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The Quest
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The Quest (Ancient Egypt #4)

3.77 of 5 stars 3.77  ·  rating details  ·  5,026 ratings  ·  243 reviews

Egypt has been struck by a series of terrible plagues, killing its crops and crippling its people.

Then the ultimate disaster befalls the kingdom: The Nile fails.

In desperation, the Pharaoh sends the warlock Taita, wise in the lore of the gods and a master of magic and the supernatural.

But not even he could have imagined what terrible enemy waits in ambush in those dark l

Hardcover, 512 pages
Published May 15th 2007 by St. Martin's Press (first published 2007)
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Charlotte Bird
Really wasn't impressed by this book. I loved Warlock, and I loved the manner with which the supernatural was dealt; it could be real, but it could also be coincidence and natural phenomena that the people of those times would interpret as real. That's fine with me. However, The Quest treats magic as totally real and goes into far fetched stuff like astral projection and talking in each others minds. If you're going to write fantasy, write fantasy; don't start a series with historical fiction an ...more
Petra Van der Wees
OK, so I loved 'River God' and the 'Seventh scroll' and I also liked 'Warlock' which are the only reasons I got lured into buying this book. The first two books of the "Egypt chronicles" were great because (I now realize) they are actually based on a true story. However, now that Taita has continued to live beyond reasonable age (200 years or so?) I think Wilbur Smith has finally lost all touch with reality in this last book, and has lost my attention along with it. Not that I'm not into Sci-fi ...more
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Benjamin Thomas
This is the fourth and perhaps final volume of Wilbur Smith's ancient Egyptian series, which began with the excellent "The River God" followed by "The Seventh Scroll" and "Warlock". Many folks have commented on the declining quality of this series and I see that, as well, to some extent. The first book was just so outstanding (it's in my top 10 list of all time great reads) that some deterioration was inevitable. This book seems to have received some brutal reviews though.

The book continues the
Katie Grainger
This book has really divided Wilbur Smith fans and I can see why. I have read nearly all of Smith's books and this different to this others works. It focused much more on magic and witchcraft than the historical fiction I am used to. This is why I imagine other Wilbur Smith fans have disliked the book. The storyline was rather unbelievable but then I think this was the point, the book was supposed to be fantastical rather than seriously believable. If you could look beyond this then the story wa ...more
I've enjoyed Wilbur Smith books for 25 years but this one will be my last. I only managed to read the whole thing because I was traveling and didn't have any good alternatives. Also, I couldn't quite believe how bad it was. The mystical elements, while out of place, were hardly the most jarring aspects of the story. I was able to accommodate the genre shift, but couldn't abide the predictability and juvenility of the storyline. The story reads like an old man's dirty fantasy of immortality. Wher ...more
Whew, I finally finished this one. Not nearly as good as the previous books in the series. It seemed like it lost its way about 1/4th of the way in and never recovered. The plot was convoluted and tended to wind around too much for my taste.

I had heard that about this book. But I really read it so that I could get to the new one, Desert God, which I understand is a return to the quality of the previous books. I'll soon see!
What bug got up Wilbur's *** in this one? Totally weird. The first third was nothing but philosophical ramblings about good and evil & 'inner eyes' and psychic powers. Then it turned into an Edgar Rice Burroughs adventure trek up the Nile with lots 'o fightin' and huntin' and hacking of limbs- mostly from the bestial 'lesser races'. THEN we get to the weirdest part which turns into a rant against stem cell/genetic research or something. Shades of Gorean sentence structure & description ...more
Sean Wylie
The Quest was everything I love about a book. Epic historical adventure story with well-defined good vs. evil characters of an interesting time (ancient Egypt) with fascinating characters, magic, mythology, intrigue, battles, and surprises, set against an unlikely journey. You follow the adventures of the wise Taita, an old magus (wise-man / teacher / magician) who has already lived the life span of 4 generations of Egyptians, as he is sent by the Pharoah to uncover why the Nile has dried-up by ...more
I only got through about 30 pages before I decided it wasn't worth my time and brain space to read more about the raging nymphomaniac goddess who sucks the souls out of the 'enlightened', strange sexual encounters between everyone conceivable and graphic physical operations. Really? All within 30 pages? Not sure if the author was just trying to grab your attention in the beginning to keep you interested, but if he was, I would have hoped he was capable of writing something at least remotely inte ...more
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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it'a Taita the Inccredible armed with a lock of hair!!
One of my all-time favourite protagonists needs to save Egypt (again) from an evil presence that suffocates the Nile.

