Wicked Enchantment (Dark Magick, #1)
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Wicked Enchantment (Dark Magick #1)

3.78 of 5 stars 3.78  ·  rating details  ·  2,281 ratings  ·  177 reviews
First in a new series from the national bestselling author of "Witch Fury."
When the Summer Queen of the fae orders Aislinn Finvarra to act as a guide for a half-incubus who is known to possess dark magick and sexual power, she must protect not only her heart, but her very life.
ebook, 336 pages
Published January 5th 2010 by Berkley Books
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I dunno, lots of people have recommended this author to me and I thought I'd give it a try with her new series. This is definitely a romance-oriented novel with some interesting fairy-lore world building. I kinda enjoyed it, but I had to get over a few hurdles early on namely...

WHY if they're in a fairy world with Unseelie and Seelie court dress and towers made of Quartz and crap (NOT interacting with the "real world" we know!!!) does the author describe the hot hero striding through the hall on...more
Shera (Book Whispers)
Genre: Paranormal Romance

After reading one of Bast's other books, Witch Blood (Elemental Witches, book 2) I had my doubts about trying this one. Witch Blood wasn't for me. Great idea, but smothered in too much sex. After reading some good reviews about the second book, Cruel Enchantment, I couldn't stop my curiosity reading the first one was my only option.

Let's just say I was pleasantly surprised. It's been hard finding good Fayre PNR. Laurel K. Hamilton's Meredith Gentry series—while...more
Wicked Enchantment is the first novel in the Dark Magick series by Anya Bast. Wicked Enchantment is the first Bast book I've read and I really enjoyed it.
It starts out with the Seelie Summer Queen, Caoilainn Muirgheal orders Aislinn Finvarra to be a guide to an Unseelie visitor and half-incubus Gabriel Mac Braire. He has one week to decide if he wants to make permit residence in the Seelie court. Being Unseelie is somewhat looked down upon for the Seelie, but to also be and incubus.. that's jus...more
Carolyn (Book Chick City)
This is the first book I've read by Anya Bast and it is the first book in her new Dark Magick series. I really enjoyed Wicked Enchantment. Bast's writing flows very well and I was pulled into the story within just a few pages. I liked Aislinn straight away too and Gabriel is just scrummy!

I have very limited experience when it comes to paranormal romance. It's not often a genre I dip into as I get too embarrassed with all the sexual shenanigans *blush* I like a bit of sexual tension and even the...more
Laurie (Bitten by Romance)
This is the first time I’ve read a book for the beginning of a series that I found easy to understand and flowed together so well, I had fun reading this book it was fresh and exciting, full of adventure and magick, nothing like I expected.

If you want to read this review and don’t want very many spoilers read to where it says, “SOPILERS”.

If you love these things you will love this book
A magick World unlike no other, I have read.
Magic animals,
Sexy men ridding on t...more
Isa Lavinia
This is one of those books which, instead of stars, I wish I could rate it a 14 on the pH scale - it was that basic.
Bast's new Fae Dark Magick series - dark, dangerous leading man Gabriel is Enchantingly Wicked

Wicked Enchantment finds Unseelie (dark Fae) incubus Gabriel petitioning for entry into the Seelie (light Fae) world. Aislinn is prominent member of the light fae court esteemed for the purity of her family's Seelie blood line. Having sworn off men after a suffering a humiliating breakup, Aislinn is less than thrilled when she is the one designated to show Gabriel around. Gabriel's magic has kept his...more
Kellie is a bookwhoreasaurus
Most people I know don't really like reading about fairy's, goblin's trolls etc, but not me! I have loved the Fae world since I was a child (My grandma and I even made a fairy garden at her house that is still there for all the other grandchildren to play with/look after)

Ok so on to the book.
I liked it and give it 4 1/2 stars not 5 because I didn't love it.

