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Actual Size
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Actual Size

4.33 of 5 stars 4.33  ·  rating details  ·  1,319 ratings  ·  220 reviews
How big is a crocodile? What about a tiger, or the world’s largest spider? Can you imagine a tongue that is two feet long or an eye that’s bigger than your head? Sometimes facts and figures don’t tell the whole story. Sometimes you need to see things for yourself—at their actual size.
Hardcover, 34 pages
Published May 25th 2004 by HMH Books for Young Readers (first published 2004)
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Lisa Vegan
Oct 09, 2010 Lisa Vegan rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: kids fascinated by nature & animals & size differences
This is yet another picture book about nature from Jenkins, and another winner.

I’ll try to remember this book next time I say I have a large spider in my apartment. I never knew there were spiders so large, and I’m glad I’ve never seen one off the pages of a book.

This is a rather large picture book and a couple of times pages fold out so there is more space to see the actual size of an animal or part of an animal. Biggest, heaviest, occasionally smallest animals of their type are the most featur
Dec 15, 2010 Kathryn rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommended to Kathryn by: Lisa and Chandra--Thanks!
What fun! A book about animals that presents them "actual size" Well, not that the book is big enough to fit a gorilla or a giant squid, but you can see the actual size of the giant squid's eye (about the size of a basketball!) and put up your hand to see how BIG the gorilla's hand is by comparison. There are some really cute little animals that are shown in their entirety, like the teensy pygmy lemur. And if you're into creepy-crawlies, there's the full-size giant Gippsland earthworm, all 36 in ...more
My class loved when we read this book together. This picture book is good for students in Kindergarten and up. The book presents many animals or parts of animals with a short text and a picture that is the size of that animal or animal part. For example, the eye of the giant squid takes up an entire page. The information is presented with a bit of humor and end notes that give more facts about each animal. The pictures are bright and stand out on the white background. It would be fun to have stu ...more
 (NS) Amie
Named one of the Orbis Pictus honor books for 2005, Actual Size by Steve Jenkins is made up of torn and cut paper collages of life-size animals or animal parts. School Library Journal calls the book “an enticing way to introduce children to diversity in the natural world.” Not only is it enticing to its audience – preschool through grade five – but this book is amazing for anyone, regardless of age, who picks it up. The book’s cover immediately grabs you by comparing a gorilla’s hand to the size ...more
Casey Strauss
In the picture book, Actual Size by Steve Jenkins, images of all the animals shown are at actual size, both large and small. Page by page the author shows a number of animals, displayed in their actual size, with their dimensions included beneath the image. For the larger images it’s almost startling to see just how grand the actual size is in proportion to the page of the book. For example, one turns the page to see it is entirely filled with the eyeball of the giant squid, measuring in at twel ...more
Actual Size by Steve Jenkins is an incredibly creative informational book. Jenkins purpose is to provide readers with facts about different animals and visuals of the actual size. For example, a giant anteater's tongue is two feet long, so Jenkins provides a visual of this animals head with a tongue the actual size of two feet. The visual is accompanied with additional facts like the length of the body and tail as well as the weight. In addition to the two page spread of these animals, in the ba ...more
Mar 27, 2013 Dolly rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: parents reading with their children
We read Prehistoric Actual Size by Steve Jenkins last summer and we really liked it. Recently I posted my review for another of his books, Dogs and Cats, here on Goodreads, and I saw that he also wrote this book, so I immediately put it on hold at our local library.

