Elly: My True Story of the Holocaust
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Elly: My True Story of the Holocaust

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Told in short, gripping chapters, this is an unforgettable true story of survival. The author was featured in Steven Spielberg's Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation. At just 15, her mother, and brother were taken from their Romanian town to the Auschwitz-II/Birkenau concentration camp. When they arrived at Auschwitz, a soldier waved Elly to the right; her moth...more
ebook, 144 pages
Published February 1st 2010 by Scholastic Press (first published 2007)
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Nov 20, 2009 Kristen rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Adolescents and anyone interested in hearing a first-hand holocaust story
Genre/Category: Nonfiction

This was an eye-opening, heart-wrenching story of a woman who was her family's only survivor of the holocaust. Written in very short chapters, like snippets of memories that come back to her, Elly Berkovits tells about what is was like to live and work in a concentration camp. She also tells what it was like to try to begin her life again after being released and discovering that her parents and her only brother are dead. She lives alone until she meets a man who also s...more
The summary of the book is about a real life teenager who escaped the holocaust. They were forced out of their house and were sent to a cattle car that was pitch dark and holes to breathe in, some people were suffocating and also thirsty. Everyday and every night they would have a roll call. They never had nothing to eat except, for a watery soup and a small piece of hard bread. This book is very depressing, sad, and madness of the nazis ; I mean how could they do this to normal people and such...more
Eva Leger
Aug 09, 2009 Eva Leger rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: young teenagers
Recommended to Eva by: found it on PBS
This is a very basic story of a Holocaust survivor. Maybe had I read this at a younger age I would have gotten into it a little more but as sad as it is, it's very repetitive and just basic.
I'm not sure I'd actually hand this to someone or recommend it but I feel lucky to read every single Holocaust story I come across.
I am always sad for those who suffered through the Holocaust and am amazed at the will of the human spirit to survive and make the best of their situation. I am grateful that I live in such a different world and that their suffering has created the world to be better and not repeat the same errors.
I thought this book was good for the younger reader that it was written for. It was repetitive and simplistic but gave the feelings and descriptions enough to gain understanding without all the graphic...more
It's always hard to critique a book such as this. This isn't a fictional story or a historical documentary written by a well-trained historian. This is the true words of a woman who survived the Holocaust. Do you pick apart sentence structure, paragraphs and chapters or do you accept the words for what they are, a true account of a woman trying to explain to the world what she went through? I'm sure you could find 'better written' accounts, but every true account is worth reading. Every person w...more
C Rich
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On top of a tall tree, a bird family has a nest. There are Papa, Mama, Sue, and Bob Bird. One day, Papa was called with many others to report to the bird center. As many other birds, Papa Bird never returned. Soon every bird was summoned; Mama, Sue, and Bob Bird with all the other birds arrived at the center. It was very crowded. Sue Bird got lost, Mama and Bob Bird disappeared. Desperately Sue looked for Mama and Bob Bird, but could not find them. Suddenly the sky got dark an...more
For some reason I am fascinated by stories about the Holocaust. This is a true story of a young fifteen-year-old girl named Elly who grew up in Hungary and was forced from her home and sent to live in a Ghetto with her mother and younger brother in the spring of 1944. Her father had already been drafted in June of 1942 into a forced-labor camp. He was forced to march on foot with no food, water, shoes, or warm clothes. One day, he and his group were forced into a trailer, the doors locked, and t...more
The book, Elly: My True Story of the Holocaust, by Elly Berkovits Gross, is told by a girl who miraculously survived the Holocaust concentration camps. Based on my knowledge, this is an accurate story told by the survivor herself. Elly was saved my miracle after miracle with her blonde hair and blue eyes. When she was transported to a camp with her mother and brother she was sent to the non-killing side where her mother and brother were sent to the killing side. Elly has made it through all of t...more
This novel is the first person account of Elly Berkovits Gross, a WWII Jew and Holocaust victim. She is sent off to a concentration camp and then separated from her mother and brother, who she never sees again. She is treated horribly with extreme brutality and malnourishment. This tragic story really informs the reader of what the Holocaust was like, particular for residents of the wretched Nazi killing centers. The setting and time period are portrayed as accurately as possible, considering th...more
