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Four Past Midnight
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Four Past Midnight (Four Past Midnight #1-4)

3.85 of 5 stars 3.85  ·  rating details  ·  62,514 ratings  ·  710 reviews
The scary story has never been the same since. An extraordinary quartet of full-length novellas: The Langoliers, Secret Window, Secret Garden, The Library Policeman, and The Sun Dog.
ebook, 768 pages
Published September 3rd 1991 by Signet Book (first published 1990)
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This is yet another re-read for me, and oh, I'd say it's been at least 8 or 9 years since I've read it, but I remember liking it a lot back then, my friend had a copy and I didn't, I had dark thoughts of booknapping and possible ransom. Happily, I have my own copy nowadays to read whenever I please. I don't know why it's taken me so long to re-read this book, but I'm glad it's been patiently waiting for me.
So far:
"The Langoliers" was excellent. SK does the "small-group of survivors coping with a
The Langoliers: Twilight Zone type scenario, only more horrific. Not for those with a fear of flying, or you don't have aerophobia, you may well develop it after reading this. That,and a perfectly logical fear of toothy existence-devouring beasties!

Secret Window, Secret Garden: Having already seen and enjoyed the film adaptation, I wasn't sure what to expect from the original novel. I found the story to be more intense and claustrophobic, one of those rare tales that stays with you and gets unde
Sadegh Davoudi
This book is consisted of 4 short stories (app. 200 pages each) and as all of King's works, the super-natural has a very important role in them.
1) The first one is called "The Langoliers" and is about a group of people who wake up in an deserted plane. Your in an unknown world where you don't know the rules. Fascinating. (I give it 4/5)
2) The second one is called "Secret Window, Secret Garden". I found this story somehow boring. It's about a writer which someone accuses him of stealing his stor

Four Past Midnight is a collection containing the following "short" stories:

1. The Langoliers (233 pages)

2. Secret Window, Secret Garden (146 pages)

3. The Library Policeman (195 pages)

4. The Sun Dog (149 pages)

Generally speaking, Stephen King begins with amazing concepts that are soon dragged down by poor execution. To make it more fun, look for the following the next time you read a King novel and see how many you can find:

- FLAT, IMPARTIAL TONE. Whether he is describing the main character's mo
Jason P

I thoroughly enjoyed this compilation of Kings, it had the perfect cheesiness that is Sai King. I know some may not like his stuff and say that his work goes to you, not you to it, and somehow that makes his writing terrible? Sure, sure - you're just a scaredy cat who can't take the boogeyman. Admit it - go on, do it. I'll wait...


OK, good. Here's the low down:

The Langoliers...

How cheesy was this? People wake up on a a plane with the rest of the passengers gone, disappeared. All that's left
Seak (Bryce L.)
This is a novel containing for completely different stories. Only Stephen King can have a collection of stories that average 200 pages a piece. Am I right?

I'm taking my time with it, so I'll be reviewing one at a time for an unspecified amount of time.

The Langoliers Years ago, I was flipping channels and saw a part of this movie. It happened to be the one part where they were explaining what was happening, but I'm proud to report that it did nothing to diminish the suspense of this story. At t
Jan 02, 2009 I.haveanidea rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone
The Langoliers: One of my favourite novellas ever, the one just kept me reading and I couldn't put down. Every aspect such as the blind girl, the crazy man, the "coincidence" of the pilot being there, and in fact the entire concept up to the end (which is rare for King stories). And of course the langoliers themselves. Loved this one. 5/5

Secret Window, Secret Garden: Great concept/idea, love the entire plot, but in this case I think the movie might have exceeded the novella, but I'm sure if it w
Whenever I sit down to review a book I do it in the company of my cat, Eric, who usually plonks himself firmly on the keyboard in front of me or, more usually, evicts me from the chair entirely so that I’m left attempting to type while kneeling in front of the desk as he stretches out on the chair.

Stephen King has his Constant Reader, and for nearly twelve years now Eric has been my Constant Companion. I spend most of the time I’m not working at home, and rather a lot of that time reading. As w
Ole Imsen
This is a collection of four novellas. So first I'm going to give you my review of the individual novellas, and then at the end I'm going to give you my thoughts on the collection/book as a whole.

The Langoliers

As a lot of King's horror, this story has a lot of science fiction elements. Here one element straight out of science fiction is central to the plot.
The Langoliers is not a slow starter, it doesn't take many pages before you are drawn into the story. The shorter length, at 234 pages it
Beregond 3019
I borrowed this indiscriminately from a friend in anticipation of a long Greyhound bus ride (uncannily similar behavior to that of John Shooter, a character in the second novella of four within this volume). Seeing the name on the cover, I knew it would at least hold my interest, if not contain some real storytelling gold. I was mostly correct. The novellas in "Four Past Midnight" certainly keep the reader going and, with varying levels of depth, one finds that they remember these stories after ...more
It took me awhile to get through this re-read, simply because I'd been squeezing the individual stories in between other books.

