I Kissed a Zombie, and I Liked It
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I Kissed a Zombie, and I Liked It

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Algonquin “Ali” Rhodes, the high school newspaper’s music critic, meets an intriguing singer, Doug, while reviewing a gig. He’s a weird-looking guy—goth, but he seems sincere about it, like maybe he was into it back before it was cool. She introduces herself after the set, asking if he lives in Cornersville, and he replies, in his slow, quiet murmur, “Well, I don’t really...more
Paperback, 177 pages
Published January 26th 2010 by Delacorte Books for Young Readers
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I remember coming across this book on Thomas' shelf and briefly thought about picking it up at the library. The title, cover, and Thomas’ lukewarm review made me decide to give it a pass. Now that I’ve discovered OverDrive and am in the mood for zombie stories, I decided to give this book a chance and borrowed the e-version. Though I still had my doubts after looking at the cheesy cover, I pressed on. I finished the story in one day and was surprised by how funny, sweet and smart it was.

Jillian -always aspiring-
(Just a note: I am going to apologize beforehand for the fact that, after you read this review, you will likely have Katy Perry's song, "I Kissed a Girl, and I Liked It," stuck in your head for a while. You have been warned.)

I Kissed a Zombie, and I Liked It was a surprising read for me. I expected it to be a parody on many things wrong with the paranormal romance trend post-Twilight -- and it is. But it's more than that too. In some ways, it left me with feelings similar to how I felt after rea...more
Okay, to be honest, I might never have picked up this book, if Adam Selzer had not been such a huge supporter of The Book Lantern. And what a mistake that would have been!

Reading reviews for this book, I am shocked by the number of people who simply don't get what this book is about — a trend I have found disturbingly common in YA satire. Spoofs? No problem, every one knows when to laugh, and at what, so they're still considered witty and amusing. Satire? Not so much. Similarly to Bumped, I'm fr...more
Katie M.
WARNING: You are about to read my severe rant about one character. If you want to skip that and read all the OTHER reasons I hate the book, feel free to skip it. :]
It took me roughly five minutes to realize that I hate Alley Rhodes.
She begins the book as a witty individual, filled to the brim with awesome jokes and coolness and common sense that made me like her, but as the book progressed into chapter two, she quickly became a doey eyed fool for Doug, the "goth" who sang for the worlds crapp...more
Okay, I read this book because of our discussion on whether or not authors could cross a line when redefining a supernatural creature. A zombie/human relationship is the one we felt would cross that line with the Eew factor. So in the name of research I read this book. :)

The Good - I liked the message at the end which was don't take life for granted. Don't throw it away and enjoy it for the incredible gift it is. Plus, there was quite a bit of humor added in and this was not meant to be a seriou...more
In the novel “I kissed a zombie, and I liked it,” author Adam Selzer presents a story of eighteen year old Algonquin mostly known as “Alley” Rhodes. Alley is the writer of the school’s newspaper. She goes to parties and other events that are in town to judge them that’s the way every one known if they were good or not. In one of the concerts Will’s band was going to play in a club that used to be a restaurant in the past. After Will was done setting up all the instruments, Doug the guess singer...more
I Kissed a Zombie, and I Liked it is about strangely named Algonquin "Alley" Rhodes, who so happens to have kissed a zombie - and liked it. She can't help but fall for Doug, the uncolored, unchanging, undead zombie of a hunk who might just be able to thaw her out from her ice queen identity. Of course, the structured society of her school doesn't exactly agree with their relationship - so they'll have to fight to keep it alive.

To put it blatantly, this book was nothing but a parody. There was no...more
Robert Beveridge
Adam Selzer, I Kissed a Zombie, and I Liked It (Delacorte, 2010)

Man, this book had two and a half strikes against it before I even picked it up. It's obviously titled to capitalize on the success of Katy Perry's song “I Kissed a Girl” as well as the current undead-teen-novel craze (which brings up the question in my head of whether Katy Perry is actually alive, but we won't go there right now). But it hit my TBR list nonetheless, and on the same day, my wife picked it up at random at the library...more
Alley Kat
I Kissed a Zombie, and I Liked It, no matter how silly the title was, was an amazing book. It was a quick and easy read, yet still presenting details and character growth throughout the story. Algonquin, the main character known to us as several names, was well developed and showed great change throughout the story. She's a senior, close to graduating, no the school paper with dreams of college ahead of her. Doug, the zombie in this story, was a fun character, understanding of Alley and quick to...more
I have to hurry and post my review because if you believe some people, the world is going to end tomorrow (May 21). And if that happens, perhaps we'll all wake up and be zombies ourselves.

