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Sarah Burke is just about perfect. She's got killer blue eyes, gorgeous blond hair, and impeccable grades. There's just one tiny-all right, enormous-flaw: her nose. But even that's not so bad. Sarah's got the best best friend and big goals for print journalism fame.

On the first day of senior year, Rock Conway walks into her journalism class and, well, rocks her world. Prob...more
Paperback, 255 pages
Published May 10th 2011 by Bloomsbury
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Paula  Phillips
OMG , I loved this book so much . I didn't think that it would have the effect on me that it did , I wasn't sure what the book was going to be about but once I got started I was hooked and then with the last few chapters and by the time I had finished the book , I actually had tears in my eyes and I HARDLY ever cry in books , movies I do but never really books and especially not in Teen books lol. But Flawless brought tears to my eyes.
The book starts with two best friends Sarah and Kristen and...more
I didn’t like this book. I really wanted to because I love the story of Cyrano de Bergerac. This book had a bit of a good message with the main character Sarah having an upbeat attitude about having a big nose but I just felt that Sarah was a bit inconsistent.

Enter Rock who is this smoldering hot guy who just transferred to Sarah’s school and catches the attention of not only Sarah but her best friend Kristen. Kristen is that stereotypical dumb blonde with the looks who ends up hooking up with R...more
Christy Stewart
Amazon: Hey, Christy...You like Cyrano de Bergerac, right?
Christy: Ya, I love it.
Amazon: Then you'll love this book!

(a week later)

Book: HAHA, you wasted your money!
Christy: You guys tricked me!
Amazon: Your moms a whore and your dad holds the money.
Book: Nice one, dude.
Amazon: Thanks, man.
Nikki Finn
Takže.. co právě dělám? Zavřela jsem knihu, utírám si slzy, chybí mi kapesník, posledních dvacet stránek jsem probrečela. Buďto byl konec impozantní nebo jsem prostě fakt "cíťa". Zřejmě obojí dohromady.
Hlavními postavami je (je to možný? Před pěti minutami jsem to dočetla a už nevím jméno?).. aha, Sarah, Kristen a Rock. Sarah trpí představou, že díky svému velkému nosu není pěkná a záměrně se před ostatními lidmi uzavírá do sebe. Je však nesmírně inteligentní, ale podle ní to nestačí. Kristen j...more
Apr 16, 2011 Lauren rated it 5 of 5 stars
Shelves: own
If you are anything like me and are continually on the lookout for the next fabulous and realistic contemporary YA read, look no further as Lara Chapman’s Flawless is the book for you. Finally, here is a book that is not only repeatedly laugh-out-loud funny (sometimes several times per page!) but also presents such realistic and adorable main characters.

For high school senior Sarah Burke she’s never been flawless. Sure, she has clear blue eyes, blonde hair, and a dazzling future ahead of her, b...more
Flawless has the perfect premise, Sarah who is beautiful except for a huge nose, falls in love with a physically perfect guy named Rock. Her gorgeous best friend Kristin wants help in being smart, since Rock is not only handsome, he is really academic too. Kristin goes so far as to making Sarah pretend to be her in chat rooms, since she has no idea about anything literature, which is Rock's (and Sarah's) favorite subject.

Sadly I never got to part in Flawless when Sarah starts to impersonate Kri...more
Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids
Flawless is a light, fun, quick read with strong message about self-respect, and being happy and confident with who are you, looks and all. It's also a story about loyalty, friendship, love and family. Maybe it's the book geek in me, but I love reading a story that pulls in the classics and I liked what Lara did with her retelling and modernizing of the classic Cyrano de Bergerac.

I really liked the story's main character, Sarah. She's a beautiful character both outside and in and her only outwa...more
I admit, I like modernizations of classic or fairy tale works. It opens the story up to whole new audiences. As a person who always struggles with reading classics in their original prose I appreciate that I can enjoy it in a different form. Flawless is just such a story. A retelling of Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac Chapman shifts the gender focus by placing Sarah in the Cyrano role.

Sarah is graced with an unusually large nose. To add insult to injury she’s got the most beautiful best friend in t...more
First off I love how the cover of the book depicts the main character and her only flaw her nose.

When the most "perfect" guy arrives at school Sarah is in love, usually this doesn't happen, but when a guy is the whole package of brains and good looks everyone is going to notice including her BFF Kristen.
Sarah knows she can't compete with Kristen so instead decides to forget about her happiness and help her BFF even though she likes him. During this part I was like girl NOO! Dont do it, i person...more
I believe this is the first book by Lara Chapman, and I think she’s going to do okay. While this book is predictable and rather clichéd, I also think that she executed it in a way that made you forget you knew exactly what was going to happen.