Gripping story as Taita and his band of warriors travel into the depth of Africa to solve this crises.

Smith does a fantastic job of graphically describing the procedures and encounters of the group - from the Chima cannibals to the Inner Eye every snap, gush and sinewy twist reverberates ten fol
Christina Maxfield
There are 4 books in this series and I actually started with this the last one which led me to reading the rest of them and then this one again. The first and third books of the series were books based on fact with generous fiction thrown in. Well, this one is packed to the brim with fiction with only a splattering of fact. Still a great read as I am into science fiction as well as historical based novels. This book continues main character Taita's already long life story (he's getting up to 200 ...more
María Ciancio
There's more to dislike than to enjoy from this book, and it'd be a hard time trying to convince me that this one was ACTUALLY written by Wilbur Smith.
Besides the continuity errors (and possible mistranslations, why not) it didn't seem to me as if the character's were themselves. But what is the worst, I felt as if Taita's, and every other character's story was bastardized.

The esoteric content was an interesting and pleasant surprise to me -though I'm pretty sure many readers would disagree, as
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Bizzy Day
Picked this up from the 'library' bookshelf in a hotel in Egypt. Despite being well read, a bit grubby with pages falling out everywhere it seemed fairly fitting to read a story set in Egypt while in Egypt.

Now this was my first Wilbur Smith book. I wasn't aware it was part of a series although it became pretty clear that it was within the first few pages. The characters at first seemed underdeveloped, I felt I was missing something, and with all the killing / sex going on every other page, I was
Forgotten Realms Queen
This fourth installment in the story of the magus Taita is I believe the best one yet. It has actually inspired me to move on from Wilbur Smith's Egyptian series to his other books because I enjoyed this one so much.

All I am going to say about this book is that I am so happy for Taita and how this book ends for him, and I hope that this is not that last that we see of these wonderful characters.
I don't remember how this book came into my possession. I think it might have been given to me by someone who knows about my love for ancient Egypt. Judging by my reactions to both this book and Lily of the Nile, I really dislike mixing my ancient Egypt with hoopla magical powers. Which is kinda funny considering my love for all things *woo*.

Apparently this book is part of a series, which may be the source of some of my problems with it. There are all sorts of allusions to Taita's past and earli
It's an exotic fantasy adventure set in ancient Egypt. The Quest has a strong sword and sorcery quality. Things in this book also tie in closely to the first one in the series, River God. It has a great ending line. Wilbur Smith is quite a story teller and I did enjoy the entire series though it's been a long time since I read the first two.
Greer Andjanetta
An epic story but needs to be grouped in the fantasy category. A very interesting story but based throughout on magic, reincarnation, out-of-body transportation, mind reading, etc. It is much easier to create a captivating story when the author does not have to keep within reality. Just as certain writers give their heroes immense personal wealth which lets them possess or acquire highly specialized, exotic or restricted equipment to help them escape impossible situations or track their targets, ...more
I love the Egyptian part... and the adventure was pretty fun and interesting, but Smith just doesn't write a believable love story. Taita and Lostris... last we heard Lostris was in love with someone else. Sure, she held Taita in strong affection, but her love story with Tanus had some passion. We knew that Taita loved Lostris and they were close their whole lives, but it seems to me very one sided. Now Lostris' rebirth is just awkward. Especially as Taita is an old man yet they "cuddle" togethe ...more
Racist, sexist, and chock full of rape & pedophilia.
When the 5th book in the series was released I decided to re-read the first four before starting the fifth, and given the polarising nature of this story, I wanted to add my opinion.
Fans of the series will either love it hate it.
Even though I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, the inconsistencies in the story from books one and three are frustrating - changing names, descriptions etc. It wasn't enough to stop me enjoying the story in its own right, but what I ended up doing was considering some of
El cuarto libro de la serie egipcia de Wilbur Smith se enfoca más bien en el misticismo, la ficción y la magia, dejando a un lado la ficción histórica de las anteriores novelas.

