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Hamster and Cheese
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Hamster and Cheese (Guinea Pig, Pet Shop Private Eye #1)

3.91 of 5 stars 3.91  ·  rating details  ·  634 ratings  ·  72 reviews
There's a sandwich thief in Mr. Venezi's pet shop, and everyone is a suspect, from the chinchillas to the goldfish. Never fear! The world's fluffiest detective on the case: Sasspants, PI(G). By day, Sasspants is your average book-loving, gizmo-inventing guinea pig. By night she solves pet shop mysteries with the help of her sidekick, Hamisher the hamster. Our furry little ...more
Hardcover, 48 pages
Published January 1st 2010 by Graphic Universe (first published January 1st 1997)
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This book stars a guinea pig by the name of Sasspants.

There. I've just told you everything you need to know to enjoy it. No need to thank me. Unfortunately, I have the creeping suspicion in the back of my medulla oblongata that there may be folks out there for whom "Sasspants"-monikered rodentia is not enough. Perhaps you are wondering what else there is to find in this bite-sized graphic novel. It's a slight little thing, after all. Coming in at a mere 48 pages you might be inclined to take it
Sasspants the guinea pig lives in a pet shop with a bunch of other animals. The owner of the shop, Mr. Venezi, has really bad eyesight, though, and doesn’t know much about the animals he’s selling. As a result, most of their cages are grossly mislabeled – the hamsters are “koalas,” the gecko is a “moose,” the chinchillas are “camels,” and the mice are “walruses.” Sasspants loves to read, and just as she’s about to get to the end of her book, she’s interrupted by a Hamster/Koala who thinks she’s ...more
Sep 04, 2013 Dolly rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: children who enjoy reading graphic novels
This is a humorous mystery in a pet shop where the guinea pig has to figure out who is eating Mr. Venezi's sandwich every day. The illustrations are colorful and cartoonish and the narrative is entertaining, but sometimes a bit disjointed. I had to reread several pages because the story wasn't really making sense. I think a large part of it is the fact that Mr. Venezi is very nearsighted and labeled his pets as another completely unrelated animal.

We enjoyed reading this book together - the anim
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A review of Hamster and Cheese by Rachel Langenfeld
I will introduce my students to the book by asking how many students have been to a pet shop and what kinds of animals they may find there (Text-To-World Strategy). Do you find zebras, koalas or moose at a pet shop? What about rabbits, fish and hamsters?
I will get my students excited about the book by telling them they can help solve a mystery, the mystery of a stolen sandwich. They get to be Private Eye Detectives and help the animals in the pe
Tiffanie-ann Bucheit
This story is about a hamster trying to solve the mystery of a missing sandwich that belongs to the pet shop owner. The animals work together to figure out who the sandwich thief is. Although in the beginning of the story we think it may be one of the animals, at the end of the story we find a huge plot twist!

Text to self- Growing up with three siblings there have been times when something occurs in the home and our parents give us one last chance to figure out who did it and to then fess up. In
Kelsey Kalinski
I thought this graphic novel was a great book for elementary school kids. It is a fun mystery-solving story with cute pet store animals such as hamsters, guinea pigs, birds, fish, snakes, and rabbits. An elementary school student would be able to relate this story to his own experiences if he or she had one of these animals as a pet or if he or she has ever had to solve a mystery of any kind on their own. For example, if one of their toys went missing one day and they had their own investigation ...more
TED 8650 Children's Literature

This book would be a great addition to my collection. It starts with Sasspants, a guinea pig, reading in her cage, when the G falls off of her name tag. Hamisher the hamster then asks her for her help, because her name tag now reads Guinea PI (like private investigator). Hamisher needs to find out who is stealing Mr. Venezi's, the owner's, sandwiches. Mr. Venezi thinks the hamsters are stealing his sandwiches, and if his sandwich goes missing one more time, he is ge
Sean Albright
1. This is a graphic novel that utilizes the use of humor to entertain its readers. With a guinea pig as a private investigator, hired by a hamster, it’s certain to get a kick out of the younger audience. It’s a great addition to a collection because it is an introductory graphic novel that uses mystery very well to entice the younger audience.
2. This book is suitable for kids grades 2-4. It uses simple to read text and offers a fun mystery for young readers to follow along with. I believe myst
North Richland Hills Public Library
I was disappointed that the title did not to allude to the main characters. I expected the book to be about a Guinea Pig named Cheese, and a Hamster named Hamster. I would have accepted a Guinea Pig named Hamster and a Hamster named Cheese, but that did not happen either. The guinea pig’s name is Sasspants, and the hamster’s name is Hamisher. The book is called Hamster and Cheese. I enjoyed the book anyway. The characters of the pet shop are fun and friendly, although everyone is misnamed throug ...more
Nicola Mansfield
Reason for Reading: Both books 1 & 2 are Cybils '10 nominees and as a panelist for Graphic Novels they are required reading for me.

This is absolutely adorable! The artwork is so cute and the animals have such personalities it was a joy to read. Elementaries are going to love this series. Sasspants PI inadvertently gets mistaken for a detective and the hamsters call on him to solve the case of the missing sandwiches. Every day the owner puts a sandwich near the hamster cage for his lunch and
1. Graphic Novel

2. A hamster and a guinea pig try to solve a mystery for their pet store owner. He wants to know who is stealing his sandwiches, otherwise he is going to get rid of the pets.

3. A- This is a fun read for students or children interested in comic books. The format is designed exactly like a comic book would be.

