The Lady Chosen (Bastion Club, #1)
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The Lady Chosen (Bastion Club #1)

3.98 of 5 stars 3.98  ·  rating details  ·  3,917 ratings  ·  128 reviews
Tristan Wemyss, Earl of Trentham, never expected he'd need to wed within a year or forfeit his inheritance. But he is not one to bow to the matchmaking mamas of the ton. No, he will marry a lady of his own choosing. And the lady he chooses is the enchanting neighbor living with her family next door. Miss Leonora Carling has beauty, spirit and passion; unfortunately, matrim...more
Paperback, 460 pages
Published December 3rd 2009 by Piatkus Books (first published August 26th 2003)
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I also really liked this book which was formally the first in the Bastion Club series. The explanations behind the creation of the club were rather interesting, though a bit short and with so many new characters that it was difficult to place them all.
I liked how the mere fact of creating this club embroiled Tristan directly in the story behind strange incidents occurring next door. I was convinced almost from the first that the two leads were perfect for each other and really enjoyed reading th...more
Lori McD
3.5 stars

I liked this book better than "Captain Jack's Woman", probably because the Hero and Heroine weren't jumping on top of one another every couple of pages!

The premise is that post-Waterloo, the spies are out of business and back in England. We are introduced to seven men who were previously employed as spies, mostly infiltrating enemy lands and enemy lines, posing as locals. All seven are master impersonators, fighters, and strategists. The seven haven't all met until they find themselves...more
Desde niña, sí, sí, habéis oído bien, desde niña me ha gustado leer novela romántica. Una que es así de precoz. Con la lectura de hoy, me he sumergido en una novela de 500 páginas que han resultado ser todo un hallazgo. ¿Por qué? Por la sencilla razón de que LA PROMETIDA PERFECTA, de Stephanie Laurens, combina romance, misterio y pasión. Me he deleitado en la divertida premisa, la narración amena, el profuso detalle emocional, el estilo costumbrista y la paulatina relación de amor entre sus prot...more
I like how Stephanie Laurens handles her characters. She doesn't let the women be bullied by the men, because they have protective instincts and the like that can also be termed as possessive. Instead her females have their own voices, can be stubborn, and have flaws and insecurities just like women in our world. For example, her heroine in this novel, Leonora, is easily relatable for me because I understand her disbelief over thinking she could hold Tristian's attention for very long; it's an i...more
Mahareni Maldini
Kurang greget,datar,cenderung mmbosankn.Heroine-nya jg nyebeliiiiiin,tiap dtiduri semangatnya '45,tp kukuh gak mo dnikahi.Sikap yg aneh u/ ukuran wanita lajang pd zaman it.Selain it,aktivitas spionase d buku ini jg kurang seruuuuu.
*fiuuuuh...untung kmrn gak jd beli*
Oh gosh, ok, I'm gonna do it. Here I go Bastion Club #1... I originally read it back in 2006-7 I think and I remember it being mostly ok, but long and drawn out. But that was before I really got into Laurens' books, got accustomed to her style and such, so I was kind of hoping it would impress me this time around. Well, I did enjoy it pretty much throughout, but I still think it was rather long and drawn out. Not that I can pinpoint anything that should've been cut out, but it just seemed pretty...more
Jessica Kayuha
These books definitely require me to start keeping notes of all of the things that make me go "Really? That's really what you wrote?".

1. The prologue's exposition. Nobody, but nobody would talk with friends that way. I get it, you have to give the reader the info some way. But please, at least also give us the benefit of the doubt that we have brains, and can possibly figure some things out on our own. Having men who have known each other for years address each other the way these did is asinine...more
I didn't really hate the book...but it wasn't really a romance! Because I haven't really got any idea why fill in love...for me, it was basically a mystery book with a love story thrown in.
-There wasn’t really much conversation between the two leads. No actual way for them to KNOW each other even though they seemed to spend a lot of time together going to parties, having sex (at every party), and solving the burglaries problems.
-The heroin is set against marriage...but even SHE doesn't know why...more
I really loved the relationship between the hero and heroine. First off, the hero KNOWS he needs to get married; he isn't one of these romance heroes who abhors the thought of marriage (and that's supposed to be the main conflict for him). Rather, it's the heroine who doesn't want to get married, and though that's a tad flimsy, it's at least grounded in some solid emotional reasoning, combined with the fact that she's reasonably independent and well-off without being married. These two come to g...more
Meredith Galman
I liked the idea of a group of noble gentlemen planning their marriages like a military campaign, but that's not at all what we get in this book. Question: why DO authors write Regencies when they're not willing to accept Regency conventions? Does the author really think that the catty old ladies in Jane Austen wouldn't notice if her hero and heroine snuck off together at every single party they were at for weeks to have sex across the breadth of the ton? Does she really think that an unmarried...more
ngebayaing para M16, kalo udah pensiun pada ngapain ya? kecewa sama aksinya para ex-spies ini, yang kebetulan para bangsawan semua. kurang greget. romannya terlalu bertele-tele. masa kemampuan mantan spion kawakan cuma nemuin kamar kosong di setiap pesta dansa. hadoooh... petunjuk yang didapat juga kebanyakan berdasarkan faktor luck doang. yang lebih ngeselin lagi, si Humprey sama Jeremy, kok kayaknya cuma jadi tempelan doang. Sibuk sendiri sama bukunya. dan gak bikin amaze meskipun mereka dikon...more
Sheila Melo
Good Mystery, Sweet and Hot Romance