Sarah learns a lot through the book. She learns to stand up for herself and not to lean and depend on her friend so much. While her friendship with Kristen is solid, she’s a push-over which causes her to agree to stupid things. Her transformation through t...more
Rida (Raindrop Reflections)
Flawless was a mixed bag for me, really. Like, okay, Sarah has this ginormous nose, and she obsesses about it all the time, thinking that she’s like, totally ugly or whatever, and yet she ends up having two super-hot guys like her. Hmm.

I guess I should explain a bit of the story before going on. See, Sarah, like I said before, has a giant nose, while her best friend is perfect. They both end up liking the same guy (named Rock), but it turns out that he’s actually smart (!) about literature, whic...more
A masterpiece that was indeed flawless.

With an attitude that takes no prisoners, you won't be prepared for the onslaught that Sarah Burke isn't afraid to dish out. Beautiful writer, studious student, killer looks are what frames Sarah's character but she can't get over the fact that what's in the center--of her face--is what grabs people's attention first. She can take the ridicule and even pay it back in kind but each time leaves an unavoidable scar that has constructed the wall Sarah keeps her...more
Flawless is a very funny and sweet book. It's the modern retelling of Cyrano's story(we've all seen Roxanne). So this is a story of a girl, Sarah, who falls in love with a new hot transfer student, Rock. It so happens that Sarah's best and gorgeous friend Kristen, has also fallen in love with Rock and asks for Sarah's help to write him emails convincing her that if she wrote them herself they would sound childish and idiotic. At the end, Sarah ends up with Rock(duh)because they are both smart an...more
I picked up this book even though the cover and review weren't that special simply because when I flipped through it, I saw a character who shared my name. When I found she wasn't a big part of the book (nor was anything nice said about her) I was kind of disappointed.

That sums up my feelings about this book. It was kind of disappointing in every way. We start off with a character named Rockway who, thankfully, goes by the nickname of Rock. "Ew" my best friend shrieked when I told her about the...more
May 20, 2011 Katie rated it 5 of 5 stars
Shelves: own, arc
I love a good contemporary book and Flawless is my newest find. There isn't much buzz about Flawless yet but I know once people start reading it, there will be. Flawless is one of the cutest contemporary books that I have read and it will definitely top my list of recommendations.

Sarah Burke is gorgeous except she has one flaw; her huge nose. Sarah has lived with her nose for 17 years and never once did she desire to change it until she met Rock Conway. Rock is the perfect guy for Sarah but she...more
Bella (Cheezyfeet Books)
(Firstly I'd like to apologize for all the whining about annoying characters... But I promise, I did enjoy the book, and I do recommend it! :D )

I enjoyed Flawless. It wasn't the best book in the world, but it was definitely an enjoyable, quick, fun read about friendship and relationships.
Sarah Burke has a big nose. She's learnt to deal with it though, and she keeps pushing away the plastic surgery leaflets her mother has 'hidden' around the house. That is, until she meets Rock. He's funny, he's...more
Flawless was an adorable read that would be perfect for the beach, with the warm weather that is approaching! It was absolutely entertaining and had a very light feel to it, the book was over far too soon - all at once I felt like I have flipped the last page, and it was done.

I loved how Lara Chapman made the retelling of Cyrano de Bergerac completely her own! The plot was so fun to read - I just wanted to see how things would pan out for one character or another. The sort of sign posts along t...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Petra Sýkorová
Tohle je přesně ten typ knih, který mám ráda. Žádné fantasy, jen jeden příběh ze života. O dvou nejlepších kamarádkách, které mají rády jednoho kluka. Jedna hezká, druhá už tak moc ne (nejspíš). Jedna přátelská, druhá uzavřenější. Jedna by pro druhou udělala nemožné. A taky že ano...

Moderní variace na Cyrana se mi moc líbila. Postav v knize moc nebylo, ale to vůbec není na škodu, právě naopak. Sarah jsem si oblíbila hned na začátku. Ohromně se mi na ní líbila její povaha. Líbilo se mi, že odmít...more
Magan (Rather Be Reading)
I was intrigued by the situation created by Chapman - two best friends falling for the same guy. I thought there would be a "fight" per se, between the girls over who gets the boy. I understood that there would definitely be tension.

Chapman created a beautiful character, Sarah, that is intelligent and loyal to her best friend, Kristen, to a fault. Sarah struggles with her greatest insecurity, her large nose everyone makes fun of and notices first.

