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Discovering Isaac: The Beloved Potter of Niederbipp (Remembering Isaac, #2)
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Discovering Isaac: The Beloved Potter of Niederbipp (Remembering Isaac #2)

3.89  ·  Rating Details ·  657 Ratings  ·  151 Reviews
Like Remembering Isaac, this story takes place within a sketchbook. Where the first book was Jake's, this one is Isaac's. It will open your mind and heart to forgotten truths discovered by a simple potter who was shaped by life and loss and love.
If you're looking for a happy ending, Discovering Isaac will not disappoint you, but you may be surprised by the tangled web wra
Paperback, 431 pages
Published December 1st 2009 by Brigham Distributing
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Apr 12, 2010 Amy rated it it was ok
Shelves: adult, 2010
-Love the layout, fonts, sketches, etc.
-Very clean
-Encourages strong morals/values
-Includes a couple of charming characters

-VERY repetitive (I admit to crying out in frustration when Jake would have the SAME conversation or thoughts about staying true to himself, discovering truth, needing to be humble, or how much he was in love with Amy...the book could have been cut down by at least half, if not two-thirds).
-Slow pace
-Deep conversations that continue for pages and pages
Mar 09, 2010 Danae rated it liked it
I finished this one quite a while ago, and I can't decide what I want to say about it. I love that it is clean and uplifting, but at the same time I'm starting to feel a little aggrivated. This book and its predecessor total over 800 pages, yet cover less than 1 month. It's getting to the point where I start thinking "If I hear what this guy eats for 3 meals a day one more time, I'm going to scream!!"; also, every time the main character talks to ANYONE--but especially his One True Love--it is D ...more
Yvonne Leutwyler
Jan 10, 2010 Yvonne Leutwyler rated it liked it
Yeah, this review is from someone who is NOT from Utah! I'm from Willow, Alaska. "Niederbippian" is as much fun to say as "Willowite". Reading about Utopia-Niederbipp, where people know how to bake bread but shun coffee (still), is a lovely way to distract yourself from a busy, tiring day. Great historical illustrations and wise quotes complement sketches by the author. The forget-me-not is still one of my favorite flowers. However, the writing style and the story itself disappoint. Poor Jake ca ...more
Jun 04, 2010 Jackie rated it it was ok
I started my review of the first "Isaac" book by stating that I thought it was a great book. I can't quite get there for this book. It was a good book, and I enjoyed reading it. However.....

1. I found myself being a bit irritated with Jake. He somehow seemed more immature than in the last book.

2. The backstory about Isaac was a bit too loose for me. It seemed to me that Isaac came across as more of a two dimensional person - even though the townspeople characterized him as so very Christian. He
Feb 16, 2011 Niki rated it it was amazing
I once had a good friend of mine tease me in college for wanting a "white picket fence." I was dating around looking for "the one". I was offended at first, but then realized that IS what I wanted and was looking for. Even though there is no "white picket fence" in my yard, I feel like I have the life I always dreamed of. Of course it has it's challenges, but I feel so blessed, especially to have found someone so wonderful to share my life with.

You may wonder why I am saying all this in a book r
Feb 06, 2011 Natalie rated it really liked it
Shelves: fiction
This book definitely had an exciting beginning. It's amazing how much book the author fit into such a short time period for the characters. From reading other reviews, it seems many people were getting fidgety with this book. I think the fact that is a slow winding river of a story perfectly captures the essence of the town. Many others say that the stories repeat the same message. However, I felt they were all from different points of view and yes, the final point is that essentially the answer ...more
May 25, 2010 Carole rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
I liked this book less than Volume I. The novelty of the format had worn off somewhat, and the messages passed on from Isaac, the potter, were more heavyhanded. Behunin could still use a more professional editor and proofreader.

But having said that, I will probably purchase and read Vol. 3. This is a young, local author, who has turned to writing because arthritis is curtailing his making a living as a potter.
Mar 06, 2010 Margaret rated it really liked it
This book is as charming as the Mitford series. Jake, the newest potter of Niederbipp discovers the joys and challenges in the lives of the previous potters of Niederbipp as he experiences his own.
Tony Hoffmann
Jun 15, 2017 Tony Hoffmann rated it really liked it
This book is a continuation of Jake, the new potter of Neiderbipp, an actual town in Pennsylvania, and how he begins to learn about Issac the previous potter and how he made a difference in this little town because of his love for its people, and the importance of investing time in developing relationships and serving. He learns why the potter made mugs and hung them on the wall and the secret of peppermint tea and of Forget-me-nots. It's a book the makes me feel good as I read it because it see ...more
May 11, 2012 Becky rated it it was amazing
I thought this book was unusual enough for five stars. It was uplifting and fun to read with the creative illustrations. I thought the message was pivotal to a happy life. So nice to fine a book that reinforces your values, instead of having to filter out the things that you don't find true or beautiful.

