On Wings of Eagles
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On Wings of Eagles

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When two of his American employees were held hostage in Iran, H. Ross Perot and a select group of his employees took matters into their own hands.
ebook, 480 pages
Published September 3rd 1984 by Signet Book (first published January 1st 1983)
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Brent Soderstrum
Follett steps away from his fiction thrillers to tell the real life story of two EDS employees working in Iran who were arrested and held in an Iranian jail without be charged with anything in 1979 prior to the Iranian hostage situation. I knew nothing about this till reading the book.

I also gained a new found respect for Ross Perot, who was the owner of EDS and later became a presidential canidate. The only thing I knew about Ross Perot was that he was a short guy with big ears. I found out he...more
This book is amazing. Really, you couldn't make this stuff up even if you wanted. I must thank one of my faculty members for "making" me read On Wings of Eagles. Ken Follett is one my favorite (well, maybe my favorite) authors, and I hadn't even known that this book existed until December 2012.

On Wings of Eagles is the 100% true story of the rescue operation that Ross Perot organizes after two of his EDS employees working in the Iran branch are jailed. This story takes place in 1978-79, not long...more
This book is personal for me since I worked for Ross Perot's firm, EDS, in San Francisco during that time. I remember seeing the letters from co-workers in Iran posted on the computer room's bulletin board. I watched on TV the news about the escape of EDS people from Iran. How many bosses would help get employees out of danger like he did? This fantastic book will explain why Ross Perot became a hero to me.
This is an awesome book. Three reasons: 1) Follett is an excellent story teller, 2)It's an "espionage/thriller," sort of, 3) it is TRUE!
You all know Ross Perot. Well he owns EDS (Electronic Digital Systems). In 1979 he had a bunch of his guys in Iran putting together a Social Security system for them AND a Medicare system for them. At one point...the Iranians stopped paying. After about 6 months they were owing around 4 billion $$. About this time the revolution broke out and there was some pol...more
Remember the Iranian hostage crisis of '79? Well, in 1978--before things arrived at that disastrous point in Iran's revolution against the Shah--several Americans found themselves imprisoned (in actuality, kidnapped and held for ransom) by the Iranian government, only to be abandoned by the American Embassy while the country fell apart around them.

Now remember Ross Perot of the 90s presidential races? Well, the men kidnapped were senior executives of Perot's company EDS. Unwilling to leave his...more
This is one of my favorite books. The first time I read it at 13 or 14, I read it because I was reading everything Ken Follett had written. It's very different from anything else he had done, but the idea that this was a TRUE story kept me going. Also, the election in which Ross Perot ran for president had occurred recently, so the fact that he was in it made me curious.

I cut my teeth on the Tom Clancy novels, so I was already used to the in-depth discussions of the layout of buildings, breakdo...more
The symbol of the eagle was something I remember from my childhood...on paperweights, small statues, you name it. Eagle=EDS. My dad worked for EDS for 30 years. And that's why I smiled when I finished this book, for it couldn't be more aptly titled. This true account of a "small" Iranian hostage crisis in the year before the one we all know better illuminates the spirit of EDS and the power of one man's money and drive put to good use. If more millionaires used their resources the way Ross Perot...more
James Oliver Burns
This is history I lived, 1977 I was a marine aboard the U.S.S. Nimitz CVN-68. The Iranians had disposed of the Shah and had been replaced with the Iyatola and his revolutionary Governmemt. President Carters Diplomatic policies were riddled with mistakes and very ineffective. Two of Ross Perots employees following the advise of the American Embassy were arrested without being charged with a 12 million dollar bail. After all Diplomatic and other means failed EDS (Ross Perots Co.) Decided on a Brea...more
On The Wings Of Eagles did not seem as good as Ken Follett’s fictional works, but still is quite readable for a non-fiction narrative. Follett did an excellent job at describing H. Ross Perot (his motivations, life, and character) and how his loyalty to two of his employees imprisoned in Iran led to him using his connections to create a rescue team. The narrative was not overly dry or tedious, but various parts of the book failed to capture my interest and I ended up skim reading these sections....more
Based on a true story, it was interesting, but I found this too detailed and drawn out too long. At times it felt like a cross between a news report, textbook and novel. It was worthwhile reading, just not very exciting. And the pictures in the middle of the book, (that's where they showed up in the eversion I read, maybe did in paper?) totally gave away the ending halfway through. I,m sure some readers already know how it ends from being familiar with the news story of the time, but I didn't an...more
Alumine Andrew

