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The Reversal
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The Reversal (Mickey Haller #3)

4.09 of 5 stars 4.09  ·  rating details  ·  26,400 ratings  ·  1,883 reviews
Longtime defense attorney Mickey Haller is recruited to change stripes and prosecute the high-profile retrial of a brutal child murder. After 24 years in prison, convicted killer Jason Jessup has been exonerated by new DNA evidence. Haller is convinced Jessup is guilty, and he takes the case on the condition that he gets to choose his investigator, LAPD Detective Harry Bos ...more
Paperback, 448 pages
Published August 2011 by Orion Books (first published October 5th 2010)
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Jeanette  "Astute Crabbist"

Nobody does it better,
Makes me forget all the rest,
Nobody does it half as good as you,
Baby you're the best...

Every time I'm disappointed by some other author in the genre, it just makes me appreciate Connelly's skills all the more. He leaves all the others in the dust. I read the last 215 pages of this one all in a night. Stayed up till 2:00 a.m. No one else can make me focus like that.

This book is a Mickey Haller/Harry Bosch hybrid. It takes place
Cecilia Quick
The end ruined this for me. It's as if the author was driving his car along on a pleasant Sunday outing, didn't watch where he was going, and drove off a cliff mid-drive. Stupid ending. Up until then, I enjoyed the book as a midrange outing for this author. I like it that Bosch and Mickey are awkwardly working their way to a relationship, and how they have many unconscious characteristics in common. I liked the premise. I have to admit, I got tired of the scenes of voir dire, although I liked ho ...more
Red Heaven

Although I haven't read much of Connelly, I've loved almost everything I have read and so I consider myself a fan. This was my first interaction with Mickey Haller, and I wasn't enthusiastic about it, but I had it with me at the airport and decided it was going to be better than nothing.

Straight away, Red Heaven found the alternating between 1st and 3rd person incredibly annoying. The book never settled into a consistent tone as a result.

I also noticed that for a 400 page novel, the ch
Lukasz Pruski
Oh, the problem with sequels… Often, it is like this. You cook a gallon of good soup. You and your family eat half a gallon one day, and then to prolong the culinary feat, you add half a gallon of water to the remaining soup, and have half a gallon of it the next day. Then you add another half a gallon of water the next day, and so on and on, and soon you have no soup at all, just water, and a memory of good soup. "The Reversal" is a sequel to Michael Connelly's "The Lincoln Lawyer", which is a ...more
James Thane
This is the third entry in Michael Connelly's Mickey Haller series, after The Lincoln Lawyer and The Brass Verdict. The Reversal, though is almost as much of a Harry Bosch novel as it is a Mickey Haller.

As the book opens, Haller gets an unusual offer from the L.A. County District Attorney who wants Haller to join the team as an independent prosecutor for the purpose of retrying a convicted child killer who has been granted a new trial after a successful appeal. Haller agrees to the proposition w
How do you know when a book is owning you?

How about you get the notification that it's come in at the library and you realize that you have to go and pick it up that day or else you'll feel like you're missing something. Or how about once you pick it up, you start reading in the library while waiting for others who came with you to the library to finish making their selections? Or how about when you've got a DVR full of shows and a ton of great football choices to watch and instead you'd rather
I liked The Lincoln Lawyer a little better, I think, but this story is a nifty pairing of the Haller and Bosch team. The courtroom scenes are top notch, the pace is fast, and the dialogue sharp. Very entertaining, especially once the story got some traction. I really should read more of Michael Connelly novels.
Dana Stabenow
It usually was the best moment of a case. The drive downtown with a suspect handcuffed in the backseat. There was nothing better. Sure there was the eventual payoff of a conviction down the line. Being in the courtroom when the verdict is read--watching the reality shock and then deaden the eyes of the convicted. But the drive in was always better, more immediate and personal. It was always the moment Bosch savored. The chase was over and the case was about to morph from the relentless momentum ...more
Mike (the Paladin)
You know, up to the time I read the first Micky Haller novel The Lincoln Lawyer I'd only read one Michael Connelly novel. I'm glad I picked up another one.

This is an excellent novel. I'm giving it a 5 star rating...not a common thing. Here Micky is convinced to step across the isle and take up the mantle of prosecutor...something he never pictured himself doing.

