A Fool and His Honey (Aurora Teagarden Mystery, #6)
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A Fool and His Honey (Aurora Teagarden #6)

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Everything in Aurora Teagarden's life finally seems to be going her way. She's newly and quite happily married to Martin Bartell, happy to be back at her part-time job at the library, and settled into her dream home. But when mild-mannered Darius Quattermain goes crazy in her back yard when he should be stacking firewood, things start to go downhill. Next Martin's flighty...more
Hardcover, Large Print, 316 pages
Published April 5th 2000 by Thorndike Press (first published September 13th 1999)
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Aug 17, 2010 Kristin rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Die-hard Charlaine Harris fans; I wouldn't even recommend it to Aurora Teagarden fans
I've really been enjoying this series. Aurora is a cute, fun protagonist. But ever since she's married Martin Bartell, it's driven me crazy. I don't see the chemistry between them at all, and he's just a jerk. Then Harris adds these mysterious things in his past that do absolutely nothing for the story. Then in this installment, he suddenly begins treating her (even more) like a stupid woman who's there to serve and take care of him. It drove me absolutely crazy. In the first few books, Aurora w...more
Another good mystery, better than the previous book. Surprisingly, after 4 books, she suddenly got over her sudden wrap up, which I found annoying. Instead, she's added a bit more complexity with a second mystery along the way & then stretched out the finale. Still tied up as neatly, but not all in a single page. I liked it much better.
Local, part-time Librarian Aurora Teagarden is about to be pulled into a mystery that is almost too close to home. In fact, that is where the adventure starts. With winter setting in, Roe and her husband Martin have ordered some wood. The gentleman who was hired to bring in the wood seems to totally go nuts while doing so. After being led away by the police, it becomes clear that someone spiked his asprin.

And that is just the start of it. After Martin heads into work to do a couple of things bef...more
I think I'm just reading these to say I finished the series at this point. This book finds Roe's husband's niece showing up at her front door with a baby no one knew she had. The niece disappears, leaving the baby and a dead body behind. Roe and Martin then head back to his hometown to try to give the baby to some relatives. Any relatives, I think.

There were lots of deaths in this one, an implausible story and again with the final explanation right at the end. Also, a lot more of Roe feeling sor...more
Yolanda Sfetsos
I really enjoy this series. Every time I pick up the next book, I get totally captivated by what's going on in Roe's life, and can't believe just how much trouble she gets into.

Just when Roe is sure her day can't get any worse--after the handyman dropping off some timber flips out in her backyard--Regina, Martin's niece, drops in unannounced. With a baby. When no one even knew she was expecting. If that's not strange enough, the erratic behaviour of their dinner hosts adds to her list of worries...more
Another lackluster Aurora Teagarden book. The best part was when Aurora's friend Sally tried to gently tell her that she was being selfish and Aurora flies off the handle and describes herself with harsh but appropriate language. Not that she learned anything from the conversation. The book seemed a little disjointed, with the majority of it focused on the disappearance of Martin's niece Regina and Aurora and Martin trying to take care of Regina's baby. Despite having friends who have plenty of...more
I've enjoyed the series up to this point, but this book is disjointed and incredibly slow-paced. Characters aren't developed so much as they are tools to reach a plot point. There is more casual racism and disdain for those to aren't as together as Aurora Teagarden sees herself. The number of times the main character complains about the rigors of taking care of a baby is ridiculous, all the while feeling sorry for herself that she cannot have a child of her own. The very coy way that any sexual...more
Xulieta NeveraDeLibros
Ya va quedando menos para terminar con esta saga de ocho volúmenes donde la querida e inocente Aurora se ve trágicamente envuelta en todo crimen perpetuado en la ya no pacífica Lawrecenton.

