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Includes a BONUS CD on the Law of Attraction!

This Leading Edge work by Esther and Jerry Hicks, who present TheTeachings of Abraham, will help you understand every relationship you are currently involved in as well as every relationship you have ever experienced.

This book uncovers a myriad of false premises that are at the heart of every uncomfortable relationship issue,

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Published September 1st 2009 by Hay House, Inc.
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Christine Theberge Rafal
Some takeaways I got from this book. Your emotions are your internal guidance system. And when you feel good you are in alignment with Source/Higher Self, who knows the truth about you and about everyone. When you feel less than good you are having thoughts that Source/Higher Self disagrees with (cf, A Course in Miracles: why should a faculty so useless (judgment)be so cherished?). Focus on things and thoughts that feel good because those are true.

Whatever you give thought to comes into your lif...more
I really got a lot of good information from this book. The main premise is that when you are in the vortex, things go well. So, you need to do whatever is necessary to get in the vortex. It doesn't matter what else is going on in your life. Don't focus on the challenges or try to figure them out in your mind. Just get in the vortex and they will get resolved.

Also, the most important relationship is with you and yourself. if you can align yourself with the source within you--that is the key.

If yo...more
Single handedly, this book started the evolution of my personal life and understanding of the power I have to be happy. I cannot wait to have read all of these Abraham translations by the Hicks. At 38 it is suddenly clear to me that I have the ability to start living to my potential that I had nearly given up owning. Thank you to the Universe for delivering this suggestion thru a dear loved one at exactly the right time I was able to receive this widom and live these truths!
Iona  Main Stewart
One of the great things about the principles expounded by Abraham are in my view that they exist at all. What I mean is, isn't it fantastic that it turns out that the Universe has been constructed in this way, that we ourselves can control everything in our lives, that nothing happens by chance, and that we cannot be victims except by the power of our own negativity? I think it's wonderful, like a fairy tale, or a dream come true. Pity we weren't taught all this in school or on our mother's knee...more
This is a difficult review to write. I have been smitten by the message and the writing. Well done. I've read the criticisms and understand them. The subject is important - the Law of Attraction and how the Universe functions. It is about Creation, so right from the start a majority (great) of people will dismiss it as WRONG and motivated by profit. And then there is this: If you suffer, no matter it politically, physically, socially, whatever - you brought it to yourself, even children. That is...more
UPDATE 8/17/10: Just re-read this and it's still great. :-)

Loved this! I've read all of the Abraham-Hicks books over the years and they have all resonated with me on different levels & subjects - but this one in particular was fantastic! Specifically directed at relationships: friends, parent-child, and romantic relationships & sex. As always, their advice comes down to remaining in connection with your Source but as always, their approach to everyday concerns is wise and practical. This...more
I love Abraham and the Hicks and this book is no exception. Their writing always seems to get me at just the right time and provides something I desperately need. I love the positive message in this book to follow your emotional guidance system and do what is right for you - something I need to remember more often. When you are in allignment with Who You Really Are, then everything else will fall into place. We are here to co-create with others, so our relationships with others are so important....more
I love this book SO MUCH!!! Any question you have about spirituality and the significance of your relationships to other people in your life is answered in this book! Jerry Hicks asks questions of Abraham and Abraham answers them and makes everything perfectly clear! This is my favorite book in the Abraham Hicks series and I highly recommend it! The only other book I would recommend above this one is "Ask and it is Given."
Every book I have read, lecture I have listened to and DVD I have watched by Jerry and Esther Hicks I have come away with more to think about and put into practice. This book is no exception. The book also provides an audio CD to listen to that I equally benefitted from.
Judith Symonds
Heavy reading and I almost didn't finish to the end, but at the very end there is an activity that I have found very useful. So make sure you read to the end to get to the activity. It is a good one.
Excellent book on creating the relationships that you desire, currently reading. A must read for understanding the various aspects of cooperative relationships. An eye opener.
This book was fantastic. I love the wisdom of Abraham. What's more is it is funny and entertaining while being educational about spiritual mattes.
For those familiar with Abraham Hicks books, The Vortex felt like much welcome fresh material. An evolution of the teachings. Recommended.
Jeane Watier
This helped me grasp the concept of the vortex, what it is and how to benefit by knowing it contains all my desires.
Wilma Reiber
love it, love it! I read it and listened to the CD many many times, and heard/read something new every time.
Esther Hicks, who writes this book for the nonphysical intelligence Abraham, creates this vapid book that rattles on and on, offering nowhere near as many useful processes as Abraham's formal materials (particularly Ask and It is Given). This might be one of the most useless of all her books, though it placed on the New York Times Bestseller list. My recommendation for Abers is to listen to CDs on the same subjects covered within this book, particularly relationships, and don't bother picking th...more
Esther Hicks, who writes this book for the nonphysical intelligence Abraham, creates this vapid book that rattles on and on, offering nowhere near as many useful processes as Abraham's former materials (particularly Ask and It is Given). This might be one of the most useless of all her books, though it placed on the New York Times Bestseller list. My recommendation for Abers is to listen to CDs on the same subjects covered within this book, particularly relationships, and don't bother picking th...more
This is an excellent read for anyone who wishes to know how the Law of Attraction works in the context of relationships to loved ones, children, and in attracting a mate. If you have read, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, which gave a brief introduction to this powerful spiritual law, this book offers greater depth and insight. Organized in a Q & A format, the concepts offered in this book are easy to grasp. The most valuable insight in this book are the 'Flawed Premises' which are sprinkled thro...more
I can say that..
this books can be a trigger point so that I could started to find a lot of teachings from them.

