The Sicilian
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The Sicilian (Mario Puzo's Mafia)

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Michael Corleone is returning to the U.S. after the two-year exile to Sicily in which reader left him in The Godfather. But he is ordered to bring with him the young Sicilian bandit, Salvatore Guiliano, who is the unofficial ruler of northwestern Sicily. In his fight "to make Sicilians free people," the young folk hero, based on the real-life Giuliano of the 1940's, has ma...more
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Published March 1st 2010 by Brilliance Corporation (first published June 1983)
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Zubin Naushad
"The Siciian" is a far more better work of Mario Puzo than "The Godfather". This novel is about the hardships and the bravery of the real Sicilian outlaw-hero Salvatore Guiliano (the spelling is intentionally changed) and the cunning and betrayal that awaits him. This book is a beautiful portrayal of real life heroes, of friendship, how selfishness hinders love and how cunning has a foul play in hindering that love.

This book revolves around the outlaw Guiliano who has a price upon his head by th...more
For someone who has just got into books and reading a book every ten days,it was too much to swallow.As I began to study the last hundred pages of the novel 'The Sicillian' by the famous Mario Puzo again ,at midnight,I knew I was falling into an ocean of unbelievable storytelling.Finishing the book at 2.00 a.m,i could not sleep for the next hour or so.Turi Guilliano, undoubtedly the greatest character that i have ever read about is just too unthinkable and great to forget with time.Puzo with his...more
While The Godfather Trilogy stands out as the greatest Movie ever made (in my humble opinion anyway, I must have watched it a dozen times or more, and would probably do so for the rest of my life), but as far as the books are concerned, The Siclian happens to be far superior to The Godfather.

And I just loved the ending, its probably one of the most heart breaking one you will ever come across, and sadly perfect in so many ways.

Its a must read.
Thrilling, Idealistic and absolutely devastating! A chilling portrait of a young idealistic man, killed in the pursuit of his dreams by the very people he yearns to protect. Michael Corleone learns and grows into the murderous brotherhood of the Mafia and learns the merciless truth of his father's regime. A worthy followup to the legendary 'Godfather'
Booooo. This sucks. Someone recommended it and I loved The Godfather, so I figured it would be okay. Bad, bad, bad. I'm not sure why I finished it.
Mario Puzo claims his fame and fortune with The Godfather. He exerts his mastery of writing and storytelling in The Sicilian.

This book offers nearly every addictive literary substance for which the reader's neuro-transmitters scream. Puzo offers action, suspense, national heritage, generational character, moral integrity, filial piety, brotherhood, loyalty, ethical conflict, the power of conviction, and so much more. Turi Giuliano represents the kind of archetypal hero for which every common cit...more

The Sicilian is NOT, like some people think, a sequel to the Godfather. It does feature cameo appearances by Michael Corleone and Clemenza, but they are more to tie the story together than anything else. Personally, I found it distracting and unnecessary for them to have been in the book and I felt it would have been a far better book without them.

The unfortunate thing is that it detracted from the real story, and that is the tale of Salvatore Giuliano, the famous bandit of Sicily. (Btw, the ot...more
The Sicilian is a quick, easy read but entirely worthwhile. I feel as though Puzo wrote a modern day legend in response and homage to stories (as referenced in the text) such as The Song of Roland. Puzo conveys a rich sense of history and it gives the characters a touch of the mythical without becoming laughable by realist sensibilities.