Un nuevo misterio asoma la pata por debajo de la puerta de la casa de Aurora y es que quién llama al timbre no es más que la sobrina de su marido Martin disfrazada de problemas, Regina. Para empezar aparece con un recién nacido del que nadie tenía ni idea, ni Martin ni Barby (su madre) ni ningún conocido de és...more
Aurora Teagarden's (Roe) life is feeling quite perfect lately. She loves her husband, although she thinks he works too much, and she loves her part-time job at the library. She hasn't even found any dead bodies lately, which is a relief to poor Roe, since she always seems to be a suspect. When her wood delivery guy goes crazy in her side yard, ripping off his clothes then proceeding to dance around and sing, Roe knows that things can only get worse from here. When Martin's niece shows up with a...more
This is book #6 in Aurora Teagarden Mysteries series. Martin’s troublesome niece, Regina, shows up on Roe’s doorsteps. Several hours later she disappears leaving behind a month-old baby and her husband’s corpse. Once again Aurora finds herself in the middle of a mystery.

This is definitely one of the better books in the series. Writing is very engaging as usual. I enjoyed seeing Roe interact with a baby which she thought she wanted to have so badly but couldn’t. I also thought the mystery itself...more
This is a tale that explores the lengths to which people will go to obtain what they desire; in this case the central figure is a baby. Roe and husband, Martin, are surprised when Martin's niece Regina arrives unannounced with a new baby. Returning home after a dinner party, Roe and Martin find Regina's husband, Craig, has been murdered in their yard, Regina is gone and the baby, Hayden, has been hidden under a bed. Roe is burdened with Hayden's care as she and Martin attempt to find Regina who...more
Angela Criswell
Warning: This review contains spoilers for this and the previous book in the series, Dead Over Heels.

Dead Over Heels was definitely not one of my favorites in this series. The mystery seems contrived--a body is pushed out of a plane to land in Roe's yard, and the fact that a couple of murders and assaults have arisen from someone's unrequited love for Roe feels artificial. Roe's complete obliviousness, meanwhile, is not at all Roe-like. A whole array of core characters have emerged out of Roe's...more
I don't think I liked this book. The people are all unlikeable, most particularly the main character. She really is just selfish and whines a lot. I appreciated one of the characters actually saying this to her face, but it doesn't seem to have helped as the author kept her very unpleasant. Also, how incredibly stupid to not go to the police with everything. You find someone you don't know in your house after someone is killed on your property? Call the police! You figure out the baby you aren't...more
Jenny Robinson
So I have been cranking through the Aurora Teagarden books. At first I wasn't too big a fan. But book 3 they added Martin. I loved the chemistry and how much trouble she still seems to find herself in.
A fool and his honey is by far the best of the series. Of course you need to read the 2 books before, just since this whole book revolves around her relationship with Martin, and their issues.
It starts off with a good (odd) laugh, which continues to go throughout the book as a women who has never...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
No lo entiendo. ¿por qué? ¿Por qué después de haber sido tan maligno en la anterior reseña me obligas a hacer esto? Creo Charlaine, así entre tu y yo, que "De tal muerto, tal astilla te salió de dentro". Te vino desde la inspiración, desde el parnaso o desde las profundidades de tu vagina sureña. O eso o es que te obligaron a escribir " Perdiendo la cabeza". No es que hayas escrito una obra de arte, ni que hayas inventado una nueva forma de escribir novelas policíacas. pero una vez que hemos as...more
WHAT. THE. HECK??!!?!?

What was Harris thinking?? I am convinced she was taking some of those little white pills that Ellen What's-Her-Face was drugging people around town with. That's the ONLY way to explain the sheer absurdity of this book. Aurora is written so wildly out-of-character that she is frankly unrecognizable. And the ending is such a huge cop-out that it is as laughable as it is disappointing. I can't even bring myself to give this book one star.
Helene Harrison
ISBN? - 9780575103825

Genre? - Crime / Mystery

Characters? - Aurora 'Roe' Teagarden / Martin Bartell / John Queensland / Craig / Regina / Rory / Margaret / Luke

Setting? - Lawrenceton & Corinth (U.S.A.)

Series? - Aurora Teagarden #6

Title? - The 'fool' is the dead man, Craig, and his 'honey' is his widow, Regina.

