New Boy
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New Boy

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Fifteen-year-old Rob Garrett wants nothing more than to escape the segregated South and prove himself. But in late 1950s Virginia, opportunity doesn’t come easily to an African American. So Rob’s parents take the unusual step of enrolling their son in a Connecticut boarding school, where he will have the best education available. He will also be the first student of color...more
Hardcover, 288 pages
Published November 28th 2005 by HMH Books for Young Readers
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In the book New Boy, by Julian Houston, a fifteen year old African American boy named Rob Garret is trapped in a world of segregation. Rob’s number one dream is to prove himself in this world of impossibilities for his race. Unfortunately, in the 1950’s, his homeland Virginia, does not offer him as much as he needs for success. Because Rob has extremely good grades compared to most of his classmates, his parents take the unusual step of sending him to the Draper Boarding School in Connecticut. F...more
Gripping, true to life story of a young southern black boy who goes North to boarding school, sent by his parents to escape segregation. Well-written though there are a few spots where the grown judge drowns out the vulnerable boy. Very nicely done, overall.
I thought this book was pretty interesting. This book is about a kid named Rob and his struggle with going to a boarding school in Connecticut. Rob is african american and most of the kids that go to school there are white. It is really hard to go to the school because if Rob makes one bad move all eyes will be on him. This book is really good and it sounds like its non fiction.
I can make a text to world connection to this book. Rob and hundreds of people have done the same thing. Rob needed a b...more
This book is about a black kid, Rob, that just moved to Virginia. He faced racism before but now it might be like never before. He attends to an all boy, all white school. He makes friends there and then he hears that there is a protest against racism. He wants to attend to the protest but he doesn't know what the consequences would be. If he goes to the protest he could go to jail and his friends might doubt him, and if he doesn't he will have to leave his family dumbfounded.
The connection I...more
Moeez Qamar
This book was OK. It didn't have much action in it or suspense which didn't make it as fun and exciting to read. Also, it had a very low amount of segregation involved in it than I had expected. There were only very few situations where there was any real segregation involved. Other than that I thought it was a pretty decent book.

Basically, this book is about a 15-year-old boy named Rob Garrett who lives in Virginia.He is new to a boarding school in Connecticut called Draper. He is the first and...more
Apr 10, 2014 Kevin added it
New Boy by Julian Houston is a Historical Fiction dated during the period of segregation in the United States of America. In the book the main character Rob Garrett is entering a school where he will be the first black student in its long history. While here Rob has to deal with the ignorance northerners had toward segregation in the south. He also has to deal with having to go to school while his friend at home are trying to make a difference. Eventually Rob has to decide whether to stay home...more
Sally Kruger
NEW BOY, set in the 1950's, is the story of a Southern high school student whose chance to attend a boarding school in Connecticut is an eye-opening experience. Rob Garrett understands that the opportunity to enroll as the only black student at Draper has the potential to open doors for him that continuing to attend his local high school in Virginia will not. He knows he should be grateful, but he is also incredibly nervous.

The administration at Draper makes Rob feel welcome, and classes are int...more
Houston maintains a lot of historical accuracy in his YA novel about Rob Garrett, the first Black student at a prestigious boarding school in Connecticut. However, the story feels a little dry and lifeless at times because the narrator's voice is so cold and detached, unlike any 15-year-old I've ever known.
Joseph Grant
"New Boy" by Julian Houston is a fictional adventure story about a young African-american teen by the name of,"Rob Garret. His parents were sending him to a boarding school called draper in Connecticut in which he would be the African-american their getting a education. When Rob got to the school he met a friend and his name was,"Vinnie" they connected fast but a lot of people made fun of him because of his acne. Later in the book he meets Malcolm X and Malcolm tells him when he goes back to sch...more
Julian Houston's, New Boy is about an African American boy named Rob Garret moves to an all boys and all white boarding school while his friends at home begin to fight for their rights and begin to protest against the law of segregation. The setting of the boarding school is Connecticut and his hometown is Virginia in 1954. Rob’s main external conflict is that he is an African American so he is often turned down by white people that bully him. Rob’s main internal conflict is deciding whether he...more
New Boy by Julia Houston, is a moving story that all will enjoy. The main charcter, Rob Garett comes from an educated Afriecan-American Southern family who worked hard for what they now have. With high expectations, Rob's family sends him off to a Coneticut boarding school where he finds himself as the only colored student. He must face difficulties as he works to make friends and sway away from prejudice. This is a both educational yet entertaining story about how a colored student delt with pr...more
I read this some time ago, but remember liking it a lot. Some images come to mind, like his sneaking out of school with a Jewish friend to listen to Jazz in an NYC club in Harlem (I may have gotten some details wrong). Okay, I just picked it out from my shelf and dusted it off. I re-read the first couple of pages, and was surprised to find that his Cousin Gwen (a Harlem school teacher we later discover is a radical) is introduced in the first page. Just from those pages, I remember that the pros...more
New Boy
By: Julian Houston
Published in 2005
Historical Fiction

