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The Shakespeare Curse (Kate Stanley, #2)
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The Shakespeare Curse (Kate Stanley #2)

3.43 of 5 stars 3.43  ·  rating details  ·  1,472 ratings  ·  267 reviews
The modern heroine of the national bestseller Interred with Their Bones returns, in a thriller centering on Shakespeare’s eeriest play.

A legendary theatrical curse . . . A rune-engraved blade, a mysterious mirror, and an ancient cauldron . . . And a ritually murdered body laid out in the manner of ancient pagan burials.

Kate Stanley, Jennifer Lee Carrell’s dauntless Shakes
Paperback, 494 pages
Published January 1st 2010 by Sphere
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Haunt Me Still is a sequel to Interred with Their Bones in which Kate Stanley was on the hunt for a missing Shakespeare play. In this book she is hired to stage a new production of Macbeth. Macbeth is a play so famously cursed that actors even refuse to name the play or quote from the play aloud. And it won’t take long before it seems like the play really is cursed…

Interred with Their Bones was such a good book that I for a long time have wanted to read Haunt Me Still, unfortuntly this book wasn
I really wanted to like this book. But honestly, it ran about 8000 words too long and by the end I didn't care what happened to any of the characters. I also didn't care what had happened alternately two hundred and four hundred years in the past, although presumably most of those characters have the decency to be dead now.
if someone can tell me what that stupid chapter about flying to New York and back was about, I'd be glad to hear it.
I'm only going to recommend this book if you just have a re
I really want to like Carrell's books. I'm a Shakespearean and so they should be great fun. But having read two (this and Interred with Their Bones) I find I can't get past the insanely convoluted plots (really, when you need an author's note and a character recapping events to understand what's happening, things have spun out of control) and, honestly the treatment of Shakespeare.

I love Shakespeare, obviously. I think he was a genius. But I don't think he was unique. And Carrell's books fall in
First Sentence: Wrapped in a gown of blue-green velvet trimmed with gold, a queen’s crown on his head, the boy sat drowsing on the throne near the center of the Great Hall, just at the edge of the light.

Shakespeare scholar turned stage director Kate Stanley has been asked to meet Lady Nairn, formerly actress Janet Douglas. Lady Nairn wants Kate to direct a new production of the Scottish play incorporating the collection of valuable artifacts linked to the play collected by her late husband. The
Kurt Young
I DO NOT quit reading books after I've started them. God, I wish I could quit reading this book, after I started.

A sound premise: Shakespeare changed MacBeth after the witch scene in his first production actually cast a working spell; it cursed the play for the rest of time.

Unfortunately, this premise is quickly lost in a sea of graduate-level English Lit trivia. Pointless chases; random characters appear and are killed off; villains wander in and out, changing names.

Awful dreck.
Steve Walker
What a disappointment. Jennifer Carrell's first book was worth reading for the prose alone, even if it had not been a good story. But it was a great story and very fun; I couldn't put it down. This book continues with the same characters and involves another Shakespeare mystery so I anticipated a very good read. Kate is portrayed as she was in the last book and it's a year later in her life and picks right up where she left off. Ben on the other hand has his character changed. In the last book h ...more

Wow. What a convoluted mess. As a lifelong fan of Shakespeare, I really wanted to enjoy this literary mystery, but, while the author has a clear affection for and impressive knowledge of all things Shakespeare, the plot lacks anything of real interest. Characters who were intelligent, exciting, and enjoyable in Carrell's previous novel, Interred with Their Bones, come across as flat and almost nondescript in this second outing; and, the plot is, at times, painstakingly slow. Without anyone to r
Kate is a Shakespeare lover/specialist which is being called to Scotland to help directing a play based on a Shakespeare story. That is the reason she is being asked to come from London to Scotland but as she will soon find out it isn't that easy and might not even be te main thing she will be doing there. From the castle she will be staying there is 'the hill' where nobody should go alone. Everywhere there is 'Shakespeare's curse'. For Kate to find what she needs to be able to help Lady Nairn w ...more
This is the sequel to "The Shakespeare secret" but you needn't have read the first to appreciate this book, it is a sequel in the sense that it is the continuing story of events that centre around the character of Kate Stanley who was introduced in the first book. This book follows the events that unfurl as Kate is asked to direct a 400th anniversary production of the famously cursed Shakespeare play Macbeth in Scotland. There's a kidnapping, murder, mystery, ghosts, secrets, lies, and long lost ...more
Lyla Ibrahim
I enjoyed the Shakespearean elements in this story but I have to say, the plot is a little insane and convoluted most of the time. The thing that I don't understand most is that the character Kate has a mild concussion before setting off to Britain and America to find the lost manuscript without enough food or sleep or even a shower. I wanted to believe that it's her perseverance and will power that kept her going but still, you'll need at least a little sleep after a concussion. At least that's ...more
Great idea for a story, but not very well executed. There was enough going on for three books. It jumps around, is overly dramatic in parts and is hard to follow, or maybe you just need to be a Shakespeare scholar to keep up. I like to read about historical people and events in fiction and generally feel as though I have learned more about them. Not in this case.
Kate (VerbVixen)
Haunt Me Still- Jennifer Lee Carrell