THE LADY CHOSEN is the first book in the Bastion Club series. It is the story of a group of men who acted as spies in the war, returned to titles and fortunes and matchmaking female relatives. The men agree to form a club where they can support one another and also find refuge from the social whirl. Tristan Wemyss, Earl of Trentham, must marry within a year or lose the fortune that helps support his relatives. While preparing the house where the Bastion Club wi...more
Rosemary Morris
This is the first book by Stephanie Laurens which I have read.The beautiful book cover captured my attention and the blurb on the back cover interested me.

The first chapter about aristocratic spies during the Napoleonic Wars, who have resigned from the army and must marry, interested me. So did the opening scene set in October 1815 in which The Prince Regent burbled on about the Battle of Waterloo causing the former officers, who have sold their commissions, to escape from the Brighton Pavilion...more
Oleta Blaylock
As always Stephanie Laurens has written an enthralling story that pulls into the mystery of why a young woman and her family are being besieged by burglars. I love the premise of the series. Eight gentlemen that have come into titles that they never expected to inherit decide to take their own fate into their hands and find wives that they can live with. It is funny how these men view the marriage mart and the manipulation of the mothers that are determined to find titled husbands for their daug...more
Victoria (nocturnalintimacy)
2.5 stars.
I picked this up from the library because it was a "new to me" historical romance author. The premise sounded interesting and I liked that it was a series.

Unfortunately, the author's writing style was irritating to me. She's very wordy and her sentence structure is all over the place. I read this on Kindle, so maybe the hard copy didn't have this issue, but in my copy the author jumps from time to time without any separation inbetween the chapters. I never knew whether the next paragra...more
Karen Wilson
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I have mixed feeling on this book. There are many historic inaccuracies which hurt suspicion of disbelief. The main male character is more then a little creepy and frankly someone I wouldn't want to meet. Yet, I read the entire book and completely enjoyed the sex scenes. So, read for the sex. If that thing doesn't float your boat, skip it.
This book was ridiculous!!! A women that is 26 years old and unmarried falls in love with a weird man that watches her next door. BUT she doesn't just fall in love she gives up her morals right away and then they continue doing such things with WAY TO MUCH INFO.... and hardly any story line!!! I couldn't even finish it it was so bad!
Caitlin Kelly
The Lady Chosen being the second Stephanie Laurens book i've read, after The Lady Risks All...... Annnnnd I loved it, and have no doubt that I will be reading the rest of her books!
I feel in love with the characters (especially Tristan - Would love to read more about him and Leonora) but anyway, both being very strong willed people, independent people having to learn to 'compromise' to be together because of love (sends chills down my spine *Awwwwh*.
Whilst the book might drag on a bit in some ar...more
This is the second Stephanie Laurens book I've read and I'm looking forward to reading all of her books, especially those of the Cynster Saga. The story evolved not only on love but on some happenings at Montrose Place, where Tristan and Leonora met and later fell in lust, then in love. The books is written with vivid details, steamy and passionate love scenes, suspenseful action scenes, and a bit of a mystery. The sweetest line Tristan uttered was Leonora being an important person in his life,...more
hmmmmm buku pertama bastion club
kalo menurutku pribadi aq lebih suka cynster saga dibanding bastion club
bukan berarti bastion club jelek ya tp aq ngerasa ada yg kurang dari seri ini.

