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Star Wars Children of the Jedi
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Star Wars Children of the Jedi (Star Wars Universe)

3.23 of 5 stars 3.23  ·  rating details  ·  5,877 ratings  ·  88 reviews
Callista is abrave Jedi warrior who gave her lifeto save a sanctuary for wives and children of Jedi knights from obliteration by the Empire. Suddenly,a dreadnought is rearming itself for shelter destruction. Only Luke Skywalker can feel the evilpresence and the influence of believed decades-dead Callista. ...more
Library Binding, 409 pages
Published July 1st 1996 by San Val, Incorporated (first published 1995)
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Probably the worst SW book I've read. Lame, derivative, pointless. Hambly tosses the usual SW suspects into a moonlet; introduces the obligatory Palpatine clone/hand/minion/offspring; starts the ticking clock, and it still comes out with a hodgepodge of seemingly plagiarized elements.

Did Hambly read other SW novels before writing this? No, did she see the movies? She apparently doesn't understand what the Force is or how it works (or doesn't). She included the cliches, but not the spirit of Star
Kevis Hendrickson
I've read quite a few Star Wars books in my time and not all of them were great. But Children of the Jedi by Barbara Hambly is without question the worst Star Wars book ever written. I had to fight to get through the book and found the story to be quite lacking in every department. The romance between Luke and Callista seemed forced and was a complete turn off. Children of the Jedi is easily one of the worst books I've ever read and is a black eye on the Star Wars franchise. I don't know how thi ...more
Here's the thing: I have an upchuck reflex just thinking about this book. I know that I should say, "HATEY HATE HATE SO BAD!" because that's what I'm doing without even thinking about it. I remember laughing at this and ranting about how bad it was, and I remember it being one of the few SW books I gave away.

... and unfortunately, now, eight years or so after I read this, I have no idea why. So, ah, take it with a grain of salt.
Crystal Starr Light
The great Jedi Master Luke passes out - Times Four!
Han, Luke, and Leia are on Ithor, enjoying the beautiful Time of Meeting, when an old associate of Han's appears and leaves them with a cryptic message. This message leads Han and Leia to the mysterious world of Belsavis, and Luke and his students, Cray Mingla, brilliant scientist, and her fiancee, Nichos Marr, head to the Moonflower Nebula. Both quickly uncover a plot by a former Emperor's Hand to destroy Belasavis.
NOTE: I read this book years
Unless you are a SW completeist, avoid this book (and all others by Hambly) like the plague! Hell, even if you MUST have every SW book printed, just don't read it-put it on the shelf with your collection and never touch it again.

Barbara Hambley's books are filled chock full with fail and aids-I've even tried reading her non-SW fic, and it's like reading bad fan fiction online. I won't even deign to give this book a single star. Blech!
I had a sort of mixed reaction in reading Children of the Jedi, because it didn't work for me on a literary level and it frustrated me just due to the contradictory nature of most of its entirety. The timeline is crazy wrong, which normally can be forgiven because it predates the prequel trilogy, but at the same time the author can't manage to get the continuity from the previous Jedi Academy series which precede the events of this book. She somehow manages to switch up who destroyed the Sun Cru ...more
If you ever get your hands on a copy of this book. This is your only warning. Burn It!!!!
Not terrible, but very underwhelming. The whole Luke/Callista subplot was a little weird. There were a few moments that I felt clashed a bit with the Star Wars continuity, but nothing that really bothered me. The biggest problem was that the book felt extremely long with very little plot advancement going on. A more concise story would have been more enjoyable. The author also had an annoying tendency to add paragraphs of irrelevant description in the middle of dialogue, causing the reader to lo ...more
Ok i'm gonna be honest and say there is a few books in the star wars expanded universe that you should avoid and this is one of them.

Maybe its just me but i found this book boring and a challenge to finish it.
Matthew Bowers
This book is deeply flawed. First, the prose itself is overly florid and descriptive, yet at the same time terrible at creating a sense of place and geography you can follow in your mind. Second, the plot -- which at it's core is fine and in fact contains some interesting ideas -- is overly complicated and convoluted. Third, Hambly falls into the Star Wars / fantasy trap of giving everyone ridiculous names, and populating the book with so many of these absurdly named characters, that it can be d ...more
Justin Benz
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Wicked ♥  (Wickedly Bookish Reviews) aka Bat-Jess
I noticed when I picked this up how many bad reviews it has received from fellow goodreads members. So, naturally I expected to utterly hate this, but I really actually enjoyed parts of it. I will admit it definitely isn't the best Star Wars novel ever or even close, but it wasn't utterly unreadable either like some Kevin J. Anderson books I've had to choke my way through. *cough*JediAcademyTrilogy*coug* Yes, it the Luke/Callista thing is a bit weird and makes me a tad uncomfortable, but it work ...more
Suzanne Wood
I adore this book. Have read it so many times. Such good writing and story, equal time for Luke and Han and Leia. The aliens abord the rogue ship are fantastic, specially the mushroomy chaps. The relationship that develops for Luke was one that felt very real and believable. I was more than disappointed when it was sidelined for the Mara story later on. Fantastic!!
Oh, special cudos to Threepio - he acquitted himself admirably.