I happened to know this book and We happened to find this book and I happened to buy and give this book to my ggg who was in sorta nervous relationship with myself and he really got amazed by this book and kept recommending to read this book.

Since it was not available at that time, I chose "Law of attraction" instead and then when I almost finished the book, Law of attraction, I coul...more
This book outlines how to get in touch with your inner self so that you can be in "The Vortex". Your inner self is in touch with "The Source" or "God". "The Vortex" is the place where your wants and desires are manifested by the universe in ways and forms that you may not even be aware of. A great statement about how to get "out of the way" of the laws of the Universe and allow yourself to be the awesome creator that you really are. In order to receive, you must believe and a belief is a thought...more
Dina Begum
This is an eye opening book for me. A publisher asked me to translate this book. Normally, I wouldn't read non-fiction book but since it is a job I must read it anyway.
It turned out to be a simple way of looking at things so that we can feel good about ourselves thus live this life happily no matter in what situation we found ourselves in.
During the translation process I communicated with Esther Hicks, the writer, asking her for more explanation on several sentences. She kindly and patiently an...more
David Hooper
Good book that is very helpful for those trying to improve all types of relationships, from those with significant others, to parents, to siblings, to kids. Well organized into different sections, each which cover common relationship questions.

There is a lot of information in this book and, in my opinion, compared to other Abraham-Hicks books, it's a bit tough to follow. May be something you'll want/need to read more than once, to really absorb it. I purchased both the audio and print versions t...more
If you are familiar with their other books, you will see that it is a good review and the teachings of Abraham are now reflected on in the lens of relationships. Abraham gives very literal translations, and if you're not careful you end up blaming yourself for any problem or hurdle you encounter without encouraging empathy or gentleness for oneself. Abraham brings a very interesting and true message, but life is not as black and white as "he" often portrays. This train of thought needs to be bal...more
Loved this book....very insightful
I liked this book. One great thing about it is it came with a CD that has two seminars recorded on it. This book is about relationships it really should be read after reading Ask and It is Given because the context is a little strange if you don't have that other book for reference.

All in all it wasn't quite what I expected which I really liked. It gives a different perspective on and our relationships with others.

I really like the CD and listen to it in my car going to and from work.
There's great wisdom here..

although I wonder why the so-called Abraham did not talk to the Dalai Lama! Esther Hicks was worldly enough to put her name on the book rather than him..err, them!

I agree that people are responsible for what happens in their lives! But suggesting that a baby chose to be born in an abusive family because he needed that kind of discord to expand further is a bit too much •_• I DO see what they're trying to say, but the implication is VERY problematic!!!
Heather Pola
Like when you were born into this world and took your first breathe out of the womb. Everything was fresh and new. Raw, real, back to your untainted true-self...you will go. And hopefully stay. This book strips the layers of years you've experienced extrinsic opinions to the world. You will feel like you're 5 again! The years of childhood when you were the boss and nobody could tell you what to do. You took action off of how you really felt. Do you now? GO READ;-)
Nanci Robertson
Similar to other Abraham-Hicks books in terms of content: You create your own reality by what you think and feel, and the Law of Attraction draws the essence of what you think and feel to you. The format for this book is Jerry Hicks asking questions and Abraham giving answers. They cover all sorts of topics including relationships, sex, parenting, and governments. Good reading both for those who are familiar or new to Abe teachings.
I'm a fan of the Abraham message and this one came at just the right time for me. There isn't much new here. If you have read any of the Abraham books, you probably have a good sense of what is in this one. But the focus here is on relationships. It reminded me that all relationships with other people serve to expand my relationship with myself. They all have a purpose and that purpose is growth. It is a good reminder.
Honestly, there's nothing new that hasn't been already written regarding Jerry and Ester Hicks and Abraham. In fact, I'm amazed they still continue to publish the same material with different book jacket covers.

This book isn't bad - but it's not "groundbreaking". You're better off renting this from the library so you don't have to crowd your bookshelf.
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Esther Hicks is an American inspirational speaker and best-selling author. She has co-authored nine books with her husband Jerry Hicks, presents workshops on the Law of Attraction and appeared in the first release of the film The Secret. The Hickses' books, including the best-selling series The Law of Attraction, are — according to Esther Hicks — Channelled from a group of non-physical entities ca...more
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