“New Boy” by Julian Houston is a fantastic book about a boy named Rob Garrett, who’s life is anything but normal. He is the first and only African American at Draper Boarding School in Connecticut. While his friends and family are in Virginia, he s trying to fit in the best he can with all of the others. In the late 1950s the United States was a time of segregation and discrimination for African Americans. When he hears about people...more
Take a Stand
I like this book because it takes us back in time in a young teen’s mind during the years of segregation. This book is a great book to learn about the civil rights movement among the young black teens of the 1950s. It’s a perfect book for teens because the book is speaking through the mind of a teenager just like me, so it’s much easier to interpret. Moreover, this book just doesn’t talk about the segregation among black people, but it also shows the others that were afflicted by th...more
Luong Sy
This was the first book i read during 2nd sesmester. I didnt like the book even though the book was pretty interesting and it was pretty hard to understand at times. The story feels a little dry and lifeless at times and the author's voice is so cold. The connection I made is that people really want to speak out with problems they have, but they're scared because they dont know what might happen. This book was written by Julian Houston and its about a African Boy named Rob Garret who attended to...more
Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Randstostipher "tallnlankyrn" Nguyen for

It's the 1950s, the time when segregation was still taking place. Even though his parents, especially his mother, tried to protect him from the harshness and unfairness that was still present, Rob Garrett knew that his parents wouldn't be there to watch out for him forever. And his parents knew that, too.

That time came too quickly when Rob was awarded a scholarship to Draper, a prestigious private school in Connecticut, where...more
Kenya Liggons
I really loved reading this book when I had time to sit down and read it. I really like the theme of the book. Rob Garret was the main character and Rob Garret was the only "Negro." or "African American" that went to Draper, Draper was an all white school in the book. Draper was located all the way in Connecticut. He made friends, and they protested to end segregation. They all wanted to be equal.His good friend Gordie Burns doesn't treat him differently because of his race. I think this book is...more
It is the late 1950’s in Julian Houston’s New Boy, when Rob Green leaves his home in Virginia to attend a boarding school in Connecticut As the first – and only – African American in the school, Rob feels pressure to “represent the race,” both to the white students and faculty at school and to other African Americans. His parents are proud of him and are happy that he can have this opportunity. Rob quickly becomes friends with an Italian student and is surprised to see this boy made the object o...more
Kelly Moore
I was really impressed with this book. It's about Rob Garrett, the first black boy to go to a private, wealthy boarding school in Connecticut in the 1950's. I expected to read about the racism that he runs into at school, but the story went so much farther than my expectations. It explored prejudice on many different levels, partially through Rob's friendship with an Italian boy from New York with bad acne who is tortured by the cruelty of other boys. The characters and Rob's insights were compl...more
New Boy is a time piece around a young adult in a coming of age story that involves the civil rights movement of the 60's and how the protagonist must make peace with finding his voice in the an " all white" prep school while at home his friends are in the midst of determining how best to go about making a stand around Jim Crow practices that they are encountering on a daily basis.
I appreciated the story and how the protagonist ultimately finds his voice.
Darius Harris
I read this book and I really liked it because it really showed you how school was back in the day compared to how it is today. It really showed a lot of detail in it also it showed the kid named Gabriel and his life coming from the south. It was about this kid Gabriel trying to get the best education he can and succeed in life in the slavery days.
He was having a hard time trying to make friends in the new school. He was also the first colored boy in that school. He eventually made friend but...more
This book talks about segregation in the 1950s during the civil rights movement. Rob Garrett is the first colored boy in Draper High. Rob talks about his daily life, and about his friends. It is pretty fun to read, and it is a good source for segregation in the south and how they treated blacks in the north.