El mago Taita comienza a notar los años de su extensísima vida, 154 años dan para mucho. Y si bien su experiencia y sabiduría han ido aumentando, también lo han hecho sus achaques y su deterioro físico. En esta ocasión, Taita regresa a Egipto después de muchos años de viaje y aventuras con su ayudante Meren, para encontr
Laura Weakley
I am intrigued and enjoyed reading The Quest, as I have enjoyed, Warlock, and River God, and look forward to reading The Seventh Scroll. I started looking into how much of this was actually in Taita's scrolls found in Egypt. Not easy information to locate! As the plagues discussed in this book resemble the famous plagues, I wonder if there is a connection to the Exodus! Taita writes about the events during Pharaoh Nefer Seti's reign.

While quite a lot which occurs in the story The Quest seems fa
Zo. Het heeft even geduurd maar ik heb het boek uit. De extreme traagheid bij het lezen heeft niks te maken met de kwaliteit van dit boek. Integendeel, dit was een heerlijk boek. Een perfecte balans tussen actie en periodes van, ehm, niks. Precies zoals ik het graag heb. Constante actie vind ik maar niks.

Soms was de schrijver wel wat erg expliciet in zijn beschrijvingen. En dan bedoel ik niet geweld, maar meer de lichamelijke eigenschappen en seksuele acties van dat moment. Nu is dat niet een pu
Bem. A primeira coisa a dizer sobre este livro é: fujam. Lido por si só, standalone, é um livro medíocre e inofensivo. Lido como a quarta parte de uma série de livros grossíssimos que definem uma longa narrativa, o livro é um insulto ao leitor que chegou até aqui. Mas eu passo a explicar.

O Egipto é assolado por uma série de terríveis pragas, as pragas, e Taita, agora um raríssimo ancião místico de cento e muitos anos, volta ao reino para partir em busca da fonte das terríveis desgraças, uma malé
Devon Schuster
The main charachter Taita reminds me of myself because oh his charachters spirit. There's always something to keep him busy or prepared for. This book reminded me of another book by Wilbur Smith called River God, because of the main same charachter. The book reminds me of the movie Jumper because in one scenein the movie, the jumper "Jumps" to Egypt. Which is where the book is set/based upon. This book also reminds me of History class because of when we were going over the Egypt section of geogr ...more
Jacob Hertlein
The Quest continued where Warlock left off, - Almost ; Yes years had passed and one or two new personalities had appeared in the plot. Taita was finally showing signs of a little aging. (It was about time what do ya reckon.) For Heaven 's sake. He had been there to help 3 generations of pharoahs find their God bird. The aknowledgement by the gods that they were worthy of being kings. This time the danger for Egypt is from a powerful magus who stops Egypts life blood, water. The Nile has stopped ...more
Amarissima delusione..!! Non perdonerò mai Wilbur Smith per aver rovinato in questo modo il magnifico personaggio di dei migliori in tutti i libri che ho letto fino ad ora, uno dei miei preferiti di sempre...
In poche parole: se avete amato "Il Dio del Fiume", non leggete assolutamente questo libro!!
La storia è completamente stravolta, per non parlare dei personaggi...In poche parole Smith ha trasformato la narrazione delle splendide avventure dei suoi romanzi egizi in un fantasy ass
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Wilbur Smith is the bestselling author of many novels, each meticulously researched on his numerous expeditions worldwide. His bestselling Courtney series includes Assegai, The Sound of Thunder, Birds of Prey, Monsoon, and Blue Horizon. His other books include Those in Peril, River God, Warlock, The Seventh Scroll, and The Sunbird. His books are now translated into twenty-six languages and have so ...more
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