Pro's ->
-Gabriel <3 - He may be unseelie but that just add's to his awesomeness. Your typical bad boy, dominating, take charge, sati...more
I was pleasantly surprised by this book. While I like the idea of PNR, I've had very little luck in finding series I like in the genre. However lately it seems like I've had a streak of good luck. While I wouldn't say I'm totally crazy about it and there were a lot of silly PNR cliche's going on, I actually enjoyed reading Wicked Enchantment. It was fun to read and actually left me wanting to read more. :)
Wicked Enchantment by Anya Bast
Book #1 in Dark Magick
4.5 Stars

Numerous fae races are in existence and they have been incarcerated for hundreds of years. Aislinn Finvarra, one of the Seelie fae, has been assigned to escort Gabriel Mac Braire, an Unseelie fae, who has apparently decided to defect to the Seelie. Aislinn will soon discover that everything she believes about herself is a lie, and that dangerous forces both from within and without are working to destroy everything she holds d...more
I picked up this book due to seeing it on my friends' update feed. Based on the description, it should have been amusing, entertaining, thrilling and riveting! It was none of those things for me.

First off, the whole writing style bothered me. Specifically, the characters were so boring and flat that had they been pumped up with any more artificial life, they would have been cliched to a degree of embarrassment. As things stand now, I could just barely stand to read their responses and interacti...more
This is an interesting new series featuring the fae. Once again like most fae books you have the Seelie, or good as they are perceived, and the Unseelie, or the bad as they are perceived. But like life good and bad are not always what it is supposed to be.

Aislinn, by her familial heritage is one of the highest born Seelie with a pure bloodline, but she has her own secrets and has never felt like a part of the Rose court. It takes getting her world shaken up by Gabriel, an incubus who has an age...more
I really liked the story that came before this book so I was surprised by how dull this book was. The pace seemed slow compared to the previous story and the main characters pale. I realise Aislinn lead a kind of sheltered life, but she didn't really do much in the book. And the sex scenes were annoying. I know Gabriel was suppose to be an Alpha, but he didn't seem to care at all what Aislinn wants in bed and doesn't let her play as she'd like (view spoiler)...more
Going into this review, I read her short story in Hot For The Holiday's - Sweet Enchantment.
You do not HAVE to read this one first, but it did set the stage for the characters and the world I was fixing to step in.
Ms. Bast has created an amazing world; one I have not found myself diving into yet. This story was a pleasure to read and I easily slipped away to the world of the Seelie Court. I have to admit thought that I had a lot to learn of this world.

Let's start this off...

Please me...more
This is a very different take on fae legend. The fae have been rounded up and relocated to—what I can only compare to as—a reservation called Piefferburg. It’s a small scrap of land where they are trapped and allowed to live their lives behind a thick and magical wall. As with most fae stories there is the Seelie court, who live in the rose tower, and an Unseelie court, who live in the black tower.

The mysterious half incubus Gabriel from the black tower comes to petition the Summer Queen for re...more
Wicked Enchantment is the first book in the Dark Magick series by Bast and an incredibly engaging story! Both the Unseelie and Seelie courts are stuck together in this town called Piefferburg jailed by an unbreaking curse done by a race of druids called the Phaendir. Due to this, they have to learn to uneasily co-exist together. Aislinn Finvarra is part of the Seelie, actually called Rose, Court while Gabriel Mac Braire is part of the Black, you guess it - Unseelie, Court. Well, until he shows u...more
Heather C (Darkly Reading)
How can you resist the seductive charm of a sexy-half incubus? Aislinn finds herself trapped between her growing physical attraction to Gabriel the half-incubus and the need to protect her heart after a terrible public break-up with her former flame Kendall. Aislinn has been assigned to play host to Gabriel, a potential defector from the Unseelie court in the Black Tower, by the Queen of the Seelie court. What Aislinn doesn’t realize is that Gabriel has an agenda as well, one to seduce her into...more
Kate MacKinnon
This was better than ok but I did struggle to get into it and found the 'world-building' too forced.

I know the story is about the fae but the 5 word names that are impossible to pronounce in any language just irritates me. It made it difficult to get into the story. The author also tried to describe every detail she thought necessary at the start rather than building the world and the history as the story progressed. This is what I found too forced.

However, after about 60 pages I was finally int...more
Wicked Enchantment was an entertaining and fast read revolving around the fae, the Seelie and the Unseelie. The whole setup in the world surrounding the fae was for the most part a typical fae fairy tale except the humans are aware of them and have the fae magically trapped in a city built for especially for them. The excitement in the story was the twists and turns that Anya Bast mixed in throughout the story that kept it entertaining, and the colorful characters. Oh, and I loved the build up i...more
This was my second Anya Bast book. I really didn't like Witch Fire and didn't continue that series. But I heard that this was much better, so I decided to give it a try. And it was definitely better, so much so that it seems like a completely different author wrote it.
This book was okay. Interesting world/conflict, good sex scenes and pretty good characters. I think the author was attempting to take a minor character from another book and make a new trilogy with her. I wonder if the other book series was better...

