The Exile: An Outlander Graphic Novel
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The Exile: An Outlander Graphic Novel (Outlander #1.5)

3.52 of 5 stars 3.52  ·  rating details  ·  5,887 ratings  ·  775 reviews
Diana Gabaldon’s brilliant storytelling has captivated millions of readers in her bestselling and award-winning Outlander saga. Now, in her first-ever graphic novel, Gabaldon gives readers a fresh look at the events of the original Outlander: Jamie Fraser’s side of the story, gorgeously rendered by artist Hoang Nguyen.

After too long an absence, Jamie Fraser is coming home...more
Hardcover, 224 pages
Published September 21st 2010 by Del Rey
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You’ve done us a great disservice, Ms. Gabaldon.

What? Did you think we would enjoy a graphic novel version of Outlander from Jamie’s point of view? Really? We are not Twilight fans, Diana (okay, some of us are, but for exasperated outrage sake, let’s not quibble.) We are a different breed.

We’ve forsaken our literary street cred, we’ve risked justified divorce proceedings, we’ve let precious family moments pass us by. We’ve poured through 6,850 pages, 7,458 if you count the Outlandish Companion...more
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Sep 30, 2010 Tatiana rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: dedicated Outlander fans
As a free library rental, The Exile: An Outlander Graphic Novel is a satisfying enough addition to the Outlander series. If I had to pay $24.00 for it, I am not sure I'd be pleased.

In the introduction to The Exile: An Outlander Graphic Novel Diana Gabaldon describes this work as a version of Outlander events told from the POV of Murtagh with a completely new storyline woven through them. I find this description a little misleading. Murtagh witnesses and participates in only a fraction of the eve...more
Sep 23, 2010 Megan rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: People obsessed with Outlander, lol
will review tonight..........

ok, sorry it took me so long, had to wait til my daughter started to wind down for the night.

Time for the review! (Note:automatic 5 star rating because I think Diana Gabaldon is wonderful and becuase of my love(obsession?) for Jamie ;) so basically I am saying I am biased, oh well.)

I will discuss the story and artwork seperately:

SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS (if you are still reading after this warning you obviously want to be spoiled, you have been warned, b...more
Sep 02, 2013 Jackie rated it 1 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: No One
As a longtime Outlander fan it kills me a little inside to give this graphic novel one star, but it must be done. This was horribly disappointing.

It’s been years since I read the first Outlander and while I remember the basics I don’t remember the details. I thought perhaps the gn would help fill in the blanks, but no. This version of the story is good if you just finished Outlander and want to relive it in a slightly different way. There are many plot points in the story that are simply not ex...more
A shortened and condensed graphic novel version of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander novel told from the perspective of Jamie. I've been having some Outlander withdrawals lately and the book has been on my mind a lot. Before I resorted to going back and simply re-reading the series again (which I'm seriously contemplating doing now, especially after this little refresher) I decided to pick this up. I was left satisfied but wasn't completely blown away by this. Considering the fact that Outlander is ove...more
Sarah-Lambert Cook
I first picked up the Outlander series a couple of years ago through my mother, who has been reading them since they began in '91, and am now a big fan myself. While I have loved each of this series' installations (if a bit bored with TFC), 'The Exile' does not rank as a "winner" in my book.

Yes, Diana Gabaldon has dabbled in comic writing (Having written Scrooge McDuck comics some time ago), but I would say she really needs to hone her skills at graphic novel writing before adding another to th...more
Jennifer Lane
Finally a Diana Gabaldon book I could read in less than two hours!

This was the first graphic novel I've read, and I found the experience rather strange. It was like Outlander yet not like Outlander. I loved Outlander so much I kind of wish Ms. Gabaldon didn't mess with it, but I also enjoyed the opportunity to gobble up more Jamie (or at least the artist Hoang Nguyen's representation of Jamie). It's hard waiting for book #8 of the series!

What I liked:
1) The inclusion of the scene where Claire de...more
Lori Anderson
OK. The "Outlander" series is my all-time favorite series. So I was quite interested to see how a graphic novel would play out. I knew it wouldn't cover new material, but merely show a different view point of already written material.

I was apprehensive for one reason -- the drawing and depiction of Jamie. All fans have a very strong image in their mind of what Jamie looks like. This, I think, is why we both anticipate and dread a movie of "Outlander". That being said, the drawing of Jamie wasn't...more
Shell Schroth

This book had 5 stars before I even cracked the spine..