I've just been on holiday for Easter, this book of 600 odd pages seemed a good book to take away as a holiday read. Follett assures the reader in the introduction that this is not a fictionalized account of events, which makes it all the more surprising.

The events took place in 1979 during the Iranian revolution. EDS executives Paul Chiapparone and Bill Gaylord were wrongly imprisoned as the Shah fled the country and Ayhatolla Khomeini took over. In the midst of the revolution on the streets of...more
Based on true events in Iran during the Islamic Revolution, "On Wings of Eagles" has a very interesting plot. In 1978, a bunch of American executives working for EDS realize that their project of computerizing Iran's social security data is going be thrown aside due to the political turmoil in the country. Ross Perot, the founder of EDS, is debating whether the EDS employees in Iran should evacuate the country or stay on. Meanwhile, two of the top EDS executives in Iran detained by a powerful bu...more
Corporate derring do as the US government and US military are hamstrung by policy. Leave it to Ross Perot, middle-aged rescuers dedicated to saving wrongly imprisoned Americans, bags of money, tons of luck, all against the backdrop of Iran descending into mayhem and anarchy after the Shah was deposed. Oh, yeah, add that the team was headed up by legendary Special Forces operative "Bull" Simons, and you will know why this had to be made into a movie starring Burt Lancaster.

Penso que para a grande maioria este escritor dispensa apresentações e tive a possibilidade de ler este livro, graças aos colegas do meu emprego que me ofereceram no meu aniversário e sem duvida foi uma excelente prenda.

Apenas tinha lido Os Pilares da Terra, mais Romance Histórico e que gostei imenso. Não li mais nenhum livro do escritor pura e simplesmente porque acho que os seus livros são muito caros, lembro-me que na altura ambos os livros dos Pilares da Terra (que dividiram na sua...more
Mindy Carter slayton
At first I was thinking that this is the worst book Mr. Follett has written but...after getting into it a ways I realized that he had to lay down the tedious ground work before getting to the nitty gritty. I had to read the last 20% non-stop and the last 5% was with tears literally streaming g down my face! Not because it's sad but because of the release of emotion. There are parts where you are holding your breath, others where you are thinking,"What in the hell do they think they are doing? Ar...more
A friend whose reading recommendations I implicitly trust gave this book such a high rating that I put it on my "to read" list well over a year ago. But, since I already knew the basic story, I kept avoiding it. Well, I finally decided to at least give it a chance and I'm awfully glad I did.