Don't get me wrong, this is not a terrible book. It's just that I read a lot of these, and this one didn't stand out.
I really wish Good Reads gave me half stars because I am actually giving this one 4.5 stars.

Loved the worldbuilding for this and am looking forward to the next book.

Not sure why, but I did expect more out of the "Faemous" aspect. But I love the fae and once I got a picture of the world going good, the story really clicked for me.

awesome read it or else ull be missing out onn some good action!:)!
Jan 22, 2014 Kyra rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: paranormal lovers
Spoiler Alert!!

The Seelie court at the Rose Tower is abuzz rumours and speculation with the arrival of Gabriel, a half incubus of the Unseelie Court who is considering defecting the Unseelie for the Seelie. In truth, he is sent by the shadow king of the black tower to seduce Aislinn so that she would willingly follow him to their faction, the Unseelie.

Aislinn seems unaffected by his charm but he’s certain he’ll be able to addict her with his magic; when she finally warms up to him. Gabriel isn’...more
Jan 11, 2011 Marsha rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Adults
Wicked Enchantment is the 5th book I've read from Anya Bast. Her novels have been hit and miss for me. Two I thoroughly enjoyed and three were just okay. After reading and enjoying Witch Fury, I read a preview of Wicked Enchantment and was looking forward to reading it. However, it was dissapointing for many reasons. First, Ms. Bast unsuccessfully attempts to fuse the world of the ancient fae with current day. At times, I felt as though I was reading a book set in ancient time. She writes of how...more
I think Imay have jumped in to the middle of a new series with this one, but who cares? The author did a great job of immersing me right in to her world, and let me just say that its a good one! I've read Ms. Bast before andlliked her but this solidifies it for me: she is now on my go-to list.

This book was a bit of "Lord of the Ring" and a bit of Laurell K.Hamilton in her "Mercy" style. I always love books w/ fae in them; they just are SO sexy! So this book is about Aislinn, a good little Seelie...more
I'm quite surprised that I wasn't in love with this book.

I'll applaud Mrs. Bast's world building and plot, even though at the beginning, I found the influx of information to be a little overwhelming. Reading Wicked Enchantment taught me a bit about myself as a reader in the fact that I'm more of a purist in terms of fantasy themes. I love plots that revolve around the fey and I do my best to inhale them like a crazy woman during Girl Scout cookie season. However, if you're going to incorporate...more
In a world where humans are separated from a different kind of mortals, there's two places called The Rose and The Black that share a square. The Rose is where Seelie, who see themselves as light, live in one half of the square. The Unseelie live on the other side because of what the Seelie see them as, the darkness. Aislinn lives in the Rose Tower with all the other Seelie citizens. One day the Summer queen of the Rose summons her and tells her that she will be the guide for Gabriel, an incubus...more
All Things Urban Fantasy
Review courtesy of All Things Urban Fantasy

After being blown away by CRUEL ENCHANTMENT (the second book in this series) it was only a matter of time before I devoured WICKED ENCHANTMENT. Fortunately the Dark Magick series features a different couple each time so it didn’t matter too much that I read this series backwards (and I’ll soon be reading the prequel story found in the anthology HOT FOR THE HOLIDAYS). Like the sequel, this book is dangerously good, with multiple plot lines that all suppo...more
Meet Gabriel of the Unseelie Court, who is petitioning to defect into the Summer Queen's court. An unhappy Aislinn (already part of Rose Tower) is forced by the Summer Queen to be his selected tour guide. Weary, Aislinn attempts to keep it professional. He only has one week to prove himself in order to be part of the Rose Tower. Gabriel has dark motives with only limited time to complete his mission and Aislinn isn't fooled.

Aislinn is part of the highest echelons (pure bloodline) in the Seelie...more
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Anya Bast is the author of numerous works of romantic fiction, mostly all paranormal and mostly all scorching hot. She lives in the country with her husband, daughter, eight cats, a dog, and an odd assortment of rescued animals.

She grew up in Minnesota and still favors the colder climates. After high school she moved to the southeast United States where she attended college. While in graduate scho...more
More about Anya Bast...
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