However, even though my love for all things Jamie and Claire pre ranked this book for me, I do have a few bones to pick.. which, in truth is a foreign concept for me, when it comes to 'Goddess Gabaldon'..

1; Way too short.. It needed to be ATLEAST quadruple the size to do the story true justice..

2; Not enough focus on the love between Jamie and Claire.. (Part and partial with the 'way to short' comment'

3; Some art...more
Frankly, I can't imagine this book would be of any interest to anyone who hadn't read ate Outlander series. And therein lies the problem...if you've read them, this graphic novel will fall short for you. My biggest problem was the artist's renderings of Claire. Full makeup in 18th century Scotland and more boobs showing than a porn magazine. Love the Outlander series? Skip this. Hate the Outlander series? Skip this. Haven't yet read the series? Skip this.
Very disappointed in this. The story was okay, I guess. It's a fairly straightforward adaption of the first 2/3 of Outlander, except from Jamie's perspective. Except that Jamie's perspective is nowhere near as interesting as Claire's, and Gabaldon threw in this weird plot about Geillis Duncan and her also-time-traveling boyfriend? Mostly the change in perspective and medium did nothing for me except make the story seem more shallow and disjointed.

And then there is the artwork, which I find to be...more
Maybe, if you hadn't read all of the Outlander series, or even the first one, this graphic version might appeal to you. However, coming to this version after being a fan of the series and having images of Jamie and Claire dance through my head, I was very disappointed. A 3 rating is me being kind in this instance.
The Exile is my second graphic novel. This is a must for fans of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series and I'm glad I read it.

It is basically the first third or so of the story from Outlander but from Murtagh's / Jamie's perspective. There is an additional storyline of another traveler who is working with Geilie but I almost felt that was an afterthought as it didn't have a lot of impact. We get to see Claire coming through the stones, her first meeting with Dougal and Jamie, Black Jack Randall, the...more
Nov 10, 2010 Nikki rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Outlander Fans, People who have already read Book #1
Since I have never read a graphic novel I did find the putting of a novel I have read into graphic novel form to be interesting. However, I wasn't overly enthralled with it. I had issues with both the story and the art, but mostly the art work.

But first the story. I found it odd that the cover of the novel states that it is Jamie's side of the story, but the intro states that it is from Murtagh's point of view. I did not feel as though much was added to Jamie's story and it was, aside from a few...more
My dirty little secret is that I love the Outlander series. The first book remains one of my favorite books. My interest is waning (though there's been a resurgence once the story moved to my beloved Carolinas. I also like that Jamie and Claire have grown up, and while they still love each other, they're not humping in the heather every other page. They actually seem like adults.) I'm too far caught up in the tale to give up on Gabaldon, Claire, or Jamie and will see the series through to the en...more
Kimberly B.
Oct 01, 2010 Kimberly B. rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Huge Outlander/DG fans
The only way to really review this is by rating the art and the story separately and then averaging the two.

As for the art, I will say that I'm probably more critical than most since I'm an artist myself. That being said, I was disappointed in how inconsistent the illustrations were. There are some really beautiful pictures in this, but there are also some very mediocre ones. On average, I will say that I liked the artwork so I'm rating that a 3. It's better than 'ok' (2 stars) but I definitely...more
Claudia B
what a waste of time - for Diana, to waste months on this piece of crap instead of, you know, writing the last f***ing novel already, and for us, to read this. I had already given up on her Outlander series, but this was in my library when I went to pick up some other books, and I had to grab it. What a joke. Claire does from a size D to a size GG, you can't tell Jamie apart from Murtagh in several scenes, and the dialogue and inner dialogue become such a fricking joke.

Diana Gabaldon doesn't wa...more
I have just spent the last 2 hours in bed with....yes....another man! To be more specific, a hot, red-haired, brawny, gaelic-speaking Scot named James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser. Mmmmmm....Jamie.....he's back and in full colour!

It was with much trepidation that I actually opened this graphic novel, for I didn't want to ruin the perfect picture of James Fraser that has been engrained in my psyche since I began my journey with the Outlander series. I am still not sure how I feel about it....more
Sue Smith
I know that graphic novels are supposed to be concise and visual - that's the point of them isn't it!? But concise with hard hitting points - the visual impact of the situation and characters - that's what makes the graphic line of novels stand alone - a picture can say a thousand words.

