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This Is Why You're Fat (And How to Get Thin Forever): Eat More, Cheat More, Lose More--and Keep the Weight Off
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This Is Why You're Fat (And How to Get Thin Forever): Eat More, Cheat More, Lose More--and Keep the Weight Off

3.82 of 5 stars 3.82  ·  rating details  ·  802 ratings  ·  136 reviews
"Being fat isn't your fault; staying fat is." That's what Jackie Warner, America's favorite no-nonsense celebrity fitness trainer tells her own clients, and that's why no one delivers better results than Jackie does. Now for the first time, Jackie shares her revolutionary program, showing readers the best ways to drop pounds and inches fast, without grueling workouts or de ...more
Hardcover, 320 pages
Published April 27th 2010 by Grand Central Life & Style (first published 2010)
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Anne Baker
A little while back my dental hygienest pretty much scared me straight into flossing. Every day. I now do it twice a day.
She informed me that oral health is an indicator of overall health and that flossing is actually more important than brushing one's teeth. I don't even really care about my teeth, I mean, who doesn't love a charmer missing a tooth or two? But something in what she told me about my health, my life, my little bits of food gunk that I wouldn't get out of my teeth unless I floss,
She did have one concept that I happen to agree with, though it is not original: when you first start a diet, focus on the food you want to add to your diet instead of the food you want to eliminate. In other words, before you eat the junk food, make sure you have eaten your oatmeal, fruit, vegetables, proteins, etc. that are required for good nutrition. Then if you still want the junk food, go ahead. The idea is that if you fill up on the healthy stuff you won't have the inclination or hunger l ...more
I decided to read this book, despite it's horrible title, because I have a secret love for Jackie Warner. I have really been enjoying her workout DVDs so I thought I would check out this book to see what she had to say.
It amazed me that she introduced some theories on weight that I have just started learning about through my naturopath-- for example, how hormones help regulate our weight (among many, many other things). There were some really good ideas in this book and I love that Jackie advoca
I've always been a fan of Jackie Warner, so I was excited when I saw she had a book out. I tried to win it on Goodreads and then forgot about it. Yesterday I came across it again and got is thinking I might pick up a few tips. I've been looking to change up my current plan but wasn't sure what I could do that would work with my lifestyle. Opening this book was the first step in finding the answers I needed! For almost a year I've been hearing up decreased length workouts with higher intensity ar ...more
Wendy Hines
We've all seen diet books or tried the new "in' diet or how about those infomercials with a new machine guaranteed to help you lose weight. And it's fast! may work for a little while then it stops working or you get tired of trying.

Well, when I picked up this book, I was skeptical. Seriously? Another diet book. But This Is Why Your Fat is totally different, I swear! From the introduction to the end of the book, Jackie speaks out to you as a friend, one on one, and totally gets it!

This is a very readable diet book that includes everything one needs to get started on their own personal fitness journey. Jackie Warner owns a gym (Sky Sport and Spa) and she and her team of personal trainers offer classes and programs to help people change their eating and exercise habits (and transform their bodies). Jackie includes a little bit of science (how hormones, getting enough sleep, and eating right affect our weight and metabolism), a food plan/diet, several exercise circuits, reci ...more
While Warner has quite a few good ideas (her metaphysique is an important lesson for anyone trying to lose weight), I'm not sure her nutrition tips are as strong. I really would like to have seen more of an academic approach to her reasons behind hormone balance and detox foods, but the reference list was lacking for some of the hefty claims she was making. She made me accept some changes I have to make and reinforced others I've made since I started my personal weight loss journey (60+ pounds g ...more
You will be wiser and healthier with little effort if you read this book!

I am so happy to have won a copy of this book on Goodreads swap, just so I can tell my friends what a great tool this can be to living a healthier and happier life. This book is so easy to read with no you boring/difficult scientific jargon to read through. ANYONE, whether you lead a ridiculously hectic lifestyle or not, will be able to take the knowledge from this book and apply it to your life. You don't need to spend ton
Being a health focused mother of one, I was ecstatic to receive this book free through Goodreads First Reads.

