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...Maybe some dude from youth group talked you into boosting a case of motor oil, but now your cousin is dead in a swamp and you killed him. Maybe you and your girlfriend figured you could scare your wife into a divorce, but things went pear-shaped and now a gang of cranked-up Mexicans with latex gloves and a pit bull are looking for you.

It seem
Paperback, 132 pages
Published December 21st 2009 by Bully Pulpit Games (first published 2009)
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Harold Ogle
The term "role-playing game" carries a lot of baggage with it, ultimately because the role-playing games that most people have experienced are either frameworks for telling fantastical adventure stories, or are games (like video games) based on such frameworks. Fiasco is, in some respects, the most role-playing oriented role-playing game I've ever seen, even though it lacks most of the things that have become essentially synonymous with the term. For instance, it doesn't have character sheets, l ...more
Feb 18, 2013 Peter rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: 2013
Sometimes it is a chore to work your way through a rpg rulebook, but the rules for Fiasco by Jason Morningstar were a delight to read. Every segment starts with a quote taken from some 'fiasco'movie.
The layout and artwork add to the overal feel of this book.

I've heard fiasco decribed as "coen brothers: the rpg" and that is what you get. The idea is that the players create a story that devolves to misery. think movies like "Uturn"or "the way of the gun". seems like an interessting game and I can'
Some interesting ideas here for a storyteller game, but maybe not enough "game" to really grab my interest. Still, I plan on giving it a play at some point.

Update: This is pretty much my "go-to" game when I want to play a pick-up RPG. An awesome game that offers just enough structure to get things started and keep things moving.
Bob Hanks
SO impressive I am lost for words ,got me interested in gaming again which
I am very thankfull for.
At the very end of the book Jason Morningstar talks about the true purpose of the game--the relinquishing of central authority/the sharing of narrative authority among all players.

He should have put that blurb up front.

The game, when viewed through that lens, makes much more sense--the careful steps of the setup, the round-robining of turns, the reliance on group consensus in assigning die. Without knowing the guiding principle in advance, the rules can feel a little muddled until you get throug
Wow, I just finished reading this game. Make no mistake, for this is not standard rpg fare. This game is brutal and enjoyable and very unique. As a 48 year old GamerI have played and run a lot of games. This is a new take on the old "things go all to hell" books and movies like Fargo and Blood Simple. It is fresh and modern and is dark and sexy. Amazing game! Myself and my group are going to play this one very soon. We have to! It has to happen! lol
Pretty much fascinated with this game at the moment. It's a collaborative GM-less rpg with a nod to fiasco or caper type movies. I've not played it yet but would love to get a game of this on. There's not much to the book itself as the game is rules-lite although it's brevity is not a criticism. The style of the book is engaging, the rules simple to follow and the whole game concept is excellent. Great product.

I'm used to playing games that are heavily reliant on some sort of GM influence and have complicated mechanics. This you could get a group of nerds to understand and play in about as much time as it would take to sit and watch an entire movie, and the fact that there is a heavy amount of craziness and high potential for horrible death just makes it all the more enticing for me.

Beaucoup kudos to Morningstar for distilling what's phenomenal about shit-hitting-the-fan cin
Nicolas Ronvel
Une lecture que j'attendais depuis plusieurs mois, une nouvelle façon d'envisager le jeu de rôle, et surtout des inspirations qui me plaisent énormément (Intolérable Cruauté, Fargo, Burn After Reading, Snatch, ...).

La lecture a été très agréable, rapide, malgré pas mal de répétitions qui ralentissent un peu la compréhension. Le jeu est très bien expliqué, et les Cadres proposés sont alléchants. Des gratuits proposés sur le site de l'éditeur me font également envie.

Il va maintenant me falloir con
Today while celebrating Read an RPG in Public weeks I finished off Fiasco by Jason Morningstar. Based on what I had seen before I had convinced myself that this was more of an improve theater experiment rather than a role playing game. Now having read it I see there's more game there than I was lead to believe.