So to say this book has the same impact as the original would be laughable. Truthfully, it doesn't even come close to the depth and emotion and the adventure of the book. Why it has even been produced in this for...more
I have mixed feelings about this - It's of course going to have the obvious pros and cons of any graphic novel adaption. The action and dialogue are extremely condensed with less detail, but you get to "see" the action.

While it is nice to see what was going on, I don't see anyone who isn't a fan of the Outlander series really enjoying it. I think it would be hard to follow - the action is so condensed, it's like if you don't know what's going on, you're not going to know what's going on just fro...more
For those of us who adore Diana's stories, this was disappointing. I should have given it 1 star, but gave it 2 based on the fact that I think the book would have been better were it not for the art - please don't take that the wrong way... I think this artist is very talented, but not of the calibre that this book deserved. And with some pages, he showed that he could rise to that level, while other panels in the book were just bad. I got The Exile from the library yesterday, read it, and was l...more
Ellen W-S
Sorry, DG I was so disappointed in The Exile. Had I not read the series up to ABOSAA, I would not have had a single care about the characters....I can't believe I am saying this. There was no connection for me, no emotional draw at all. Very little humor. I think I am way too involved with the characters that DG has so beautifully created in her previous books to enjoy this book. The book was difficult to follow even with the background of reading the Outlander three times. The new storylines di...more
I admit to approaching this bass-ackwards. I've heard about the Outlander series from people over the years, but for a long time I didn't think it sounded like my cup of tea. My tastes have changed a bit, and an article I read about the author--which featured a few images from the graphic novel--convinced me to give it a try. I bought both the first (conventional) novel and the graphic novel, but decided to read the GN first, as I was in the mood for something I could get through in one sitting....more
Outlander is probably my favorite series of all time so when I recently found out there was a graphic novel, I had to read it. This story covers about the 1st 1/3 of Outlander with a few new things but mostly covers events that the reader is already aware of.

The artwork is absolutely beautiful. I am not a big fan of graphic novels as I strongly prefer a traditional novel and the richness the words bring to a story, but this was the most aesthetically pleasing graphic novel I have read.

If you ha...more
Lady Heather
I read this book last night while my daughter was at hockey practice....yes it really is that short!
I really enjoyed the story and it was interesting to read Jamie and Murtagh's version of "Outlander". There were a few twists to this story that I hadn't expected such as Geillis role and also the introduction of a character named Kenneth.
I found the story too short, and even though the graphics were AMAZING I did find it difficult at times to distinguish between Murtagh and Dougal at times.
I was...more
I loved the story....just wanted more writing to go along with the pictures. The graphics were beautiful. I had trouble figuring out just who was speaking because the men all looked similar. I could always tell who Claire was.

I thought it was supose to be from Jamie's pov but it was his godfather's too. Sometimes other peoples pov....very confusing.

I prefer my books without graphics...give me more words to read. I love, love the whole OUTLANDER series so I had to have this to go with all the oth...more
I can hardly believe I clicked the "don't like it" button about Diana G. but....
Have to admit straight out, not a graphic novel fan. I have an imagination and I know how to use it. Don't need anyone else to draw the pix for me....having said that...I did TRY to go in with an open mind, cuz this is afterall, Diana.
BUT.....the pix were all wrong!!!!
Couldn't tell who anyone was and no one looked like I imagined/Diana described.
Plus, the whole new plot twist she introduced.....weak thru the grap...more
So adorable! I just loved loved loved seeing Jamie from this other perspective. This cleared a lot of things up, including why Jamie was kissing Loaghaire! (at least, a little bit of it). He was kind of adorable when Claire wasn't looking or listening, and it made me love Jamie even more!
Having never even looked at a Graphic novel before, I wasn't sure what to expect. I'll start with the positives. I liked the colors and landscapes and the depictions of some of the characters. I also enjoyed the new Murtaugh story line and would like to know who the heck this Kenneth guy is. I was able to read the whole thing in about an hour.
That said, I think the negatives out weigh the positives for me. I am a stickler for details, so it bothers me that so much was changed from Outlander to...more
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Diana Jean Gabaldon Watkins grew up in Flagstaff, Arizona and is of Mexican-American and English descent. She has earned three degrees: a B.S. in Zoology, a M.S. in Marine Biology, and a Ph.D in Ecology.

She currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona .
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