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Billy Elliot
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Billy Elliot

3.81 of 5 stars 3.81  ·  rating details  ·  327 ratings  ·  41 reviews
Set in northern England during the 1984 miner's strike, Billy Elliot tells the story of a young working class boy who chooses not to follow his widowed father's instructions to train to be a boxer. Instead, fascinated by the ballet class sharing the same building as his gym, Billy hangs up his gloves to pursue dreams of being a dancer. But even as he discovers his virtuoso
Paperback, 155 pages
Published April 1st 2001 by Chicken House
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Vicky (Books, Biscuits, and Tea)
Originally reviewed at:

The reason why I picked up this book is that Billy Elliot is one of my all time favourite films and I was really intrigued by the fact that it’s been released as a novel. Since it’s related to my thesis work I’ll have to start working on in the next few weeks and it’s been a while since I’ve seen the film, I decided to combine work with pleasure and read Melvin Burgess’s novel. To be honest, I found Billy’s narration quite strange a
Chie Akura
1. Penguin Readers level 3

2. 6/28=30minutes, 6/29=30minutes, 7/1=35minutes

3. coal, ballet, boxing, strike, hard, accept, professional

4. I like this story very much. Billy who is a main character does what he wants even if other people say anything. He wanted to ballet though he is a boy. I was encouraged by that part.

5. I thought that to do something what I like or I should continuously is important. I noticed again that if I continue something it would get better. I thought I should exert al
Kayo Nakagaki
1. Penguin level 3
2. 11/15 20min 11/19 65min
3. ballet, boxing, mother, piano, father, London, dancer
4. a) I'm not a gay.
b) When I read this scene, I thought Billy is gay. But ballet isn't only for girls, but also for boys. My thinking is discrimination based on gender.
5. At first, father opposed Billy going to a dance school in London and become a ballet dancer. However, finally he cheered and understood his son. And he was proud of his son. In my opinion, love between parents and children is s
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Steve Mitchell
Set in during the miner’s strike, this book is a novelisation of the film (which I have not seen yet) that tells the story of a miner’s son that is crap at sports - including boxing, which is a family tradition - but is a natural at ballet.

I remember the miner’s strike as the event that nearly turned this country into a police state; nobody will ever convince me that the police were not acting criminally during that protest and were acting upon the orders of Thatcher - and for that reason alone

Billy Elliot ist der jüngste Sohn einer Bergarbeiterfamilie. Vater Jackie schlägt sich durch, so gut er kann, während er mit anderen Kumpels gegen die drohende Schließung der Minen streikt. Logisch, dass Billy boxen lernen soll. Doch der entdeckt in der Sporthalle seine Vorliebe fürs Ballett – ein Skandal in der rauen Arbeiterwelt. Fast schon gibt Billy seinen Traum vom Tanzen auf. Als dann aber ein Engagement an der Royal Ballet School winkt, steht er vor der Entscheidung seines Le
Nadia Phillips
Billy Elliot is a novel written by Melvin Burgees. Billy Elliot is also a really famous play that was written by Lee Hall. It is about a boy who likes to dance especially ballet dance. Billy's father made Billy box but Billy's passion was dancing. Billy lives with his brother called Tony Elliot and his dad called Jackie Elliot. His mum died a long time ago.

Billy would go to Mrs Wilkinson for ballet lesson for 50 pence. He would go home and practice like doing the spin. When his father asked him
“Billy Elliot“ was written by Melvin Burgess and based on the motion picture screenplay by Lee Hall.
It's a novel about a boy, who wants to become a ballet dancer. The book is for ages 11 and above.

Billy lives in a poor family and has to take care of his grandmother. He takes boxing lessons, but instead of boxing, he likes dancing around the ring. That behaviour makes Billy's father Jackie angry, because of the fact that Jackie and Tony, Billy's brother, don't earn much money and the boxing lesso
Aki Tanaka
*book: Penguin, level 3
*time: 10/24, 120 minutes
*summary: Billy, strike, masculinity, coal miner, boxing, ballet, family
1. Billy who was the main character liked ballet better than boxing even though it is womanish dance. Do you like anything mannish?
Yes! I love baseball and blue! My father, my sister, and I played softball, and my brother played baseball, so I understand the rules well. I think it is the most exciting sport! Additionally, my favorite color is blue. Usually, blue is f
Conmovedor libro sobre el apoyo de la familia y los medios que influyen en tus metas, basado en una película, la cual recomiendo mas, sin embargo se puede disfrutar mucho, reir, llorar y reflexionar con este libro ligero y aunque sin mucho profesionalismo, me parece que cualquiera puede sentirse identificado
Mayumi Inoko
-Penguin Readers Level 3
-Time 10/28 = 110 minutes
-7 word summary: Billy - Jackie - Tony - boxing - ballet - Mrs Wilkinson - audition
-Discussion questions
1. Have you ever thought that you are different from others?
Yes, I have thought it. When I go shopping, strange clothes often catch my eye's and I often buy them. I feel a little different from average people. I think it is one of my character.
2.Have you ever experienced anything that you did very hard?
In my case , I practiced volleyball very ha
Naoya Minobe
For soffie's class

Minutes 65
Summary boy strike boxing unwilling dance enjoy hidden

Q1 In the book main characer Billy plays boxing un willing. His father force him to play boxing as his father and his grandfather did. so Do you have some resson that you don't want to??

A1 Actually when I was in elementary school, basically 2 days in a week, I should go swimming club. Then I wonder why I go swimming school and hesitate to go there. That's so boring for me to go.

