Walter el Perro Pedorrero: Walter the Farting Dog, Spanish-Language Edition
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Walter el Perro Pedorrero: Walter the Farting Dog, Spanish-Language Edition (Walter the Farting Dog #1)

3.87 of 5 stars 3.87  ·  rating details  ·  1,747 ratings  ·  303 reviews
Warning: This book may cause flatulence. This is the Spanish edition of the beloved New York Times Bestseller. Walter is a fine dog, except for one small problem: he has gas. He can't help it; it's just the way he is. Fortunately, the kids Billy and Betty love him regardless, but Father says he's got to go! Poor Walter, he's going to the dog pound tomorrow. And then, in th...more
Hardcover, 32 pages
Published March 10th 2004 by Frog Children's Books (first published October 10th 2001)
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Petra X
This is one of the only two books in Latin I've ever read. Mostly because the only Latin I know I learned during school detentions. That and the Greek alphabet. I had started on Hannibal coming over the mountains, but I didn't get very far as I got expelled and that put a stop to the Latin lessons.

Walter the Farting Dog is very funny in English, but in Latin it's totally hilarious. I mostly sell the book to lawyers and accountants, small boys get the English version with the attached whoopee cus...more
I hate this book. I mean I really, really hate this book. I've got nothing against dogs and potty humor - well,whatever I don't really care about that one way or the other.

but here's the thing,

I'm in a class with a group of people that have never taught before, they all want to teach high school language arts. On the day we were to discuss Picture books - yay! picture books! I was excited by the prospect of this group of people being able to re-discover and discover some great books that can be...more
When I worked at Borders during the holiday break one December during my undergrad years, Walter the Farting Dog had just made its debut and I was at once amazed and slightly appalled at how many people came in asking for it, right down to embarrassed grandmothers whispering the book's title with sheepish sideways glances. I really never felt compelled to read it, but then I recently stumbled across the reviews of some of the newer books in the series (yes, it's a series!) and I was bemused by t...more
I read this book to my students & they adored it. Many of them took it home to read with their parents...that to me is awesome. :) Good book on compassion for kids...

(I originally bought this book to send to my 3-year old niece so that my mother would have to read it to her and naturally, it would torture my mother to say the word "fart" a million times over...;) )
I could really find little redeeming value here. It's not that I mind a good gassy book - I can laugh and giggle over the tales of toots for ages. But, to me, the story-telling here just felt forced, and there didn't seem to be anything special in the writing. Plus, the illustrations kind of wigged me out.

That said, what I really could not support was the horrible attitude of the father. After the two children bring Walter home from the pound (where nobody wanted him, but they loved him), the fa...more
“Walter the Farting Dog” is an extremely unique book created by William Kotzwinkle and Glenn Murray along with illustrations by Audrey Colman. This book is about how an innocent dog-named Walter has some serious gas problems to the chagrin of his new family. “Walter the Farting Dog” will have the entire family rolling around laughing for many years.

William Kotzwinkle and Glenn Murray’s story about a farting dog is truly unique since there has never been a children’s book that focused solely on...more
I read this in a bookstore and just think this is one of the funniest books ever. Everything about it is well done.
John Ginn
Well it's a children's book, and silly as hell, and all I can say is that it made me laugh so hard that other people were looking at me like they thought I was nuts.

As in his writing for adults, Kotzwinkle's prose is a textbook example on how to avoid extra words. He's a master at creating humorous rhythm in his sentence construction, so that sometimes he can get a laugh by simply throwing an oddball cadence into the mix. One sentence had only two words: Walter farted. With the context and build...more
My mom was having a rough time of things, so we went to a bookstore, because is there really any better place to go to cheer up? We saw this book, and I made her sit down while I read it to her out loud. She was very embarrassed, but also very amused. We both know a Walter. Everyone knows a Walter.
The Cute Little Brown-haired girl
This is on the shelf of the exam room at my doctors office. (Nice to know she has a sense of humor, eh?) I read it when I was waiting and laughed my ass off!!! Get it for your kid when they realize that there is a trumpet in their butt. Or, when the dog lets one during dinner. It is hilarious.
I read this one with Alex while I was teaching him reading a couple years ago. I really did not like it. Other than the subject matter, it isn't written well and the illustrations are odd and don't make me want to look at them. There are much better kids books out there.
Rife with middle school humor, this could aptly be billed as having been written "expressively with the adolescent male in mind." A little too flat (ulent) for my taste but then I'm not a twelve-year-old boy.
Sep 04, 2008 Amanda rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: aunts and uncles of small children
The story is funny, but it's the illustrations that take this book into the realm of "must own". Walter is a good dog who just happens to have, hum, digestive difficulties. His children love him, but Mom, Dad, the Uncle, and the Vet decide that Walter has to go. Only a last minute triumph by a very flatulent Walter saves the day.

I read this to the kids subsituting the word "tooting" for "farting" - on the direction of their parents. I think we should go ahead and call a fart a fart, but I'm only...more
Nov 06, 2007 Jeremy rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: dog fart likers
If this book had been around when I was little, I probably would have wept with gratitiude. As it stands, it mainly brings to mind just how unpleasant dog farts are. Really nothing funny about them at all. They don't even make a funny noise most of the time. Occasionally they might emit a "suss". Nothing funny about suss. You get up on stage and say "suss" into the mike, they're liable to boo you right out of the place.

Dog farts make a room smell like steaming, putrid ham without warning. They...more
Feb 26, 2008 Heather rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: children
Recommended to Heather by: self, Joseph
Shelves: humorous, children
This book is so funny your kids will pass out from laughing - or is that the gas?

Poor Walter can't get no love. He's stinky. He farts all the time. No one can stand to be around him. But don't worry, he will get the chance to prove himself, and everyone will fall in love with Walter, though they still won't want to be anywhere near him!