The back cover dubs the main character, Guiliano, as a “modern-day Robin Hood” and I wonder why stories with heroes devoted to redistributing wealth and releasin...more
Sudipto Saha
With a sublime and powerful storyline, Mario Puzo depicts the life of a Sicilian bandit who is forced to challenge the government and the Mafia alike and his subsequent rise to power. The plot revolves around the friendship between two best pals, the love that the Sicilians felt for their “champion”, the respect that this vigilante instilled in the reigning Don, the heartfelt trust that the outlaw had towards his parents and godfather and the ultimate betrayal that threatened the empire that he...more
David Cain
This work is peripherally related to the characters and events of The Godfather, Puzo's best-known work. Michael Corleone, Vito Corleone, and Peter Clemenza all play minor (or very minor) roles in the story. The heart of the novel is a fictionalized re-telling of the life of Salvatore Giuliano, a Sicilian bandit and separatist who was active in the late 1940s (the spelling of whose name Puzo has changed to Guiliano in the book). I had not previously heard of this historical figure, but it seems...more
The book was brilliant once I got over my initial disappointment. The book was slow paced in the beginning alright but that wasn’t the reason I was disappointed. You see, when I picked up the book I thought it was story on one my favorite ‘Godfather’ characters Michael Corleone with Salvatore Turi Giuliano playing a secondary character. But as it turns out the book is about Turi and Michael is hardly in it.

Once I got over this fact and made peace that it wasn’t a sequel to ‘Godfather’ (unlike t...more
Jevron McCrory
I read this a few years ago and completely forgot to review it here.

It's a MASTERPIECE and definitely one of my favourite Puzo novels!

(I had no idea that it was based on fact until after I'd finished it and then I was even more fascinated!)

The bold and unique story (and indeed legacy) of Salvatore Giuliano, Sicily's most daring bandit, is a captivating read. Obviously, much of this must have been Puzo's invention but he does an incredible job of bringing this legend to literary life.

The story i...more
John Aubrey
Actually I got caught up in the love story between 1950 bandit/hero Guiliano (based on real life freedom fighter Salvatore Guiliano) and his mistress. I wanted that part of the book fleshed out more as it gave a good counterbalance to the love/envy shown Guiliano by his cousin Gaspare.

But we can't get everything we want, and Puzo does provide a fast paced political intrigue involving the Mafia and the Sicilian government. The inclusion of Michael Corleone from Puzo's Godfather novel gives The S...more
So Die All Who Betray Giuliano...
My review for the Sicilian :

Its one of the best novels i have read. The lifestyle of Sicily is depicted perfectly. Just what you expect from Mario Puzo...
Great read if you love the mafias.
The tactics, loyalty, betrayal and the true face of politics in that land is just too realistic.
Further the most important thing is the lesson that the Godfather (aka Vito Corleone) teaches Michael.
Its the novel that keeps you on nerves.
The importance of ones family, the love...more
Chris Ceballos
This is my favorite book of all time. I was definitely a Puzo fan after the classic Godfather but after reading The Sicilian I knew for a fact that Mario Puzo was my favorite author. The details in the story were easy to picture as you read and the suspense he builds with every chapter keeps you from putting the book down. I've read the book a few times already and I'm still surprised at how exciting it still is to me. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a great read
In this book, the Sicilian is working on a farm and basically he just ends up having sex with his busty neighbor a few times. Don Corleone comes to Sicily and drinks wine in a carafe with a lemon in it. Probably has sex that night too.
Then the police came and there was a man working in an olive garden for a priest. Something else happened, it was a great book I reccomend to anyone who is a fan of Goodfellas books or Mario and Luigi in general.
This book is the first thing that made me imagine how painful a bullet could be, story is great but I was disappointed to know that it was based on true events, that destroyed the creative gift of Mario Puzo I thought he had, and hence this one is a true then why wouldn't be the godfather!
I really had a hard time reading/finishing this book.
it's a blooooodyyy book.

it's about power, loyalty, friendship, money, corruption, love, honesty, lies, manipulation, betrayal.
This is the first book review I am writing. I have been reserving this special moment for a book which had a great impact on me and when i stared rating books in goodreads I knew this was the book i wanted to review.

I think 'The Sicilian' is too big a work to describe as simply as a book. this is a legend of a legendary person written by a literary legend.