But this was a fantastic journey once again. Four quite different stories, each had a definite touch of creepiness.

"The Langoliers", "Secret Window, Secret Garden", "The Library Policeman", and "The Sun Dog" make up this collection. While each had different types of characters and settings, they all had one thing in common: the thin fabric between reality and unreality.
Stephen King is my literary hero. I started reading his books when I was ten years old and have gotten more wisdom about the human condition in his words than from any other person I know. I have every one of his novels and books of short stories and 1 work of non fiction. That being said, this book was a big disappoint to me. It almost seems that he was flailing for ideas here. I'm not going to be overly critical though because after all, I'm no writer and he IS the master, but this is my least ...more
Andrew Pritchard
This was the book that turned me off Stephen King forever. Normally he is a great writer, if not a very original one, but the stories here are nothing more than rewritten Twilight Zone episodes and rather badly rewritten at that. Stephen King has said in an interview that he is the fast food of literature, well he certainly is the junk food of literature and Four Past Midnight is just a regurgitation of lame story plots.
This is the first short stories collection I ever read for Stephen King. It was so good that I continued reading his books until he became one of my favorite authors. All of the stories were great but The Langoliers is my favorite.
Tom Nittoli
The Langoliers - A really fun read with lots of imagination, imploring many subjects on famous science fiction matters like time rips, different dimension and so on. It reads like a Twilight Zone script complete with chapter cliff hangers where the commercial break would fit nicely. I've always enjoyed this story and found upon revisiting it so many years later it was equal parts rewarding and entertaining.

Secret Window, Secret Garden - A tale that works almost like an alternate version of The
Arun Divakar
Many a time after reading Stephen King and closing the book I would wonder what just happened. This did not occur with every one of his works but I recollect this especially with tales he spun on larger canvases. There are four tales in this book and being one of his earlier works, they (most of them) stand out as really well crafted.

1.The Langoliers : It's one of the now-classic scenarios of a small group of survivors who fight tooth and nail to survive. The characterization is brilliant and K
Michelle Plass
I just LOVED this book!!

The Langoliers was my favorite of the four stories. A fascinating story about a group of people who are on a plane and then find themselves in a world that is different from our own. I read this on a plane ride and found it especially spooky. This was a story that I loved and couldn't put down, yet I never wanted it to end! My favorite King story of all time. Yes it was THAT good!

Secret Window, Secret Garden was the second story in this set and after reading The Langolier
Wyobraźcie sobie świat, w którym nie ma prądu, nie działają radia, telefony ani latarki na baterie. Świat, w którym wszystkie napoje gazowane są zwietrzałe, jedzenie nie ma smaku, powietrze jest bez zapachu, a chmury tkwią nieruchomo na niebie. Nie słychać echa czy stukotu szpilek na betonie. Mało tego, skrzypce nie wydają pełnego dźwięku, zapałka nie chce się zapalić, nawet broń porządnie nie wypali. A przede wszystkim nie ma w tym świecie 'żywej duszy', nieżywej zresztą też. Wyobrażacie sobie? ...more
Както добре знаете, Стивън Кинг е археолог. Той изследва най-мрачните и тъмни области на човешкото съзнание, където много често, под пластовете от време и преживявания, могат да се открият истински архитектурни страшилища.

Библиотечна полиция
Сам Пийбълс работи в малко градче като застрахователен агент и често се забавлява в местния ротариански клуб. Идва ден в който Сам трябва да изнесе реч. За да се подготви за речта, той отива в местната библиотека и заема книга. Библиотекарката го предупреждав
I took this with me when I went to Turkey. It was my misfortune that the Langoliers would be about a plane journey! I left it to read the book once I got there.

I think the Langoliers would be my favourite story out of them. I did enjoy Secret Window, Secret Garden but I'd seen the film before I read it and I think that maybe took the guessing and suspense out of it - but the extra twist was intriguing!

