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Tooth and Nail
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Tooth and Nail

3.81 of 5 stars 3.81  ·  rating details  ·  1,488 ratings  ·  90 reviews
As a new plague related to the rabies virus infects millions, America recalls its military forces from around the world to safeguard hospitals and other vital buildings. Many of the victims become rabid and violent but are easily controlled-that is, until so many are infected that they begin to run amok, spreading slaughter and disease. Lieutenant Todd Bowman got his unit...more
Paperback, 258 pages
Published April 1st 2010 by Schmidt Haus Books (first published January 1st 2010)
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Patrick D'Orazio
Tooth and Nail is blistering fast military-focused thrill ride into the apocalypse. I scanned some of the other reviews and a comment that comes up with some frequency is that the nemesis here are not technically zombies. From a purist perspective, that is certainly true. The Hong Kong Lyssa Virus does not kill its victims...the ones that go "Mad Dog", as they are called, have symptoms similar to someone infected with rabies...along the lines what we saw with 28 Days Later and Rec, as far as mov...more
TW Brown
28 Days Later was one of those moves that really helped push the zombie back to the forefront. Only…zombie purists will tell you, “It’s not a zombie movie.” In many ways, Tooth and Nail by Craig DiLouie is much the same. In fact, this book could be seen as the Americanized version. And I mean this in a good way.

While Lieutenant Todd Bowman is named on the back jacket, there are a number of characters in this fast-paced tale. Some might complain about the number of characters—a criticism I never...more
As something of a closest 'Zombiephile', I randomly stumbled upon Tooth and Nail in my Amazon recommended list. With so few reviews, and a synopsis that hinted heavily at a military focus, it was with a slightly closed mind that I purchased this book.
And instantly I was pleasantly surprised.

Tooth and Nail starts with a disease that sweeps through the city with rapid pace, beginning as a virus with a high mortality rate, and morphing into a 'zombie' disease.

The pace is fast, and at first I found...more
Felicia A
Tooth and Nail features "infected", not "zombies", and the virus is a genetically altered mutation of the rabies virus. So not exactly zombies, but similar, though it reads like a true zombie book.

For a zombie-type book, it had enough of a different bent that it wasn't like just reading another self-published fanboy/fanfic piece focused on guns, gore, guts and rape scenes.

This book has a great premise, a good story arc, and good intentions. It does not, however, have a good execution.

The writin...more
William M.
This is my first experience reading author Craig Dilouie and I was pretty impressed. Out of the dozens of zombie novels I’ve read over the years, this was the first to really focus on the military aspect of the plague (other than Jonathan Maberry’s PATIENT ZERO, but that concentrated more on an isolated covert operation and included only a sprinkling of zombie action) Usually the military is used in the periphery, but in TOOTH AND NAIL, Dilouie drags the reader not only into the middle of the ac...more
Steven Konkoly
Tooth and Nail is one of the most immersive experiences you can find as a fan of apocalyptic fiction. As a former military officer, I can attest to complexity and uncertainty of the difficult decisions faced by second lieutenant Todd Bowman and his men, as they faced an increasingly deadly and nebulous viral threat on the streets of Manhattan. The buildup of tension, confusion and violence was expertly drawn from start to finish. Each soldier's role in the story is examined and expanded through...more
Joe Crook
I feel like in order to truly enjoy this book you have to be in the army or some other armed service. People in that situation don't feel the same terror from a zombie plague situation as a normal person would and it showed I'm the writing. It lacked emotion, and focussed more on military strategy and combat. I felt like they could have been fighting any kind of enemy and the book would have read the exact same way, it just so happened they were fighting zombies.
Amazing macho zombie slaughter of the best kind.

A cold and distant reflection on the apocalypse from a military point of view.

Focus is on the individual soldier and its struggle both with survival, conscience and keeping a sane head during Armageddon.
Heather Faville
Technically a 4.5, but worthy of a round up!

Craig DiLouie's Tooth & Nail is a zombie story filled with practically non-stop action and very realistic detail. It is obvious that DiLouie did his research before or while writing this novel. Tooth & Nail is very military focused and while I have a little bit of knowledge, I do not know a lot of the details of the military world. Therefore, I asked my husband as I was reading questions here and there about whether this would work, would...more

Original review over at Fantasy Book Critic

OVERVIEW/ANALYSIS: Tooth and Nail from its blurb quintessentially seems to be a zombie military novel and whilst I went in with those thoughts, the actual book turned out to be a bit more than that.