Sophia Skedros
Elly: My True Story of the Holocaust is a true story about a young girl that was taken by the Nazi's. She overcomes many challenges as she lives through the treturous conditions of the concentration camps. By a series a miracles, Elly manages to survive. She then finds a husband, and moves to America. Despite Elly's challenging childhood, she overcame it and she had a wonderful family and graduated college. Elly is an autobiography. Because of this her book if very accurate. Because Elly was a J...more
Elly is the story of a girl growing up with the holocaust as a part of her life. She survived through the war and is able to tell her amazing story for herself. She grows up going to school with Nazi soldiers at every corner. Being a Jew, she is taken away as a very young girl, one of the youngest in the concentration camp. She tells the stories of the horrible things that happen to the people in the camps from receiving beatings to being gassed and killed in mass amounts. The plot was well cons...more
McKenna Alley
Elly is a autobiography written by Elly Berkovits Gross, who was a fifteen year old jew living in the Holocaust in concentration camps. The plot of this book was very interesting and original. I liked how her chapters were about a different event each time. Although the chapters were short they were filled with great detail and emotion. The setting in this book is mostly in the Aushwitz/ Birkenau concentration camp. This sad tale is extremely authentic as it takes place in WWII, with real dates...more
Elly My True Story of the Holocaust is a nonfiction book by Elly Berkovits. This book is about a series of miracles that kept the protagonist, Elly, away from death's door. I thought the plot of this book to be reasonably engaging although I do think the author could have extended the length of this book from its measly 107 pages so it can be more detailed and, therefore, more engaging. Her description of her time in the Auschwitz-II/Birkenau concentration camp really helps you appreciate the re...more
Jenifer Neilsen
Audience: Intermediate
Genre: Nonfiction (memoir)

Elly Gross has blonde hair and blue eyes, but she is a Jew. She grew up in Romania in the 1930's during a Depression where jobs were almost nonexistent, and people were looking for someone to blame. In 1940, Hungary invaded and took over Romania, and the Jews were blamed for the shortages in food, clothing, and shoes. Everything they owned was taken away and given away to loyal Hungarians. Harsh new laws were enforced including restrictions...more
Hanna Persson
Elly, My True Story of the Holocaust by Elly Berkovits Gross is an auto biography about a 15 year old girl separated from her family and sent to Auschwitz, liberation camps, in 1944. Elly experiences some of the worst things ever! Since the author of this story is the story, she survived it. “It”, as being the most horrifying thing ever. After months of being in Auschwitz, she gets sent off to another camp being slightly better. When Elly finally becomes free, she comes home but where is her mot...more
Read this with Lucy to aid her comprehension. We alternated reading chapters aloud then discussed what we read. It is a short and deceptively simple holocaust memoir. At first the vocabulary and story is simplistic and while the writing level remains low-ish the brutality of Elly's experiences still pack an emotional punch, Each chapter and experience is bleaker than the one before. both Lucy and I had trouble reading aloud and discussing some passages because they were so shocking and heart bre...more
Elly: The True Story of the Holocaust, by Elly Berkovits Gross, is the story of her life as she if forced to encouter the Holocaust. Placed in Elly's Romanian hometown, this nonfiction books leads you through her life where she, at age 15, is forced to leave her home and taken the the Auschwitz-II/Birkenau camp where she is tragically separated from her mother and brother. Through out many short chapters the plot unfolds about her life and how she deals with the experience of being alone in the...more
I love history. I love books based on true stories. This is why i love this book. This book can move you to tears and anger. It is so sad that she had to go through that. You'll start to imagine her story in your head an cry. You'll feel angry because you would think why didn't anyone help them. I'm not telling you that off the bat your going to cry and I scare you away from reading it. I'm a very emotional person so this book got to me. You should read it,because if you like stories about overc...more
This is an amazing book. What she looked like really gave her an advantage. She was one lucky Jewish girl. Blond hair and blue eyes while her religion is Jewish. What she went through must have been very difficult. I would never be able to go on with my life after my parents and family died. I would just put an end to my pain if I were her. This book was a book I heard good reviews about so that is why I picked this book.