The rules seem clear enough but I think I would rather try this with an experienced moderator first. I expected more from the Replay in the back, like, well an actual replay, not just a v
Carl Klutzke
I prefer my roleplaying cooperative rather than confrontational, but I've had some great laughs playing this game.
I've been gaming for fifteen years. I've played good games and bad. I thought I've seen it all. You want to do stuff? Roll some dice. Want to attack someone? Roll some dice.
This was my first real taste of an exceedingly non typical tole playing game. It is a neat team up of two of my favorite things. Movies and RPGs.The modern Noir feel of the game is one of the reasons that drew me to the game.The fact that no one person is in charge, but the entire group cooperating to create the best game is
Michael Burnam-fink
Simply an amazing game. Fiasco emulates the kinds of movies where hapless people engage in criminal misadventures that invariable hilariously and tragically fall apart with elegance and grace. The system is a paragon of rules-light mechanics, avoiding task resolution nearly entirely in favor of getting the group to generate a fascinating and bizarre cast of characters, and having them stumble towards catastrophe. Both readable and playable, Fiasco is on of the best indie RPGs I've played.
Ramón Pérez
Es un no-juego de rol que pretende y consigue emular las pelis estilo Fargo, Quemar después de leer, Sangre fácil y ese género de pobres desgraciados que tratan de dar el golpe y todo sale mal. No tengo nada en contra, y de hecho algunas de sus ideas son explotables para otros juegos de rol (por ejemplo, el sistema para crear relaciones entre los personajes es genial). Simplemente, me gusta ver pelis sobre ese tipo de historias, pero no tengo el menor interés en jugarlas.
If you like rule-light, indie-style roleplaying games then this is a big win. There's no storyteller/GM/Dungeon Master so you just grab a playset and go. It's not a lazy imagination game, however, so bring your wit, improv skills and flexible mindset. Because of the light mechanics and intuitive play style, Fiasco makes a great intro to the obscure but awesome table-top roleplaying game hobby.
Très (très) bon jeu qui offre la possibilité de créer une histoire à la "sauce frères Cohen" et cela en autant de temps qu'un vrai film. Tout est fait pour poser rapidement les éléments qui ne manqueront pas d'entraîner les personnages dans les pires des situations. Une mécanique simple sert tout cela avec délice.
Ajoutons aussi une petite note pour souligner la qualité graphique de ce livre.
An excellent indie game, although strictly for one-shots. Explicitly story-oriented and cinematic, so may not be well suited to folks looking for a more traditional RPG experience. But this is probably my favorite indie game at this point; I enjoy it more each time I play.

If you're checking it out, make sure to find all the additional scenarios published for free (as PDFs).
Jason Morningstar gets it. This is a GM-less roleplaying game stylized after Coen Brothers movies, but the clear command Morningstar has over storytelling was enough to make me pick up the companion, which is also worth a read. These are good tools for any writer to have to remind them some good lessons in pacing, generating conflict, and balancing characters.
Three stars based solely on the quality of this game's book and how well I anticipate it lending itself to some enjoyable story-based roleplaying. An updated rating and full review will follow once I've had the chance to play with some friends. I'm expecting the rating to go up...
Tim Moore
This is an amazing game. I would encourage anyone that has enjoyed pretending to be someone else to take the time and give this storytelling game a try. It's a little improve, a little role-play, and a whole lot of silliness.

N. Eric
Really freeform. Moreso that Prime Time Adventures. Gets you to be a kid again and use your imagination. Also is a great game for actors. Plus, stuff goes massively wrong. Who doesn't love a good tragedy... even if its yours.
Guys, I love this game and think the rules are even a fun read, which is cool! I've mentioned that I think maybe I should make it my goal to see all the movies quoted in the book. Looks like there are some gems.
Tanya Hakala
Tabletop on the Geek and Sundry Youtube channel is going to be bad for my wallet. That being said, this game seems awesome and I'm looking forward to getting a group of friends together to play it.
Clever, well-written rules.

After one play, I'd say that Morningstar has a winner on his hands. A fun, relatively freeform roleplaying experience. Can't wait to play again.
Dec 24, 2012 Alden rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: owned, rpg
Wonderful concept, stylish as all hell. Need to play this some more. Protip: don't do "on the ice" for your first game. Not as intuitive as most play sets
Dec 30, 2012 Oliver rated it 5 of 5 stars
Shelves: rpg
Very good GM-less RPG! It needs the right crowd of people and then it is great fun! If you are RPG inclined and you have problems finding a GM, try this out.
Nick Carter
Great game, very off-the-beaten-path. I just wish I had explained it better when roping the wife and nephew into a game!
One of a number of important experiments toward a next generation of storytelling and, in this case, GM-less RPGs.
Kerry Harrison
An enjoyable read and extremely fun time to be had by all, looking forward to playing additional Fiasco scenarios.
Aug 31, 2014 West rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: game
Yet to play but the game it self would be a lot of fun. Easy to set up up as well.
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