For one the zombies in this book are scientifically explained. It turns out that something called Mad Dog or Lyssavirus is infecting people in the United States of America and turning them into slobbering angry creatures whose sole instinct/purpose is to b...more
An extremely strong Post-Apocalyptic effort. It excels in communicating the experience of life in the US Army and it puts that Army is a hopeless situation. We get to live the experience along with the soldiers. You and they realize simultaneously that they are going to die. It's a neat trick, executed to perfection.

The story begins just before the point where the virus moves from merely a pandemic to an apocalypse. Most of society's infrastructure is intact- water, electricity, etc. However, s...more
The world goes viral and America's military is recalled stateside from overseas operations in Iraq and Afghanistan to major cities such as New York, to protect its citizens - against itself. Then everything goes fubar and the military units are left in isolated pockets of humanity surrounded by thousands of Mad Dogs - technically not dead, but crazed people infected with a new kind of virus that spreads in typical zombie fashion. You know, biting.

Once I put down my smut addiction and delved in...more
Wow!!!! I've read several zombiepocolypse books,but none like this one. The perspective being only soldiers is fascinating no heroic civilians but instead military men an women fighting with tooth and nail to keep honor and fight for what's right . Amazing book and I really like the idea behind the apocalypse not just some random unknown virus. Deffinetly A book I would strongly recommend to apocalypse lovers.
DiLouie bewegt sich mit seinem Roman in einer zeitgleich entstandenen, dem Zombie-Genre sehr nahe verwandten Spielart des Horrorgenres, bei der es nicht zuletzt durch die erfolgreiche Resident Evil Reihe zu erheblichen Übehrschneidungen kam.
Mit Zähnen und Klauen ist ein überaus gelungenes, an George A. Romeros Crazies angelehntes Epidemieszenario aus militärischer Sicht geschildert. Diese Action betonte Untergattung im Horrorgenre ist dem Zombiegenre tatsächlich oft so ähnlich das die Szenarien...more
Didn't love it. Couldn't get attached to any of the characters. Was mostly just happy to get it finished. I didn't find it engaging or believable.
Laurie Jameson
Total guy book. Shooting, fighting, bleeding, gun size, grenades. Not my cup of tea. Oh yeah, and zombies.
DiLouie just does not interest me. I find his books dry and unoriginal.
Tooth and Nail is a fast paced zombie style action thriller which engrosses the reader from the start and puts the pedal down until the end. It follows a military unit as opposed to the normal rag-tag group of survivors that you see in this genre so this created many more diverse options for storytelling which Dilouie does really well (No spoilers!) I recommend picking this up if you like the zombie/apocalyptic tropes and if you enjoy military action as well. My full review of this book can be f...more
Loved this book I didn't want it to end!
Andy Phillips
The story concerns a US Army unit that is recalled from Iraq (along with virtually all military units) to restore order during an outbreak of a plague. We follow the soldiers right from the start as they try to survive in increasingly desperate situations.

Firstly, I have three gripes, that stop a 5 star rating. The whole book is in the present tense, which I find odd, as it reads more like a movie script. I guess that's deliberate. Secondly, there are a lot of characters who are very hard to tel...more
This is a tightly focused narrative about a rage virus outbreak in New York City. It is told in third person and alternates focus between 3 or 4 different US Army soldiers of varying ranks. I went into my reading of this knowing that it wasn't going to have a single protagonist, which I think helped. When read with this in mind, the book is very honest and unpretentious. A lot of military jargon and soldiers' names and rank is thrown in, which made things a bit hard to follow at times, but didn'...more

Tooth and Nail follows a group of soldiers from Iraq into New York as they are thrust into a mission they never could have imagined was possible. In the beginning, it is a relief to be away from the constant bombings and the chaos that is war; but things change. The Hong Kong Lyssa virus has swept the nation, transforming the infected into Maddies, rabid blood-thirsty killers. U.S. citizens needing assistance are flooding to the hospitals for treatment. But does a treatment exist? As supplies dw...more
Procrastinador Diletante
No caso do "Tooth and Nail", seguimos um grupo de militares, recém-chegados do Iraque e "lançados aos lobos". A sua missão é defender um hospital numa cidade de Nova Iorque paralisada por uma pandemia global. É claro que tudo começa a correr mal a partir do momento em que os infectados começam a ser em tal número e tão agressivos que passa a ser necessário usar força letal para os deter.

