Summer Ball
Mike Lupica
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Summer Ball (Danny Walker #2)

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The sequel to the #1 New York Times bestseller Travel Team!

When you ?re the smallest kid playing a big man?s game, the challenges never stop?especially when your name is Danny Walker. Leading your travel team to the national championship may seem like a dream come true, but for Danny, being at the top just means the competition tries that much harder to knock him off. Now
Published June 1st 2009 by Scholastic (first published May 15th 2007)
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Summer Ball, by Mike Lupica, is the second book in the Danny Walker series. Danny is a basketball obsessed 13-year-old point guard who has to face the same problem over and over again, Danny is too short. In the time between first book of the series, Travel Team, Danny leads his town’s (Middletown) team to the national championship. But on the way, Danny made a few rivals, such as Rasheed. Rasheed was the point guard of the team that Danny’s team played. Rasheed never let go of that game after l...more
Zach Combs
This book is probably the best sports book ive ever read.
Its about a 13 year-old boy named Danny Walker. Danny has been told his whole life that he's too short, but he's a very talented basketball player. He goes to Rightway Basketball Camp for the summer. While at the camp, Danny meets his arch rival Raheed. Danny and Rasheed have a history of battling it out in AAU games. The head instructor at the camp always seems to favor Rasheed, and Danny feels hated. The camp holds a yearly tournament,...more
I think this book was really good, mainly because I luv sports books. Even if u don't like sports books you shuld still like this book.
Burning Phoenix63
in this book danny walker is going to a summer camp in maine. when he got there he makes new friends and meet up with rasheed the kid danny beat in the championship. danny was seperated from his friends and was on the same team as rasheed and his coachwas mean.there was alot of compotetiton. there was this jerk named lumar who was pretty good but he picked on first they did not start off bad and the coach, coach powers did not play one game danny shot the ball at the buzzard an...more
Danny Walker is a basketball superstar for his age but he has one big problem. He’s not tall and in fact, short compared to his tough competition. After he lead his team to the championship the previous year as the guard, he is off to an elite basketball camp in Maine this summer. He is worried that the competition will be tough at camp where everyone is bigger and stronger than him. The main conflict in this story is Danny’s self confidence and whether he believes he can rise above the rest. H...more
Tim Jordan
The book "Summer Ball" is a realistic fiction by Mike Lupica. It is about a thirteen year old boy who is the son of a former NBA player that goes to a summer basketball camp. The boy, Danny, has one of his dads old coaches coaching him. But this coach hated Danny's dad and is really hard on Danny and he makes the camp miserable. Danny also runs into a kid named Rasheed who he had played against in the national championship the year before. This made matters worse because Rasheed hated Danny and...more
Paul Averill
In the book Summer Ball by Mike Lupica a kid named Danny Walker is the smallest kid out there playing basketball. He play's travel basketball and is trying to get his team to the National Championships, but he has many challenges from getting there. His travel team has people two years ahead of him , so it makes it really hard for him to play the game he loves.

I really liked this book because it's a great adventure. It is a great adventure because danny, the smallest guy on the team, leads his...more
Noah Shutan
Summer Ball is the best book I have ever read. It is 340 pages and i read it in one week, I am a really slow reader. This book is about a kid who goes to an overnight basketball camp. The best players in the u.s. are going and he really doesn't want to go. He meets up with his enemy who he beat in the national championship, and they have a interesting relationship. He also has a coach who he really doesn't like. His coach doesn't like the style of play he uses so him and his coach are never in...more
Austin Williams
This is a very interesting book if you are in to basketball or the favored author; Mike Lupica. Throughout the book the main character, Danny flies through a summer leaugue season with his team, the Celtics. Over the season, Danny specifies that his coach does not have complete faith in him. So he quickly earns his coaches trust back. But things may or may not go down hill from there... Hmmmmm.. You will have to read this book; Summer Ball by Mike Lupica to find out how the Celtics' season goes...more
Alex Vasquez
This book is called Summer Ball by Mike Lupica. It is realistic fiction and has approximately 240 pages. This book is about a kid who goes to a camp and it's for the higher end basketball players of his age level. He played on a very good AAU basketball team that won the national championship. The team that lost in the nationals also has some kids at the camp. The two teams are huge rivals and there are tensions between the kids the whole time. But one of the kids on the winning team at the camp...more
Isaiah Bowden
A. This type of book was written for anyone who loves basketball.

B. I rate this book 4.5 stars out 5 stars.

C. I think this book was great! This author writes really good books, but I don't think it's his best book. This book was really good, but I think he could've changed some things. Like, some things weren't very clear when it came to the charcters in the book and their relationships. This book really inspired me as a basketball player because no matter how small you may feel just keep going...more
Hunter Merillat
Summer Ball
Written By: Mike Lupica

My book was Summer Ball and it was about a boy by the name of Danny Walker. Danny is an 8th grader at Middleton Middle school. Danny is a special player he lead his Travel Team the Warriors to the National Championship. Danny’s dad was a NBA player and is very well known around the world, and so is Danny. Danny is sent to a basketball camp in Delaware and the camp is for the most advanced and elite players in the world. The camps bunks are arranged by arenas...more
Justin Jackson
In the Story "Summer Ball" by Mike Lupica is based on a kid by the name Danny Walker who played basketball for his travel team. Danny wasn't one of the tallest nor quickest players on the team. He sure did have heart and all the other players soon followed.Even through all his trials and tribulations with his basketball team, his team made it to the national championship.