Q2 In the book, Billy really enjoy da
Puedo empezar diciendo que la película y el libro son igual de excelentes.
El libro es fantástico, me fascina como el autor hace que la historia continúe sin importar la perspectiva.
Me encantó el final y creo que es un libro que me influye mucho en lo que hago, para continuar sin importar los obstáculos que se presenten.
Creo que es una buena forma para demostrar el apoyo de la familia hacía Billy y amé igualmente a la abuelita.
La película me gustó igualmente; y la parte en que va a Londres para l
Atsushi Yamamoto
1. Melvin Burgess, Penguin Readers, Level 3

2. 6/2=40min

3. boy-brother-father-mine-boxing-strike-ballet

4. Have you ever played any fighting sports?
- Yes, I have. I had been doing judo for seven years before I was a second grade at high school.

5. I excitedly read this book. Eleven-year-old Billy Elliot is different from other boys. He is not very clever or good at sport, but one day, he discovers ballet dancing. However, people around him think ballet is for girls,
Yuna Tatsuoka
-penguin readers level 3
-aurthor :Melvin Burgess
-10/16=100 minutes
-7 summary words: a elven-year-old boy, strange, family, boxing, ballet dance, exciting and smile
-Discussion questions
1, what do you think that your son want to learn ballet dance?
-If my son say that, I want him to learn it. I think he should do what he want to do!
2, If you have only a son, what sports do you want him to play?
- I want him to play badminton, because I can teache it to him.

I recommend this book because it was excit
Not as good as the movie and the musical, but still great. It offers insights from different characters and offers some additional content to the originals. A quick but good read.
Rachel Hogan
NOTE: the only reason this has two stars is because I had to study it in school so immediately it became a tedious read.

Billy is a boy who should like boxing, who should be looking forward to being a coal miner. But he is not.
On one afternoon Billy finds himself joining in a ballet class. Billy finds that he actually enjoys this, far more than he ever did boxing.
But in a place like the north if England during the eighties, with coal miner strikes occurring frequently and the expectation to act
1. Penguin readers level 3
2. 10/28 40min 10/29 50min
3. boys, boxing, girls, ballet, dancing, mum
4. What do you think about an idea of Billy's father that ballet is for girls and boys should not do it?
--- I think that the idea is not good. Because there are many men who are good at ballet. It is extremely free what boys and girls, old and young people do and enjoy.
5. I really respect Billy. Because he has himself strongly. I am often controlled and influenced by people and their opinions. So if
Shiho Kawai
-Penguin Readers, level 3
-Time: 90 minutes
-7 word summary: strike, ballet, boxing, mine, family, fight, and police
-Discussion Questions
1. Do you think boys dance ballet?
It is OK but I have never heard some boys dance ballet, so if I don't read this book, I may have a biased view.
2. If you have boys, do you want them to box?
No, I don't. I like soccer, especially watching the games, so if I have boys, I want them to play soccer.
This book made a deep impression on me. I have never read such
Touching story.
航平 里田

elliot / clever / dance / father / poor / entering / pass

Q1 Did you belong to any club? why did you choose the club?

A1 I belonged to Judo club. Because there are many intresting people in judo club and i wanted to be a strong person.

Q2 if your father don't agree with your dream, what would you do?

A2 i would try to persuade him to agree with my dream. i don't ignore his thinking.

this story was interesting. i think my situation is really endowed.
Megan C.
So I haven't read this book, but I recently watched the movie with a friend and loved it!! This movie is now my new favorite. We were in tears several times (good tears!) as we watched the relationship of this boy with his father and the sacrifices the father made for his son. It takes place in England so the language is atrocious but doesn't seem offensive because of the English accent. Even still I highly recommend this movie.
I have never read this book but ever watched its movie on TV. It taught us how we can see somenone not by what he or she does. For instance, Boy who likes ballet dancing, he is a gay. It is actually not true. Ballet dancing is not only for a girl but also for a boy. Ballet is a kind of art and that boy can take part on it too. It is really a good story. So, I am looking for this book to read.
this book is really good because it shows that not everyone have the same ablities and we are all different and that is a good thing. it also shows that sports is not only for boy and ballet is not only for girls. it reminds me of a movie i saw in my countery.i reccommand this book for both boys and girls because it teach us a lesson.
This book was pretty good. It tells that boys can do ballet and still have boyish qualities. Sometimes there is prejudice against male dancers, but this touching show, movie, and book shows the story of one boy, named Billy Elliot. Overall, it is really good and I recommend seeing it for all ages. Just watch the language.
Minaho Isaji
time: 45minutes

boy love dance ballet dad brother strike you like ballet?
i like it! i would like to go a ballet performance.

2.if you have a delicate matter to your family, what will you do?
i won't tell my family that. if i need tell them, first of all, i will tell my mother.
This book was perfect!!!! I loved it all the way. Easy read, moving, emotional ( i cried more times than i dare to admit ) , depicts the inner character of every character in the book perfectly and i dare say, no, i am sure, it surpasses the film! you MUST read it!
Un roman très beau, très émouvant inspiré du film du même nom (que je n'ai pas vu).
La vie est dure dans le nord-est de l'Angleterre dans les années 80. Les grèves des mines sont légions. Dans ce monde dur va éclors la passion de Billy : la danse classique.
Having watched the film many years ago I thought I would catch up on the book, huge mistake. Although I am wondering was the book written after the film/ stage show and if so then that would explain it. Normally the book beats the movie hands down!
I love the movie & enjoyed the screenplay but wasn't really too moved by this novelization. I like looking at things from the outside in, rather than this retelling of everything from Billy's POV.
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Melvin Burgess is a British author of children's fiction. His first book, The Cry of the Wolf, was published in 1990. He gained a certain amount of notoriety in 1996 with the publication of Junk, which was published in the shadow of the film of Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting, and dealt with the trendy and controversial idea of heroin-addicted teenagers. Junk soon became, at least in Britain, one of ...more
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