OK let me preface this review by saying if you haven't read her first book, Interred with their Bones you need to go read it. Like right now. No, seriously, go get it. It's about the search for Shakespeare's lost Cardenio.

Jennifer Lee Carrell is utterly brilliant as a writer with plot twists you never see coming. I mean, we're talking way better than Dan Brown since the subject of her books is occult Shakespeare not conspiracy theorist religion. Additionally,
Carmaletta Hilton
It was okay. The book kept me interested, though the beginning was slow. Once I got about 100 pages in, though, I found myself becoming more engaged. I did find myself annoyed with the number of times something "rippled" in the story, though. I found myself actually stopping and saying, "Please, learn another word." I just read that word in another book and actually winced.

The occult stuff was interesting, especially the way the author went about it. The story was written in a way that you got
Stacie (MagicOfBooks)
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This was an okay book. I mostly enjoyed it, but did find the plot somewhat convoluted - uncessarily so - and a bit too much detail that I found unnecessary to the story.

When Shakespeare professor Kate Stanley is asked to direct a very special version of "The Scottish Play" for the reclusive Lady Nairn, she never expects that this will lead to multiple murders, secret demonic plots, kidnapping and the influences of a long ago Lady who wanted to be Queen, and the famous John Dee.

As I said, the sto
Kate and her cohort, Ben, are working on a play, Macbeth with their own twist. A lot of actors won't touch this play because of it's history. Some won't even speak it's name. Kate starts to find herself in different places with no recollection of how she got there. When people start dying and the deaths look like a part of a pagan ritual, Kate is forced to believe in the curse. She and Ben set out to find a long lost version of this play that holds the answers they seek.

I love a good mystery. Th
I'd been stuck in a book rut for about a month before I picked this up in a charity shop at the weekend - I've been starting books but losing interest within pages, or picking books up off my shelf and returning them immediately - but I think "The Shakespeare Curse" was exactly what I needed to get myself back into the reading habit again. I read the prequel "The Shakespeare Secret" last year and enjoyed how entertaining and undemanding it was, and those are pretty much the exact same words I'd ...more
Shonna Froebel
I enjoyed Carrell's earlier book Interred with their Bones and so picked up this one. Definitely another good one. Kate Stanley is back again and this time a wealthy Scottish woman, Lady Nairn, wants her to direct a very special production of Macbeth.
Lady Nairn was a famous actress years before, who retired when she met and suddenly married the Scottish lord. She is now widowed, but wants to mount the production to carry our her late husband's wishes to showcase his Macbeth collection. The lady
Okay, when I see "haunted" in the title, there better be some ghosts. Or at least one spooky part. And this title is clearly mislabeled. But it is just a Dan Brown wannabe that fuses Shakespeare's MacBeth with a lot of confusing jabberwocky that may or may not be true fact. Or even close to the truth about the wonderful myths that surround this play. And some people say that they can't understand the Bard!
Scotland, MacBeth, and someone who's trying to put that which can't be named back into the script. At least the book acknowledges that the historical MacBeth suffered severe character defamation at Shakespeare's hand. I also found it interesting that the characters of MacBeth and his queen may have been based on Elizabeth Stewart, Countess of Arran and her husband who were extremely ambitious and greedy, though from the very start of the Stewart dynasty in Scotland the Royal Stewarts had problem ...more
Daphnée Kwong Waye
I admit, I have mixed feelings about this book.
The thing is I didn't fall under its charm, although I used to be really passionate about anything concerning witchcraft, Wicca and Shakespeare all together, and maybe that was because the first half of the book was kind of... like going through a jungle. I don't usually have a problem with that especially since it's supposed to be a 'mystery/crime' novel, thus the reader has to be frowning through the pages struggling to find 'who did it', however
"Macbeth" is an art, which for years arouses strong emotions, both in the theater, among actors and among viewers and readers. Regarded as "the art of unfortunate" and "damn", but extremely attracts and fascinates, and played in it for many actors biggest life challenge. I also I have for "Macbeth" special sympathy, praising its climate, krwawość and incomprehensibility. With the same feelings I reached for the novel by Jennifer Lee Carrell.
In a sense, I found it all what I expected. Carrel, as
Po „Szyfrze Szekspira” postanowiłam dać szansę kolejnym przygodom z Kate Stanley. Tak jak Szyfr był w jakiś sposób zaskakujący, tak druga część to taki odgrzewany kotlet. Kolejny raz mamy przygodę z Szekspirem, co nie byłoby takie złe gdyby nie schematyzm. Do kotła „fabuły” wrzucono trochę kryminalnej zagadki, kapkę historii oraz wiedzy o religii i ezoteryce (z nimi wiążą się dość niepasujące elementy „fantastyczne”, które tak właściwie za wiele nie wnoszą).