This is a fascinating book featuring very large and small animals, showing them (or at least parts of them) in actual size. The narrative is very simple, and the illustrations are marvelous. And I loved that each animal was shown in
Jenkins presents various animals and insects, or parts of them in actual size using cut and torn paper collages. Some of the authentically colored collages represent the entire animal at actual size. Others show a specific body part at actual size according to what fits on a page or on a two page spread. The actual physical dimensions and some interesting facts (what is eaten) are presented for the illustrations. Two fold-outs present a Goliath frog and the teeth/mouth of a saltwater crocodile. ...more
Actual Size, by Steve Jenkins, is an original and visually captivating book that shows the actual scale or size of various animals and insects. From a dwarf goby (the smallest fish of all) to an African Elephant, Jenkins gives the reader an excellent visual perspective which shows the creature's actual size. The artwork is beautiful and will be sure to grab the interest of any young reader. At the end of the story the author gives additional facts and pertinent information about the animals feat ...more
Brittany Martz
This is a great book for young students to learn facts and see real life size pictures of the facts. The pictures in this book are amazing because they are all shown in actual size. An example from the book is a great white shark that is zoomed in on his large teeth. This book walks through different animals that are unique and with the large picture are facts about the picture. To go along with the great white shark the book states the length and weight of the shark and that the teeth are 4 inc ...more
Irina Ryabyy
Actual Size by Steve Jenkins is an informational book that looks at various animals and their size. For each animal and insect included in the book it provides a detailed picture and the approximate size. For example, The Alaskan brown bear is the largest meat-eating animal that lives on land and is 13 feet in height and weighs 1700 pounds. All of the animals in this book are shown at actual size so that readers can see how they measure up to creatures both large and small. For this reason the i ...more
Oscar Pagoada
Actual Size is a non-fiction book that deals with animals and the differing sizes they are. The information provided is given with a simple life size illustration of the animal species that the author is showing. The book is fairly simple to read with no more than one sentence er illustration. The repetitive nature of the book would make you think that it is fun the way the comparisons are made. A pygmy mouse lemur and a gorillas hands juxtaposed is quite funny when you see that about three of t ...more
As a child, one of the most common questions I had was how big some unfamiliar object or animal actually was. The book Actual Size answers many of the questions I tortured my parents with. The book addresses many different animals and their actual size, or a portion of their body’s actual size, such as a crocodile head, the world’s largest spider, the smallest fish and the foot of an elephant. A few short and simple sentences are also included for each animal and some pages have pull outs while ...more
I enjoyed this book a lot. The basic premise of the book is it shows life size images of different parts of animals while relating interesting facts about that animal. For me the two-page spread of a giant squid's eye was the most satisfying.

I like that this exists. Often it's easy to forget the scale of things we see pictures of or see on tv. A book like this makes the animal kingdom more real by - for instance - letting children compare the size of their hand to that of a gorilla.

I love the i
Kathryn Eder
Love this informational book about animals. It is very realistic especially when they show how long a crocodiles mouth is and they show it with a fold out page that illustrate just how long it really is compared to us. Even a brown bears head is amazing to compare to your own head. It is a great book to have in a classroom for students to learn facts about animals.
I absolutely LOVED this Nonfiction selection by Steve Jenkins. As an adult, I found it so interesting. I like that the book gives measurements for the animals as well as provides an illustration of its "actual size". This makes it appealing and appropriate to a wider age range of readers. As an adult, I was very intrigued by the facts that Jenkins included about the animals. It really put in perspective how large (or small!) some animals really are. The illustrations made this book come alive an ...more
Emma Hendrickson
This book to be very engaging and interactive. I love that the majority of the pictures in the book are life size. This will catch the students attention. I also like that at the end of the book there are long descriptions of each animal. The teacher could read these descriptions to the students so that they learn more about each animal. One thing I did not like about these descriptions are the amount of words. They are very lengthy descriptions, which would make it hard for a younger reader to ...more
Mykenzie Johnson
Actual Size is a very cool interesting book. It is about animals that show their actual size. This books helps kids visualize the real size of animals. This book can be very engaging and interactive. This book has very bright colors and is something that kids would very be interested in. The pictures in the book are actually to scale of what the animal actually looks like. This book has pages that fold out which keeps the kids entertained. This book could be for anyone in Kindergarten or up. Any ...more
Jasmine Yanich
This is an informational nonfiction book that shows the actual size of a variety of animals. It shows some of the smallest animals in the world to some of the biggest. Since most animals are bigger than the book the bigger animals are shown as only part of the animal. For example, there is the foot of the largest land animal, the African elephant. In the back of the book it gives more information on each of the different animals listed in the book.