bercerita ttg 6 veteran mata2 inggris yg memutuskan pensiun & sedang pusing memikirkan nasib mereka sekarang yg ibaratnya lepas dari mulut harimau eh masuk mulut buaya.

mereka lebih suka berperang digaris depan waterloo dibandingkan harus menghadapi sekawanan ibu2 serta gadis2 bangsawan siap menikah.
karena itu mer...more
Leticia Vega-Boggs
January, 2014
Since first reading this book, I went on to read the other Bastion Club books, circling around to re-reading this book, and I will say, I stand corrected for the most part. On the second read it improved significantly. There are moments where the action tends to stall uncomfortably, but I was able to read through it more easily. Overall, I quite enjoyed it, so much so that I've now read it three times. So, I'm upping my rating to three stars.

Tristan has found that he has a year to wed in order to inherit all the money that goes with his new title.

Leonora lives with her uncle and her brother who are two historians who devote all their time and focus to their studies. She considers herself to be an old maid and is pretty satisfied with that outlook.

These two people run into one another, literally and figuratively and the adventures begin.

There is a villain who evidently wants access to something. But, at first no one is sure what the...more
Berusaha mencari mood yg tepat dan berharap banyak dengan buku ini.
Suka sekali membaca buku SL yg Captain Jack, namun setelah membaca ini agak kecewa dengan lambat nya alur cerita buku ini

...hmmm....ceritanya tentang veteran perang, Tristan, Earl of Trentham yg membeli rumah bersama teman2nya , bertetangga dengan Leonora Carling yg cantik dan mendiri.
Cerita berputar2 di sekitar usaha Tristan mendekati Leonora dan alasan2 yg di buat buat menyelidiki 'percobaan perampokan' di rumah mereka.

Reseña publicada originalmente en:

La prometida perfecta, si bien me ha gustado bastante y me ha parecido un libro correcto y entretenido, no ha cumplido todas mis expectativas ni me ha llenado por completo. Quizá es que esperara demasiado de él.

Desde luego, tiene un argumento inicial de lo más interesante: un grupo de ex-agentes secretos al servicio de la Corona británica deciden fundar un club para evitar las estrategias de las solteras de Londres. Y así...more
Bintang 3.
Buku ke1 seri Bastion Club.

Bastion Club (BC) adalah sebuah perkumpulan eksklusif yg didirikan oleh beberapa gentleman yg pernah menghabiskan waktu bertugas di militer dan menjadi mata mata tak resmi milik negara. Setelah sekian lama, mereka pensiun dan saatnya harus menerima gelar dan warisan (yg tak pernah mereka bayangkan mereka terima oleh sebagiannya) dari masing masing kerabat. Mereka terdiri dari para bujangan dewasa yg sadar dengan kewajiban mereka untuk mencari istri dan meneru...more
Helene Harrison
ISBN? - 9780749940232

Genre? - Historical / Mystery / Romance / Regency / Erotica

Characters? - Tristan / Leonora / Jeremy / Humphrey / Jonathon / Charles / Deverell / Mountford (Duke) / Mrs Timmins

Setting? - London (England)

Series? - Bastion Club #1

Title? - An apt title, as men in the Regency periods chose their brides, and then had to persuade them to accept their proposal. Women didn't choose their husbands.

Character Analysis? - I loved Leonora Carling, and having read the Cynster series alread...more
It has been quite a while since I've picked up another historical romance to read. I decided to start on the Bastion Club by this author since I love her Cynster series. What is consistent with her writing is that she is good with how she reveals the methodical way her characters think and reason with their actions. I find that I do enjoy the love story of Tristan the Earl of Trentham and how he set to pursue the lady he has chosen to be his wife , his neighbor Leonora Carling.
Leonara is consid...more
This book was certainly good and held my interest throughout. I wasn't sure it was going to though. It wasn't the easiest book to read for me. Her narrative is somewhat disjointed and seemed choppy, intentionally I believe. It set the tone and added to the emotions of the main characters.

Leonora is a spinster at the age of 26 living with her brother and uncle in a house they inherited from a relative. This relative was a herbalist and with an out-of-town partner had developed a valuable formula....more
Isis FG
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
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Stephanie Laurens was born in Sri Lanka, which was at the time the British colony of Ceylon. When she was 5, her family moved to Melbourne, Australia, where she was raised. After continuing through school and earning a Ph.D. in Biochemistry in Australia, Laurens and her husband moved to Great Britain, taking one of the last true overland journeys from Katmandu to London.

Once in London, Laurens and...more
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