* I read this to my class because I let each one choose a book they wanted me to read. It figures that a kid would bring this one in. I rolled my eyes the second...more
Summary: This story is set in a realistic ordinary family, and deals with ideas and attitudes about pets. The overarching theme is how one discusses with a young child "passing gas" - a new concept to very young children. It carries the message that we can all be heroes, whatever our quirks and habits. (Thanks!)

Audience: Ages 4-8

Genre: Picture Book

Use: Read Aloud, Guided Reading

Life Lessons: Teaches children about the importance of having manners, yet how everyone has the same habits...more
I read this at a certain five-year-old friend's birthday party this weekend. Okay, so I had more than a few margaritas, but a few of the lines were genuinely funny. The illustrations were lovingly cringe-worthy but amusing. I'm thinking a lot of kids without dogs might start calling their dad "Walter!"
Jun 19, 2008 Holly rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Mother's of boys
Shelves: kids-books
We found this one at a small bookstore while on vacation and didn't know it was the beginning of a larger series. It cracked E. up on the first night and still does. It's a silly book, but entertaining.
Oct 13, 2008 Dolly rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Parents reading with their children
Shelves: 2008, childrens, pets
A great story about adopting a good, deserving animal, warts (oops, I mean farts) and all. Our girls really enjoyed this one. Unique illustrations, too.
What can I say? The nephews loved it.:)
Robert Beveridge
William Kotzwinkle and Glenn Murray, Walter the Farting Dog (Frog, Inc., 2001)

One of the more challenged books in school libraries since its 2001 debut, Walter the Farting Dog does one thing, and it does it very well: take something that kids find irresistibly hilarious and use it as a shoehorn to attach a story about difference and belonging. It's quite clever, given that, and one has to wonder whether those who would like to see it taken off the shelves object to the dog's endless flatulence o...more
Other than the... eyecatching title (which admittedly, was what drew me to the story), Walter the Fating Dog has nothing new to offer.

This story has been done again and again, even in songs ("Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer"): Main character has an odd trait (flatulence), other chracters mock/bully/don't accept him (Walter needs to hold in his farts, otherwise he will be disowned by the family), but then there is Conflict which is resolved by the MC's special trait (robbers come and Walter farts a...more
A dog-lover friend gifted this book to a fellow dog-lover (me!) and I simply loved the book. It takes away pretense and it takes away dignity in just the way having a dog or a small child does for adults. Dignity and poise are difficult when you have a gassy dog, or a dog ready to poop on your neighbour's lawn as you nervously stoop to scoop. A dog brings you to what is important in life and Walter is a delight. I also used this and one other Walter the Farting Dog book in a library program for...more
When I bought my first Walter the Farting Dog I'm at Science City in Union Station in Kansas City, MO. I was about 45 and my mother was with me and she was 70. I'm a teacher and my mother was a retired teacher so she and I love to look at kid's books. Anyway I start reading it out loud and we get to laughing so hard we had tears running from our eyes. I think the personnel that ran the gift shop were glad when we finally checked out. From time to time I would read it again to her just to laugh....more
I got the “recommendation” for this book from another Goodreads contributor, SpikeNFlorida, who had read another in this collection. I am a happy celebrator of flatulence, so this, the first in the series, seemed a natural one to sniff out (sorry, stinky pun).

This is, obviously, a children’s book, with only 30 pages or so, large format, large type, and wonderfully chaotic, color-and-design-splashed illustrations by Audrey Coleman. It’s the story of a rescue dog with a large heart and a lot of di...more
Teddie Trombley
One day Betty and Billy came home but they were not alone and instead they brought home a new dog that they found at the pound. Walter turns out to be the best dog ever but there is only one small problem and that is that he is constantly farting. They took him to the vet many times and the vet recommended many different things but nothing seemed to help. Betty and Billy’s dad were so fed up with Walter that he told the kids that Walter has to leave and go back to the pound in the morning. Betty...more
Clio Reads
Kids Think Farts are Funny. Moms, Not So Much. My Uncle Rob sent this to my boys as a gift. This is the same uncle whose favorite joke revolves around the phrase "Pull my finger." A bit to my dismay, Uncle Rob's brand of humor, including this book, is right up the average preschooler's alley.

Betty and Billy bring Walter home from the pound. At first they think he just needs a bath. Then they think he's just nervous. But no, it turns out he's just a farting dog. They take him to the vet. They cha...more
Teena in Toronto
I was recently reminded of this book. Gord had bought me this book the summer we got married. There was a bookstore in his neighbourhood we would walk by often and this book was prominently in the window. I haven't read it since that summer so I read it again this evening.

It's a cute book directed at children about a dog who has a flatulence problem The family does everything they can to make him stop but he can't. The father finally declares that Walter has to go back to the pound but because h...more
Karin Mitchell
I might have been influenced by the fact that I convinced my brother to read this book aloud to me. His children, incidentally, were not present. And then he told me how he thought it was really a lesson about homosexual relationships. So it made me really really like it.
Walter the Farting Dog, written by William Kotzwinkle and Glenn Murray and illustrated by Audrey Colman, is a realistic fiction story about a family who rescued a dog from the pound but the dog has horrible gas issues. The children loved the dog and didn't mind them, but the parents couldn't handle the irremediable smell. The night their father decided he was going to take Walter back to the pound, people tried to break in their house and Walter was able to stop them and save the family's valuab...more
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William Kotzwinkle is a two-time recipient of the National Magazine Award for Fiction, a winner of the World Fantasy Award, the Prix Litteraire des Bouquinistes des Quais de Paris, the PETA Award for Children's Books, and a Book Critics Circle award nominee. His work has been translated into dozens of languages.
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