There is a ton of info in this book - really touches on all aspects of being healthy and adjusting your lifestyle. I could see how the plan would benefit those who want to loose those extra pounds without feeling deprived at all. The first step of the plan is not to remove any foods, but add those foods that increase your metabolism! Who doesn't love that??

I consider myself fairly educate
This was a "skim" not a "read".

I wish these exercise/diet books had something NEW and/or INTERESTING to tell me - but this (basically) was another extension of Jackie Warner's business empire in "making money off her brand".

The usual "eat this stuff" and "do these exercises" book. Boring.

You can get the same thing from Body For Life - but Body For Life actually had some read-worthy/inspiring CONTENT (re: the challege he issued, the prize money, stories of people with before/after pics - pretty
She is not a nutritionist. So her ideas that "sugar cause hyperactivity" is a lie.(caffeine prob does my 2 cents..)(or someone wrote online after the sugar rush, then crash..) There were a lot of information that was old. Like if you don't eat you're starving yourself and your body goes into starvation mode.. and you get fat ( LIE.)
You get fat from eating TOO MANY calories(anything) AND NOT BURNING THEM! (not knowing what is a proper portion is for your body, or portion control, and not recogn
Easy to read. Liked the concept of adding healthy food first, then eliminating junk food. The problem is it was completely ineffective for me. After her two week jumpstart there was no difference in my weight, inches, or energy level. What really made me bitter was spending hundreds of dollars buying all the supplements and specific food listed that I wouldn't normally buy. Also I cancelled plans for those weekends in order to shop for and prepare the food listed in addition to my regular food p ...more
I liked this book. I like her style and her voice. She doesn't mince words, which some people may find offensive, but usually we become offended because we know what the other person is saying to be true. I think what I liked most in the book were two things. #1 the science behind certain supplements and foods and #2 the photos of the strength training exercises in the book. Many of those I will be adding to my existing routine.
Has lots of great information but the diet plan seems a little too strict for the normal person. Very interesting.
Heather Dyer
Great book - engaging from the first chapter. I typically struggle to get through anything diet/exercise related, but this was hard to put down. Easy to follow plan that works without having to eliminate anything major (except sugar). I liked her no-nonsense style of writing and simple approach to nutrition and exercise. It helps that she explains the rationale behind why you should/should not eat certain foods and the effect they have on your body. Her plan really does work in terms of weight l ...more
I LOVED this book and am very surprised that it doesn't have more 4-5 star ratings! Jackie's information is true to life and no-nonesense, much the same as Bob Harper's and Jillian Michaels books regarding nutrition and fitness. However; her lay-out, ideas regarding hormones, and how sugar is the devil are very informative. I, personally, have been on a mission to get healthier, lose weight and research more about the ins and outs of nutrition and fitness this year. I've always exercises and tak ...more
Appealing to those of us who feel like we’re generally pretty healthy “comparatively” and wonder why we still have a few extra pounds, Jackie Warner writes this book. She addresses the dietary, exercise, and mental aspects of physical fitness.

So why are we fat? Here’s a synopsis:

-Reason #1: Sugar addiction and eating refined carbs. She points out all of the added sugar in the American diet and blames it for everything from wrinkles to mood swings, in addition to obesity. She suggests you don’t e
Jackie Warner may be the fitness guru to the stars but this book is a book for anyone that wants to lose weight and get healthy. I liked the layout of the book as she lays out the plan and what you should do and follows with helpful extras. The book contains detailed pictures and instructions for the weight training portion of the plan, menus and recipes, and appendices with charts to help you plan and track your meals and exercise. Jackie writes in an easy to read, motivational, get your butt i ...more
Jackie Warner's approach is easy to understand and is explained in a way that easily translates to everyday living. She takes the time to explain why you should be making certain choices in what you eat and how you exercise. This approach allows you to understand the implications and own your choices instead of just following something because you're supposed to.Her plan also allows for two "treat" meals a week, that will keep the feeling of deprivation at bay and the plan sustainable for the lo ...more
Despite the obnoxious title, this looks like a decent plan for a healthy lifestyle change (don’t say diet). I particularly like her opinion that sugar is the devil. She basically recommends a varied diet of veggies, fruits, good fats, whole-grain carbs, and lean meats—especially fish. None of that is new or groundbreaking. What I did find new and interesting, though maybe I haven’t read enough diet books, was her take on the role hormones play in weight management and the role of diet and exerci ...more
Ashley Butterfield
Although I finished reading the book in its entirety, a lack of time has elapsed in order for me to report upon the results I achieved via implementation of Jackie's instructions. However, her approach to diet and exercise certainly seems more manageable than a lot of other programs out there. Her perspective on eating clean for 5 days and then indulging in 2 treat meals is likely to keep more people on track since she's skipping the deprivation component that appears in most nutrition plans. Fu ...more
Overall, I liked this book. I like that she focuses on strength training that can be done in your own living room (involving dumbbells or using your own body weight). That makes the workout super easy to do no matter where you are. I also like that using her 20-minute intensity/interval approach to cardio workouts really saves on time, and according to Jackie, is more effective.

I also agree with her statements about sugar. Whenever I do eat it, I usually end up getting a sore throat and a cold.
I love Jackie Warner, so I was hoping to not be disappointed by her book. I loved it! There are no fads or "tricks" here. Just solid nutritional advice. Although some of the information was not new, Jackie explained the science behind it. So many things I had heard before, but no one ever explained the "why". The format is very easy to follow and I like the initial two-week program. Instead of your typical diet that has you do a drastic cutback in teh first few weeks, Jackie just has you add in ...more
I liked this book a lot because it is not a diet book. It is a complete guide how to have a happier healthier life. It tells you what vitamins you shoould have every day, explains how junk food is ruining your life and how exercising just one hour a day and eating a healthy balanced diet can improve all aspects of your life. A lot of this is common sense, but people like me can benefit from it all being written in a clear, concise manner. This book also has work outs and meal plans in it so it's ...more
So far, a good practical plan for eating and living. I am starting her two week starting plan because it is so doable, even a week that contains my daughter's wedding. I'll get back to you in two weeks and let you know how it worked.

Looking above, well maybe the week of a daughter's wedding wasn't the best time to start. The author gives a good plan for eating, but eating the meals could become a chore. I don't think I could sit down and eat TWO hard-boiled eggs - YUCK. And for a plan that is su
Reasonable and easy lifestyle changes that aren't expensive or complicated. It's not a diet book. It talks about fitness and nutrition and how dietary and exercise adjustments can improve overall body functioning, with weight loss as a lovely side effect.
Apr 15, 2012 Liza rated it 5 of 5 stars
Shelves: health
I wanted a book that really explained the food industry and basic nutritional guidance that quite simply was forgotten after so many years. She adds a thorough index and even has a chapter on positive thinking, which she calls "metaphysics" or "metaphysique" which explains how our thoughts eventually affect our actions.

I can't speak to her exercise program, obviously as I just finished reading the book and have a different program I intend on trying out first.

However, I think the nutritional in
This book is a fantastic book for those that know little about nutrition. If you are looking to change your lifestyle and need a place to start, this book is great. Warner clearly explains why the foods we are used to eating and are conditioned to think of as "healthy" are bad for us. She also lays out a clear food and diet plan, which would be helpful for many people. I teetered back and forth between giving this book 3 stars or 4 and ultimately felt I couldn't dock the book a star because I ha ...more
Casey Harrell
Jackie Warner

Spot on! Doesn't starve you or give you unrealistic goals. I would recommend to anyone wanting to make a life change
Excellent resource for getting fit. Some of her writing is redundant (although the ideas are important) and that get a little annoying. Also, she over emphasizes some points and glosses over others, but all in all, a good read. I think some of her suggestions are more for fitness models or people wanting to look "cut" all the time and maybe don't fit the rest of our goals as well, but you have to decide things like that for yourself. Great pictures of weight workouts (which I personally need- I ...more
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