Character Analysis? - I thought that Roe was a little boring in this one - Martin interested me far more, and I wish we knew more about his background. There were almost too many characte...more
Susan E
I get the feeling Charlaine Harris has never been sure where this series is going. I imagine it's hard to keep thinking of new twists and new ways to off your characters in a mystery series, but as a reader, I just wonder poor plot line Aurora will be stuffed into next. This story line just seemed odd and implausible throughout. There are only two books left in the series, so I'll keep going, but I'm not as attached to Aurora as I was to Harper or Sookie.
My rating would be more in the area of 3-1/2 stars. This was an enjoyable installment in the Aurora Teagarden series. Roe is such a realistic character that you can't help but love her. The ending was a real shocker for me. I'm looking forward to reading the last two books of this series.
The problem I have had with the entire Aurora Teagarden series is the frivolous nature of Aurora. As a Southern woman, she spends an inordinate amount of time in the books worrying about her hair, her manners, her clothes and what people would think about her. However, in this book, Aurora gets a very rude awakening when her husband's niece leaves a small baby in her care. The Aurora we see in this book becomes a tough lady, capable of doing more than applying make-up. This book, while still ver...more
The ending of this book made me mad. It was totally unexpected and unwelcomed. But because of that, and because I enjoyed the rest of the story, I have to give this 4 stars. Books shouldn't only end the way you want them to, even if it makes you angry.
Mystery. In one evening, Roe's had a naked guy dancing on her lawn, a dead guy on her steps, and a baby abandoned under her guest bed, and the day's not over yet.

There are at least four mysteries in this book and no one's trying very hard to solve any of them. Roe's common sense, one of the things I liked best about her, seems to have totally deserted her. They have a witness who knows more than he's saying and instead of grilling him or turning him over to the police, Roe defers to her husband...more
NOOOOOOOOO!!!! This was a great book, but it doesn't mean that I have to be happy about what happened...I think I actually threw this book at a wall I was so upset...
How can you say anything about this without giving it away, I can't so I won't just hoping to get my hands on the next one to see what life has in store for Roe.
Shannon Teper
The main character Aurora Teagarden was so much better developed than the characters you find in most cozies. While the plot was quick moving with a lot of action, it was also a little deeper and darker than the typical cozy with the main character's introspection adding depth to the plot. I picked the book up to while away an hour , got quickly involved, and ended up devoting the whole day to reading it. I love Charlaine Harris' Lily Bard mysteries and the very popular Sookie Stackhouse mysteri...more
Janne Varvára
So, um, yeah, I just had a good cry. Not usually something to happen with Charlaine Harris novels, I tell ya!

Ok, spoiler alert: If you plan on reading A Fool and His Honey, STOP READING RIGHT NOW!
So, Aurora Teagarden works with books, part-time, and her husband is fifteen years her senior. How can I (until recently a bookstore clerk, and with a man fourteen years my senior) not relate? Said husband dies horribly of a heart attack at the closing of this book, after being present at a shootout. Ok...more
Usually I see things through to the end - but this is going to be tough to get through the next two books in this series. While this story was a tad better than the couple before it, the main character is by no means enjoyable and I do not see many redeeming qualities about her. I am into reading series as I get to know the characters and circumstances. Fortunately there are alot to choose from and I mix the good with the bad - more good than bad (Micheal Connelly's Bosch and Lincoln Lawyer and...more
Having a strange day already, Aurora (Roe) Teagarden was not shocked by the appearance of her husband’s (Martin Bartell) niece Regina Graham. The surprise was Regina showing up with a baby nobody knew about. Returning home later that evening, Martin and Roe find Regina gone, her husband (Craig) dead on the steps, her baby (Hayden) under the bed, and their friend (Rory Brown) half passed out on their couch. With so many questions and Rory not giving any answers, Martin and Roe head to Ohio to try...more
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Charlaine Harris has been a published novelist for over twenty-five years. A native of the Mississippi Delta, she grew up in the middle of a cotton field. Now she lives in southern Arkansas with her husband, her three children, three dogs, and a duck. The duck stays outside.

Though her early output consisted largely of ghost stories, by the time she hit college (Rhodes, in Memphis) Charlaine was wr...more
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