Cartea fiintelor imaginare
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Cartea fiintelor imaginare

4.12 of 5 stars 4.12  ·  rating details  ·  3,794 ratings  ·  207 reviews
„Daca il citesti pe Borges frecvent si cu atentie, devii borgesian…” (Harold Bloom)
O parte considerabila din operele lui J.L. Borges scrise in colaborare au fost realizate impreuna cu prietenul sau de-o viata, A. Bioy Casares. In cazul celorlalte, Borges a fost, incontestabil, vocea intii, iar printre ele Cartea fiintelor imaginare ocupa un loc aparte, prin impletirea orig...more
Hardcover, 1st edition, 336 pages
Published 2006 by Polirom (first published 1957)
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A fascinating compendium of incredible beasts from world mythology, folklore and fiction. The entries are generally from one to three pages in length. There are illustrations, too, by one Peter Sís; stylish intaglio etchings. The format is that of an encyclopedia with the entries in alphabetical order. My favorite entries include the "Banshees," "The Celestial Cock," "The Chinese Dragon," "The Western Dragon," "The Hydra," "Lilith," "The Golem," "The Unicorn," "The Chinese Unicorn," etc. etc.

Huda Yahya
كدت أجن لأحصل على كتاب ألبرتو مانغويل عن بورخس
فإذ بي أحصل على كتابين معاً

مليون شكر لا تكفي لمن قام برفعه

للمهووسين أمثالي ب بورخس
يمكنم التحميل من هنا :)

كتاب المخلوقات الوهمية لبورخس يليه في حضرة بورخس لألبرتو مانغويل

Jun 04, 2007 Jon rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: nearby bookshelves.
Borges explains at the beginning that the book is not intended to be read through, but opened at random and skimmed. Well, I read it through, and I don't regret it. But that's because I'm interested by very unusual things. Borges has here compiled from what is essentially a set of utterly trivial facts something with meaning. His selection is bizarre, pretty and humorous, and he describes each beast with great variation in tone. The reason for each voice only becomes clear after several beasts a...more
This book is great! Unlike Rowling's Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them or Holly Black's Arthur Spiderwick's Guide to the Fantastical World Around You, which provide authoritative portraits of magical creatures in a particular fantasy world, The Book of Imaginary Beings compiles interesting stories and details about a diverse array of imagined beasts, drawing from both Western and Eastern mythologies. Borges's aim is not simply to delight his readers with whimsical stories couched in a sati...more
Douglas Summers-Stay
One of my favorite books when I was about 15 was the AD&D Monster Manual, the original one printed in 1977. I read it cover to cover. (Well, I skipped the demons and devils, I was a good kid.) There was something really appealing about a world where everything from ethics (How does Lawful Evil differ from Chaotic Good?) to resistance to poison (saving throws) could be quantified and understood. It was a game, but it was at least as large as real life in what it could describe. The Monster Ma...more
If you’re a mid- to light-weight fantasy fan, you should stay away from this one. If you resent or are suspicious of the validity of the fantasy genre or just hate it, this is absolutely the book for you. Either way, The Book of Imaginary Beings is a lethal takeout of the intellectual validity of Modern Western Fantasy. I’m talking about Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, all of them flipped over and bellies exposed. Of the three, I’m fondest of Game of Thrones, but less because i...more
Chad Bearden
This was totally an impulse buy at HalfPrice Books a little bit ago, a short book I thought I could toss off in little snippets as I went to bed each night. I've read Borges in short-story-form, and assumed this odd little beastiary would be similar in tone to his other whimisically-magical realism work.

It wasn't quite what I expected. There is some whimsy in these pages, but it is hidden amidst a series of almost-encyclopedic descriptions of various mythological and legendary creatures from a w...more
I think the experience of reading this would've been much improved if my edition had illustrations. It's an interesting miscellany, but it really is more of a book to dip in and out of than to read right through. Maybe interesting for reference, particularly if you're a fantasy writer.