I didn't like The Library Policeman. I'm naturally squeamish about such things and to be hone
Jul 02, 2012 Megan rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: king fans, beach vacay book readers
Well, what can I say? Reading a book of Stephen King short stories is like hanging out at a pool party BBQ for a couple hours with your crazy uncle. Its fun, but you wouldn't want to do it all the time.
So, the Langoliers: creepy premise, loved the initial LOST-ish airplane scenes, the destructive Nothing marble-things not so much. I'd prefer an angry, talking black wolf, Atreyu and thunderclouds any day!
Secret Window, Secret Garden: I had already seen the movie version of this so unfortunately
The Langoliers is easily one of my most favorite Stephen King novellas! I loved it! First, he performs his usual magic creating characters you get to really know and understand over the course of the story. Craig Toomey was so brilliantly written, I felt, that even as flawed (insane)as he was, you understood him and his motives. Nick, the professional hitman/James Bond type guy was really likeable and had so many layers to his character. Laurel, is a lady that I can really understand. Here she i ...more
Janie Johnson
I took my time on this book and it is one that I have read years ago and could barely remember the stories except for The Langoliers, I will always remember that one. I figured I would break these down and review each story separately. Overall it really is a great collection.

The Langoliers This will always be my favorite novella in this collection. I loved the plot and the idea of it even if it was not very realistic. But I think that added to the story. I loved the characters, even the bad guy
Nov 26, 2007 Angela rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone wanting a fun scare-fest
Shelves: stephenking
This book took an awfully long time for me to read. More than a month and it wasn't even 750 pages long. I had plenty of distractions over the course of the month to keep me from reading, but I also found that I read this book more slowly than usual because of its novella format. I love King... I love him more than a lot of people love any author... but I have to admit that when I read one of his books, it's like eating a gallon of Death By Chocolate ice cream in one sitting. I definitely need t ...more
This book is 4 novellas by King and all of them are great. I have recently been going back and reading his books and I am glad to say I picked this one up again. The four stories (Langoliers, Secret Window Secret Garden, The Library Policeman and The Sun Dog) are all really creative and easy to read. I read the whole book (About 732 pages) in a week. As usual King tells us interesting tales, with rich and detailed characters, it is rare that I read a book of his that I can't visually picture his ...more
From this collection I read only the novella SECRET WINDOW, SECRET GARDEN, which was the inspiration for the Johnny Depp film Secret Window. I thought the movie was incredibly clever and when I had an idea for a short story about a paranoid progtagonist who's an unreliable narrator, I turned to the novella for a little bit of how-it's-done (although this story is third-person narrated). It was really fun to read (especially picturing Johnny Depp the whole time!), and so so clever. I've never rea ...more
Markirah Shaw
I really liked The Langoliers and The Library Policeman for different reasons. The former was an excellent showcase of King's creative, visual mind - a riveting and unsettling story about a group of unwilling time travelers - while the latter showed King's classic ability to mix small-town life with enormous supernatural evil (and how he can write an epic final showdown).

Secret Window, Secret Garden was not King's best-told story. It was an interesting concept about a recently divorced writer li
Kristal Kitap
Okuduğum tek king romanıdır. 2010'un yaz aylarında okumuş ve uzun süre -yaklaşık 2 sene kadar- ışıksız asla uyuyamaz hale gelmiştim. Sonrasında ise yavaş yavaş toparladım fakat hala daha odaya bir yerlerden ışık girecek etrafı hafiften bile aydınlatacak ki öyle uyuyacağım.

Aşırı etkilemiş sanırım beni ama gecenin bir yarısını okununca kitap böyle bir etki bırakmış işte bende. :D Daha da okumam, elimi sürmem ve yakınlarından bile geçmem King Romanlarının. İnsanın direk psikolojisiyle oynayarak ger
Pamela Scott
I loved Four Past Midnight. I’ve read it many times but not for a few years. I forgot how good it is. Reading it again was like stumbling a long lost, beloved friend. Four Past Midnight is a shining example of just how great King can be.

Two novellas in this collection, The Langoliers and Secret Window, Secret Garden have been adapted for the screen. The Langoliers was a TV mini-series in 1995 ( starring Dean Stockwell. Secret Window was a movie released in
This Stephen King book is a collection of 4 novellas. Each of them can stand on their own as a book (so not short stories!) Each of the stories look at the concept of time - in the unique King way of course!

1. The Langoliers
I don't think this story is known enough - it is in fact one of my favourite Stephen King stories.
Now I'm not a very nervous flyer, but lets just say I always breathe I sigh of relief when we touch down. Now imagine this:
Brian, an ex-pilot, is on a plane travelling from Los
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Stephen Edwin King was born the second son of Donald and Nellie Ruth Pillsbury King. After his father left them when Stephen was two, he and his older brother, David, were raised by his mother. Parts of his childhood were spent in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where his father's family was at the time, and in Stratford, Connecticut. When Stephen was eleven, his mother brought her children back to Durham, M ...more
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