the military ranks used are not correct, or the terms used are not consistent, and they might be right, but if something minor like that is going to annoy you so much then you should not read indie fiction. I personally liked most of the Lost Fleet books, but this...more
Riki Solanen
I really enjoyed this book, and will soon be reading the next in the series. A space opera, it has elements that remind me of both Star Trek and Firefly, and indeed, even has a few references for fan laughs. Like Star Trek though, a suspension of disbelief is needed when it comes to how they get out of all their many scrapes.

This story has a number of twists and turns... I enjoy not being able to predict the way it's going to go. The universe building is interesting as well... planets and sectio...more
Easily 5/5 stars. This was a truly amazing book from an Indie Science Fiction writer. I look forward to the remaining books in the series eventually. Lalonde incorporates many scifi staples and classics into his tale but manages to insert enough fresh ideas to make the entire universe his own. I think that whether you're new to Science Fiction or an old hand, this is a good read that you won't be disapointed in, not to mention that it's 1,385 pages long and FREE on the Barnes and Noble NOOK.
I really enjoyed this! I don't usually like hard-core space travel scifi, but this was good. I skipped over all of the technical mumbo jumbo that this genre always has, and was pleasantly surprised by the characters and story line. I will definitely be reading the sequels!
This was a free download for my Kindle which turned out to be an enjoyable action packed adventure tale. I will certainly be reading the other titles in the series.
This Sci-fi, space opera is very reminiscent of Star Trek and others of that oeuvre. It is what it is, and as it is, it is a fun read that is purely entertaining. Lalonde deliberately writes within the confines of the genre and doesn't pretend to be anything else.

Spinward Fringe Broadcast 0: Origins is actually a collection of three short novellas that do a fairly good job of reading as one novel. The reader will not feel shortchanged as the good guys as suitably heroic, if a bit inept at times...more
** This review does not include a plot synopsis - read the back of the book (or any one of a million other 'reviews' if that's what you're after **

Whilst reading this book I was thinking of ways to describe it, and I frequently found myself comparing it to watching an episode of Star Trek (take your pick of which version). Turns out that this wasn't a coincidence - the book was engineered to read like that. Lalonde, it seems, wanted to try his hand at a different genre, and immersed himself in e...more
I found this book after reading "The Phoenix Conspiracy" and desperately wanting to find another book to try and satisfy my new found hunger for space operas.
It was free from Amazon for Kindle and so I felt I couldn't go wrong. If I didn't like it then I could simply delete it and move on with nothing gained, nothing lost.

I started the book a bit disappointed to be honest. The battle you are thrown into doesn't seem to flow very well, but I put this down to the fact that you know none of the c...more
I am no experienced book reviewer and below probably shows that.

Origins - Review
The main character Jonas Valent is employed as a port traffic controller in a space station called Freeground, his only vice is his after work participation in simulations with his online friends. Soon their identities become known to the Freeground Fleet Command and their lives are changed forever.

The book consists of three parts, Freeground, Limbo and the last 50% of the book Starfree Port. The storytelling is d...more
Grant Gardiner
*E-Pulp Warning* All my e-reading is e-pulp so I review to that standard. Reader beware :) *E-Pulp Warning*

Overall: 4 stars (Recommend)

I stumbled across a recommendation for this series and I'm really glad I did. Spinward Fringe is a fantastic example of space opera fiction with an incredibly detailed world, fantastic technology and a great concept that allows us to explore them both. While it can suffer the usual pacing problems inherent in the genre it is a quality start to an e-pulp series th...more
This is an OK book. (Well, technically it's an omnibus edition of three books, but whatever.) The price is right (Origins is a whole zero dollars in the Kindle Store) and it manages to be a nice bit of fun escapism despite the fact that it's pure, 100%, explosion-filled Gary Stu fantasy.

You can actually ignore the Gary-Stu-ness of the book for the most part, though the places where it dumps realism in favor of the fantasy can occasionally be jarring if it's been a while since we've been reminde...more
Douglas Cook
First Paragraphs

Book 1 - Freeground
"The odds weren’t in our favour. They rarely were, but this time it was different. The stakes were higher. As I drifted through the silence of space in my Raze Starfighter, I got a shiver. All systems were deactivated, including life support. Our wing was hiding behind thousands of meteors we had stirred up and directed at a nearby gas giant.

Lalonde, Randolph (2010-12-01). Origins (Spinward Fringe) (Kindle Locations 26-28). . Kindle Edition.

