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How to Get Rich
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How to Get Rich

4.17 of 5 stars 4.17  ·  rating details  ·  986 ratings  ·  102 reviews
An outspoken entrepreneurial dynamo reveals the secrets behind his self-made fortune Starting as a college dropout with no family money, Felix Dennis made himself the sixty-fifth richest individual in the U.K. And had a blast in the process. How to Get Rich, his #1 British bestseller, is different from any other book on the subject because Dennis isn't selling snake oil, i ...more
ebook, 320 pages
Published June 12th 2008 by Portfolio
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I don't have much interest in "How to get rich" books, in part because they are so often written by people who a.) overestimate the skill and underestimate the luck that brought them their own success or b.) made more money writing books telling people how to get rich than they ever did at whatever business they were previously in.

I decided to give this one a try, however, since it was written by Felix Dennis, a man who had the foresight to purchase a major stake in the crack-like news periodic
It takes the immortal words of C Montgomery Burns of The Simpsons to summarise this book: "Family, religion, friends.. these are the three demons you must slay if you wish to succeed in business." Felix Dennis is an eccentric, a character, a legend in his own wine-fueled lunchtime, and let's be thankful for it. In terms of having a voice, this book is one of the most forceful, and enjoyable books I've read for a long time. Felix harangues you from almost every page. So you want to be rich? Okay. ...more
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Angelo Karageorgos
This is a really excellent book from a person that has achieved everything he claims. He doesn't sell cheap advice or unrealistic expectations. That's the most important thing.

After Dennis acquired a lot of money through the magazine business only then was able to calmly focus on the love of his life, poetry. And this is a lesson to all of us or to all those who read "self-development" advice that just says do what you love and will make you rich... Only a few people have the luck(?) to have suc
Brandon Seevers
Just like the other reviews have stated, this book doesn't have some swift Ponzi scheme to create wealth. It's more like a swift kick in the ass to create motivation. Mr. Dennis didn't write this for a paycheck (he receives plenty of those, estimate net worth, 1.5 Billion); he's able to be highly blunt and he's not selling you anything. Much of what he speaks may come off as common knowledge, it just sounds considerably more legitimate coming from a man who has built an empire from basically scr ...more
While it sounds like one of those "get rich quick" books that often make it to the top of bestseller lists, "How to Get Rich" by Felix Dennis is the real thing.

Dennis is a British multi-millionaire AND poet. The combination makes for intriguing reading.

Most importantly, he doesn't cut corners or beat around the bush. He tells the reader what it really takes. And, for most people, the commitment, sacrifice and pure energy required to become rich will simply be too much.

But, if you're interested i
Mohamed Embaby
كتاب رائع فى ريادة الاعمال
هذا الكتاب يحكى كيف صنع اغنى ناشر مجلات بانجلترا وواحدا من أصحاب المشاريع عبر القارية نفسه من البداية المعدمة الى ان اصبح ما اصبح عليه، يتكلم فليكس دنيس فى هذا الكتاب عن نجاحه وفشله واسرار صناعته للثروة وبأخطائه فى رحلة صعوده لدنيا المال والاعمال
ليس هذا الكتاب وصفة سحرية ولن يرشدك إلى السعادة التى لا يشتريها المال ولن يجعل منك إنسانا أفضل.. فهذا امر آخر. فليكس يخبرك بأنه يتطلب منك طريق الثراء ان تكون ضاريا متبلدا مثابرا مستقيما في جميع تعاملاتك.. يتطلب منك التحرر من ك
I started off enjoying this book. It's definitely not a "self development" book, and neither is it a biography either - although it could be argued it contains elements of both.

The late Mr. Dennis has a very open and honest approach to describing his life and his fortunes (both good and bad) and this book weaves lessons on how to get rich with stories from Dennis' own life (which offer context and background) as well as a lot of poetry (one of Dennis' passions).

Unfortunately, after a few chapter
A how-to-get-rich book written by a millionaire poet. Interesting stuff.

"Rich enough to live where you want, to go where you want, to do what you want, to meet who you want. Rich enough to buy the only two things apart from health and love worth fussing about in life. Time. And the option of not having to be in any particular place on any particular day doing any particular thing in order to pay the rent or the mortgage."