There are two reasons to read This: first of all, it's an absolutely amazing story that, without being overly sentimental, will remind you just how resilient human beings really are. Second, Follett is so ta...more
This is a true story - not fiction. It will shed a different light on Ross Perot. I worked at EDS for 13 years - and I met Paul Chiapparone, one of the EDS hostages caught in the middle of the Iranian Revolution.
Better than Argo. I'm never going to Iran.
This is one of the most fascinating stories I have ever read and one of the best books on military strategy I have read. The story is about two EDS employees that in 1978 (just before the Iranian revolution) were put in jail on no charges for a crime they didn't commit and bail set at $13 million. H. Ross Perot was the founder and CEO of EDS. After trying unsuccessfully through all means legal, financial, and political to get his men out of jail, he enlists a group of volunteers from EDS with a...more
a terrible story told very well
Apparently even the greatest authors have a price. On Wings of Eagles is based on real events: 2 American businessmen are put in jail with non formalized bribery accusations in the middle of the Iran Khomeini's Iran revolution, and they managed to escape back home. The story is told as told to the author by the main characters, one of which, Perot, pretty much commissioned the book. As a result the book reads like a puff job, where Perot and his executives are hailed as heroes for actions that a...more
Sarah Goyette
Highly recommend! Quick summary: (True Story) In December 1978 two EDS executives working in Tehran are arrested on suspicion of bribery. Bail was set at 12.75 million dollars. When Ross Perot, head of the Dallas-based company hears about it, he decides to get his people out no matter what. While the firm's lawyers are trying to find a way to pay the bail, he also recruits a team of volunteers from his executives, led by a retired United States Army officer, to break them out by force, if necess...more
What attracts me to start read this book is the charming story-telling way of Ken Follett. I've read his two other medieval epic Novels"pillars of the earth""world without end". Both hold me till the end. So I'd like to try other stuff he wrote.And one of the biggest selling point of this book is that it's based on a true story. The spirit through the book is uplifting,as long as you have determination as the key role Ross Perot do,you could pull it through! While in reality, few people could pu...more
I thought this was fascinating. The book had been on my parents shelves for years and I finally picked it up. I was familiar with Ken Follet's name, but not his writing, so that may have hooked me, but when I got into the book I was fascinated. This was an event that occurred in my lifetime. I was familiar with the Iran hostage situation and recalled hearing the running account of the days in captivity of those hostages. But this occurred just prior to that event and was very interesting because...more
Tony Taylor
This is one of those books that I did not get around to reading when it first came out in 1983, but it was worth the wait... I throughly enjoyed it. Basically the book follows the actual events and participants in the imprisonment and eventual release of two IT specialists in Iran who worked for EDS, Ross Perot's computer systems firm back in the late 70s. It reads like a who-done-it, but the story is true and the dialog is as true to life as the participants could remember when telling of their...more
Este fue otro de los libros que cogí prestado de la biblioteca de mi mamá. Yo estaba familiarizada con la figura de Ross Perot pues cuando vivimos en Atlanta él decidió lanzarse como candidato independiente. Esto le costó el gane para un segundo término a George Bush padre quién estaba en una batalla muy ceñida contra Bill Clinton. Sin conocer mucho de Perot y favoreciéndo en esa época al partido republicano la figura de Perot se me hizo detestable.
La prensa tuvo mucho que ver en esto pues ridi...more
In On Wings of Eagles, Follett has written an exciting account of the rescue of two employees of Electronic Data Systems (EDS), then helmed by H. Ross Perot. Though it is about real events, it reads with all the excitement and intensity of a spy novel. In 1978, two EDS employees, Paul Chiapparone and Bill Gaylord, were arrested in Tehran (Iran) on trumped-up charges of bribery, with bail set at $13 million!

In the book, Follett carries us through the capture of the EDS employees, the U.S. govern...more
I'm probably the last living American who hasn't read this, but better late
than never. It's been on an external drive since 2009, and oh, gosh, was it
worth the wait!

This is the account of two members of Ross Perot's Dallas-based EDS
corporation who were imprisoned in Iran in 1979, and it details Perot's
efforts and that of his team in getting them released. This book will keep
you reading, even though we all know how that turned out. The
behind-the-scenes stuff is absolutely gripping, and the near m...more
I have just finished reading this absolutely incredible story. On a scale of 0ne to 5 stars, I rate it at least SIX STARS. I place it at the very top by far of my ALL-TIME FAVORITES LIST. It is a truly amazing tale and all the more so because it is 100% NON-FICTION. I will be working on a complete review and post it in the next few days. The following is my more complete review:

During 1978 the American multinational information technology equipment and services company EDS (Electronic Data Syst...more
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Ken Follett burst onto the book world in 1978 with Eye of the Needle, a taut and original thriller with a memorable woman character in the central role. The book won the Edgar award and became an outstanding film.

He went on to write four more bestselling thrillers: Triple; The Key to Rebecca; The Man from St Petersburg; and Lie Down with Lions.

He also wrote On Wings of Eagles, the true story of ho...more
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