"Świetność geniuszu Barda zasadzała si
Steve Lindahl
Jennifer Lee Carrell has mixed history, conjecture, and mysticism together in Haunt Me Still, a novel about the curse behind Shakespeare's Macbeth. This is a subject that has interested me since 1972 when I was in the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival with a director who would only refer to the work as The Scottish Play. There's a long tradition in the theater that says Shakespeare included real spells in his work and that is why there have been so many problems with countless productions.

The main
Kate was a Shakespearean scholar who left academia for the theater. She recently discovered one of Shakespeare's lost plays which has greatly increased her offers to direct Shakespeare all over the world. So she finds herself invited to direct the Scottish Play by one of the actresses who is remembered for her brilliant Lady M. But there are some who would not have the play performed and there is the curse of the play to worry about. The bodies pile up and Kate finds herself facing something far ...more
3.5 stars. Macbeth is my favourite of Shakespeare's plays, to the point that I actually had a part in our local high school production. That's the first caveat I have for this novel. The second is that after reading mostly in ebook format for the past year I picked this one up in trade paperback and I think having the tactile feeling of reading a paper book was so enjoyable that it actually bumped up my marks for this one.

You can tell Carrell knows her stuff, lots of history thrown around in th
The Bard’s witch-haunted play is famously cursed—its reputation for malevolence is strong that many actors refuse to quote or even mane the play aloud. And as Kate Stanley begins rehearsals at the foot of Scotland’s Dunsinnan Hill, it doesn’t take long for the curse to stir. Strange references emerge to the boy actor who first played Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare’s day and died in the role. A trench atop the hill is found filled with blood shortly after some of the actors go missing. And
Haunt Me Still is a good book, very suspenseful and fast-moving, although I didn't find it quite so amazing as the first book in the series, Interred with Their Bones - either because I've read it a long time ago and I'm more well-read now (yeah, right), or because the first book was just better. It kept me interested & in suspense but I got lost sometimes, there were so many things going on, so much running around, back and forth, from one hill to the house, to London, to America... Maybe i ...more
Siaw Hui
This is supposed to be a sequel to "The Shakespeare Secret" but it can act as a stand-alone novel since the plots aren't related.

That said, one of the things I liked about this book was the way Carrell handled the relationship between the two protagonists (the relationship started midway through "The Shakespeare Secret" and continues in this novel). Whereas Dan Brown has a propensity to underdevelop the connection between characters who are thrown together to survive against a psycho killer, Ca
As much as I recall enjoying the author's first book about Kate Stanley and a mystery surrounding one of Shakespeare's works, this one left me disappointed. The theory behind the plot was interesting, at least, but the present-day portions of the story, particularly near the end of the book, began to involve descriptions of witchcraft (whether deemed "white" or "dark" magic) and rituals that did not add anything to the story. Parts of it also just seemed too far-fetched. The on-again-off-again r ...more
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