Note - these earlier Star Wars books (particularly those written by l
The majority of the reviews for Children of the Jedi are either saying it's among the worst of the Star Wars novels...or among the best. My feelings on it were more moderate; it wasn't amazing, but it also wasn't terrible. The story was decent, although nowhere near as enthralling as any of the movies. The writing was also passable. In fact, pretty much everything about Children of the Jedi was mediocre; so much so, that I can only recommend it to die-hard Star Wars enthusiasts, or those who hav ...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
The book The Children of the Jedi, by Barbara Hambly, is a fiction book about the Star Wars universe. Overall, I did not overly enjoy this book because of the characters. However, there were some good aspects about the book.
There are multiple reasons I didn’t like this book. One reason is that many of the characters seemed inconsistent then they do in other Star Wars books I have read. For example: at one point, Han Solo says, “You mean the blonde with the legs?” That is something Han Solo wou
I don't remember much about this book, but I think it's the one where Han and Leia's children are kidnapped and at one point, consumed by a Force-wielding slug thing.

ETA: ok, so apparently this is not the book with the magic space slug. Instead, it is the story of Luke's attempt to destroy the Empire's superweapon "Eye of Palpatine". His only ally on the ghost ship is another ghost, that of a long-dead Jedi named Callista. I kinda liked her, but the romance was a bit soppy.
I read this back before the new trilogy came out and it made more sense before George Lucas began fiddling around with the lore.

That being said, I thought the novel was a fun read -- mistakes and all. I actually enjoyed parts of the novel, though I do have to admit I was very prone to just skimming until I found the next good part. It's not the worst novel I've read and it's definitely not the best, but overall -- it was still fun.
Oct 05, 2014 John marked it as abandoned  ·  review of another edition
So awful I cannot continue. Yesterday I lost another day that could have been spent reading anything by trying to get through this mess.

I made it to page 136 which is 39% of the book.

I am not alone in my opinion. The first ten goodreads reviews slam this. I want to finish it so I can have another one-star book, but I can't make myself read any more.

shelf: abandoned
Joseph Rankin
May 08, 2009 Joseph Rankin rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: No
This has got to be the worst Star Wars book I have ever read. I really enjoy all of the others, but this book drug out so bad. Plus the story line was not great. Unless you are like me & want to just keep with a chronilogical read even if the book isn't great, I do not recommend picking it up.
Daniel Kukwa
A very strange story -- the romanticism-meets-cyberpunk plot makes this very unique in the Star Wars novel series...almost a pure SF story in its own right, with special guest appearance by Luke Skywalker. I found it more fascinating than all-out entertaining & enjoyable.
I sort of rolled my eyes at the romance parts; admittedly if those parts didn't exist I would have liked Callista just fine.

What alarmed me most, though, was how Luke seemed to get physically injured all the time (I still rolled my eyes at the brokenhearted bits).
This book was so confusing! In my opinion, it wasn't very well written when compared to Timothy Zahn, and it's a good thing that Kevin J. Anderson continues the story presented here in a mervelous way.
Aug 08, 2007 Bain rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: bum's who need fuel for there fire
guess what something bad happens to someone and people save something. This is one of those books that did not need to be done . It adds nothing to the canon and is poorly executed. F this F'ing S
this book confused the hell outta me, i have good reading comprehension skills, but i had no clue what was going on in this book
Ed Nemo
This was the worst Star Wars book I have ever read. I forced myself to get through it. Absolutely terrible.
Miranda Hewitt
I honestly hated this book. I love Star Wars and even the more disappointing novels had something likable to it. I mean Crucible had one weird storyline the the Star Wars EU could have been better off without but this one was a whole new low. This story was unnecessary, the Luke and Callista thing was rushed and weird. Thank the maker they later put him with Mara Jade.
This author I don't think knew how to write a proper Star Wars novel. So many things were just off, other than seeing familiar na
Again, good premise, very poor execution.
Jonathan Harbour
The first of the "Callista Trilogy" starts off pretty good, furthering the New Republic storyline back in 1995 shortly after the Thrawn trilogy. So this was all new stuff at the time. Newer books since then have become rather tired from copying this early material from Barbara Hambly, but she was first on the mark with many themes that held water for two decades of Star Wars writing. Hambly has also written a few Star Trek novels that were quite good, such as Crossroad.

Honestly, it's the second
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aka Barbara Hamilton

Ranging from fantasy to historical fiction, Barbara Hambly has a masterful way of spinning a story. Her twisty plots involve memorable characters, lavish descriptions, scads of novel words, and interesting devices. Her work spans the Star Wars universe, antebellum New Orleans, and various fantasy worlds, sometimes linked with our own.

"I always wanted to be a writer but everyone
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