Elly is an autobiography of a Holocaust survived. With short chapters, the book is easy to read. German terms are defined for better understanding. However, I found the book a bit repetitive. I think it would be good for early readers of the Holocaust, but think that older readers will move on to books with more substance.
Taya  Kennedy
Elly: My True Story of the Holocaust, is a true story about a young girl who was taken into the hands of the German Soldiers with her mother and her younger brother. Her father had been taken as a laborer years before. This is a touching tale about a young girl and how she found her strength to survive the Holocaust, and all of its treturous times and terrible misery. The content of the book is very accurate and overwhelmingly authentic. Elly herself writes about her life, and does it in an inte...more
Abby W.
Elly: My True Story of the Holocaust is an autobiography about a young girl who gets shipped off to a concentration camp with the rest of her family. Since this book is an autobiography all the content is accurate. The characters are all believable because they were real people. Elly: My True Story of the Holocaust is a interesting story about the trials that Elly faced. She recieved many miracles. Because she had blonde hair and blue eyes, she was spared. Many of the soldiers at the concentrati...more
Nov 23, 2012 April rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: people interested in the Holocaust and Eastern Europe
Recommended to April by: Grassroots bookstore
The format is simply. Short narrative chapters, told in a straightforward manner. Of course, this is a Scholastic book so it is geared toward school-age children, but I think even children appreciate some dialog and description. I still feel this story is a valuable contribution and should be read. Elly's story is heartbreaking. By the end of the book, I felt close to her and felt very sorry for all that she endured. I especially liked her family photos. Each of her children have contributed a f...more
Gavin Nadauld
Elly is a very informing 3rd person narrative nonfiction. It is an autobiography written by Elly Berkovits Gross, and has a very interesting and credible plot. Elly is sent to a concentration camp during WWII, and portrays it in a very euthentic way. The author expresses her horrible experience as the themes of resilience and friendship arise. She meets many people during her ordeal and does her best to describe and portray these very believable characters. The writing style requires you to thin...more
Taylor N
Elly is a really great story! It's about this one girl who is separated from her family in the holocaust. She went through so many things. My favorite part was when the American soldiers came too free everybody. That's was my favorite part because after what hitler and his army did to those people he needed a beating. This book answers a lot of my questions that has been confusing. I still find it interesting that people would do this to people that didn't do ANYTHING to hitler!!!!!! Like why wo...more
Holocaust story told in simple terms for young children. Sad at times, but at the same time, heart warming because the author refused to be a victim forever and went on to make a good life for her kids and even graduated college in er sixties.
My computer was down for a while so I've been catching up on reviews and forgot i had read this. Elly seems a little boring at first but the short and matter-of-fact chapters keep it going. It definitely gets better when we reach the concentration camp. The story is truly touching and moved me. I was sad because I realized this wasn't fiction. This had happened to this poor girl. I almost didn't want to believe these horrible things were real but they were and that's what makes the story all the...more
Etta Mcquade
Simply written in short chapters for children. Unforgettable. The author has dedicated her life to keeping alive the stories of the Holocaust.
Olivia H
Elly: My True Story of the Holocaust is a great book. It was nice when she put a big German word down, at the end of the chapter she would put the meaning of it. I've read this book before, but it was confusing at points. Now that I have read it twice, it makes a lot since. It's really sad when Elly's brother and mother are put to die and she is put to work, but she believes it's her fault because she should have told her mother to give her brother to somebody else so she could live. The Holocau...more
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