There are a few times in this novel when I got a little annoyed with Micky (again if you know me from my reviews you may guess what pa

3.5 stars - I won this book in a Goodreads First Reads giveaway.

I just love Harry Bosch! I like his character, his determination, his ability to figure out a case. If I ever need a detective, I’m calling Harry Bosch.

Harry is investigating the case of Jason Jessup, an accused and convicted child murderer who may be exonerated due to new DNA evidence. Harry’s half brother, Mickey Haller has been asked to prosecute the accused.

I found that the beginning of the novel was a little slow for me. Ther
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Jacob Proffitt
This was kind of a train wreck, though with enough story cohesion to pull me through. I don't like Bosch (the sanctimonious git) and having a combined story here feels contrived/artificial. Making Mickey a special prosecutor made it even worse (though hurray for seeing more of Maggie and even working with her).

The strongly regimented pass-off between each chapter was almost as jarring as switching from third person for Bosch's sections to first person for Mickey's. And I also kind of hated some
I think this novel is my favorite one in the Harry Bosch series. I loved it. It makes me look forward to reading the rest of the Mickey Haller series as well. This novel was a merge of both of those series. I like how they are separate and different but yet they can still merge for a great story and then separate to go their own way.

I liked the humor that was woven into the story line. It made me laugh out loud. It was also fast paced, as his novels usually are. So something was always going on
We first met Mickey Haller in The Lincoln Lawyer as the quintessential criminal defense lawyer operating out of the back of his Lincoln Town Car. Mickey had some unique tactics for securing work and defending his clients, many of whom were the dregs of society. That was his job and he was good at it.

In The Reversal, (the title evidently has two references to the story), Mickey is roped in as a prosecutor for an old murder case that is being retried in a new jurisdiction after the conviction was
Chad Sayban
What could possibly cause lifelong defense attorney Mickey Haller to jump the isle and become a special prosecutor on a 24-year-old case? It would take nothing short of the impending release of a child murderer, Jason Jessup. With the DA’s office in shame and the public believing that DNA evidence has exonerated an innocent man, Haller makes it clear that he will do it – but only do it on his terms. Those terms include him ignoring the posturing of the political-minded district attorney as well ...more
I really enjoyed this book which teams up Micheal Haller, the Lincoln Lawyer, and Harry Bosch. Haller, normally a defense attorney is brought to the other side of the aisle when a special independent prosecutor is needed to retry the case of a man who has spent 20 years in prison but new evidence has arisen that may indicate that he is innocent.

The book alternates between a Haller chapter and then a Bosch chapter. Of course this also means that the book alternates between first and third person
Connelly chose a nice title for this one, as it is a story of so many reversals: plot-wise, an appeals court has reversed an old guilty verdict in a murder case, opening the door for a high-profile retrial; character-wise, die-hard defense attorney Mickey Haller finds himself on the other side of the aisle as a special prosecutor because of the political nature of the case. Some things aren't reversed here, though - characters continue to mature, relationships continue to develop, new bonds begi ...more
I usually really, really like Michael Connelly and this time I was a bit disappointed. This novel comes across as multipersonalitied as it switches back and forth between Harry Bosch (who is acting as an investigator for the D.A.) and Mickey Haller, Harry's half-brother (and working as an independent prosecutor). I disagree with those who liked the blending of the two major characters into one novel because for me it completely screws up the pacing of the novel.

Not that this novel is bad, by any
Anne  (Booklady) Molinarolo
3.5 Stars

On a Sunday morning 24 years ago, twelve year old Melissa Landy was taken from her front yard in Hancock Park, strangled to death, her small body unceremoniously thrown onto debris in a dumpster behind a movie theatre. The lone witness to this horrific crime was her thirteen year old sister whom identified Aardvark tow truck driver, Jason Jessup who was subsequently arrested and convicted.

But one month shy of the anniversary of Melissa’s brutal murder, the CA Supreme Court reversed Jes
The Reversal is a perfect example of a “kitchen sink” or Marvel Universe style novel. Here, we not only have two of Connelly’s primary protagonists, half-brothers Mickey Haller and Hieronymous Bosch, working together as prosecutor and investigator, but we also have a cameo from Rachel Waller, the profiler who has figured in several of his other novels. Of course, assembling an all-star cast from one’s pool of protagonists may seem like a bad thing to some. Some would argue that such an aggregati ...more
Cathy DuPont
A couple of years ago I recall having a dry spell of books and particularly authors I wanted to read.