"Team spirit is for losers, financially speaking. It's the glue that binds
This is a fun book, quite readable, by a very funny man. I will most likely not follow his path or patterns, as we are very different temperaments. but he gives some really good advice on attaining and keeping wealth. Through many lessons he had to learn himself.
Achtung Englander
It is odd to read a book whose author died half way through the book. The words in the book take on a magical effect from "this guy has a point" to "this guy had a point". Weird.

The book itself is excellent. A totally no bullshit advice on the sort of character you need to become to get rich. Most book of this kind all have a common message "do not be scared to go for it". This one is more honest in that Dennis says to become really rich you have to think like a predator. The business (or me) f
Fotis Chatzinicolaou
Αν υπάρχει κάτι που λατρεύω σε βιβλία επιχειρηματικότητας είναι να διαβάζω το τι έχουν καταφέρει άνθρωποι που έγιναν πλούσιοι ΠΡΙΝ βγάλουν ένα βιβλίο επιχειρηματικότητας και όχι ΑΦΟΤΟΥ το βγάλουν.

Στο How to Get Rich, ο Felix Dennis μας λέει πως έγινε πλούσιος πριν το βιβλίο.

Απλό ανάγνωσμα σχετικά, αρκετές ιστορίες από την ζωή του Felix και για τις δύσκολες αποφάσεις που έπρεπε να πάρει για να γίνει εκατομμυριούχος. Μέσα στο βιβλίο υπάρχουν κάποια tips τα οποία θα πρέπει να έχεις κάποια ιδέα περ
I'm almost done with this book. Very well written by the owner of Maxim, Blender, PC World, MicroWarehouse, etc. etc. This guy is a down to earth guy who will tell you straight in your face how the game of "getting rich" works which is what makes reading this book really enjoyable. I first learned about this person when I watched his TED appearance and before reading this book I encourage watching the video first:
Saša Tomislav
As Felix Dennis self-described "anti self-help book", this gem deals with the real side of getting rich.
The gritty, no-nonsense, get-it-done side of business. It's ruthless and sincere. He doesn't shy away from describing his own mistakes, and he urges the reader to review his own motivations and aspirations. It's not enough to want to get rich, it's not enough to have a desire. A drive, a compulsion is crucial. Stamina is crucial. Growing a thick skin is important.

The book acknowledges the fact
Bill Harrison
Dec 23, 2009 Bill Harrison rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: The young and ambitious. Those who appreciate British humor.
Recommended to Bill by: Andrew Sheppard
This is not the type of book that I typically like and had it not been highly recommended by my good friend Shep, I would not have read it. Does the world really need another "Here's how I got rich and how you can to" book with all the attendant back-patting and self worship of the egocentric author? But this book has an interesting twist and I think it is a very worthwhile read. The author did make a large fortune by founding a publishing empire but his story is more of a cautionary tale than a ...more
Nic Brisbourne
Felix Dennis gets across some important messages using humorous and well crafted prose. Overall, a very enjoyable book for anyone interested in the character traits of successful entrepreneurs (defined as those acquiring £15m or more).

Felix's primary interest is in giving advice to those who would be rich, and his main piece of advice is not to embark on the journey of getting rich unless you really, really want to be rich. As Fhe sees it, and I agree, trying and failing is far worse than not tr
I couldn't continue to ignore this book as it kept coming up in my life as recommendations ... Similar books I've purchased via amazon and glowing reviews .. So I finally got round to reading it . And to be honest I don't see what the big fuss is about .. Granted it is a ' good book' so in a way I dnt have a lot complain about .. Yet I think am bring abit harsh - because I was expecting so much from it...

If you remotely liked this book I HIGHLY recommend and ( prefer ) a similar straight talking
Tim Pendry
Aug 16, 2008 Tim Pendry rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone young, losers who blame others, relatives of losers who blame others
This is a book that I am going to pass straight on to my seventeen year old son, not because of its insights into business (although it rings true on that account) but because of its insights into human nature and into the world 'out there' that he is going to have to negotiate in the coming years.