I liked the stories of the various people in the town...rather like Canterbury Tales. Life is actually just like that if you get to know people enough to know their stories and background, and i
Mar 18, 2014 AngieA rated it really liked it
This second of three books was as enjoyable as the first. This is one of those stories you can float above and just meander along with the tale or you can sit and ponder the meaning of the universe. There were times I caught myself coming just that as well as my place in it. I think this book and its trilogy partners would be interpreted differently at different ages and stages of life. I enjoyed the love story but it took a willing secondary role to the discovery of self for the young character ...more
Aug 12, 2011 Shelley rated it liked it
Again, I really liked this book. It probably could have given the same messages with a couple hundred less pages though. The underlying theme and developing romance was enough to keep me reading until the end and I will read #3 as well. But I agree with other reviews that there was alot of "filler" that didn't necessarily contribute to the most important parts of the plot. It is fun to get to know all of the people of Neiderbipp, but it is too much information for one person, ie: the reader, to ...more
Feb 10, 2011 Lisa rated it really liked it
This book picks up where the first leftone left off, with Jake and Amy realizing how strong their feelings are for each other. Things get tricky, however, as Jake is still trying to decide whether or not to stay in Niederbipp. As he struggles with his desire to leave and not be tied down, his relationship with Amy becomes strained. It is only when crisis comes, that he learns to be humble and realize how great he has it.

Although the story dragged a bit at times, it would soon hook me and pull me
Jul 05, 2011 Lolene rated it liked it
My rating really hovers between two and three stars. Once again, Behunin could have benefited from a stringent editor. I evidently liked the book well enough to finish it...but my eyes and brain glazed over a few times. (Ha, ha. "Glazed over"--very apropos talking about this book about a potter!!! I amuse myself very easily!) These books are very preachy and idealistic...but I did like some of the town characters Behunin introduced...especially the crazy rock collector. And I DO like all the art ...more
Carolyn Cannon
Jan 15, 2011 Carolyn Cannon rated it really liked it
This is the second book in the series. I am currently reading the third and final book in the series. I love these books. The story is about a young potter, Jake, who answers an add for a village potter in the town of Niederbipp. He moves to this quaint town and agrees to take the position at least until the end of the summer. He begins to learn about the potter, Isaac, who he replaced after he died. In the process of learning about Isaac, he discovers much about life and himself. There is a swe ...more
May 06, 2015 Lyndee rated it really liked it
I am just as pleased with this, the second installment of the Isaac trilogy, as I was with the first! It's refreshing to read a thick book where the main theme is religion. I love that the book is, in essence, non-denominational. I smiled when Jake realized he loved Amy's modesty in clothing; I wept when I finally discovered the details of Isaac and Lilly's backstory; I grinned when Amy's father was given a dose of humility; I ached for Mr. Allan and his collections. The woodcuts at the beginnin ...more
Feb 02, 2010 Pam rated it liked it
I didn't like this book nearly as much as I liked the first one in the series. The middle was really boring for me and it was hard to keep focused on it. I would realize that I had turned a few pages but couldn't tell anyone what I had just read because my mind was totally on other things. Having said that, I loved the beginning and loved the end even more. I still want all of the Niederbipp people to be my friends! And I still want to buy more pottery. I'll definitely read the 3rd in the series ...more
Jun 22, 2012 Tara rated it it was ok
I really enjoyed the first Isaac book by Ben Behunin. It was an interesting story and talked a lot about Christian morals and values. I felt like his second go-round was almost exclusively TALKING about Christian morals with very little story. As it was, I got tired of it really fast. I skipped two or three chapters when I could sense they were just going to be talking. Not a lot happens in the story but they sure talk a lot. I'll still probably read the third to see how the rest of the story pl ...more
Jul 06, 2015 Kim rated it really liked it
This a good nice slow paced book about Jake who has recently graduated college and applies to be a town potter in Niederbipp. He learned about himself and the town as people share stories about Isaac, the previous potter and how their friendship with him changed their lives.

There is nothing amazing about this book. It isn't the latest and greatest dystopian page turner. For me, that was refreshing and a good change for now.