Then I belatedly found Robert B. Parker and John Sandford. I was content because I enjoyed their writing so much and the stories were great.

Last year I happened upon Michael Connelly and although I had heard of him, purposely avoided him because I thought he was marketed just a little to slick for my taste. However, after finishing The Lincoln Lawyer (my first Connelly) I chastised myself for b
Pamela Kramer
The Reversal by Michael Connelly is another in a series of terrific pieces of contemporary crime fiction by this author. The Reversal gives us the bonus of two fascinating main characters. One of them is the police investigator Harry Bosch, and the other is defense attorney-turned-prosecutor (for this novel) Mickey Haller.

Haller is persuaded by the California DA to take on the case - as prosecutor - of a new trial for a possible murderer who has been imprisoned for twenty-four years after being
Time saver tip: if you've read my review of any Harry Bosch book, you've read 'em all. Since I don't reveal plots and reserve my comments to the overall book/author, characterization, style, etc...I just don't feel the need to repeat myself as in most cases series books if any good at all do remain consistent. The star ratings might change, but not my opinion of the series as a whole.

Michael Connelly is a well know and very popular author in the mystery/detective and police procedural genres. E
There are three phases of Connelly, it seems. All three phases retain his strongest suit—a deft hand with crackerjack plotting. The books always move and always hook you and I pretty much can't do anything else once I start one of his novels. But they're not as good as they used to be, and that's a damn shame.

Early Connelly, when he labored over his prose and his books were dense and meaty and good, lasted probably up through about Angel's Flight. After that came phase two, when the prose had b
Another great Mickey Haller book, taking the main character to the other side of the aisle this time, in a special prosecutor role. We also get a greater insight into Bosch, for those of us who have not tackled his own series.

Mickey is asked to play the role of special prosecutor on a case that has come back to bite the D.A. Haller uses his ex-wife to help him build the case again and dig into a murder/kidnapping from back in '86. We learn much about the case in the 1st and 3rd person narratives
There's so much to love about this book! I love Harry Bosch, always have! And after reading The Lincoln Lawyer, Mickey Haller became another favorite character. And this book has them both.

Mickey takes on a case as an independent prosecutor, ex-wife Maggie assists him, and Bosch is their investigator. The case: A man (Jessup) wins an appeal to overturn a 24 year old murder and he's released from prison. The DA's office decides to retry him. They need a guilty verdict; otherwise, they'll be sued
Really enjoyed this one. I think that Connelly is one, if not the best, writer of this genre working today. My only complaint, and the reason I had to mark this one down is the needless switching of points-of-view. I found it at times confusing. Connelly is a master of the first-person and I found it disappointing that this technique was not used effectively in this one.
PROTAGONIST: Mickey Haller, prosecuting attorney, and Harry Bosch
SERIES: #16 of 18
RATING: 4.25
WHY: Mickey Haller has always been a defense attorney but agrees to handle the prosecution of Jason Jessup who was convicted of the murder of a 12-year-old girl 24 years earlier but recently released due to new DNA evidence. Haller is aided in the case by his second chair and former wife, Maggie McPherson, and investigator Harry Bosch. Haller believes that Jessup is guilty, but trying to prov
Perhaps the best of the Mickey Haller books. Sharing the limelight is the lead character for another Connelly series, Harry Bosch. Bosch is the vehicle for much of the action and crime detection, while Haller runs rings around the rule of law and jurisprudence. As usual Connelly puts together a delightfully convoluted plot, though this time there is no Reversal at the end of the book. Atypically, Connelly lets the story flow to a natural but no-less satisfying conclusion.
James Glass
Michael Connelly is the master of crime thrillers. In the Reversal he pairs his two biggest protagonists together, lawyer Mickey Haller and detective Harry Bosch. The story is filled with drama as Mickey crosses over to the prosecution side to take on a case of a man who served a 24 year sentence for the murder of a young girl. The courts reversed his conviction based on new DNA evidence but have given the District Attorney 30 days to retry the case. As the new trial begins, the case takes on ne ...more
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Michael Connelly decided to become a writer after discovering the books of Raymond Chandler while attending the University of Florida. Once he decided on this direction he chose a major in journalism and a minor in creative writing — a curriculum in which one of his teache
More about Michael Connelly...
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