I found myself constantly wondering how much of this was Borges' own writing, and how much was quotation/repetition of sources. I think I'll have to read something else to see what I think of Borges' work.
‎The book of imaginary beings

عنوان یک: «ک‍ت‍اب‌ م‍وج‍ودات‌ خ‍ی‍ال‍ی‌»، اثر: «خ‍ورخ‍ه‌ل‍وئ‍ی‍س‌ ب‍ورخ‍س‌»؛ برگردان: «اح‍م‍د اخ‍وت‌»، نشر: ت‍ه‍ران‌، ش‍رک‍ت‌ ف‍ره‍ن‍گ‍ی‌ ه‍ن‍ری‌ آرس‍ت‌‏‫، ۱۳۷۳‬، در ‏‫۲۲۷ ص.‬، فروست: مج‍م‍وع‍ه‌ آرس‍ت‌؛ ۱۵. شناخت؛ ۱

عنوان دو: «ک‍ت‍اب‌ م‍وج‍ودات‌ خ‍ی‍ال‍ی‌»، اثر: «خ‍ورخ‍ه‌ل‍وئ‍ی‍س‌ ب‍ورخ‍س‌»؛ برگردان: «اح‍م‍د اخ‍وت‌»، نشر: ت‍ه‍ران‌، م‍اه‌ری‍ز، ۱۳۸۰، در ‏‫۲۳۱ ص.‬، شابک: 9647049994 ؛ ‏چاپ دوم: سال ۱۳۸۸

عنوان سه: «ک‍ت‍اب‌ م‍وج‍ودات‌ خ‍ی‍ال‍ی‌»، اثر: «خ‍ورخ‍ه‌‌ل‍وئ‍ی‍س‌ ب‍و...more
I used this book as a reference for a sketchbook project ( Borges' descriptions are beautifully evocative in all kinds of directions and were for me very visual. I actually first looked at this edition because of Peter Sis' spare illustrations, but soon became intrigued by the way my mind created very different images from his mysterious and delicate renderings.

At first I grazed the text, but in the end I read from start to finish and then grazed again.

This book has taken me months; in fact, I'm still not quite done with it. But that's how it's meant to be read, I think. A few pages at a time, and then weeks to dream of the beasts you've met. It's written like an encyclopedia for imaginary beings. Every entry is a new creature of fancy, beautiful or terrifying, religious or secular, philosophical of entirely whimsical. The book is written beautifully and simply, although "simple" here means not one word too many- the contents are certainly not...more
I'm writing to you from the cruise ship I am on, currently on the way back from Alaska to Vancouver. Alaska was a fantastic choice for a honeymoon and during a free moment/breather from practising procreation, I happened to stumble upon the ship's library and for some reason my eye landed on this book. Maybe because I have always heard people talk about Borges in such admiring tones.

Well this might be a rather unusual if not atypical introduction to Borges, but what an absolutely fascinating boo...more
Aya Ezz
لو أنّ الأسطورة مجرد مُتعة، فإنها أيضًا حميمة وواقعية -نعم واقعية!- مهما كان هذا منافيًا للعقل، وبخصوص العقل فننحيه جانبًا عندما نقرأ عن طائر الرُخ، ومصاصات الدماء، والمُسوخ، والتنين الصيني، والعفاريت، و"ليليث" أول حبيبة لآدم.. وغيره
فهُنا لن أقيّم أساطير بُنيت عليها ثقافات شعوب بأكملها، أتوقف فقط عند طريقة السرد، والتي كانت هُنا مختصرة وواضحة وغير مُطوّله، ومُشبعة لدرجة معقولة
الجزء الثاني من الكتاب هو ما سرده لنا مانغويل عن حياة بورخيس، كما رأتها عينه وعاشرتها حواسته..
عندما يصف حياة بورخيس، عا...more
Ruba AlTurki

إستعراض رائع ومثير للمخلوقات الأسطورية الوهمية التي يرويها بورخيس دون تفصيل، وهو ما أحبطني قليلاً.. يعدد فيها الكثير من المخلوقات المتنوعة التي قد تكون وردت في روايات أو أفلام صادفناها سابقاً، مثل التنين والديك السماوي والفينكس و الجولوم و اليونيكورن و ليليث والهيدرا والعفاريت وغيرها الكثير ...يصف أشكالها ومنافعها وتاريخها الثقافي واللغوي والجغرافي..
سعة اطلاع مدهشة حقاً، ينقص الكتاب بضعة رسومات للكائنات ربما .. أعتقد أن الكتّاب والرسامين أيضاً سيجدون للكتاب ألواناً أكثر وأعمق للمتعة.
يلي هذه المخ...more
This is quite the interesting little bestiary. I did expect it to be riveting even in its logbook treatment of mythologies, since that's what I like, but it definitely was not riveting. It's a fun read to have before bed, reading a few entries before shutting off the lights. I learned of a great many creatures of the human brain that I did not know about before, and in that especially, this book does its job. If you're looking for something in-depth though, this isn't it. It's a great book to ge...more
E o carte pe care e plăcut să o citești cu un biscuit și cu o cană de ceai. Frunzărind-o la intervale lungi de timp.

