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I Kill Giants: Titan Edition
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I Kill Giants: Titan Edition

4.16 of 5 stars 4.16  ·  rating details  ·  8,123 ratings  ·  653 reviews
Barbara Thorson, a girl battling monsters both real and imagined, kicks butt, takes names, and faces her greatest fear in this bittersweet, coming-of-age story! Collects I Kill Giants #1-7, plus the original script for issue #1, a pin-up gallery, back-up material, and more!
Hardcover, 300 pages
Published March 17th 2010 by Image Comics (first published January 1st 2009)
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Jul 01, 2013 Ronyell rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Fans of Giants and stories that hit home!
I Kill Giants

5.5 stars!


I have read so many Image Comics over time (Saga, Invincible, Chew) and I have been enjoying every one of them! Now, I had stumbled upon this unique little comic called “I Kill Giants” which is written by Joe Kelly along with artwork by JM Ken Niimura and it was seriously one of the most creative and intense comics I had ever read!

What is this story about?

Barbara Thorson was just your average fifth-grade student…alright maybe not so average student. Barbara’s big
This really grew on me. It had to. I started the book frustrated with Barbara, with her disconnect from the real world and total immersion in a fantasy world she's created, with her near inability to interact with the people around her. That's a bold thing that Kelly did, to start the reader off with an entirely outside perspective of Barbara, and only slowly reveal exactly what is going on inside her heart and mind, and what events in her life have caused her to react in this way. (view spoiler ...more
Seth T.
It's good to pick a book with vaulted expectations, set the book down finished an hour and a half later, and have those expectations met. In I Kill Giants' earliest chapters, I was not at all sure this would be the case. The pace felt abrupt, the characterizations suffered some adjacency to verisimilitude, and the ground seemed well-worn and overly familiar as it hadn't been long since I had the pleasure of reading Nate Powell's Swallow Me Whole. Of course, by book's end, all that had been well- ...more
Johnathan Morris
What an emotional roller coaster! And the first graphic novel to make me cry!

I Kill Giants follows a segment of the life of Barbara Thorsen, arguably the greatest giant slayer of all time, in her quest to defend the world from giants—and maybe defend herself from some giants and ghouls of her own.

Probably my favorite graphic novel, the story opens on the surface with a young, angsty girl trying to follow her passion of bringing down titans and giants. However, as the story progresses we find tha
Sam Quixote

Barbara is a pretty headstrong young high school girl who loves Dungeons and Dragons, dislikes school, isn't interested in friends or other people, and is obsessed with giants - more accurately, killing giants. But in our everyday world, is Barbara just a weird kid because we all know giants aren't real. Aren't they...

The most important thing potential readers to this book should understand that it's not a fantasy book (though it contains fantasy elements) and is set in our world, the "r

***Indie 500 Buddy Read with the Shallow Readers! Indie Publisher this time: Image Comics***

I'll admit: I was more than a little confused in the beginning.I was under the very false impression (because my mind really just made it up) that Barbara fought giants all the time because they were running rampant. I don't know why my brain went in that direction, but it did. So when she was the only one who believed in giants, I was baffled. But then things started making more sense. This isn't just a
I'm pretty sure the Booklist review says it better than I can, except to add...Go on witch yo bad self Barbara Thorson...dungeon master and giant slayer extraordinaire.
From Booklist: Barbara Thorson, bullied and friendless, will not back down. She is smart, angry, won’t follow the rules, won’t let anyone close, and sees things no one else does. In short, she is a very disturbed girl, and the power of I Kill Giants is its ability to convey the reality of a frightened little girl’s pain along wit
Jean-Paul Bass
I was excited about reading I Kill Giants–the title itself was enough to get my attention. And then I read the description and was even more intrigued. Barbara is a loner, an odd kid, who escapes into a fantasy world to avoid dealing with real life. As the fantasy world starts bleeding into reality, Barbara becomes more and more convinced that something big is coming and it’s her duty to stop it.