Like all sons, he won't listen to his Dad (and no real reason why he should) but he might listen to 'uncle' Felix.

Why should he? Because Felix Dennis is going to stop him wasting a lot of time believ
Dawn Buffham-Bates
Jun 16, 2009 Dawn Buffham-Bates rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone thinking of becoming a SMEM
Loved it! for the reasons that it was direct, no nonsense and highlighted a lot of mistakes made by people running businesses - myself included. I spotted quite a few of the mistakes I have made in business - some I realised and corrected, some I was still unaware of.

I found the whole thing about becoming insanely rich quite confronting. Yes I want a nice life and do not wish to worry about spending, I want to know that I do not have to check my bank account before making changes to my property
Entertaining read. Dennis has a very unique voice and comes across very honest. It definitely feels like he has accumulated some wisdom on his way to his riches and some of it made it in this book.

The advice goes beyond just getting rich and is much more profound than what you get to read on most blogs on the topic.
Brett Hinton
To be clear - I did not finish the book. The anecdotes were nice but the material just want engaging me. That and the premise of you have to want to get rich above all else just turned me off. I guess I'll never be rich (by his standard anyway). That and he consistently told me as a 30+ I was hopeless anyway.
Elliot Richards
Hugely entertaining read from the man who started Dennis Publishing about the highs and lows of how to make a lot of money. A lot of it is good old fashioned common sense, but sometimes we need it in black and white to give us a kick up the backside. Well, some of us do!
I first took an interest in this book because I thought I wanted to get rich. Now, I'm not so sure that I do. There's a price to be paid and sacrifices to be made and I don't think that any amount of money would compensate me for the cost. At this stage of his life, when he has very little to prove, Dennis is reflective and philosophical about his successes and failures as well as pragmatic in the advice he gives. What I most enjoyed about this book is the balance the author achieves between enc ...more
Read this because a friend recommended it. Despite the cheesy title, it is actually an entertaining read. I am skeptical of the effectiveness of "advice / how to" books, but he does have an perspective on things.
resonates strongly esp. to smart and talented people. helps you learn to overcome the fear of loss of pretige at the early stages of doing your own thing.
André Bueno
Very thorough book. Sometimes it seemed hard to read though there are a plethora of business topics the author addresses in his writings. All in all it was a fun and informative read.
mohamed mostfa
يقدم الكتاب نصائح جيده حول العمل الحر واعتقد انه سيكون مفيدا لكل من يفكر فى انشاء عمل خاص
واتى بناء الكتاب بشكل جيد حيث افتتح المؤلف كتابه بجزء خاص بكيف يقضى الانسان على مخاوفه من الفشل فى العمل الخاص ويتناول بعد ذلك نصائح خاصه ببداية انشاء المشروع واتى بالفعل بنصائح هامه وفعاله ثم يتطرق لكيف يتعامل مع الثروه وكيف يحافظ عليها وينميها

الا اننى احذر من ان هناك من الأفكار التى تبناها المؤلف ما يخالف تماما اخلاقنا وقيمنا ودياناتنا ... لذا وجب التنويه

كتبت هذا التعليق بعد اطلاعى على الطبعه العربيه من
Andrew Flynn
so many good tidbits of advice.. he seemed like a fun and relaxed guy. The ending too is phenomenal. RIP Mr. Dennis
Eetu Kirsi
Viihdyttävä kirja rikkaaksi tulemisen monista mahdollisuuksista. Felix tarjoilee ajoittain jopa ajatustenruokaa.
Tobias Ratschiller
Interesting one! Somehow I had not heard of Felix Dennis before. Check out his website for awesome poetry and stuff like a kids book called "Do What The Fuck I Said". What's not to love about a multi millionaire turned poet.
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Felix Dennis (born 1947 in Kingston-upon-Thames, United Kingdom) was a British magazine publisher and philanthropist. His privately owned company, Dennis Publishing, pioneered computer and hobbyist magazine publishing in the United Kingdom. In more recent times the company has added lifestyle titles such as its flagship brand The Week, which is published in Britain, the United States and Australia ...more
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