În schimb afli că unicornii din romanele lui Murakami și hipogrifii din cărțile cu Harry Potter pot avea și alte înțelesuri. Tăinuite. Nu și pentru erudiția lui Borges.
A surprisingly comprehensive fantasy bestiary from one of the most respected authors in Latin American history. Nothing amazing from a literary standpoint, but Borges's research is very thorough and it's always a fun book to sit down and thumb through from time to time.
حديث بورخيس الماتع مع اماكن ومخلوقات اسطورية ، الكتاب يتحدث عن المخلوقات الأسطورية أو الوهمية في ثقافات الشعوب ، لا تأتي بشكل مفصل بل بخفة وبشكل سريع عن المخلوقات وما قيل فيها ، إن كنت من محبي الميثولوجيا بالتأكيد هذا الكتاب اللطيف سيعجبك .
Amos Martino
Si tratta di una sorta di moderno bestiario; è interessante perché, attraverso il dedalo di citazioni e riferimenti bibliografici, il lettore si avvicina alle fonti e si invaghisce della creatività degli antichi.
The book of imaginary beings by Jorge Luis Borges with Margarita Guerrero; revised, enlarged and translated by Norman Thomas di Giovanni in collaboration with the author
Bu kitabın Türkiye'de baskısı kalmadı, sahaflardan, gitti gidiyordan bulabilirseniz mutlaka edinin, bendeki kopyasını da verdim maalesef. Ben de arıyorum, bulan haber versin.
Un bellísimo compendio (cual bestiario medieval) de algunos de los seres más asombrosos que han habitado la imaginación de los hombres.

Es asombroso desde el inicio, cuando Borges nos introduce de esta manera en el prólogo:
"El nombre de este libro justificaría la inclusión del príncipe Hamlet, del punto, de la línea, de la superficie, del hipercubo, de todas las palabras genéricas y, tal vez, de cada uno de nosotros y de la divinidad. En suma, casi del universo. Nos hemos atenido, sin embargo, a
Julia Boechat Machado
Como em todos os livros de Borges, devemos sempre desconfiar do que ele fala e cita. Uma pequena antologia de seres imaginários de várias mitologias e romances.
An interesting bestiary compiled by Borges and filled with legendary and literary reference. Well worth the minimal dollar amount I paid.
Esattamente quello che mi aspettavo: un manuale con creature immaginarie più o meno note che non ha la pretesa di essere completo. Tipo Wikipedia, ma scritto meglio.
Mi ha fatto venire voglia di saperne di più su golem, nesnas e pèriti. Mi sono piaciuti molto gli animali degli specchi. L'ippogrifo rimane il mio preferito.

Stupisce la presenza di creature inventate o sognate da autori quali Kafka, Poe e C.S. Lewis.
Stupisce anche che oltre le creature immaginarie note e che sono tuttora vive nell'im...more
A book you can always keep going back to as & when you are bored..truly amazing world of imaginary beings!
Essential reference material if you're not sure if that's a succubus or incubus you just found in your bed.
Emy Jabran
نبذة مختصرة عن عقائد وشخصيات اسطورية في مختلف بقاع الارض,

مرجع مميز لكل باحث او مهتم بالاساطير
Marts  (Thinker)
Just the title of this book is intersting.....
This fun book is a collection of descriptions, musings, exerts, etc of imaginary beings the world over. Some of the 'tales' are just a blip, no more than a paragraph, while others run through several pages. There are also fantastic illustrations to accompany most of them. While I did throughly enjoy this book, it is the kind of book you can lay down for several days, and pick up something else to read that is more involved (which is exactly what I ended up doing...). Some of Borges snippets are...more
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Jorge Francisco Isidoro Luis Borges Acevedo (Spanish pronunciation: [xoɾxe lwis boɾxes], Russian: Хорхе Луис Борхес) was an Argentine writer and poet born in Buenos Aires. In 1914, his family moved to Switzerland where he attended school and traveled to Spain. On his return to Argentina in 1921, Borges began publishing his poems and essays in Surrealist literary journals. He also worked as a libra...more
More about Jorge Luis Borges...
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