Barbara is just enough of a smartass to make you feel sorry for her. A kid who backtalks like her mus
Nothing really wrong with this one, I guess. And yet, I don’t know, somehow the story just did not feel all that original or convincing or memorable to me – go figure. Maybe my expectations were too high?
Released as a seven-issue, self-contained comic book series, about a teenage girl in the modern day who claims to kill giants. Difficult to expand much on that without spoilers. This book will upset you.

Nothing about this is well-done on a technical level, but I still found it effective. The writing is... okay, but there's very little payoff until the end. The art is not great and sometimes make it hard to tell what's going on.

The creators have pre- and post-issue comic book conversations betwee
Barbara's a lonely girl, but she tries hard not to show it. Queen of the misfits, she loves fantasy books and D&D. And why shouldn't she? Her real life is no piece of cake. She's bored by school, has her own personal bully, and is coping with one very deep, dark secret.

Though I wasn't overly crazy about the manga style artwork, this is a wonderful, touching story that should not be missed.
David Stewart
I was excited when I saw this graphic novel compilation. I love stories about imagination and delusion and people who...well, kick ass. I Kill Giants appeared to be right up that particular alley. It stars a pre-teen girl named Barbara who is geeky and nerdy and proud and who also, in her spare time, kills giants with her great hammer Covaleski.

Barbara isn't a normal pre-teen girl, a fact that the writers somewhat shove down the readers throats by constantly pointing out the vacuous, chatterbox
I read this because: Felicia Day told me to.

I brought this home from the library, and finished it within 12 hours. This is a noteworthy feat because I have 18 other books sitting next to my bed. I love each of them more than the one before.

This is a YA graphic novel about Barbara, a middle schoolish-aged girl who is dealing with some serious shit. The ways that kids cope with the difficult things in life consistently amaze me and remind me of what the human spirit is capable of. Joe Kelly captur
addendum, March 29, 2013
I liked this book so much, I just ordered the "Titan Edition" Hardcover... so anyone interested ion buying my trade paperback? heh, kidding, I'll probably be giving it away to one of my nieces.
Makes me wonder what the extra 120 pages will contain though.
Looking forward to finding out.

I second Meran's thanks for having this graphic novel for our group read!

Before I started reading it, I just quickly flipped through the pages and looked at the art... "m'eh", I thought, "too
Huh. I wonder if Patrick Ness read this?

Loved this. Great story about grief and acceptance and bullies and friendship and the importance of friendship. Loved the art. Loved the story. Figured out what was going on a third of the way through and (view spoiler)
Richard Tokebroker
Let me preface this review by saying I recently found out my dad has cancer, and I'm having a pretty hard time dealing with it. Comics like Joe Kelly's I Kill Giants make me feel just a little bit better about the whole thing, make me feel a little better, and inspire me to try and be brave for my father. Barbara and I would have been kindred spirits, if I'd had to deal with all this shit earlier in my life. Escaping reality has always been the easiest way for me to deal things, and sometimes th ...more
Barbara acts out, cuts, fights, is defiant, and displays a range of behavior that would concern anyone. But there is a reason and her most outlandish affectation is her metaphoric way of dealing with personal tragedy and familial chaos.

A well drawn story, both prose and art, that uses the contemporary concern of kids and bullying as an added element. That isn't the whole story and the rest elevates it a notch or two above the usual moralistic tale of childhood angst.

Where this book doesn't quit
Good stories are the ones that leave a little bit of themselves with us after their last scene unfurls. The most marvelous of stories, however, are the ones that take a piece of us with them when they go. I was happy to surrender a tiny piece of myself to I Kill Giants.

Joe Kelly deftly weaves the incredibly personal tale of Barbara, a young girl who makes no apology for her awkward looks and eccentric tastes. Armed with the mystic hammer Coveleski, Barbara takes on the monsters of middle school
Read this book.