I would recommended this book to kids who are into sports. This book explains how things can start off and all of a sudden so...more
Josh Foley
summer ball
by: mike lupica
by: josh foley
hour: 2nd

The setting(s) of this book are in a small town in the fall at a drug store and at a middle school and out in a country neighborhood. these settings help set the mood by building confidence and courage and makes you feel like you are apart of the story.
the main character in the story is david he wants to try out for basketball but isn't very good but later in the story he gets better and he would be a dynamic and round. also another character i...more
Zack Taylor
The book summer ball is a must read. This book is about Danny walker. A boy from a little town in massachusetts who led his aau team to a national championship. After the season he goes to an elite basketball camp for the best players in the country. At camp he helps out a 11 year old kid who hates camp. Danny learns how to become a better basketball and a better person. This is a very good book and any who likes sports should read this book.
“Summer Ball” is a fictional chapter book written by Mike Lupica. It is about a young boy named Danny. He was your typical small thirteen year old basketball player, but there was one thing that had always set him back from playing with the older boys. He was always told that he was too small to play with them. He knew the game especially well, because his father was a National Basketball Association player for many years. That summer, Danny attended a summer camp and found out he was the smalle...more
William T
Summer ball is a touching story about a ball player who, even though small in stature, makes up for it in heart and will power. This novel by Mike Lupica follows the summer of Danny Walker and his journey in a top level basketball camp called Right Way. I am a big fan of this book it is very relatable to your average ball player. Not every ball is 6’5 and it’s no different in this book. With Danny being the smallest kid in his age group at the camp he is already faced with a big challenge. It is...more
Coming off of the best week of his life, winning the seventh grade national championchip, and beating the team that cut him in the first place, Danny Walker was America's favorite basketball player, just like his dad had been. But in the ensuing summer, Danny will go to Right Way basketball camp, where the best basketball players in the country go to strut their stuff to recruiting scouts. At the camp, Danny has to step his game up to compete with the best. He makes some new friends and enemies....more
Drew R
I have now finished this book and believe it was a very worthwhile book and that is why I gave it four stars. Danny was a good character and I like the situation he was put in, he went from being a star on his travel team too a role player on a team with a great point guard and played against well to him giants. Danny is small for his age and if you put him in the game he will be towered over. He has to find ways to overcome this and find other ways to win a basketball game. Unfortunately his co...more
Jack Greenwald
Summer Ball, by Mike Lupica, is the second book in this series, the first one is travel team which I read a little while ago. Danny is 13 years old and he loves to play basketball but he has always had one problem which was being too small. During Travel Team Danny leads his team all the way to the championship but now he is going to Maine for a basketball camp called RIght Way. Even though Danny doesn't want to go he still goes but when he gets there it gets worse when he finds out that he is n...more
Abe Seldowitz
The book Summer ball by Mike Lupica is all about a kid named Danny who is a great basketball player. He is the star of the team on the local youth league. Danny's father is an ex professional NBA player, so he knows how to play and he gets a lot of advice from his father. Danny attends a summer basketball camp to improve his skills. However, he finds out he is the smallest one there. He is getting outplayed by bigger and stronger players, so he must find a solution. Danny is so embarrassed that...more
Chase S.
Summary: Danny has always been the star of the basketball team. His dad was an NBA player for many years so he knows how to play the game. Danny goes to a summer basketball camp but finds out he is probably the smallest one there. Danny needs to find a solution to his problem. He keeps getting burned by taller players on the court, and to top it off he has a coach at camp who hates him and vice versa. Danny also has problems with other players at camp. A boy named Lamar has got it out for Danny,...more
I loved Summer Ball because it was a fun to read the sequel to Travel Team and everything was great for athletic kids like me. It really did not leave out any detail.
Grayson J
I picked this book because I've seen other kids reading it and i saw it so i thought it might be a good book to read.

The story takes place at a basketball camp for a certain age group with some older professional basketball players who are retired now

The conflict of the story is his teammate he used to play against doesn't like him at all and his coach is really mean.

Danny remains about the same throughout the book but its the other player and the coach who changes. "Maybe this camp wasn't so...more
Matt Klink
The book was very dramatic and something new was occurring on every page the ending was very predictable but the book itself was great. This was one of the first books that I was actually into. As I flied through the pages I was thinking as if I were Danny and that Made reading the book so much better. Mike Lupica should definitely make another Danny book but change the ending around and put some more humor in it. I also feel it should be more romantic. In this Danny goes to a elite summer baske...more
Cayden Veland
How did you pick this book? I saw it on the shelf and it looked good.
Setting: It takes place during the summer at different camps where the kids go to practice basketball and get better while working with guys who have played.
conflict: Danny didn't want to spend most of his summer at this camp for basketball, but his dad forced him to go. He gets picked on by the older kids there and just wants to leave, but a kid there he doesn't know well is not having a good time either and danny feels bad a...more
The sequel to Travel Team. Same topic as the first one just different atmosphere. Still a great book though!!
Chase Merrill
This book is about a kid named Danny. He is a very talented Basketball player but has issues because he is so short. He has a dad that is also short but managed to get all the way to the NBA and collage and play for the Knicks. Danny and his friends go to a big time basketball camp and they all expect it to be boring. But once they get there they get new friends and new enimies. Danny got put with a mean coach who already hated him because his dad played for Sayracuse and not his team in collage...more
Matt Martin
This is my most favorite book in the world. I would so read this book because of how good this is
p.47 He'd always felt that basketball could cure everything./ At least for a little while.
p.209 Sometimes you didn't get to pick your fights./ Sometimes, Danny thought, they picked you.

A well rounded story dealing with important themes of friendship, self-confidence, and preserverance. Within the story are a list of lessons which transcend the game. The cast of familiar characters: Danny, Will, Tess, and Ty join a new group to tackle the trials and tribulations of summer basketball camp. A quick...more
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