It is picking up really well. It talks more about segregation in the south and the rules applied to southerners. Now, Rob has 2 friends, one of his friends is Vinnie. Vinnie is getting harra...more
Jeremy Sanchez
This book is about a black kid, Rob, that just moved to Virginia. He faced racism before but now it might be like never before. He attends to an all boy, all white school. He makes friends there and then he hears that there is a protest against racism. He wants to attend to the protest but he doesn't know what the consequences would be. If he goes to the protest he could go to jail and his friends might doubt him, and if he doesn't he will have to leave his family dumbfounded.
The connection I m...more
New Boy is about an African American boy named Rob Garret. He's growing up in Virginia in the 1950s. His parents want him to have a better life, so they send him to an all white boarding school in Connecticut. He doesn't get teased very much, but there's a lot going on back at home and he feels guilty not being there to help.
I connect this to the real world because in the 1950s, there was a lot going on with the Civil Rights Movement. Many people were starting to get angry that they were getting...more
Matt Kiley
This book really wasn't one the best books i've ever read but it certainly wasn't one of the worst either. It was about a negro boy named Rob Garret during the 1900's who was very intelligent and was being transferred to an all white boarding school called Draper. Throught Robs experience he meets a white boy named Gordie Burns. Gordie doesn't treat him differently because of his skin. As the book goes on Rob and Gordie start to become very good friends. When Rob notices how segreagated the Nort...more
I think that the book was good, but some parts I felt were unnecessary and others left out. I felt that it set up an interesting environment for Rob to explore, yet it lacked some details to help me visualize. There was also a lack of interesting characters, most of them felt very bland and rather simplistic. Some of the things that I did like about it was that it gave me a good insight to the Civil Rights Movement and how the characters inside the story fought back and what they did to help the...more
This story offered an interesting perspective on the Civil Rights Movement. It's a brave first novel.

Julian Houston delves into many heavy areas: prejudice, racism, classism, the spectrum from assimilation to segregation, identity... oh boy! There's a little romance and rascally behavior thrown in for lighter fare, but the book leaves you thinking. Lots of thinking~!

I'd suggest this for 8th grade and above. There are some really big questions being asked. I'm still processing, so I can only ima...more
I really enjoyed reading this book, New Boy by Julian Houston. It takes place in the middle of the civil rights movement and the main character, Rob Garret is an African-American who lives in Virginia. Rob got accepted to a boarding school in Connecticut and him and his family decide that him going to school there would be a good experience. While Rob is in Connecticut, his friends back home are organizing sit-ins and having meetings about how they can help the movement and end segregation soone...more
Mackenzie King
New Boy was a great book that taught me a lot about what it was like to live during the civil rights movement. It's about a boy who was the first and only African American at a boarding school in Connecticut. This book takes you through his first year at the school. He has a lot of ups and downs throughout his journey, and he learns a lot about himself. A lesson I learned from this book is that instead of just sitting back and wishing for something to change, you should take action and make it c...more
Essau Alli
This book is about a boy that lives in the south. He doesn't like the segregation in the south. He wants to have an education and live in a place where he is not judged by his race and color of skin. He has a chance to prove himself and is sent to the north to experience a dream come true.

I can connect this book to the world because in the past there was a lot of segregation and there were a lot of racist people. There were people who judged the African Americans because they believed they were...more
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Julian Houston was born in Richmond, Virginia, and educated in the public schools of that city before attending the Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, Connecticut. He attended Boston University and was a community organizer in Harlem during the civil rights movement. He is now an associate justice of the Superior Court of Massachusetts. Julian Houston lives in Brookline, Massachusetts, with his wife a...more
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