Anyway, I enjoyed this book, despite not liking zombie books as a rule. I just don't get the whole brain-eating thing. But Selzer put together a quick, light read and I liked how he gave plausible (well, if anything zombie-related can be called plausible) explanations for why zombies stumble around groaning 'St...more
I often judge books by their covers and titles. So, I wasn´t expecting too much from this book. After a couple of hours of reading (and laughing out loud) this short book, I'd finished the silly thing, and what do you know? It was miles better than I expected it to be!

This story is part parody, part paranormal romance, part comedy.
Funny, quick and hilarious!
4,5 stars
Jordan Price
The funny parts of this book were a smokescreen for some interesting commentary on society, young girls and self-esteem. Post-humans (vampires, werewolves and zombies) came to light three years prior, when the narrator Ally was a high school freshman. Now she's a senior itching to leave Des Moines for college in Seattle. She's not only too cool to be flattered by boys, she's too cool to get caught up in the vapid vampire-love hysteria that's flooded every other teenaged girl on the planet.

But th...more
I saw this book at the bookstore and the cover made me flinch. Ooh, kissing a zombie, that got to be disgusting. I have no idea why a girl would want to kiss, well face it, a death corpse. But hey, there must be differences in the world.

Alley is not a girl I would be friends with. She’s too sarcastic, rude and just too hard on boys. I could not see how after one date she could be head over heels with a guy, who she thinks wears grey make up, smells bad and doesn’t talk a lot. It was unbelievable...more
This book was supposed to be funny, but at times I found it to be working too hard to amuse. The heroine was kind of annoying, and not in a good way. And she is supposed to be really smart but she doesn't realize at first that the guy she likes is a zombie? There were nods to Twilight (the book) and Titanic (the movie), among others, but they almost seemed too wink-wink-nudge-nudge, ha-ha-aren't-I-amusing.

Product Description
Algonquin “Ali” Rhodes, the high school newspaper’s music critic, meets...more
I saw this as I was cataloging books at the library, and it was an intriguing title, so I looked at the summary on the cover. And the summary hinted that there would be lots of fun poked at the Twilight-style vampires, so I just had to look inside. And Alley's voice and the premise--vampires and zombies "come out of the coffin" (snort) and hang around high school to pick up girls--intrigued me. So I ignored the gazillion wholesome, soul-nourishing books I was reading at the moment, cataloged it,...more
From what I can tell, this author takes pop culture references (I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry as an example) and puts them with a supernatural twist, thus this title.

This book suffers from Indecisive Parody syndrome. It starts off as a real kick in the pants for Twilight and its fans. Girls want an undead boyfriend, but others gently (or seriously) mock them. Alley starts out as a somewhat anti-Bella. People don't like her (though this seems to be an informed attribute) and she can't stand this...more
I picked up a copy of this the other day, looking for something cute & brainless (ha!) to read. After flipping through the first few pages, I knew I had a winner when it had me chuckling out loud.

The dead walk among us... and they're kind of emo jerks. Teenager Algonquin AKA "Alley the Ice Queen" is overly negative & pessimistic when it comes to love & life in general. She'd rather love `em & leave `em, then sit on the sidelines with her friends & mock the so-called "popular"...more
It was good and it was refreshing since it was different not on the paranormal genre but on how the author presented his storyline and how he ended things. I think that he had made a one hell of a good ending and it was amazing even if Alley didn't get her happily ever after with Doug because she did learn a lot in the short span of time they were together and make her appreciate life even more and lessen her cynicism (I just felt it was an appropriate word) because she doesn't want to be attach...more
Mad Scientist
Posted at http://madsteampunkery.com

Concoction of a Review:

I Kissed a Zombie and I Liked It is not a literary masterpiece or a Halloween masterpiece for that fact. It is a fun, facetious take on the young adult genre. Selzer takes teen trends, pop culture and the vampire craze that swept the nation as of late and twisted it together with irony and funny prose. As a person who is intertwined with a different age, I do not see the cleverness behind the pop culture reference standing up to the test...more
Alicia Mccommon
Ok I gave this two stars for a reason. Alley the main corrector is so annoying. She makes out with guys and then just dumps them, and she acts like she's sooo popular. "Iv made out with plenty of guys. But I just make out with them, send them on their way and make fun of them later." "Guys know what there getting into when they make out with Alley Rhondes, the ice queen of Vicious Circle." She said that I mean Really! Come on this girl is shallow! I'm pretty shoure she made that name for her sel...more
I had really hoped to love I Kissed A ZOMBIE if only for its title which totally rocks out and its theme song "I Thought He Was A Goth" (see music player below). But sadly the story fell a little too short - lots of potential loving, but I needed more..."oomph" I guess. Not enough of that high school drama, doomed romance, head-butts with the popular crowd, etc. It was there, don't get me wrong, I just thought there would be more of it! I know, I could be easily demented and simply just crave to...more
Michele Lee
Ali Rhodes is the quintessential teenage curmudgeon. Music reviewer for her school paper and notorious snark queen she's the last person to fall for trends and scams--or in love. But at a local show she meets a guy who is tall, Goth and handsome, and who knows how to sing with soul. It's just too bad Doug is a zombie.
While it starts off as a snarkeriffic paranormal humor tale in the end it makes a statement on the social pressures teens (and everyone really) face. (It manages to make fun of a l...more
Elisandra Franzmann
Never say never

I fell in love with this book from page one. The way that Alley and the vicious cycle act gave me a jaw cramp from all the laughing.
For her the dead should stay dead, but then she met Doug and his breathy voice wins over the Ice Queens' heart.
Alley become Gonk and discovers that being a zombie's girlfriends isn't easy.
The reading is very contagious and, dough it didn't seams, You learn with it. Don't believe in stereotypes and don't trust only in your head or only in your heart....more
Patricia Lynne
Vampires, zombies and werewolves are real in Alley Rhodes's world. Only they aren't anything like the myths say. Alley could really care less. She'll leave dating post-humans to the idiots. One night, she goes to cover a local band for the school newspaper and mets Doug. His soft, crooning voice captivates her. She can tell he's a real goth and not a wanna-be like most of her classmates. They start dating and despite a few odd quirks Doug seems pretty normal. Unfortunately, he's a zombie. How di...more
Katieb (MundieMoms)
Adam delivers world in which vampires, werewolves, and zombies are accepted in everyday life. I liked the world he created. At the high school Alley goes to, the creatures of the night are walking right beside her and sit next to her in her classes and at lunch. To quickly become popular, all you have to do is date the undead.

Alley is dealing with her last year of high school and can't wait to get out of town and head to college in Seattle. She writes for the school newspaper and is the smartes...more
Heather Petty
I pretty much fell in love with Alley (the MC) on page 1. The book took me until about page 5. And then reading was all about me wishing the book was twice as long, because I didn't want it to end.

Besides the brilliantly subtle Twilight/Paranormal-Of-Your-Choice parody that's scattered throughout the book, I KISSED A ZOMBIE shows amazingly real insights into the crazy roller coaster that is a first love. There are moments that are hilarious, snarky, and made me stop reading to actually laugh, a...more
If you are looking for a quality story, this is not the book for you. However, if you are looking for a book that could be a parody of almost any paranormal teen romance, this is the book for you. My favorite part of the book is when Alley is on the message boards.
"This one girl is going on about how he [vampire boyfriend:] follows her everywhere, sneaks into her room to check on her at night and talks about how he could kill everyone in town if it would make her love him more, and how he can'...more
Jannat Bhat ( Obsessive Compulsive Reader)
The book is based in a post-Twilight world where vampires and zombies and other paranormal beings have 'come out of the closet' so to speak and roam freely amongst humans. Not surprisingly they are also the object of teen fantasy and obsession.
I'd say overall it was an okay read for me ,not the best book in the world but it was okay ,nothing extraordinary or anything like that.I did like the love story of this book which was kind of sweet in its own way.
That being said, it was a cute little book...more
I liked this book it's kinda exciting. It also gives you thirst for reading it to the end.The book cover is I Kissed a Zombie, and I Liked Itand the author is Adam Selzer.
Strange, how such a silly book can send a much more significant, empowering message to teenage girls than most of the YA romances on the market today. This book was part parody, part romance, part scathing response to the codependent, stalkerish vibe of a lot of YA love stories. It was also totally entertaining, particularly if you have a finely trained eye for snark.
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Adam Selzer blocked Goodreads on his computer for years but now he's on here, so let him have it. His first book was HOW TO GET SUSPENDED AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE (now available in a "Now With More Swearing") edition, his next one is PLAY ME BACKWARDS (for satanic young adults), and his best known is probably the I KISSED A ZOMBIE AND I LIKED IT, a Twilight satire that was not marketed as a satire (an...more
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