Book 2 - Limbo
Angus Mcfarlane
A freebie scifi ebook setting the scene for a series of books by a new author, to this genre at least. Certainly enough there to motivate reading the follow up books even though they have a modest price attached. The opening has an Ender-esque flavour, with a renegade crew drawn together in a simulator situation before being sent off on a clandestine mission to defend their home. Heroism, conspiracy, romance and adventure are all featured and the plot moves along briskly and ends with a satisfyi...more
Here I am again, writing a book review for another science fiction And again, I was pleasantly surprised about how much I liked the book.

I got really wrapped up in the journeys of Jonas Valent, Arya Rice, Oz, Ming Buu, Alice (the AI) and the other characters in the book. I was a little disappointed at how it ended but then I realized that, hey, I have the rest of the books in the series. Yay!!

The only thing that turned me off was all of the technical talk about the ship(s)....more
I won´t rephrase what the other 1-2 star rewievs has to say. I will just state that the author sometimes has a nice "easy reading-style) type of flow in his writing, there are SO.MANY. Inconsistencies in the plot and behavior of the protagonists and their enemies(Think 60´s Star Trek)

It´s like an childrens book for 8-12 in that regard, so if you want an modicrum of realism in your Sci-Fi this isn´t for you! If you are able to turn of your thought processes and aren´t to picky about stuff, then t...more
Michele Amitrani
If you are looking for a good, ol’ Sci-Fi novel, I mean the whole deal: space battles, self-conscious AIs, aliens, cloaking devices, spaceships several kilometres long and wormhole this is the book for you.

Randolph Lalonde is another successful story in the self-published realm. His books have hundreds of reviews on Amazon and he sold thousands of his works, now successfully making a living out of them.

Origins (Spinward Fringe) is the story of Captain Valent and the crew of the shadow ship First...more
Great series starter, really wanted to play in this setting as an RPG as well, the characters, storyline and everything just sets the whole universe ripe for adventuring. Randy is an amazing storyteller and the series starter is free! I've read the released (at this point up to Broadcast 6) four times, and am re-reading again now for the fifth. Just the entire setting and character development and, well everything just makes you want more and more, and Randy gives us just that!
Do yourself a favor. Don't listen to any of these reviews (even mine). Instead, go up to the top of the product page on Amazon for Randolph Lalonde's "Origins (Spinward Fringe)" and read the "Click to Look Inside" snippet. If you don't see anything wrong with the very first scene on the very first pages (such as the term "meteor" to describe a rock in space, worries about sound in space, looking through the cockpit at a 100 km wide object 44,000 km away and describing it in detail, or the conven...more
I really really don't understand why this gets such a high rating. This is quite possible one of the worst books I have ever read. The one dimensional characters blunder through three extra long "Star Trek" episodes, spouting line after line of pointless shallow dialogue.

I could go on, but I think once I start I will not be able to stop.
James Elie
A very fun, easy to read sci-fi with pacing that reminds me of something close to a Star Trek, Farscape, Wing Commander and Mass Effect all rolled into one great book. Broadcast Zero is 3 books in one and I finished it faster than I finish some single books. The story follows an unknown prodigy crew using a prototype starship on an off the books mission into known space. There are personal character interactions, a little bit of diplomacy, battles in space against great odds and AI.

I don't want...more
Tim Wolfe
A phenomenal series by an independent author and self-published on non-traditional vehicles such as Smashwords and Amazon along with print on demand services. One of the most gripping sci-fi series I have read, somewhat similar in style to the Simon R. Green Deathstalker series but largely more enjoyable in my view.
Patkos Csaba
This is a fairly good book and quite easy read. I've picked it up as a free offer from Amazon for Kindle and I can say even paying a few dollars for it would be OK.

I am not a particular fan of stories written in first-person, and I think it is extremely confusing when the story line changes to another place but still remains first person and it refers to another person ... Anyway, it takes some time to get used with the author's stile.

There is a clear development in writing stile throughout the...more
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Born in 1974, Randolph Lalonde has worked in customer service, sales, played drums for several heavy metal bands you've never heard of, dealt blackjack in a traveling casino, and serviced countless computers. He's also owned businesses in the design, printing, collectible and custom computer fields.

He completed writing his first novel in the fantasy adventure genre at the age of fifteen and has be...more
More about Randolph Lalonde...
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