Sem me alongar muito em explicações (e spoilers), posso dizer que o livro é comparável com o filme Black Hawk...more

I had the joy of meeting Mr. DiLouie at a Horrorhound convention in Indianapolis. He talked up this book quite a bit before I gave in and bought it. I have to say, I underestimated this book when I brought it home. Yes, it is essentially a zombie apocalypse book. But even more than that, it's a military thriller. Knowing nothing about the military or it's operations, I was fascinated by how detailed the passages were and how enthused I was while reading. Mr. DiLouie's writing style livens up th...more
Jun 10, 2010 Monster added it
Shelves: zombies-adult
In Tooth and Nail, a widespread plague immobilizes the United States and the military units abroad are recalled to help maintain order. What starts out as a humanitarian mission for Lieutenant Todd Bowman and his unit, though, turns into a fight for survival when they are trapped in New York City while a second plague sweeps through, turning its victims into mindless violent animals, or "mad dogs".
The victims of the “mad dog” plague will seem familiar to those who have watched the movie 28 Da...more
Benjamin Cheah
Tooth and Nail is a zombie apocalyptic fiction with very strong leanings towards military realism at the tactical(note this word: tactical) level. It's another variation of the age-old zombie virus tale: as the war in Iraq draws to an end, the Hong Kong Lyssa virus emerges, prompting a global epidemic. The virus, unsurprisingly, turns victims

The US military is recalled from the Middle East to enact quarantine measures at home. As scientists in the Center for Disease Control race to understand th...more
Ryan Gilbert
Let's face it. We run woefully low on any type of decent zombie book. I find myself slumming from book to book hoping to find a zombie story that isn't terrible. Until the day arrives where we have a plethora of great stories on a consistent basis, we have to scrap by on what we can find.

With that in mind, this story is not great, but at least enjoyable. It had plenty of action, and I didn't find myself being too annoyed with either terrible characters or ridiculous plot developments. Not to say...more
Shana Festa
Tooth and Nail is an exhilarating military focused adventure set in New York City. DiLouie wastes no time building up back story and gets right to the good stuff. The Hong Kong Lyssa Virus, thought to originate from the Indian fruit bat, has begun infecting the population. Compared to and deemed worse than the Spanish flu of 1918, it's symptoms are similar to rabies; rage, frothing at the mouth, hydrophobia. Not Zombies in the traditional sense, the infected are fueled by a desire to spread the...more
Tooth And Nail is one of my top ten favorite zombie/apocalypse books. Story: An infantry platoon, battle hardened in Iraq and redeployed back to the US, is tasked with securing a New York research facility that may hold the cure for a freak rabies virus that is infecting millions. In order to do that, Lt. Tod Bowman's platoon must fight it's way across the city, through monstrous hordes of rabid citizens intent on infecting everyone in their path. Craig Dilouie realistically details the science...more
Ramon Yáñez lópez
Una compa��ia de soldados es retirada de Iraq y llevada rapidamente a NY ya que se ha desatado una pandemia terrible.
Crucen entre pelicula de infectados (28) y Black Hawk Down.
Bien escrita y sobre todo dedicada a los que les gusta el tema militar ya que el autor describe con bastante precision lzs tacticas de combate urbano.
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Craig DiLouie is the author of zombie favorites THE INFECTION, THE KILLING FLOOR, THE RETREAT and TOOTH AND NAIL, as well as THE GREAT PLANET ROBBERY, a science fiction novel, and PARANOIA, a psychological thriller. His latest apocalyptic horror novel, SUFFER THE CHILDREN, was published May 2014.
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The Infection The Killing Floor (a novel of The Infection) Suffer the Children The Retreat #1: Pandemic The Great Planet Robbery

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