This book would be wonderful for a science less
Tricia Douglas
I love all of Steve Jenkins' books. This one shows the extra size of parts of animals through pictures, ie. the hand of a gorilla and the nose of a bear. Even I was intriqued! At the back of the book is additional information about the animals discussed in the book.
Great book! My six year old grandson loved it!
Christine Watson
This is a great book that introduces children to the various size of different animals. Smaller animals are included in their entirety. Larger animals are shown in creative ways. For example, just the hand of a gorilla or an eyeball of a giant squid are pictured so that children can begin to understand how big things are in relation to themselves. The themes in this book are animals and measurement. I have used this book when I begin my measurement unit in math. We read the story a
Victoria Hylind
This "all about" book describes the actual size of animals in nature. For example, there is a giant foot of an elephant on the page. The book describes the elephant and tells us exactly how big it is. This shows perspective for the students, showing how large the animals are compared to us humans. This book would be a nice continuum of a text set. If we were talking about elephants we could then read this book to learn just how big they are. The book also talks a lot about the height, width, len ...more
Krista the Krazy Kataloguer
Kids love to put their hands up alongside that of the gorilla. It still amazes me that all his illustrations are done with cut and torn paper. Such talent!
Alyssa Weber
Actual Size by Steve Jenkins is an informational non-fiction text. Throughout reading this text, children will be able to learn the concept of length, height, weight, and other measurements. The neat thing about this given book is that the images represent the actual size of things! Therefore, not only can children understand these concepts but they can begin to understand how to compare and contrast different things by using measurement. I think this is a fantastic book with awesome illustratio ...more
Emily Rath
I absolutely loved this book. This is a wonderful book full of pictures with actual sized creatures! This book includes an actual size of a tiger, a spider, a lizard and a crocodile. The author, Steve Jenkins, does an incredible job at portraying actual sizes of small and big animals. The genre of this book is Nonfiction. I rated this book a five because I love the way Jenkins shows the actual size of real life animals. When I first picked this book up, I didn't expect to see all of those differ ...more
Derek Slagle
I really enjoyed how Steve Jenkins created this book. In this informational nonfiction book, Jenkins shows various animals at their actual size. He does so by giving appropriate illustrations of each animal along with factual information. In some cases where the animals are too large, Jenkins illustrates just a single part of the animal so you can get an understand of the size.
This book would be good for an interdisciplinary lesson for science and math. First you could look at the different area
Elizabeth Walker
Actual Size by Steve Jenkins is a book about animals and the actual size they are. This non-fiction book is a great read for boys in first through fourth grade. I rated this book a four out of five because the pictures are amazing. They really make the book more descriptive and enjoyable. On many of the pages the picture folds out to take up more than two pages. This makes it a book that is very enjoyable for kids to read. The book also gives children an idea of how big some animals are. It real ...more
Ever wonder how big an elephant's foot was or how large a crocodile was? Actual Size is a great nonfiction book with pictures that illustrate the actual size of animals. Readers will actually visualize how big the animal is in comparison to their own hand, leg or whole body. The book gives the actual measurements and at the end of the book includes a paragraph about each animal for further learning.

This book is great for kindergarten readiness. It promotes math and science and helps young childr
Sally Deem
This book shows you the actual size of different animal's body parts and gives great facts about what the animals do with these body parts. The author includes other facts about the body parts, such as how big they are in height, weight or length. The illustrations are amazing and many of the facts are astonishing or gruesome. The author also includes a few pages that fold out to show actual size. This is another great book by Steve Jenkins and one I will include in my first grade library to use ...more
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