Through Sarah's intellect, we are allowed to see...more
I'm a huge fan of modern retelling, for myself personally, and because I also feel like it makes those classic stories available to a whole new demographic of readers. I mean.... I've read a few of the classics... and those I treasure, but the rest I learned about on Wishbone... you remember that show right? The little jack-russell terrier going on adventures in literature. Anyway... back to the review.

This was a quick read, it was fun, cute... a little predictable and light, but it had a great...more
Jade Walker
Original review at http://inkscratchers.blogspot.com/

I wasn't sure about this book when I received it, it seemed like the type of book I would get bored of easily, although I love romance, I like romance with a bit of something else in the story so I thought this might get old very easily. i was shocked to find that it didn't!

What really kept me going with Flawless was the way it read. I'm sure pretty much every female reading this knows what it's like to settle down after a long day with a mug...more
Overall Review: What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see all your flaws or are you happy with what you look like and who you are? When Sarah looks in the mirror, all she can see is her huge nose. As a matter of fact, her nose gets in the way of her seeing a LOT of things, and as I read this book, the saying “Can’t see past the nose on your face” kept coming to mind!

I really enjoyed many aspects of this modern retelling of Cyrano de Bergerac (with a much happier ending, I might add...more
Sarah has a flaw or does she? This is a cute retailing of Shakespeare's Roxanne. A coming of age story, how we perceive ourselves as to how others really see us. There were wonderful quotes at the beginning of each chapter here is one of my favorites: "I never saw an ugly thing in my life: for let the form of an object be what it may-light,shade, and perspective will always make it beautiful." by John Constable.
Sarah and her best friend Kristen start the new school year the same as always, excep...more
[...] Su mejor amiga, Kristen, es físicamente perfecta. No tienen ni un solo defecto. Un día, cuando conocen a Rock Conway, las dos se enamoran de él. Kristen, sin saber que a Sarah también le gusta, le pide ayuda para conquistarlo, y ella acepta porque es su mejor amiga... y tiene posibilidades con él. ¿Qué chico no la querría? Las cosas se les van yendo de las manos, mientras a través de Sarah vemos la desesperanza que supone ayudar a alguien a conquistar a tu chico perfecto.

En este lib...more
Katie (Call Me Crazy)
I was so excited when Bloomsbury emailed me about reviewing Flawless that I literally jumped for joy! I'm a huge fan of re-tellings that have a modern and teenage twist to them. I was a little worried how Lara Chapman would bring Cyrano de Bergerac to the twenty-first century (were the characters going to be hiding in bushes while they professed their love to a guy standing on a balcony?) Luckily my worries were totally uncalled for, Flawless was absolutely incredible!

The main character Sarah is...more
Sarah Burke has heard it all – honker, big-nose, bird-beak . . . really, Sarah has heard every variation of the many biting remarks about her biggest physical attribute – her nose. She hears it in the school hallways, sees it in the passing eyes of strangers, heck even her mother (the beautiful Texan anchorman) is not-so-subtly urging her daughter to get rhinoplasty and correct her genetic misfortune.

Luckily Sarah has an iron will and a deep fear of hacking surgeons. And with her best friend, (...more
Kai (Amaterasu Reads)
Review posted at Amaterasu Reads

Not even five pages into the story, I was already laughing my head off. The humor factor of this book is off the charts. Lara Chapman wrote Flawless in an easy to understand, conversational way that makes it easy for readers to breeze into the story.

Sarah is pretty. Almost. Sure she's got blond hair, blue eyes and a good brain. But even that wasn't enough for people to stop staring at her and her big nose. It doesn't help that she has a drop dead gorgeous best fr...more
Jessica Jerkins
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Sarah Burke is an annoying character, with no backbone at all. Kristen, her BFF sucks entirely and no matter how Lara Chapman tries to say otherwise, is a total player.

And Rock who is soooooo hot and smart makes me want to puke.

Sarah should have told Kristen that she liked him. Kristen should have wanted Rock to like her for who she is. And if Rock is as smart as Lara Chapman describes, than why doesn't he notice that Kristen acts completely different in e-mail and in real life? Huh?

The writin...more
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I admit it. I've always wanted to be flawless... you know what I'm talking about. That girl that always has it together - her clothes are perfect, jewelry just right, life perfectly organized and operating according to "the plan" she scribbled in her diary at the wise old age of 13. But the truth is, I'm most at home in jeans and a t-shirt. If I'm wearing jewelry, I can't promise it'll match or ma...more
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