The story is simple but genuine and the characters have grown on me enou
Oct 19, 2010 Alisa rated it really liked it
This was closer to 3.5 stars, but they don't have that rating. Overall, I liked this book. Liked the first book in the series better, mostly due to the stories of the people. My favorite parts of this book were the quotes at the beginning of each chapter. I also loved the beginning chapter about the parable of the 10 virgins. I also loved the story of the man who collected rocks and how he felt that certain rocks weren't done yet. In some ways the story moves slowly, but that's one of the best p ...more
Oct 18, 2010 Alyson rated it it was amazing
My over all impression of this book was that I felt uplifted after reading it. It was also full of life lessons and words of wisdom. I think I'd better read it again someday and take notes. I enjoyed the story line and the new people that Jake and Amy meet. I was also impressed with Isaac. As Jake and Amy learn about him you realize that he could have become angry and self-centered from the sadness in his life, but instead he choose to become more Christ-like and to lift others up. Very touching ...more
Jun 08, 2012 Amanda rated it really liked it
I have now enjoyed two of tthe Isaac books. The only thing I didn't like as much is that they can get a little preachy at times. Because I agree with the subjects of the preachiness, it was a little on the "too much" side for me. But, this is a beautiful story that I've really enjoyed so far. I certainly look forward to reading the next one and know I'll be sad when it ends. Niederbipp is a really nice place to visit, even if I am only going in my imagination.
Kiirsi Hellewell
Jan 12, 2012 Kiirsi Hellewell rated it really liked it
I liked this book even better than book 1...probably because there was less "preaching" in the form of stories from random strangers, and a little more relationship development and action. Sweet story, likable characters. The "self-propelled movie" was lots of fun, as well as all the sketchbook drawings and details. Still full of tons of glaring, annoying typos, and still in need of major editing...but despite its faults, a good, clean book that I'd like to own someday.
Jun 06, 2010 Carolyn rated it really liked it
Deeper into life at Niederbipp. Jake struggles with his need to decide whether to stay as the village potter or to leave to explore the world's pottery. Will he accept the idea of staying in one place til his death? He's only 22.

Same multimedia style with a plethora of creative visuals and a flip-page movie.

This book could be titled "How Jake matured". Still delightful. Could have used a little pruning.
Jul 10, 2010 Saltlakecityhardys rated it it was amazing
Continuation of the story from Remembering Isaac, this book pulls you further into the lives of the towns people and the old potter, Isaac that has passed away. Young Jake Kimball is learning about selflessness and love and embracing the small town mentality of "we are all family." I am anxious for the third book's release and prowl the author's blog for updates as to when to expect it.
Elaine Dransfield
Jan 05, 2012 Elaine Dransfield rated it it was amazing
I love these books, they are not only filled with an on-going story, but have wonderful quotes at the beginning and inside the chapters, a flip-movie to watch a pot being created, the book is presented as though it is a sketchbook/journal kept by the writer, stain marks left from tea mugs and all. Can't wait to read Becoming Isaac (I still like to consider this as my great and great-great grandfather Isaac Behunin (as it is written by B. Behunin).
Mar 16, 2010 Angie rated it it was amazing
Wow. Another book that I couldn't put down. More depth and meaning in life was explored. Love & forgiveness for others & yourself is truly a healing balm for your soul. We are like clay in the hands of the Potter---if we allow Him to help shape and mold our lives, we can become something so much more beautiful than what we can make of ourselves. I am eagerly waiting for the third book to be published, "Becoming Isaac."
Paula Ekstrom
Aug 02, 2015 Paula Ekstrom rated it really liked it
All 3 of the books in this series, by Ben Behunin, are very good. They are written so interestingly, being written in the form of a journal, complete with the journalist's doodling & comments. The stories were very nice, although a tad preachy in places. But, beware, when you're done with each, you'll want to run out to a Farmer's market for fresh baked goods & also find a potters shop & BUY some pottery pieces!!!!
Spencer Craven
Oct 02, 2014 Spencer Craven rated it it was amazing
The Isaac Potter of Niederbipp series is as uplifting and as wholesome as they come. This book, when taken sincerely, will cause you to see the world in a kinder light, to believe in the best in people, and to help you discover a little more about yourself. Things I have read in these books have sparked very interesting and constructive conversations with my wife. I now own paperbacks of all three books and will be recommending them to my kids one day.
May 05, 2011 April rated it really liked it
The sketchbook theme with pictures and thoughts mixed amongst the story make it that much more interesting to turn the next page. The historical parts get a little long at times, and made me want to skim ahead to the story. Some of it is too compact and happens too fast for me to really buy into but as one who fell in love that fast as well -- I should believe it! I'm on the wait list for the next one!
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It has long been my feeling that biographical sketches should be written in first person because almost all of them are written by the person they're about anyway, pretending to be someone else so as to make themselves look cool or important enough that someone would care to write something about them. I am neither a great pretender, nor good at writing in third person, but I'll do what I can to m ...more
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