B- I did not find anything terrible about this book, but I also didn’t find anything great. I think it is good for students who want to read, but might be on a lower reading
Hannah Scott
Guinea Pig Pet Shop Private Eye: Hamster and Cheese by Colleen Af Venable was one of the cutest graphic novels I have ever read. The illustrations were colorful and lively which really captured my attention. The use of space was incredible because even though each panel was a different size, they all fit together like puzzle pieces to create full page spreads. The story took place in a pet store which, in my opinion, could really attract young kids because who doesn’t love going to the pet store ...more
Ashley Bell
The book, Hamster and Cheese, by Colleen AF Venable is a cute mystery. The Pet-shop owner, Mr. Venezi, has discovered that his sandwich disappeared during lunchtime and he blames his koalas, which are actually hamsters, but Mr. Venezi isn't exactly good at the identifying the pets that he is selling in his shop. So Mr. Venezi decides that if his sandwich disappears one more time then that's it for the "koalas". So when Hamisher the hamster sees that there's a resident Guinea Pig in the shop he d ...more
Teresa Scherping
Hamisher the Hamster (who thinks he's a koala) needs help! Mr. Venezi the pet shop owner has been losing his sandwiches, and if he continues to suspect the hamsters, he may just get rid of all of them. When Hamisher mistakes Sasspants the Guinea Pig for a private eye, he thinks all his problems are solved. Sasspants, who is not really a detective, decides to help Hamisher so that he'll leave her alone to read her book. But who could be stealing the sandwiches? One of the other pets? Or a visitor ...more
I laughed again, having read the second book of this series, and wanting to see where it began. Venable has created a memorable character and location. The confusion in this pet shop has already excited my Grandson, and I am sure he is going to love this book. What we have here is a mystery, and a Guinea Pig who just wants to solve it so everybody will give her the peace and quiet she wants. There are all sorts of false leads, and just when you think you know "who-dun-it" another twist to the pl ...more
Awesome. Sasspants just wants to be left alone to read in the pet store, but that hamster won't leave her alone until she solves the mystery of the missing sandwich. Silly fun with the pet shop owner mislabeling all the critters who have distinctive personalities. More importantly, perhaps, the text/art combination is good for reluctant readers. The PandaBat and I both loved it.
Kerry (The Roaming Librarian)
This cracked me up! This graphic novel series about a guinea pig who is somewhat forced to become a PI for his pet shop (to save some very grateful "koalas") will have kids and adults alike chuckling. The art is sharp, colorful, and very expressive. So much fun!
I read this book with a student who is very dyslexic. While not all dyslexics have trouble with lots of small details, this student is overwhelmed by too much visual information. This book was not a good choice. Frequently I wondered if the student was following the story line or jokes. For example, the store owner calls snakes, llamas. In discussing this with the student, he said: I thought the snake's name was Llama.

I thought that was a reasonable response. But I still am not sure if he under
Funny! Guinea Pig lives in a mixed up pet shop where the cages are mislabeled and the owner doesn't know much about the pets he has for sale. Everyday his sandwich goes missing and when the g goes missing on Guinea Pig's cage he is mistaken for a PI (private investigator) and put on the case. Along with his sidekick hamster(who really wants to be a Koala like his cage reads) they crack the case. Guinea Pig reminds me of Geronimo Stilton, the well read animal who just wants his peace to read. The ...more
Patrice Sartor
In this short (makes for a nice, quick read) graphic novel, a hamster seeks the aid of a guinea pig in finding out who is eating the pet shop owner's sandwich. The pet shop owner is hopelessly clueless, labeling the hamsters as camels, for example. The two small rodents work together interrogating suspects and witnesses until they have solved the case.

It's a cute story, with cute artwork. My 10 year old son liked it more than I did, but it hit on several of the things he enjoys: animals that tal
From Elizabeth Bird's review: "Now the fact that Sasspants is female was a definite plus. Particularly since in most comics/animated movies/television shows, female animals usually sport foot-long eyelashes or little strategically placed powder pink bows. Sometimes there's even the hint of breasts. It's unpleasant. Full credit to artist Stephanie Yue for rejecting the usual ladyparts for our heroine then. Sasspants reads books, thinks about things logically, and wants to be left alone. I'll take ...more
Sasspants, a book-reading, gadget-inventing guinea pig, seems to be the only intelligent animal in the pet shop. So when the "G" falls off her sign and a hamster mistakes her for a "PI"--Private Investigator--she doesn't want the case but is willing to solve the mystery just to get him off her back. During the course of her investigation we encounter a whole cast of interesting characters. A fun graphic novel for the younger set with a lot of personality.
I read this to two kids, ages 8 and 7, and they found a lot of it funny. Some of it was funnier to me because I caught on quicker. I think it's funny how the shopkeeper mislabels all the animals and then there is a page at the end comparing the label to the real name of the animal. The pictures really add to the story instead of just being there with the words.
Remarkably cute, and a clever little mystery story. What kept me from giving the book a fifth star was that the human characters were just too stupid to be interesting. The animals were great, though, and the afterword with the animal comparisons was really funny.
This is a graphic novel that you can give to kids to have been reading things like Cam Jansen stories.
For younger readers who want to advance to graphic novels, this will be a nice book. Although the author never tells us why the pet shop owner mislabels all the animals, soon the hamster is forced to try to solve the myster of the dissapearing sandwich. Cute illustrations help carry the story along. A nice book to add to your youth graphic novel collection.
I thought this might be a younger level introduction to graphic novels but to me the text was both to much for younger students as well as the to difficult at times as well. It would be more suited for middle grade readers but I think they would consider it babyish in looks as well as size. I don't think this is something I'd add to my collection.
It's about a hamster that lives in a pet shop. The owner's sandwich keeps going missing. And the "koalas" (really a hamster) has a cage right by the sandwich. So the owner thinks that the "koalas" eat the sandwich. And he wants to get rid of the "koalas", but the "koalas" are not eating it. Read more to find out who ate the sandwich.
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