It is also very unjust and unfair to call this book as a sequel to the Godfather, pretty misleading also but I must admit that this misnormer...more
Its a story about Robbin Hood in Sicily. Mario Puzo could have done better with the plot, anyway lets see how it ends. Fingers crossed.
Toufiq Islam
To my surprise I feel immense contempt for reading a supposedly praised book of Puzo because I actually find it extremely disappointing.

The book being nothing exceptional but a painfully exasperating story about the bold Italian Outlaws and the typical Sicilian Mafia/Mob, makes me insolently demean this story because the plot turned out to be almost a mash-up and rip-off of Puzo's other notable books.

Moreover, after reading the book, scorned I was as a blacksmith without his tools, I was numb to...more
Anirudh Rı
Way too slow! I found it to be sort of a letdown...
Tuteh Pharmantara
Banyak lorong yang kadang tidak dimengerti?
Hats off to Puzo for actually taking us on a journey to Sicily. You won't come closer to learning about the Sicilian history, mentality, and traditions, by reading any other book than this. Each word is crafted and delivered poetically. Just his word usage gave this book another star. He does a great job at painting a picture of the Sicilian countryside, considering he isn't from there that is impressive.

Considered the "Godfather 2" this books starts out with Michael in Sicily. In all reality P...more
You can't help comparing it to The Godfather because it is a Mario Puzo book, but in my opinion, it's not as good. I enjoyed reading it but towards the second half of the book it became a bit predictable to me. The story is about Salvatore Giuliano, a young Sicilian who becomes a more violent version of Robin Hood and defends his people in his very own way. Guiliano and his cousin/long time best friend Aspanu are very smart characters, which made it interesting to read what they were going to do...more
Peter Reid
This is billed as a sequel to the Godfather, but to me it seems more like a spin-off. The Corleone's have minor parts in it. The story stands on its own, and its a enjoyable: good versus evil set against an interesting background (Sicily 1943 to 1950). I expected it to be gratuitously violent, but was pleasantly surprised. It explores some of the historical aspects (I have no idea how much these reflect reality) and we learn about the main character's extended family. There are even a few elemen...more
Harmeet Singh
Having read The Godfather a while ago, I knew Mario Puzo wont disappoint me if I choose to read the sequel. And indeed, I liked it very much. Mario is a master storyteller who has weaved historical events into his creation so well that it persuades the reader to believe that all of this literary work is indeed history. He takes his readers to the tour of the towns of Italy, explaining the character of the native people with a great detail. While I was reading about the character of 'Sicilian Pea...more
Timothy Salamon
I got into it thinking it was going to be The Godfather Part II, and instead found a totally different story. The entire book takes place in Sicily, following the story of a bandit (Salvatore Guiliano, The Sicilian) living seven years in the hills above his home town of Montelepre. Michael is at the end of his 2-year exile following the murders of Solozzo and McCluskey, and is charged with extraditing Guiliano to America.

While the story is outside the vein of "The Godfather," the style and narra...more
Lenny D
At first I thought this was going to be an inane mass-market, pulpy read. It certainly was easy to get through, the writing very simple, the narrative energetic and direct, the characterization banal, the plot predictable. The second half of the book, though, actually delved into surprisingly deep waters, not by literary standards but by the political questions it poses. Puzo turns the occasional beautiful phrase, but for the most part the book's strength lies in the ambivalence he has about the...more
I have to say this story really held my attention. We have the main story, one of too many Dons trying to hold one island, and of Turi Guliano, a young bandit whose Robin Hoodish tendencies appeal to the poor, but run up against his religious beliefs and ultimately pose contradictions in his own character that cannot be integrated within one man.

On the other hand is the interesting (to me) culture that is presented here. Sicily in the 1940's, if the story is to be believed--it is, after all, fic...more
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Puzo was born in a poor family of Neapolitan immigrants living in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of New York. Many of his books draw heavily on this heritage. After graduating from the City College of New York, he joined the United States Army Air Forces in World War II. Due to his poor eyesight, the military did not let him undertake combat duties but made him a public relations officer statione...more
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