Barbra Thorson has it rough. At school, she has no friends and is alternately bullied by larger kids and counseled by a therapist who's trying in vain to break through the shell of Barbra's denial. At home, she must face her disgruntled siblings, all of whom are dealing with the family's problem in different ways. With nowhere else to hide, Barbra mentally escapes to the fantasy role-playing universe. Unfortunately, she takes her coping mechanism too far, to the point of making h
This will now be my go to book whenever anyone asks me of a good graphic novel to read. I do not care if they read them regularly or have never ever read one.

Maybe it is because the subject matter is so close to my heart -- a difficult family life with a looming threat, one that mimics a reoccurring issue from my own childhood that I can recall with photographic memory from the many times it came up in mine -- that makes this resonate so well with me. I can not discount that as a force in making
I think it would have been better if i hadn't accidentally stumbled upon a spoiler before I read this graphic novel. So, I won't spoil it here for anyone who may be interested in reading this--which, if you are into graphic novels at all, I would recommend.

I kill giants puts you into the mind of a fascinating teenage girl, who, among other things, kills giants. She's an emotionally unstable, abnormally smart, teenage outcast whose imagination sometimes gets the best of her. She struggles to make
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This one took me by surprise. It wasn’t on my radar when it was new, and I discovered it a few years later while putting a gaming-oriented reading list together for teens. I think the delay in reading it affected my enjoyment a little, but even so, this is a powerful limited series.

The comic revolves around Barbara Thorson, a highly intelligent and eccentric fifth-grade girl. Her life revolves around tracking and killing giants, both in her frequent Dungeons and Dragons games and, if you ask her
addendum, March 29, 2013
I liked this book so much, I just ordered the "Titan Edition" Hardcover... so anyone interested ion buying my trade paperback? heh, kidding, I'll probably be giving it away to one of my nieces.

I second Meran's thanks for having this graphic novel for our group read!

Before I started reading it, I just quickly flipped through the pages and looked at the art... "m'eh", I thought, "too manga-ish for my tastes + they couldn't even do it in color?" "bah, humbug", I said "HUMBUG
This was by far one of the best graphic novels I have ever read. The main character is written in a very accessible way, yet there is still a mystery, which can be argued whether or not it is ever cleared up. The issues dealt with are real issues, and I think that how the character deals with those issues are not dissimilar to how you and I each deal with similar issues.

The art work is fantastic, one of the reviews on the back jacket says something like 'the narrative and the artwork create a t
I have a personal quibble with this book in that it reinforces the stereotype that the only people who play Dungeons & Dragons are socially awkward misfits who need the escape because they can't handle reality, but I'll save my rant that D&D can be great fun for well-balanced, emotionally healthy people who enjoy exploring stories.

Trying to set aside my issues, this is a powerful and fairly original (in its telling) story of a smart(-ass) fifth grade girl who uses rebellious misanthropy
On career day, Barbara Thorson proudly announces to her fifth grade class that she kills giants. Barbara plays Dungeons & Dragons and she takes the rule books which govern the game and applies them to her life. She kills giants, yes, but she also talks to fairies and keeps a magical warhammer named Coveleski hidden in her pocketbook.

Barbara lives in a fantasy world, but it’s one so real that it pulls the reader in. It also keeps others at bay. Barbara is a target for bullies and spends more
A really compelling read with a pretty typical storyline but great style and believable characters. Barbara is a weird but badass kid who is plummeting deeper and deeper into a fantasy world in which she is a giant-killer to avoid dealing with the true horrors of her life. Her strangness attracts the attention of the school bully who engages her in a series of escalating confrontations, while her beleaguered older sister tries her best to keep it all together at home.

Barbara's tough attitude an
Meghan Fidler
Dark in its hold of reality, visionary in its incorporation of the imaginary, "I Kill Giants" is an exploration of a child's mind and the workings of the world. The art is resonates well with the emotions of each scene, and the story itself is original in its use of anger and violence.

It also made me cry, which is rare feat indeed.

Highly recommend.
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